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My Top 50 Stories of 2023 : A Directory of Thought

My Top 50 Stories of 2023 : A Directory of Thought

As a writer, I have written down what has happened every single day since 2006. At the end of the year every year, I like to read through everything I have written and organize my thoughts on the events of time by ranking the top stories of the year from my own perspective. From world events, culture, politics, art and personal experience, here are my own top 50 stories of 2023.

            This will be a simple summary of the subject matter here and I will not be doing any deep dives on any single story. I will provide some links for specific stories, videos, or artwork if anyone would like to look into these things here more. If you don’t know about something listed here, I would recommend looking into it further yourself to have a better understanding of the issue moving forward into 2024.

            2023 seemed to be a chaotic year going through the process of days, but looking back now I feel it was a great year for learning and am personally thankful for the time. It has been an excellent opportunity for understanding the failures of current leadership in America and around the world, as well as for establishing an understanding of what the problems are, who the players are, where they stand, solutions for how we could be doing better and what we need to do to get that done. 2023 was a time for learning and 2024 will be a time for action and change. Despite the narrative of fear and doubt coming into 2024, I find myself in a happy excitement to see what will happen as the days ahead unfold.

            Here’s to looking back at the past year and looking forward to the next year with a smile.

            On a final note before I begin my rankings, know that these are ranked by how each story directly affected my own mental experience living through 2023. The good, the bad and the ugly, the political, the personal and the strange.

50 – The US Economy Survives the Year

            Despite several bank collapses, inflation, debt, printing, mass poverty, war, corruption, doubt, the duel of the dollar with the rise of BRICS, a lack of housing, a lack of funding, rises in interest rates and the fall of productivity, the US economy survived the swings and ultimately ended the year on a high note by continually breaking records. So why isn’t this higher on the list? Because I am still not sure that this will last and, frankly, most of the success in the modern economy has been consolidated to only a handful of companies that are consuming the majority of the growth. Still, growth is growth and I enjoy seeing it happen. Regardless of anything, a good economy is great for everyone. Hopefully next year we will keep moving forward and maybe even attain a more encompassing success across the American (and global) landscape.

49 – Sam Bankman Fried Found Guilty

After dumping 100 million dollars of stolen money from his fake FTX crypto scheme into the last election to help manipulate the results, I was happy to see some justice served here. He is still in trouble and facing time, but as of this week 6 more of the charges were dropped, including his illegal campaign financing charges. Why? Who knows. The election is done, the money hasn’t been returned and the world will keep moving forward as it sweeps the information under the rug of public awareness.

48 – The State of Denial Documentary About Elections in Maricopa County, Arizona

            Watch the new movie here to see some of the results from those who have been investigating what happened in Maricopa County during the last election. Certainly worth a watch. One county in one state… seeing this should make anyone question how much more widespread this could potentially be.

47 – An Arrest is Made on the Murder of 2pac

It’s a long time ago, I know. The rapper 2pac was murdered in Las Vegas back in 1996. A few decades later, this year,  a guy was finally arrested for his murder. There is still a lot to be uncovered here, but it is great seeing some progress being made after all of this time. Also, it is my hope that this somehow will help public relations between the police and the public, if not as only a small example for that hope. The press release from the police is worth a watch if you have the time or any interest.

46 – Obama Releases Strange First Movie Leave the World Behind

            A movie produced by Obama about societal collapse during a controlled demolition of the population. It’s a good movie for just a movie if you’re seeking a thriller, but the context around its release is strange to say the least. It’s a movie worth watching, as everyone involved seemed to do a good job with the production. Still though, I question what the point of the project is outside of division, doubt and fear.

45 – Reading the book Never Give An Inch by Mike Pompeo

            Some people do not like Mike Pompeo, but I still do. I’ve written about it before, but his book was a great look into his own time working with the Trump administration and reads like an epic spy novel driven by family, faith and duty. I don’t agree with his actions around suppressing the JFK files or his actions against Julian Assange, but I understand why he has the perspective that he does on the matters. Just a difference of opinion on some heavy issues, but that doesn’t destroy the man for me. He is a valuable mind in the conservative movement and still a good American. Read the book and see for yourself what you think.

44 – India Surpasses the Population of China

            For me, it is just great to see such a great ally continue to grow. India is one of my favorite countries outside of the US and I would love to see us both establish greater connections moving forward into the future. I believe it is essential to countering communism on the world stage and will provide economic benefits for both of us and all of our allies. Not only that, but India has become a role model for population growth, marriage, family, work and productivity. Good job ya’ll.

43 – The Palestine, Ohio Train Derailment Disaster

            Just another epic failure of the Biden administration that was met with neglect, suppression and lies while the people there were left to deal with the fallout without honesty, order or truth. The full impact on health is still unknown and I believe the incident deserves to be remembered.

42 – Fire Destroys Maui in Hawaii

            Like the last story, this was handled in about the same manner with a much greater scope of destruction, fallout and lies. There are many questions that still remain on this event and I wish there was a greater level of clarity on what exactly happened here and how it was handled, but I figure some of the truth of this matter will be forever concealed in the shadows. I guess we will have to see if Maui is rebuilt as a smart city, but the news says all of that is just another conspiracy theory. Who knows, but time will tell.

41 – The Texas Rangers Win the World Series of Baseball

            I always love seeing an underdog finally win. After 63 years of playing the game, Texas taking a victory back home was great to experience and a memory I will keep as I enjoyed the time watching some of the games with my Dad.

40 – Fareed Zakaria Admits Woke School Failures on CNN

            A simple sign of the changing times. Seeing CNN admitting failure here strangely gives me hope for the future as the first steps towards change begin by recognizing the problem. Certainly worth a watch.

39 – S&P Global Drops ESG Scores from Credit Ratings

            A great step forward towards a functioning free market economy without the woke standards and controlled social division. I love to see it.

38 – Colony Ridge

            I recently wrote an article about discovering that a hidden city is being established to house a mass of illegal immigrants here in Texas close to my hometown. A week ago the DOJ sued Colony Ridge so we will see what happens there, but I doubt the care and consideration of the DOJ handling any issues involving illegal immigration right now. As said, we will see what happens there. If you want to read the previous article I wrote about this, you can read it here. I wonder how many places like this exist within the US right now.

37 – The Sphere Opens in Las Vegas

            By far the coolest concert venue ever created. If possible, I will do shows there myself some time in the future.

36 – Anyma Releases the Genesys Album

            My favorite album of music to be released this year. Phenomenal work.

35 – The Back Yard UFO

            Ya’ll remember that a UFO allegedly landed in some family backyard in Las Vegas? Who knows how true this really is or if it is some sort of psyop, but the idea that two ten foot tall beings were walking around after actually landing at some random house is a wild story.

34 – Survivor 45

            I’ll admit, Survivor is my guilty pleasure. I’m not much for modern television, but I do consider Survivor to be the best game show ever made and serves as great American TV. I will not spoil the ending here, but I’m happy about the winner this year. Shout out to you and go enjoy living your American dream.

33 – Man (= Mushroom =) Machine

            My 9th album release that I produced myself. I played all the instruments, wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered the entire project that is based on the idea of building bridges of thought between the spirit of mankind, the mushrooms of nature and the machines of modern technology.

32 – The Super Mario Bros Movie

            This was one of the greatest movie experiences that I have ever had at the theater. I saw the movie with my brother and I do not believe that we have ever smiled that much watching any movie. Seeing the success that the movie had as a project free of all the woke nonsense of modern media has been another personal inspiration to witness.

31 – James O Keefe Off Project Veritas After Undercover Pfizer Video of Jordan Walker

            See the video for yourself. This is essential viewing that helped change the tides against the covid narrative for the common sense awareness that we have been lied to and manipulated for corporate profits and control.

30 – A Chinese Spy Balloon Allowed to Fly Over America

            Yeah… that happened. Now it is coming out, despite the Biden administration originally saying that the spy balloon did not collect or transmit any data, that the spy balloon did in fact collect and transmit data using an unnamed US internet provider to actively share information back to China. Another epic failure.

29 – Xi Meets Biden in Commiefornia

            Read the story I wrote about their meeting here.

28 – Lex Fridman Interviews with Elon Musk & Jeff Bezos

            If we’re going to support free market capitalism, we have to support those who have been the most successful and who stand for ideals of human growth rather than human self destruction. Both Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are leaders of the American dream who want to see humanity flourish and expand its existence to the stars. If you would like to hear from two prime examples of why we shouldn’t be hating the rich in America, I would recommend taking the time to listen to both of their interviews in full. Lex does interviews the best, so find his work for the greatest understanding in my opinion.

27 – Starship Test Flights

            A new hope for humanity, step by step to a future worth living in. I want to see humanity reach the Moon, Mars and beyond, and these first test flights this year are the beginnings of the future I hope to see in the coming years. As the flights become more successful, this will be topping my lists in the years to come.

26 – I Create My First Ai Cartoon Music Video called Machine Love with Pika Labs

            So much fun. People worry about artificial intelligence creating art, but as an artist I had a wonderful experience collaborating with Pika to create.

25 – Reading the Book The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Ruben

            One of my favorite humans finally published a book and every human who cares about creativity should read it. It’s more than music, it’s a philosophy on living life truly. I bought this book for my brother for Christmas, who never reads books, and already within a week he has read it. Just a quick example of how enjoyable the simple truth of this work is.

24 – The RFK Campaign

            One of the most interesting surprises of this election cycle has been watching RFK run his campaign for President. I still support others over him for the job, but I believe he is a great man with a worthy message in modern times and I hope that he continues his crusade against corruption for the restoration of the American dream. If anything, he helps the narrative of things moving forward and it is great to see.

23 – Alex Jones Back on X

            A major win for free speech. No matter what anyone thinks of him, he’s an interesting character in space time and he deserves to have a voice in America like every other citizen here.

22 – Reading the Book Mao’s America: A Survivor’s Warning by Xi Van Fleet

The story of a woman who survived the communist revolution of China and ultimately made it to America to build a new life in freedom. This is a wonderful work and I would love to see a movie about her life someday. Maybe I’ll make it myself if somebody else doesn’t do it first, but that doesn’t matter. Somebody should make a movie about her to help share her much needed message. Regardless, the book is essential reading right now.

21 – Chinese Biolab Found in California

            How the hell was a Chinese biolab left unsecure in America? Viruses sitting open in a dilapidated facility in a California neighborhood sounds absolutely ridiculous to me. After everything we have just been through with covid? Are there more of these just sitting around? These are the kinds of things our intelligence agencies should be focusing on, not who supports Trump, goes to church or wants better schools for their kids. This story is insane.

20 – Release of the J6 Tapes & Tucker Interview with Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund

            Open doors, guided tours, undercover agents, staged self harm, fake deaths and the single actual murder by a police officer of a protester named Ashli Babbitt. The whole thing seems like a semi staged false flag to me, combining intelligence planning with citizen concern and turning it all into a riot of a televised spectacle. It’s great to see the footage released now for people to look at for themselves. On a side note of the subject story, it is certainly worth watching Tucker Carlson interview the capitol police chief Steven Sund.

19 – Ken Paxton Survives Impeachment & Gets Back to Work in Texas

            Coming from Texas, this was one of my favorite moments of the year. A great job to you sir, and to everyone who helped clear the road for you to get back to the real work that Texas needs to see. Ultimately, here’s to hoping the same happens for Donald Trump.

18 – Court Rules Against Government and Big Tech Collusion to Censor Americans

            The perfect present for Independence Day was when a judge ruled that the Biden administration was abusing its power by working with big tech companies to censor Americans during the previous election and during the covid pandemic. This says that the government cannot contact or communicate with big tech or social media companies to pressure them into removing any post or content of any American. The Biden administration is trying to fight this away, but as far as I can see the ruling still stands. In October, the ruling was extended to include limiting the abuse of power from CISA and the Department of Homeland Security. Every American should have a voice and it was great to see the courts try to protect that right for the people.

            On a side note, the Biden impeachment trials may or may not ever happen, but here’s another article I wrote about the top 10 reasons why he should be impeached. Directing the censorship of American citizens is certainly one of them. 

            Honestly, at this point, I’d be cool with seeing both Donald Trump and Joe Biden just run a fair election if that is possible. Obviously, it’s not.

16 – E/ACC

            Effective Acceleration is a movement that I discovered this year that is the closest cultural concept of an idea to the beliefs that I share as an individual about technology. Here’s a paper I wrote about the need for America to take on this ideological framework to counter communism.

            You can also watch a brand new interview by Lex Fridman with the creator of the E/ACC movement Guillaume Verdon (aka Beff Jezos) here to have a better understanding of what that means.

16 – Turning Point America Fest Online

            Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point has the best Christian conservative events and serves as the greatest organizational machine for inspiring the youth to care about politics. I wish I could have been there in person, but my health and money didn’t have that in the cards for me this year. Instead, I watched the entire event online and took notes for writing my book. It was a fun experience and Charlie Kirk has done an awesome job by gathering all of these people together. The event was a great success and maybe those there will see me around again next year.

15 – The 4 Indictments of Donald Trump

            Democrats should have just let the man run a fair election. Now all they have done is energize the base more than ever into believing that we exist within a banana republic. An American shame to see.

14 – The Crisis of Human Loneliness

            People aren’t having kids. People aren’t having sex. We have a crisis of mental health buried under a crisis of human loneliness while under a crisis of human poverty where people don’t reproduce so we’re entering a crisis of human population collapse. Can we turn this all around? I still believe we can. In 2024 we need more relationships, more love, more sex, more kids and more families. I know I am failing on this front now, but that will change. 

13 – Shirt Happens

            My second movie. A dark comedy about defeating thoughts of suicide by conquering yourself within, finding purpose and creating reason to exist with a smile. I made the movie with the thought in mind that if you can laugh at my pain, maybe you can learn to laugh at your own pain too.  It’s a wild, trippy, and intense no budget random independent motion picture ride. Originally filmed in 2020 during the pandemic and released this year in April, I wrote the script, built the set, played all 13 characters, filmed the movie and made the soundtrack myself. I posted the full movie to Rumble thinking that it would be safe there, but it was censored and removed from their platform for some unknown reason. Now the full movie is on X for anyone to see, where it will hopefully stay for good.

12 – War

Israel / Palestine – Ukraine / Russia – Taiwan / China

            I don’t want any of these wars. Can’t we just get back to business? I support the independence of Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan, but, at the very least, the US needs to focus on our people, our border and our economy.

 I wrote a few articles about Israel, Palestine and the middle east recently if you would like to read over them.

11 – The Open Border of the Biden Administration

            We should close the border right now. Like… today. This is an absolute disaster and one of the greatest failures of the Biden administration. Living in Texas, it continually blows my mind that this is being allowed to happen. Democrats just need the future votes.

10 – Elon Musk & Tesla Release the Cyber Truck

            I haven’t had a car in 10 years by choice, but if I were to ever buy one it would be a Cyber Truck. The coolest new car of my lifetime, although I do still have a great appreciation for some of the metal machines and classic cars built before I was born. The Cyber Truck just looks like the future and I love it. Great job ya’ll.

9 – Marc Andreessen Writes the Techno Optimist Manifesto

            Essential reading as we walk into the future.

8 – The Rise of Vivek Ramaswamy

Vivek conquered every Republican Primary debate the past year in my opinion. I wrote a review of every debate showing he’s at the top of the list behind Trump in my rankings of all Presidential candidates and also is near the top of my list for potential Trump VP picks.

7 – Tucker Carlson Fired From Fox News and Starts A New Show on X & Network

            The best in the business, back and better than ever.

6 – Javier Mileil Wins to Become The President of Argentina

            After an epic campaign that culminated in a victory that inspired the conservative world, Javier Mileil won the election to become the President of Argentina. In merely a few weeks time, the man has done more for his country than I have seen Presidents do over their entire time as President anywhere. What he is doing there we need here and the world around.

5 – The Heritage Foundation Plan to Counter Communism

            Please read the full report. Sounds like the plan of action we need to be taking here moving forward.

4 – The UFO Hearings with David Grusch

I would say watch the full hearing, and you should, but to learn about all of this it may be better to sit and watch an interview with Tucker Carlson about what information David Grusch is allowed to share. This is some mind blowing information and I am not sure if this is yet another psyop or the truth finally beginning to come out. Regardless, it’s some heavy subject matter to think about. Aliens? What about religion? What about angels and demons? God and the devil? History? What does our government know? Have we made deals between our government and some foreign intelligence? Is human life on Earth an experiment? What does it mean if some biological entity created us? How long have these things been here? How many types are there? Are they from Earth? From space? From the ocean? Or is this all an illusion made by humans for some unknown reason? Who knows, but maybe… just maybe… we’re about to find out. For better or worse, but who knows? Maybe it’s just actually nothing, but I doubt that at this point.

3 – The Rise of Grok & Chat GPT

            We are witnessing the world change in real time as we see the rise of Grok, Chat GPT and artificial intelligence. Change is coming so fast that it almost feels impossible to entirely keep up with or fully comprehend. This is the future though and we must embrace the growth of technology in America so that we have hope for the future to come. We cannot let communism capture the creation of this new form of intelligence. Making the best technology to help us be all that we can be should be the goal here in America. 

2 – Twitter Becomes X & I Start My First Daily Show Good Morning Machine

            Without the freedom of speech and thought, humanity will fail the future. Seeing Twitter become X and all the changes that have been made with Elon Musk guiding the ship, I felt inspired enough to finally come out of my shell and start talking online. More than myself, I believe that X is currently serving as the prime player in saving America from the woke mind virus. Not only that, but X is the most fun I’ve had personally using social media in over a decade. Great job ya’ll.

            If you want to read my thoughts on social media in modern times and what inspired me to start doing a show on X myself, you can read my article on that here.

1 – The Iconic Trump Mugshot Photo

            If there is one image to define 2023 moving into 2024, it’s the Trump mugshot. The guy looks like a pissed off eagle and it is perfect. No one has any idea what is about to happen next year, but I know for damn sure, at the very least, it will be entertaining and it will not be boring.

            Happy New Year ya’ll.

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