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Top 10 Trump VP Picks

Top 10 Trump VP Picks

We all can see that Donald Trump is the Republican candidate for the President of the United States in 2024. With a gargantuan lead over all others in the running, including a lead over the Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden, the real question now is who should serve as the Vice President beside Donald Trump?

Before I get into breaking down my thoughts on potential candidates, it’s important to note that as I was finishing this article breaking news came out that Donald Trump has been removed from the primary ballot in Colorado citing the insurrection clause from section 3 of the 14th amendment after the events of January 6th. This has never been used before on a presidential candidate. This act itself shows how the courts are refusing to acknowledge the fact that half the country doesn’t agree with what is happening here and doesn’t appear to care about the damage that it may do in further dividing this country. The people just want to see a fair, honest and transparent election, but Trump’s competition is in so much fear that it has become willing to sacrifice democracy in the name of “saving” democracy.

For now, the ruling has been held back until the Supreme Court can make a final decision by January 4th, as that is the final day before Colorado begins printing its presidential primary ballots. I hope that the Supreme Court still has some common sense and clears the way for Donald Trump to run to serve this country, not only for the state of politics in America but for the good of the people both who support him and for those who do not. The potential chaos that decisions like this could create is not something to be taken lightly and could be considered to be a national security threat when it comes to resulting in a complete lack of public trust in any of our institutions, law or government. Trust is essential for democracy to exist and I pray that the Supreme Court helps to keep this country from further falling apart.

All of that aside, the man is still the frontrunner of not only the Republican Party, but of the entire election. No one knows what is in the days ahead, but I do know that if Trump is going to survive the madness of modern times that he needs a great ally to stand beside him as the Vice President. Returning to the matter at hand here, there are a few criteria I have been using in my head when thinking over who would be the best fit for the position.

5 Things Donald Trump needs from a VP

            1 – Unity for the Republican Party

            2 – Unity for all Americans, Democrats, Republicans & Independent

            3 – Helping public trust with balance, merit and intelligence

            4 – Additional protection against establishment threats

            5 – MAGA America First loyalty

These are the 5 things Donald Trump, the people and I should be looking for when thinking about who is the best possible pick for the position of Vice President in 2024.

Top 10 Trump VP Picks, Ranked

10 – Nikki Haley

Over the past week, Nikki Haley’s name has crawled out of political analysts minds as a good VP pick for Trump. While she does check off some of the above criteria as a strong woman who has political experience, I doubt that she would be able to help unify the country. She might be able to unify the MAGA base with establishment Republicans, but I entirely doubt her loyalty to MAGA, America First, or even the people or her own promises that she speaks. Like Vivek recently joking about how much money Iran would have to offer her to change her mind about them, I wouldn’t put it past her to sellout to the highest bidder on any subject matter. When asked about the recent ruling on Trump in Colorado, she said that she didn’t agree with the decision and wants to run a fair election, saying that “I don’t think Donald Trump needs to be president. I think I need to be president. I think that’s good for the country, but I will beat him fair and square”. It’s good to see her speak for what is right here by wanting a fair election, but as for her running with Trump I just don’t really see it happening. Clearly, better options exist.

9 – Ron DeSantis

With all of their bickering back and forth over the past year, it would actually be great to see the two of them patch up their relationship and get back to focusing on getting work done for the people of this country. While I am clearly a Trump supporter and do not agree with DeSantis’s disloyalty here, it would still be great for unity within the Republican party for them to clear the slate and get back to business. Still, both are currently in competition with each other and I am not sure that reconnection is either possible or worthwhile. Regardless, we still have much greater problems to face than creating enemies against each other here. On the Colorado decision, DeSantis said, “everything they’re doing to Donald Trump legally is complete BS… We’ve got to start healing this country at some point and I think the left, they are hell bent on using the levers of power to go after people they don’t like and it’s got to stop. And I’m the only guy running that can conceivably put a stop to it. That’s just the reality”. I’m not sure if that’s reality, but it does show, while it is great that DeSantis is supporting Trump over legal corruption, that DeSantis has no interest in becoming the Trump VP. Maybe things could change, but I believe here too that there are still better candidates that exist. Still, if they ever were to stand together moving forward it would certainly help unify the Republican Party.

The greatest concern with either Nikki Haley or Ron DeSantis as a VP would be the possibility of someone hurting Trump on purpose to take power. Trump needs a VP that the establishment might consider as “worse than Trump”, but who the American people that don’t like Trump may consider as “better than Trump”. I do believe these candidates exist, but maybe we’ll have to go a few more spots up before we get to that point.

8 – Mike Pompeo

Some people really don’t like Mike Pompeo, but I still do. I read his book last year called “Never Give An Inch” on the story of his time in the Trump administration as Secretary of State after being the CIA director. It is a great book, reading like some sort of happy American spy novel with a narrative that embraces American faith and prosperity. I’d recommend every person who speaks against Pompeo to take the time to go and read his book. Tucker Carlson is the most prominent person who has spoken out against Mike Pompeo, bringing up his actions against Jilian Assange and him holding back the release of the JFK files. Entirely justifiable criticisms that I do agree with myself, but those two actions do not make up the entirety of the man and who he is. He is an American patriot who loves this country and believes in a strong future for our nation, even if some of his decisions while in a position of leadership do not exactly bring confidence in justice and transparency. He ran for president himself early on in the election cycle, but quickly dropped out to allow Trump and others to do their thing. I believe this was a good move on Pompeo’s part and wish others would have followed his lead on that front. With all of that, could Pompeo be a good VP for Trump? Maybe not actually, as he doesn’t check off most of the criteria I’m personally looking for, despite his proven capability on the job of service. On that note, if Trump gets back into office maybe Pompeo should get a job getting back to work cleaning up our intelligence agencies and getting them back in functioning order for America. People would fight that choice as well, but I believe Mike Pompeo could do a great job if given the opportunity to do so again.

7 – Kristi Noem

As the Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem is a great leader, a beautiful woman and a solid pick for a Trump VP. During a fundraising event in her state back in September, she pledged her loyalty to the Trump campaign by saying that, “I will do everything I can to help him win and save this country”. If chosen, she would provide a great balance to his campaign and would surely help unite the Republican Party. She checks off all of the criteria I am personally searching for, although I somewhat doubt her ability to help convert Democrat or independent voters to come to the Republican Party. All in all, Kristi Noem does a great job and would be a great pick, but I still believe there are better choices that exist.

6 – Byron Donalds

The Donalds – The Dons – Don Duo… there has to be some kind of catchy title the two could lead with together. Byron Donalds is a member of congress in Florida who has been a long time outspoken supporter of Donald Trump. On the Colorado decision, Byron Donalds posted to his X account that, “This is blatant disenfranchisement of millions of voters from the Colorado Supreme Court. Trump says it best: “They’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in the way.” TRUMP 2024”. He would certainly serve as someone who is loyal to the MAGA movement that would be capable of potentially bringing in new voters to the Trump campaign. My only issues here are that I still believe that others could do a better job at unifying the entire country together and I still believe it may be best to pick a woman to run with him this time around. It is not necessary, but it may be more helpful here to do so.

5 – Kari Lake

Kari Lake is one of my favorite politicians and people of recent history. She too is a beautiful woman with a warrior spirit and a heart full of a passion to truth. Like Trump, she viciously fought election fraud and corruption within the process back in her home state of Arizona. Many say that the election was stolen from her, like Trump too, and both seem to have the same understanding of what needs to be done to save this country. The establishment views her as a massive threat, so while it may not provide establishment support, it would certainly solidify the MAGA base if Trump chose her to run with him. The people who support Trump will always support Kari Lake too, but the issue I see here is her inability to convert new voters or bring the whole country together beyond just the MAGA base. She’d be great for the job, in my opinion, but there are still some who may be better. She could keep running for Senate or any position within Arizona and get support, and I believe that Trump will stand beside her in any direction that she ever decides to go.

4 – RFK Jr.

I said it in my last article, but I wish RFK had just remained with the Democrat Party. He could have helped bring common sense back to the party, but he didn’t have the balls to face it down and instead shifted gears to run as an independent. This caused me to support RFK less, but I still see the man as a strong candidate based on his action taking on corporate corruption and medical malpractice. It would have been better if he was still a Democrat, the party would have blocked him out, just like Tulsi Gabbard or Bernie Sanders, and then Trump could have decided to bring him on to run together. I believe this would have brought the country together like nothing we have ever seen before from Democrats and Republicans, but RFK has his own vision of victory and it comes to no surprise that he made the switch. This lessens the potential effect their merger could have had, but the potential is still there regardless. It mostly depends on how the next few months turn out, but I wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibility in the days ahead.

On the Colorado decision, RFK posted on X that, “Every American should be troubled by the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to remove President Trump from the ballot. The court has deprived him of a consequential right without having been convicted of a crime… When any candidate is deprived of his right to run, the American people are deprived of their right to choose. I hope the Colorado Supreme Court swiftly reverses this decision. At the very least, it contributes to the perception that the elites are picking the President by manipulating the legal system… If Trump is kept out of office through judicial fiat rather than being defeated in a fair election, his supporters will never accept the result. This country will become ungovernable”.

Sounds like a fair warning from RFK that all Americans and the courts of Colorado should be thinking about here. Besides his thoughts on that, the two of them together would make a great duo. They may disagree on some things, they may be running against each other, but both of them together would be the most anti establishment presidential campaign of all time. I believe between the both of them that not only could they fix corruption in this country, but they may be able to unify the entire country through the process. Republican and Democratic unity under America First ideology would be the best thing that could possibly happen here. It is possible.

My greatest concern here would be that the two of them will just not be able to actually work together to get things done, as both do have different visions on the direction America should go. Still, if anyone could work on differences I would hope that it could be the two of them.

3 – Tucker Carlson

Seeing Donald Trump run for President with Tucker Carlson as the Vice President would be an absolute American epic to behold. The people love Tucker and he currently has one of the most popular internet talk shows of all time. This would certainly give the entire Republican Party the most hope and energy of any candidate if the two of them were to work together. Melania Trump seems to enjoy the idea, at least that is what is being speculated from an Axios report out last week saying that she wanted Tucker to be the Trump VP. Even Trump himself when asked about the thought of joining forces with Tucker says that, “I like Tucker a lot… he’s got great common sense”. They’ve had several talks over the years, with a most recent talk on Tucker’s new show on X breaking records across the internet for Presidential interviews. Still though, I cannot help but think that Tucker may do better for the country by continuing to work as a media personality sharing information and having the conversations that the people of this country need to hear. Even still though, Tucker could just keep doing his show and have nightly “fireside chat” like talks from the White House. I bet the people would love that. Still though further, Tucker says that he likes Vivek Ramaswamy as his pick for a Trump VP and thinks that he wouldn’t be good at the job himself. I disagree with the last part, but do agree that Vivek Ramaswamy would be a great VP for Trump. I look at Tucker like I do Jocko Willink, someone who should be running for President, but who has also publicly stated that they do not want the job. I respect their decisions here, but I would also welcome a change in mind from them if they happen to hear the call of duty.

2 – Vivek Ramaswamy

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, that Vivek Ramaswamy conquered the Republican Primary debates in the place of Donald Trump this cycle and was the clear victor on every single stage set before him this season. Being Tucker’s choice for VP made me bump him up to the number 2 spot in my book for a potential VP pick. His young energy, confidence, intelligence, willpower and understanding of the issues give him a far lead above all other candidates in my opinion, at least when it comes to his competition from all the other candidates currently running for President that he debated against. My problem here is the same problem that I have with others, that he may be able to help solidify the MAGA base and Republicans, but may have a harder time with the idea of unifying the entire country. I’m not so sure that Vivek would bring in new voters for Trump or convert any Democrats out there. Regardless, the future is bright for him no matter what happens here and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him become a President himself in the future.

With the Colorado decision, Vivek took it all the way by posting on his X account saying that, “I pledge to withdraw from the Colorado GOP primary ballot until Trump is also allowed to be on the ballot, and I demand that Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie and Nikki Haley do the same immediately – or else they are tacitly endorsing this illegal maneuver which will have disastrous consequences for our country”.

That’s what I’m talking about. Great job Vivek, once again. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley will be willing to help the people and the voters of America here and now by doing the same.

1 – Tulsi Gabbard

A bit of an unexpected choice and not someone that I often hear spoken about when it comes to a Trump VP pick, but I believe that Tulsi Gabbard would be the best choice for every reason. She would provide Republican Party unity, as she is a well respected, intelligent, beautiful and wise woman. She was a Democrat but was so dissatisfied by the party corruption that she recently switched over to being a Republican. This is different from the RFK situation, as she was not in the running for President when she made the decision. Sure, she could have stayed with the Democratic Party to help it from the inside out, but her decision to leave is more about common sense and less about a desire for victory by any means. Coming from this background, she is by far the best candidate for converting Democrat and independent voters to become Republican voters. She is the most capable of helping Trump unify the entire country beyond just his MAGA base.  Not only that, but the MAGA base loves her too. Both had to put up with the “Russia! Russia! Russia!” nonsense false targeting. Both dealt with election interference. Both had to face lies told by Hilary Clinton. Both agree that stopping the threat of World War 3 and nuclear war is a top priority. Tulsi would help unify the Republican Party, help convert new voters and help unify the country. She would give those who doubt Trump the balance he needs for his campaign movement. The establishment would never hurt Trump to have her take power, as I honestly believe that somehow they are more afraid of someone like Tulsi Gabbard than they are of Donald Trump. With Tulsi, they have nothing to hold against her. She’s a veteran, a member of congress, and someone who has run for President before herself. My only hesitation would be her loyalty to the MAGA base, but with that said I believe that she would stand up for what she believes is right for the people, no matter what, every day.

So that’s my ranking for my top 10 Trump VP picks. I honestly believe that any of the top 5, Tulsi Gabbard, Vivek Ramaswamy, Tucker Carlson, RFK or Kari Lake would all be fantastic picks for Vice President.

As a final thought, just to throw this out there too, but is anyone considering the possibility of Candace Owens running with Donald Trump as his Vice President? In a sea of some great choices, maybe that’s another random golden ticket forward.

Just a thought.

Hopefully the Supreme Court helps all of this election interference stop so we can have an honest, fair and true election in this country. No matter who Trump picks as VP, he’ll still have my vote. I just hope he makes better decisions about who he surrounds himself with than he did before. Trump did a great job as President, but my greatest criticism of him during the time was his failed decisions on who he picked to be working around him. I know many of the MAGA base agree with that assessment. Donald Trump has to do better on this front this time around. No Mike Pence rerun, for the people, please.

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  1. frank Stetson

    Yeah Jacob, they are all lining up to take the Pence position. A gallows gallery of geeks from the the confederated conservative clown car coming to confess their abject loyalty to their craven image, Donald J. Trump, twice impeached, four-times indicted, sexual abusing digital rapist who carted off a library of the nation’s secrets to be guarded by his pool boy at the Mar-A-Spy club where his FIL lives, a card-carrying member of the Slovenia Sevnica Communist Party. He is two years older than the Don — gross and they look like brothers — grosser.

    In the 40’s, Slovenian communists murdered over 10,000 pocketing their assets along the way. In the 50’s, they imprisoned thousands of Catholic priests. After the 60’s, they tamed down the violence. While pop was a member, the party ERASED tens of thousands as citizens. Just made them disappear as far as voting goes. So, not the worst, but still, Dad’s a communist cad. Card carrying. The Trump administration says he was not serious, but wtf are they going to say; the guy lives in a cabana house at Mar-A-Commieland. His stable of fine cars, nice accommodations, etc. SHOWS he was living a far better economic life than the average Slovenian. Far better for some strange reason. Not that strange, he’s a party member, job assured, good pay, others suffer.

    The list of Trump employees fired, convicted, serving time is quite LONG. While I am sure some will be chomping at the bit for this job, for most employees, the decision to join is a CLM. Huge CLM. Ask Cohen, Rudy, Tillerson, Mattis, Bolton, Kelly, McMaster, token Newman, Scaramucci, Volker, Halley, Sessions and so many, many more. He hires well though, he’s the best at finding fall guys. Ask Rudy, prepare to ask Meadows. And I don’t mean the season.

    My bet is he will stay the course, be loyal, and keep Pence on the ticket.


    ooops Mr M — posted this in the dumpster first, my bad.

    Mr Machine, on talking bout the Colorado decision boldly states: “the fact that half the country doesn’t agree with what is happening here .” You just know that he had to pull that out of his ass and never checked twice…..

    1. Turnip has yet to win a popular majority —- what do you think the chance that Democrats and Indy’s jumped ship on this one?
    2. The only POLL out there that I can find, four – six days ago, was one of those internet polls, very uncertain, but it shows:
    a. Fifty-four percent of voters either strongly or somewhat approve of the decision
    b. 35% strongly or somewhat disapprove
    c. 12% said they were unsure

    Results, of course, were split along partisan lines, with 84% of Democrats in favor and 66% of Republicans in opposition. Also, 62% of voters said they believe the Supreme Court would take up the case with only 16% believing they would not accept the case.

    BUSTED for assuming Trump OWNS over half the country. Not yet Jimmy Olson. Not ever.

  3. John

    Under the US Constitution, if the Presidential candidate and the VP candidate are from the same State, they cannot get that State’s electoral votes. Gov. DeSantis and Rep. Donald are both from Florida, as is our former President.
    PS If Trump was elected in 2020, he is illegible in 2024.