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Breaking Down Biden Meeting Xi in Commiefornia

Breaking Down Biden Meeting Xi in Commiefornia

For the first time since the dawn of the woke mind virus takeover of California leadership, the streets of San Francisco have finally been cleaned and the city streets beauty has been restored. The homeless have been relocated, the drugs have been removed and the trash has been thrown away. Did Governor Gavin Newsom have a change of heart? Has he decided to bring back order for California? Has he remembered respect for the people of San Francisco?


This is what happens when China comes to town for a visit with the United States. For the first time since the G20 summit last year in Bali, Joe Biden is meeting with the communist President Xi Jinping in San Francisco for APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation). With this, the streets were cleaned, homeless relocated, drugs removed, trash thrown away and instead of the zombie apocalypse like filth, the streets were lined with fencing, gates, barriers and, of course, Chinese flags. Not a single American flag in sight as Xi rolled into our country to meet with Biden. No surprises here.

Even at the opening livestream of the event, Xi pulled up to APEC and exited his car, only to be greeted by the sight of an American soldier holding a Chinese flag. Shame. The ensuing live stream would be a terrible glitching mess, bringing into question our supposed nature as the masters of media in the west. Can’t even keep a proper livestream running to open such an important event.

Regardless of technical difficulties, both parties were walking into this event with heavy burdens on their shoulders. In China, Xi is facing deep economic issues, youth unemployment, war relations and the question of what is going to happen with the future of Taiwan. In the United States, Biden faces many of the same problems of an economic failure, war relations and questions over the future of Taiwan. Not to mention all of the investigations into his own family over hidden deals making money from China that were never brought up through the entirety of APEC. On top of all of that, Biden faces the great divide within the American people between Republicans, Democrats, Trump and those who support America First policies. China’s actions on spy balloons, secret police stations, intellectual theft, cyber attacks, market manipulation, school funding, bases in Cuba, South America, partnerships with Iran, Russia and Tik Tok brainwashing our youth all seemed to be issues that were swept under the American rug to allow these “peace talks” to move forward.

With all of this in mind, Biden and Xi meet for the first time in a year and you can see the building tension in the room. Sitting at a long table across from each other, surrounded by the usual suspects of their administrations, the two began their speeches to declare a new level of relations between the two nations, attempting to favor collaboration over competition or further conflict. On the surface, this seems to be a great idea. Who wouldn’t want peace, right? The real question here is what will we have to sacrifice here in America to achieve this idea of peace between China and the United States?

Before Biden spoke, he said to someone to “let me know when they’re in”, speaking about the press, as if he didn’t have eyes to see for himself to know when to speak without being directed to do so. Insignificant really, but just another simple example of how Biden is not the leader here.

Biden continued, beginning his opening speech by saying that it was a “great honor and pleasure” to welcome China into the United States. Staggering, stuttering, rambling and mumbling through expected words, Biden began to speak as Xi sat across from him listening. “I value our conversation because it is paramount that we understand each other clearly, leader to leader, with no misconception or miscommunication. We have to make sure competition does not veer into conflict. We also have to manage this responsibly… I believe this is what the world wants for both of us – candid exchange”, said Biden before bringing up the need to focus on climate change together, finishing with a simple, “Welcome back” to Xi.

Then Xi began his opening speech to Biden, talking about meetings from the past while Biden was Vice President and what has happened since then with politics, the economy and the covid virus. Xi continued saying, “The China – US relationship, which is the most important bilateral relationship in the world, should be perceived and envisioned in a broad context of the accelerating global transformation unseen in a century. It should develop in a way that benefits our two people and fulfills our responsibility to human progress… turning our back on each other is not an option… It is unrealistic for one side to remodel the other and conflict and confrontation has unbearable consequences for both sides… Planet Earth is big enough for the two countries to succeed… “

As Xi ended his opening speech at the table, the chaotic sound of questions from the press erupted into the room and shattered the calm tone of the initial exchange of words between the two nations. Xi sat in silence as Biden cracked a goofy smile and looked over to Antony Blinken to figure out what to do about the press. Immediately, they were all kicked out as leadership from both sides went on to have private talks of their own about policy and diplomatic solutions to their divide moving forward.

After the private talks ended and word got out about what they spoke about, it was announced that communication lines between the two nations had been reestablished. In terms of preventing war, escalation elsewhere and negating the potential for accidents or surprises, the move is certainly the most important thing that happened for the good of all sides. Communication is absolutely necessary, no matter if we are thought to be partners, competitors or enemies.

To my own surprise, Xi said during his main speech later at APEC that “whatever stage of development it may reach, China will never pursue hegemony or expansion, and will never impose its will on others. China does not seek spheres of influence and will not fight a cold war or a hot war with anyone”.

Sounds great, but what about Taiwan? Will it not be war to attempt to take over that country just because Xi says it is already theirs? What about One China Policy or their desire to control the entire South China Sea? What about its continued partnership with Iran or Russia? It seems to me to be that Xi is only pretending to want peace, and I believe the same can be said about Biden too. Looking at the whole affair, what are we really talking about doing here?

Xi wants the US to send over 50,000 American youth to China to better understand their ways and develop a working relationship cross-culturally.  While this again sounds good on face value, my concern still is the normalization of communism, socialism and globalism over independence and free market capitalism on the world stage. We’ve spent decades bringing in masses of people from China into our workforce, schools, media and industry, while sending many of our thought leaders over to China simultaneously. Cross integration of the ideas and the populations have already been happening for decades and I’m not sure doing more of that now would do any good for the American people. Maybe it would be good for Chinese people to see Americans walking around speaking in mass, but I wonder how social credit and censorship there would work against the American people. Would it further condition people to accept the ways of communism, or would it inspire the people of China to want freedom, capitalism and independence for themselves? I’m not sure what the answer would be here, but I am certainly hesitant over the thought. 

Xi did take time to speak positively of the American people, calling us “kind, friendly, hardworking and down to earth”. Is all this flattery merely talk or meaningful praise? It’s hard for me to believe that Xi supports the American people, especially as I do not even believe that Biden himself believes in supporting the American people. Regardless, he spoke highly of his time first visiting the United States, where he was in San Francisco back in the 80’s. Xi further praised “peaceful coexistence” as a “baseline” for modern nations under globalism, as well as introducing the unifying idea of “scientific socialism”, playing off its own communistic ways to pander to the socialist majority of the Democratic party. Looking at how covid was handled and the lack of answers for anything that has happened the past few years with the virus, I do not believe in the idea of global “scientific socialism”. That sounds like the end of free market capitalism and the end of American independence and individual freedom.

In other words, I just do not believe in either of their praise for the American people, coming from Xi or Biden, no matter what kind words they choose to throw at each other in front of cameras.  

Finally, China and the US are set to fight the fentanyl crisis. Despite all differences between our nations, this would be a major step forward for the people. After hundreds of thousands of deaths, China has shown willingness to cooperate and has declared a crackdown on all sources of the drug within China. This is a plan, if truly enforced, that I can fully support and would actually truly help US and China relations. It is a great hope in my heart, everything else aside, that this actually happens. I would love to see the eradication of illegal fentanyl and see justice served to all who sold that death to our people.

Biden sums up the entirety of the talks, from his perspective, saying, “We’ve committed to work together. We’re going to continue our commitment to diplomacy, avoid surprises, prevent misunderstandings, form a stable relationship between the world’s two largest economies. Not merely good for the two economies of the world. It’s good for everyone.”

Is it though? Is this really good for the American people? I can’t help but feel like we are only preparing to further sell ourselves out to communism and globalism with these actions here.

Later in the evening during a speech to APEC, Biden seemed to be preparing to pass the presidency over to another Democratic candidate, who isn’t officially running yet, but who is certainly in the circles of talks for taking over, Governor of California Gavin Newsom. Biden said directly to the crowd during his speech that, “I want to talk about Governor Newsom, want to thank him. He’s been one hell of a Governor man – matter of fact – he could be anything he wants. He could have the job I’m looking for”.

And there you go. That says it all, setting the stage for how the democratic party is preparing to move forward. The people want to see Trump be the next President, or at least see Donald Trump and RFK debate. The news keeps pushing the Biden and Trump repeat face off narrative, but the establishment seems to be setting up Gavin Newsom against Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley. Who knows where this is ultimately going to go over the next year. Newsom seems like the worst case scenario for the next President of the United States, if you ask me. Talk about selling out the nation to China! It is also important to remember that it was just two weeks ago that Newsom was in China meeting with Xi in person.

After the speech, Biden gave an off script remark to a reporter flipping the entire narrative built through the day by directly calling Xi a dictator. He said, “Well look, he’s a dictator in the sense that he is a guy who runs a country that is a communist country that’s based on a form of government totally different than ours… Anyway, we made progress…”.

As Biden said this, Antony Blinken looked visibly shaken by the statement as he sat in the crowd. Obviously, the simple sentence threatened all the supposed progress from the day between the United States and China.

Mao Ning, a spokesperson for Beijing, said during a press conference after the speech that “this statement is extremely wrong and irresponsible political manipulation”. Regardless of Biden being a stumbling block to himself, the press seems to be running with the idea that APEC was an overall success.

Biden makes backroom secret money from China, has peace talks, turns around and calls Xi a dictator while propping up Gavin Newsom to take over and continue relations. It just doesn’t make sense. Honestly, it feels like there is more going on than is openly apparent.  Frankly, I don’t trust any of it.

No matter what Biden and Xi said to each other in secret, and no matter what comes from their decisions forward, it seems that many of the giants of American industry are in support of a business partnership with the communist party. At the close of the APEC talks, Xi spoke to corporate leaders about China and America working together, which apparently received a standing ovation from the American crowd.

Xi’s top table at the closing dinner consisted of Tim Cook from Apple, Larry Fink from Blackrock, Stephen Schwarzman from Blackstone, Stanley Deal from Boeing, Ray Dalio from Bridgewater, Albert Bouria from Pfizer, along with the heads of Citadel, FedEx, Fulgent Genetics, Gilead Sciences, Honeywell, Mastercard, Nike, Qualcomm, Visa and Xcoal energy – just to name a few at the table cheering communism on.

I’m not so sure they care about communism as much as projecting power through business over future globalism. I’m not so sure they care about the American ideal or the prosperity of the American people. I feel like, once again, our leaders are selling off our country and selling out our success for the self destruction of the American ideal to set the ground for its replacement with globalism.

Stephen Moore, cofounder of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, recently spoke to Fox News about the “business” meeting saying that, “I’m disgusted by this… I’m a free market guy and I do believe in free trade. I like global cooperation, but you don’t cooperate with a tyrant. China is America’s enemy, they are an adversary, not an ally”.

Appeasement never gets you anywhere and it’s good to hear somebody say on TV what the people are actually thinking here.

I believe somehow, someway, pro American forces of the military, pro American minds in business and pro American hearts of the people will ultimately make a way to stop communism and globalism from consuming the American way.

My greatest question now is where Elon Musk actually stands in the face of this divide. While I agree with peace talks and diplomacy with China and I’d love to see us stop war and get back to business as individual nations taking care of their own people, I have deep concerns with normalizing relations with communism and the effects of the mass selloff of our nation over the past few decades. With Elon Musk, I want to believe that his purchase of Twitter was for the freedom of speech for the people of America and Earth. Frankly, I do still believe this to be the case and have been enjoying using what became the X social media platform. Personally, it is the first time I have enjoyed using social media in more than a decade and the most fun I’ve had on social media since the days of Myspace. Still, I can’t help but feel doubt in my spirit that there may be some nefarious work going on here as well. Is X merely just a stepping stone to social credit in the United States? Is Starlink designed for internet freedom or internet control? Is Tesla for green energy or energy control? Is Elon Musk for America or for China? I love the work that Elon Musk has done and I appreciate who he is as a human being, for America and for the world around, and I hope that I still have the freedom of speech to be allowed to ask these questions or even think these thoughts.

As a businessman in modern times, there is seemingly nothing wrong with being both in American and Chinese business. But if there was actually a true breaking point in relations, like what happens if China invades Taiwan and what happens if we decide to defend them, would Elon Musk stand with America or China?

After his own meeting with Xi, Musk posed a picture of them both shaking hands on X with a caption that read, “May there be prosperity for all”.

I agree with the sentiment and wish for all to have prosperity through their lives. Looking around at America though, I see more pain and poverty from the people of America than prosperity. That’s reality – that the majority of humans feel no prosperity at all. Thinking about it now, I wonder if the people of China feel the exact same way.

I do want peace and I do not want war, but looking at human nature I am not sure that it is truly possible. World peace may b impossible without becoming a prison planet under the absolute control of a few. This will never be the American way.

My hope is that the independence of nations, free market capitalism and individual freedom will survive and conquer the idea of forced socialism or communism by globalism under the guise of world peace.

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  1. Dan tyree

    It will all come out when we find out how much America got sold out

  2. Tom

    I am unaware of any official meeting minutes being issued by the Biden administration. All I have seen on the web is snipets of what people think was said. Lets wait and see the official minutes from the administration. I am equally unaware that “The people want to see Trump be president.” This is not true. Only about 30% want this!

    What I could find about the progress made at the Biden/Xi meeting is the news transcript immediately after the meeting where Biden addressed the press and took questions. See what was actually said by Biden at **

    My personal opinion is that I will believe what China says when I see it. I like the Reagan approach of a verifiable agreement. Xi has also said in other recent speeches that there is a new world order being created and the China-Russia relationship is leading the way! So again, until I see it, I will not believe much of what he says as actual reality of what he wants to do. It is nothing more than intentions to steer the USA into a position that he wants the USA to be in. And we as well as all of Western Europe, South and Central America and Asian countries better get wise to it. If you want, look up China and the tribute system which China had and ruled the Asian world by for many dynasties! To me, Xi appears to be heading in this direction where there is a strong central government commanded by an emperor and the smaller countries of the world will become vassals to the emperor, in this case Xi. I simply call this Mao 2.0. Smaller governments are autonomous but send tributes to the emperor to solicit economic favor and military protection.

    The “tribute system” is often associated with a “Confucian world order”, under which neighboring states complied and participated in the “tribute system” to secure guarantees of peace, investiture, and trading opportunities.[5] One member acknowledged another’s position as superior, and the superior would bestow investiture upon them in the form of a crown, official seal, and formal robes, to confirm them as king.[6] The practice of investing non-Chinese neighbors had been practiced since ancient times as a concrete expression of the loose reign policy.

    If you care to read more as to what is really in Xi’s mind, go to ** I hope our leaders have studied China’s dynasties and tribute system!!!

    • frank stetson

      Happy Thanksgiving Tom. Taking a break from my traditional xgiving vege blowout where I cook different dishes for about 8 hours and guaranteed to cause diabetes. Roasts, mashes, bakes, sautés, sauced, glazes, — amazing and colorful. Always start ez with the maple-butter pecan carrot sauté, followed by a traditional butternut, carrot, parship roast. Next, a Yukon potato, turnip, and apple hash — with cayenne for zip. And we will finish with my signature oj/pecan butternut bowl — a pretty picture if ever was one. Only one kid this year and will be tomorrows since they’re in the city today. Tommorow is marmalade glazed acorn rings, so pretty, and another signature —- apricot sweet potato spears, best of glass by far. So, very fall, very root, but many colors and tastes. And with less at the table, we are cutting down a bit, but we do not eat much turkey…no one at our table does….

      I loved your post, am certainly in a wait n see, but did not expect much more than these guys exchanging phone numbers. The fact Xi hasn’t met with Trump tells me where the Chinese smart money lies. Trust but verify and we will see but better than taunting each other. The “dictator” thing was STUPID, and Blinken was unprofessional, but real. Joe has got to focus. The worst Biden moments are when he’s leaving the stage, a question comes up, and suddenly, he turns…….OMG what did he just say? And the staff begins the walk-back……

      • Tom

        Happy Thanksgiving Frank! I hope the best for you and yours! Darn, I am cooking right now. Inbetween the turkey and potatoes but you really go all out! Next year I am coming to your place!!!! LOL

        Yeah trust and verify beats taunt and agitate any day of the week! Republicans have lost the notion and old wisdom of more flies being caught with honey than vinegar. My feeling is, if we cannot verify it, then it is not or did not happen. Its that simple. And our overtures to China should be commensurate in depth and scope with the Chinese overtures that they actually act upon.

        I have seen so much BS about what might have been said or not said that I found a news transcript of what Biden said immediately after the meeting with Xi. It is probably more reliable than any GOP talking points, especially since most of them are negative and the positives seem to get conspicuously left out. So as an Independent / Unaffiliated interested in truth and accuracy, I put a link to anyone interested in what Biden actually said. :>)

        Again, all the best to you and your family and guests from NC!!!