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Ranking All 13 Presidential Candidates

Ranking All 13 Presidential Candidates

13 candidates are currently left standing for the President of the United States in 2024, with 4 seemingly pointless Republican primary debates done and zero Democratic primary debates allowed. Donald Trump is beating Joe Biden in all 7 swing states, with neither of them participating in any debates as the two leading candidates running. As time keeps ticking towards election day with primary day only a few months away, I figured it was a good time to rank all of the remaining 13 candidates in order of who I believe is worth voting for from all sides. 

The 7 Republican candidates left standing are Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Chris Christie, Ryan Binkley and Asa Hutchinson.

The 3 Democratic candidates left standing are Joe Biden, Marianne Williamson & Dean Phillips.

The 3 Independent candidates left standing are RFK Jr, Cornel West & Jill Stein.

I’ll be ranking all of these candidates here from the perspective of a constitutional populist who, admittedly, is an America First Trump supporter. Donald Trump certainly has my vote, but I am also aware that between the indictments and the potential for a deep state assassination that his victory is far from certain. It is insane that I have to write this, but everyone knows that assassination is a possibility here. I pray that God will help protect him, and all the other candidates as well, as we endure this turbulent time. My hope is that the fear of making the man a martyr will keep anyone from thinking of that as a solution to his success. With a little more than 10 months left before election day, there is a great uncertainty that exists within how the days ahead will unfold. Laying out all the candidates here, I am attempting to paint as complete of a picture as i can on the current standing of the candidates that remain as an overview of the options that are available, hopefully with a bit of informative humor as I know most voters right now could care less about who else all is running right now. 

With that said, here are my rankings of the top 13 candidates for President of the United States, ranked from worst to best.

13 – Dean Phillips (Democrat)

First up, taking last place of the 13, is Dean Phillips, an empty prop candidate who no one is taking seriously for President of the United States. A member of the House in Minnesota who keeps the common center talking points of both that Biden is too old to be President and that he only entered the race to stop Donald Trump. Completely void of vision, even his campaign website lists affordable housing as the only key issue of concern. Now he’s out there openly supporting a Republican candidate, pushing Nikki Haley for President to no surprise. Like a Democratic Chris Christie, only serving to stand as yet another orchestrated voice in opposition to the idea of Trump. 

12 – Jill Stein (Independent)

Originally running for President in 2012 and 2016 as the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein is a physician with a central focus on creating a Green New Deal to fight climate change. She supports an “economic bill of rights”, guaranteed health care, guaranteed education, guaranteed work and guaranteed food. Not sure how any of that is possible whatsoever, especially looking at our modern economy, but all of which are the typical talking points of socialism to communism in America. Anyone who wants to “guarantee” anything like that is not a serious candidate. Even worse, she doesn’t think that the US should be involved with protecting our allies in the South China Sea from CCP control. That alone, for me, makes her someone who shouldn’t even be considered for President of the United States by anyone. Originally, she was the campaign manager for Cornel West, who is also running for President, but when he shifted his party from Democrat to Independent, she broke off from his campaign to run her own campaign herself as a Democratic candidate. Jill Stein already lost 2 elections before and is destined to lose another election here today.

11 – Cornel West (Independent)

I’ve been aware of Cornel West for years, but I had never actually listened to him speak before so I found a few speeches, interviews and debates to develop a better understanding of the man. He is certainly an intelligent mind, with nearly 20 books published and another dozen that he helped with editing, all while being a philosophy professor who has taught at some of the most “prestigious” schools around like Yale, Princeton and Harvard. With his given associations, it came to me as no surprise that he supports Palestine over Israel. On his website it goes even further from there, as he lists himself as a self described “non – marxist socialist” who believes that America is a racist patriarchy. He also believes in creating a “gun registry” and developing a “broad legal pathway to citizenship” for allowing more immigrants to come to America. When speaking about America in a speech called “Philosophy in Our Time of Imperial Decay”, he repeated his claims that he wants to “dismantle the US empire”. Looking at the current state of life for the people of America, I do not see how someone with those intentions would do any good for any American human as President of the United States and would most certainly serve to make everything much worse. Unless you desire President Woke for 2024 (which I know some would love to see), I do not see how anyone would vote for a guy who doesn’t even like our country. I respect Cornel West as an individual mind and an independent thinker, but I do not believe someone who holds these views should ever be in any position of leadership for the American people. Due to his intellectual capability and his desire to see the self-destruction of America, I believe he would be a worse President for the United States than Joe Biden. 

10 – Joe Biden (Democrat)

It does blow my mind that I listed 3 whole individuals running for President of the United States that I believe would do a worse job than Joe Biden, but that is the current state of affairs within this country. Goes to show how silly the state of American politics really is. With that said, I personally believe that Joe Biden has been the worst President of my entire lifetime. He could, quite possibly, be the worst US President of all time. His mere existence serves as a mockery of the entire American ideal. From, under Trump, no war, a secure border and a booming economy for the people to, under Biden, 2 new wars, an open border that has let in millions of illegal immigrants and a broken economy that only serves the rich, I cannot see how any voter from any party can seriously say that this man has done a good job. Even more, I cannot see how any voter from any party can reasonably say that he has done any good whatsoever during all of his time on the job as President. I still believe the election was most likely stolen from Donald Trump and would love to see the truth of the matter actually come out, but I do not know the absolute truth on the matter. Not to mention all of this banana republic nonsense going on that amounts to real election interference, with Biden actively pushing the justice system to take out his only real political opponent in Trump, all while not allowing any other Democratic candidate to have a primary voice. Joe Biden has failed on every front as a leader and, looking at the wild life of his son, cannot even direct his own family to lead a better life. How, on any level, is this man leading this country as President of the United States? Even worse, how is this man seriously running for President of the United States again? Who is stupid enough to think that this was a good idea? Too late now, but we’ll see how everything falls apart and Democrats are left scrambling for new paths forward in the days ahead. 

9 – Asa Hutchinson (Republican)

I thought this guy was defeated after the first round of the Republican Primary debates, but apparently he is still running for whatever reason. Another prop candidate pre-programmed to be the voice of opposition to the idea of Trump. Makes no sense to me and seems like a waste of time and money, but he is an individual so whatever vision he has in his head certainly keeps him running towards something. To what, who knows. 

8 – Chris Christie (Republican)

Maybe Hunter was right and his dad Joe had nothing to do with making money from backroom deals with our adversaries. Maybe it was Chris Christie who was “the big guy”. We had it wrong all along! That’s a joke, but the bigger joke here is his campaign. Yet another prop candidate Trump hater who can’t even get support from the people he has supposed to have been leading in New Jersey after he became Governor. At the last Republican Primary debate, his repeated use of the term “unfit” when describing Trump’s ability to be President is a hilarious case of projection. Even the moderators were trashing him saying that if he won, 2 / 3 Republicans would be pissed off. During his closing statements at the debate, the crowd collectively booed him down as he spoke, yet again, about how Trump was unfit to be President. Hopefully this is the last time we see him in the running in the race for President, but hopefully too he will go spend some time actually trying to run so he can manage his health instead of trying to manage the country.   

7 – Marianne Williamson (Democrat)

The highest ranked Democrat that I have on this list, Marianne Williamson is a writer and spiritual teacher. A longtime friend of Oprah Winfrey who appeared as a frequent guest on her show, Williamson has spent decades sharing her beliefs through writing popular books like A Course in Miracles and Illuminata. Growing up in a conservative family in Texas with Jewish roots, the driving vision of her potential presidency is her idea of creating a US Department of Peace. While that may sound good in thought, I certainly question the idea of what something like that would even mean exactly. Nice sentiment, but not sure it would be effective in practice as it is not understood what power or utility it would actually serve. Other than that, she wants an end to the war on drugs, set minimum wage increases and give out reparations. While I am for decriminalizing nature, I am not for ending the war on drugs. While I am for minimum wage increases, I am against reparations. Her website is nice though, much better than most of the candidates. She addresses failures in the economy, the problem of having too much corporate influence in American politics and government, problems with Joe Biden and even shares love for the American dream and the Declaration of Independence. Great to see, coming from a Democrat of modern times.  I will say that her sharing a quote on her website from JFK when running against RFK Jr. seems like a dumb political move. All in all, her ranking here is, above the previous candidates, because at least she has a vision of her own. I don’t believe she is a prop candidate or merely just a scripted Trump hater, but a smart woman with her own vision for the future of America. Do I agree with that vision? Nope. But is it good to see any candidate with a true vision of the future coming from their own mind and thought? For damn sure. I wouldn’t vote for her, but maybe Democrats should take note and give her a fair chance over Biden. Seeing her debate Biden would be interesting, but that will never happen and that, in itself, is just another example of how the Democratic party has fallen to its own corruption. About Joe Biden blocking other Democratic candidates from being able to run, she says herself to Biden that, “You cannot save democracy by suppressing democracy”. Maybe she’ll have an epiphany of common sense about her party and become a Trump supporter. 

6 – Nikki Haley (Republican)

For a moment I started to like Nikki Haley after the third Republican Primary debate. I thought she had been doing a better job than Ron DeSantis was at the time, and looking at the wars breaking out I thought that maybe she could be a candidate who might be able to stand her ground if war was to knock on our door. As much as I hate to write that, war is a thought that we all have to take seriously and is a main reason for why this next election matters so much. My previously imagined confidence about her quickly faded as Vivek revealed her ignorance during the 4th debate, when he put her on the spot about not knowing where in Ukraine she would be sending Americans to potentially fight. It was a brutal, intelligent and graceful take down by Vivek, leaving Nikki in a silent stupor on the stage. In my opinion, that was the end of the Nikki Haley presidential campaign. I’m not sure how anyone who witnessed that could still vote for her. Not to mention his also pointing out during the debate that she went from broke to rich, from UN to Boeing, from politician to potential President by having pre debate meetings with Chase bank and the likes. Her corporate support skyrocketed in the days before the 4th debate, and since those moments I have seen a slight air of silence around her name again. I do believe she is a good woman, I believe she loves America and I believe she is even capable of being a good leader. Just not the President of the United States, in my opinion. I said it in a previous article, but I’d be happy with her just having a great job with Boeing. Being a warhawk isn’t always a bad thing, but right now we don’t need “Dick Cheney in 3 inch heels” running the country. Some are talking today about her being VP for Trump, but I feel like Roger Stone correctly called that out by saying that, “If Trump took Nikki Haley for vice president, he would need a food taster”.

5 – Ryan Binkly (Republican)

I’ll admit, I’ve never heard of this guy. I had no idea who he was and didn’t know that he was running for President. He’s never been a part of any of the Republican primary debates and has been existing outside the spotlight through this whole process. He’s not polling any numbers at all, but he’s still running like it doesn’t even matter. Make no mistake, this guy will not be the next President. He’s a preacher who reminds me a bit of a fusion between Tim Scott and Mitt Romney. Maybe that’s an entirely wrong comparison, but I don’t know enough here to say. I did watch a video of him speaking at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition back in September, where he spoke about the threats of communism and marxism, the meaning of freedom of faith and even shared the idea that he wants everyone on all sides to respect each other in America. Everything he says sounds good to me, but maybe he would do better by remaining a Christian leader than trying to run the country as the American leader.

4 – Ron DeSantis (Republican)

The wobble of my support for Ron DeSantis over the years has been interesting to experience. As the Governor of Florida, his policies caused me to move to West Palm Beach for years so I could work in freedom after the covid nonsense wrecked the economy. I thought, and still somewhat think, that Ron DeSantis did a great job and would be a great leader. I remember seeing him at a past Turning Point event in Tampa, where he walked out on stage to the song “The Man Comes Around” by Johnny Cash. I thought it was actually cool, especially for a politician. I was happily working in Florida when he announced he was going to be running for President against Donald Trump, which I didn’t like. It felt like the entire RNC should have been on board with DeSantis running in 2028, after Trump. Trump helped DeSantis become the Governor of Florida by sharing MAGA support with his campaign, but when the time came DeSantis showed the world that he was capable of breaking that connection down as if it were meaningless. Disloyalty is never a good look, for anybody. In politics, it can damn near be a death sentence. Still though, establishment forces against Trump shifted their support to DeSantis and managed to keep his campaign alive and well enough to run forward with his decision. The debates came, Trump didn’t show up and everyone else got their chance to shine. In this, Ron DeSantis failed for the first three Republican debates. Between the silly “bootgate” nonsense on social media and the meme campaign against him, Republican support for Ron DeSantis, as well as my own support, dwindled down to bare bones numbers while Trump continued to skyrocket. If he had just waited, Ron DeSantis would have probably been President in 2028, in my personal opinion. The fact that he may now never be President is entirely his fault. I still like the guy and hope he finds himself a good future to live with his family, but looking at what has happened I’m not so sure that even Trump should give him a job in the next administration. Honestly, thinking about it now, I’m not sure what direction Ron will go next if his campaign fails here. Regardless, there’s a lot that can happen between now and the election so who knows how everything will ultimately go. If you ask me though, I’d have to say that the one thing that Gavin Newsom was actually honest about at their random Fox debate between the two of them was the idea that neither one of them would be the 2024 candidate. The day after the 4th debate finished, I saw a screenshot from a livestream event in Iowa that Ron DeSantis was hosting that showed a crowd of 20 or so people attending the event in person and only 13 people watching the live stream at the time. That’s an epic failure. Regardless of the damage the man has done to himself, I still believe Ron DeSantis is a good American and I hope the best for him in whatever future endeavors he decides to go after. Maybe Trump could give him a job. There was even a time that I thought he could be the VP, and maybe he could if they patched up their relationship, but even then I think the next step from that would be needing to have a food taster too. 

3 – RFK (Independent)

RFK is a great human and has the potential to be a great leader. When it comes to taking down the corporate giants of big pharma or big farming, he’s the guy. From his legal cases against the likes of corporations from Monsanto to Google, back to the understanding brought to him by the personal family connection to two American leaders who were suspiciously assassinated, and looking to his fight against the nightmare that was covid and the government and social response, RFK has the intelligence and will to do, and already has done, great things for this country, no matter what happens with the 2024 election. I recently saw Patrick Bet David host a town hall event for RFK and, like many of his appearances when he is given a space to speak freely, he did a great job and is certainly an interesting character. I almost wish he had just continued to run as a Democrat, with my hope being that he would somehow restore some common sense to the party. I would love to see the Democratic party return to something that could be considered to be a functioning entity within American society. Today, I almost feel as if the party itself is a front for globalism, allowing communism with America last policies and social deconstruction as its only mandate. I believe RFK could have helped to turn that around, but he didn’t have the balls to stick with the fight within the Democrat party. Maybe he just knew that it was a fight he couldn’t win, but that seems weak to me and seeing him take that path made me support him less as a candidate. His town hall was good though and I appreciate his campaign’s central focus being that only 18% of people are proud to be American as a problem. He sounds like Trump and the MAGA movement in many ways, if it weren’t for his past views on gun control and climate change. In some ways, I still believe he would be a great way to unify people if Trump asked him to be his VP. Even that thought would have been better too and would have done more for public unity if RFK were to have just remained a Democrat. Now, running as an independent, he’s taking votes from both Biden and Trump. So goes the election process and it will be interesting to see how everything works from here. I support RFK as a human, but there are still others who I believe would do a better job in the running for President of the United States, regardless of how the tides of time turn for Trump. 

2 – Vivek Ramaswamy (Republican)

The victor of all 4 Republican primary debates, unless you’re the kind of person who thinks being honest and direct is actually being mean and disruptive, Vivek Ramaswamy has clearly conquered all of the other candidates on the debate stage time and time again. His intelligence, wit and will power have propelled him into the spotlight as a true potential presidential candidate. Trump is obviously still in the top spot for me, but if anything happens I would 100% put my vote behind Vivek. It has been absolutely wonderful to witness young man energy step onto the debate stage and go head to head with people with past political experience who have fallen to corruption. Seeing this has been truly inspiring for me, and has broadened the horizons of what is actually possible during a presidential campaign in America, much like Donald Trump did in previous elections. As Trump decided, justifiably, to skip out on all of the debates this season, this gave Vivek the space he needed to grow as an individual candidate. On the debate stage, Vivek went from being the best placeholder to stand in representation of the America First ideal to a titan of truth telling by his own right. It is worth mentioning that, as of now, Vivek will be the only presidential candidate to appear at Charlie Kirk’s America Fest Turning Point event this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump still pops up, but I suppose we will see how the story goes. Regardless, Vivek does a great job and I know that he has a bright future ahead of him. 

1 – Donald Trump (Republican)

Currently leading in all 7 swing states, topping all the polls and breaking streaming records, all while facing 4 indictments under a false President weaponizing the justice department against a political opponent, Donald Trump is the number one candidate in the running for President of the United States, without attending a single primary debate and without a shred of doubt. He’s not a cult leader and he’s not a tyrant, he’s a human who has the balls to speak his mind and still believe in the American dream. For the people and by the people. He didn’t start world war 3 like they said he would. He did leave the office like they said he wouldn’t. He was spied on, lied about and demonized. The impeachments failed. The Russia hoax turned out to be a lie. Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell turned out to be real. January 6th turned out to be some kind of strange semi staged false flag event. Who knows the truth of the 2020 election, in all honesty. Through it all, Trump stood his ground, kept his faith and spoke his mind freely. Most humans on Earth would be crushed by the weight of that fear, doubt and pain, but Donald Trump remained undefeated in spirit. I trust his vision for America First and the MAGA movement and I have a great respect for his resilience. That is why I believe Trump should be the next President of the United States. Trump said it best in his recent Iowa speech, asking the audience “Were you better off 4 years ago or are you better off today?”. That’s the question we should all be asking ourselves seriously. I’m all about moving forward and doing new things and I know the man is not perfect, but honestly, for me, I don’t believe we can move forward in the United States unless we first go back and fix the mistakes of recent history by allowing Trump to actually be President freely for four more years. If we don’t collectively acknowledge the wrongs done to Donald Trump here, I doubt a mass, maybe majority, of society will ever trust American leadership again and that would be a shame, for both sides and for all who still love the United States of America and want to see it become the best that it can be. 

Frankly, I still believe there was something fishy about the 2020 election and still believe there is a great possibility that he actually won back then. There are masses of evidence from many separate states that anyone who has been paying attention the last few years has seen that some would like to pretend doesn’t exist. The most current example is the Rasmussen polling this week that shows voters admitting they committed voter fraud with mail in ballots. Look at these numbers –

21% admit filling out ballots for other people like friends and family

17% admit voting in a state where they did not live

10% admit knowing someone who committed voter fraud

And 8% admit being offered pay for their vote !

What on Earth is this nonsense? It’s important to remember that 43% of votes in the 2020 election are said to have been cast by mail in ballots, the highest number in American history. 

Now look at today. The RNC is done with the debates, leaving ABC and CNN to set up future debates for whatever reason. This came after the 4th debate last week got the lowest viewership of all the debates, with only 4 million people watching, down from 7 million during the third, 9 million during the second and nearly 13 million for the first. So what is happening here? At least with Republican voters, they obviously do not care to see the debates. For some like me who enjoy the political process, of course we watch because debates are fun. For most voters though, I do not think they care about any of this talk on any debate stage or any of this chatter between networks of who is who or what bank is talking to what candidate. For the average Republican voter, they just want Trump back. They don’t think he was some savior. They don’t worship the man. They aren’t the bad guys. They’re just a silent majority of people who are hard working Americans, who love America, who only believe that Donald Trump did a great job and who see what is happening today as corruption and lies. Nothing on television really matters anymore like the modern media would like us to believe. The internet changed everything and, somehow, many still refuse to believe it or even simply see it. 

There are still questions I have about the days ahead. What happens if Biden drops out? What happens if Trump gets convicted? Even worse, what if Trump got assassinated? What about the wild cars out there like Gavin Newsom, Michelle Obama, Cenk or The Rock? Would any of them step up if Biden fell out? All of them aside, would anything change if Trump remains all good, ok and on the ballot? I don’t believe so at all, just take a look at the numbers. 

From Real Clear Politics polling Friday:

Trump V Biden – Trump 52, Biden 48 (Trump +4)

Trump V Biden V Kennedy – Trump 44, Biden 36, Kennedy 20 (Trump +8)

Republicans – Trump 67, DeSantis 11, Haley 10, Ramaswamy 3 (Trump +56)

Democrats – Biden 79, Williamson 9, Philips 5 (Biden +70)

Simply put, Trump is up everywhere. If everything were honest, fair, transparent and true, I believe Trump can, should and will win the 2024 election for President of the United States. Regardless of any opinions, thoughts or beliefs though, I suppose we will all have to just wait and watch the show to see what happens. No one knows what will happen next. 

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