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Artificial Intelligence To Counter Communism & The Case for Effective Acceleration in America

Artificial Intelligence To Counter Communism & The Case for Effective Acceleration in America

Individual liberty by free market capitalism or collective community by authoritarian  communism? America or China? No matter how you feel, the future will be defined by these ideas and these ideas will be defined by the power of their technology. The past century has seen constant conflict between these two ideas, kicking off an ever evolving arms race between nations seeking positions of power and influence as technological capability continues to advance forward.

World War 1 kicked off a race for mechanical weaponry.

World War 2 kicked off a race for nuclear bomb technology.

Thankfully, we’ve made it nearly another century with that technology without self destructing and without kicking off World War 3. I believe we can do the same with artificial intelligence.

Nobody wants war, but nobody needs weakness either.

So the arms race continues on, as it always will, as long as there are nations and individuals capable of standing on their own for their own ideals. May we never see planet communism on Earth, and this is the sacrifice we make for the independence of nations and ideals. To protect this capability we must maintain the technological edge of innovation and consistently win the arms race of modern times – artificial intelligence.

To prepare for the future, first off we need to get rid of allowing communism to thrive within the United States. They gave us Tik Tok to manipulate our youth into hating our own country, each other and themselves. They used cheap labor to consume our jobs and manufacturing. They used money to buy into our land, our business, our schools, our law and our politics.They set up police stations and confucius institutes. They infiltrated Hollywood, big tech, government and military with the woke mind virus of marxist communism. Now what are we going to do about it?

Some have been recently claiming that China is a paper tiger, and that the Yuan will fall to the dollar’s dominance. Just today the Yuan fell to a 16 year low, while the dollar seemingly remains strong on the world stage. Even so, I see both the American and Chinese economies having heavy issues in the coming future. The failures of the United States and the Chinese economies could be a trigger for future conflict. Even if the American economy continues its trajectory of endless growth, the failure of the Chinese economy on its own could result in it resorting to a desperate attack on Taiwan. I could see America doing the same with Russia for the same reasons. We should do our best, as a whole focus, to make sure that none of those scenarios unfold.

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  1. frank stetson

    Well, we have a bio/resume and I take it back: why bother?

    Sorry kid, here’s a buck, buy yourself a clue after you vote for Ramaswampy…….

    • Jacob Machine

      I like Ramaswamy, but I don’t trust him yet. Same for Desantis, I like him but he has let me down on a few key issues. I like Trump still the most, but enjoy what RFK is speaking about as well. I do not know who I am voting for yet and going to watch how the story unfolds until the election. Curious, but who do you see best fit to support?

      Since what you said had nothing to do with the article, I hope you enjoyed that. There’s a much longer version of this article I’ll be reading Monday on my morning show on X if you are interested.

  2. frank stetson

    Good point. Thought the “buy yourself a clue” would tell you I found the story less than adequate. Broad, bold, claims, little support, imaginative conclusions with little support, and lots and a big word salad that Ramaswampy could help you polish to reach his incomprehensible bicycle ride of flowery sound bytes. Sorry kid, come back when you have a resume. Some albums, books, and movies sounds like an internet production from Mom’s basement. Because longer just means a bigger pile of the same old thing I would gather.

    I don’t X, except as sourced by others, since the tower of babel is not a verifiable source and full of disinformation without moderation. Maybe after Mush wins his legal suit against the ADL blaming the Jews for his X-revenue downfall.