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Kamala Harris Poses for Xmas Pic Next To “Biden-Banned” Gas Stove!

Kamala Harris Poses for Xmas Pic Next To “Biden-Banned” Gas Stove!

VP Kamala Harris faced criticism this Christmas week after sharing a picture of her and second gentleman Doug Emhoff posing next to a gas stove despite the Biden administration’s proposal earlier this year to limit the use of the “evil” appliances.

“Merry Christmas to all. May your day be filled with love, family, and good food,” Harris wrote on X, adding: “PS We are making Christmas beef Wellington.”

Conservatives quickly spied what appeared to be a gas range in the casual kitchen picture. 

“Is that another gas stove?” Rep. Mike Collins, R-Ga., responded. 

Other conservatives pointed out that the vice president’s choice to cook beef may be at odds with previous statements she made about reducing red meat consumption.

“I thought we’re supposed to eat less red meat for the climate?” Mary Vought wrote.

Harris received similar criticism after posting a photo on Thanksgiving showing her and Doug’s kitchen.

The Biden administration previously claimed it planned to ban gas stoves after the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s top leader, Richard Trumka Jr., told Bloomberg “a ban on gas stoves is on the table” over health concerns.

“This is a hidden hazard,” Trumka told Bloomberg. “Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.”

Trumka later said it would not apply to existing stoves but only to new products.

That idea was scrapped, but it was followed by a proposed Department of Energy (DOE) regulation that would impose tough new energy efficiency standards for gas stoves.

The House of Representatives approved an amendment in March — with help from several Democrats — that would prevent the DOE from implementing strict new regulations that most gas stoves on the market today would not be able to meet.

The House voted 251 to 181 in favor of the amendment from Rep. Gary Palmer, R-Ala., to a larger energy policy bill, and 29 Democrats voted with the GOP.

About 38% of American households, or roughly 40 million, use natural gas to cook in their homes.

Harris nor her office has offered any kind of statement in response to the heat she has taken for her gas stove.

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  1. Jim wampler

    Stupid bitch


    ” despite the Biden administration’s proposal earlier this year to limit the use of the “evil” appliances.”


    There is, and never was, a proposal. A single commissioner made a comment about everything being on the table. The Chair immediately said no it isn’t. The other three commissioners said little or nothing on the topic.


  3. American

    Rules are for thee, not for me.

  4. AC

    Conservatives, conservatives, conservatives, come on Bill. Don’t you all have more interestingly important items on your agenda. I mean, a gas stove and Beef Wellington, what’s next on your happenings list that the VP, or “the left”, are barred from owning, preparing, or in fact doing?
    Has politics wandered that far afield so that PBP’s erstwhile journalists feel compelled and sufficiently justified commenting about the VP’s private choice in kitchen appliances and culinary preferences? . Surely, politics does not extend its sticky tentacles into our kitchen space and our food choices.
    Bill, you bungled this one on all levels. First, hypocrisy in the act of reporting supposed hypocrisy in others voids whatever points the reporter intended proving.
    Secondly, writing judgements in public commentary requires checking information for factual truth. As, proceeding with assumptions regarding presumptions is poor form. It fails the professional writer’s litmus test every time. But, fortunately for you, PBP’s target audience knows nothing of factual truth. What you post they take as the truth.
    Thirdly, relying on PBP’s historical record as a politically conservative organization publishing commentary from the Republican Party perspective, hence world view, meaning, it ,PBP, regards the Democrat Party as the enemy. The, so called, “the left” are the adversary, against whom they pitch as much of their mortal judgement as their capability allows. Words, words, and more words formed by intent to defame Democrats all.
    Therefore, our current VP becomes fair game and every bit a suspect worthy to be put down. After all, are not elected officers to government station made instant celebrities and public targets for abuse. Warranted and/or not, commentators claim no boundaries. PNP’s staff writers are seen in its posts creating sensational headline titles that scream tabloid quality non-journalism value propaganda.
    Possibly, readers’ values in and comprehension of political commentary runs parallel with their perception of beauty. If beauty is so in the eyes of the beholder, then, why not political commentary be true fact in the readers’ eyes?
    Again, I cite context built from instances in historical record. PBP writers have put their political opinions perspective as the primary objective in every posting. These are their stories and they are sticking to what was told and how they framed it. Their stories’ integrity relative to true facts given in proper true context is unassailable. Per the contention of the authors, all.
    In this current age and generation when truth is questioned, but proof that answers most questions is more readily available. Fact checking as a practice is incumbent on the reader. Otherwise, when facts believed on first reading prove contrary to real truth. Awkward embarrassment often ensues. Question is, who is worthy of one’s faith and trust while we are on our quest searching for truth. Unconditional truth is the only true fact base sought. Where it’s located can take patience, but one searching knows it on sight. Truth stands apart from apparent fiction. Standing in plain sight, not hidden when knowing exactly its characteristics. For, all others can protest that their’s is the best, and yet how can they contest. Truth passes every test, being distinguished by purity as it has neither prejudice’s cloudy and dark hue, nor bias’ vehement unforgiving heart.
    To the right, then to the left, neither occupies every inch of that most coveted real estate address, High Ground.
    The so called, political party unaffiliated center may not claim High Ground either. Truth has no party identity. High Ground is Truth’s permanent home. One on a true quest in search for a truth that High Ground can supply. They need only to apply and visitation may be granted. An application form is necessary as true intent and purpose of applicant is paramount. High Ground is not stupid or naive. Many come knocking. Not but a few are admitted. Those with true proof of true intent and sufficient evidence in facts detailing their true quest’s progress to date. Their journey’s path to High Ground’s door.
    Diluted folks believing personally they identify as a member of a particular political party. Automatically that affiliation provides them with sufficient true facts, never doubting what the party espouses is Truth and their belief is founded on true facts.
    Belief and investing precious faith in an organization of man’s own mind and making is at best flawed and probably not sustainable. Both are agenda laden. Blinded by their own foolishness in the philosophy in constant formation. One way, my way, has not ever worked long term for those controlling the one way. GOVERNMENT and the governed want different things on different agenda timetables. But all want some things in common. Peace, Provide, Social Order, health, and security for the governed.
    Control, Power, Influence, and Wealth are just four from Government’s list. The rest on its wants list it keeps secret, held close under the vest.
    Perfection in the estimation of all concerned has proven to be difficult to impossible throughout human history.
    Democracy engineered centuries before boats discovered the Americas. Then, refined by our Founding Fathers, formalized in documents and signed at the Constitutional Convention, and eventually voted into existence by the states.
    Men came together and with heated debate, often loud emotional tempers flaring arguments, hard compromise, and deep sacrifices they came to an agreement we call the U.S. Constitution. To be sure, several factions found themselves agreeing to the facts of their disagreements and still believed all could live together as one nation, and that peace would be enough.
    Sadly, our nation today lacks the general fortitude required of us all to think, strive, and work for peace in our land. If the founders were of the same mind and strength prevalent in present day 2024. America, the USofA could not have come about. Britain would be our master. North
    America would have several European nations keeping colonies or establishing small states,
    Hearing talk of a second Civil War, whole groups thinking they have in mind a government better than a democracy, commentators complaining of being discriminated against for publishing their opinion.
    What’s wrong and off key with Americans lacking belief in our democratic republic style government? People sacrifice life, family, home, and familiarity of environment and about every security. Then, one day they leave behind who they are and set out for the US, on foot and brief rides. Their trek will be thousand of miles long over unknown geography. Entry will not be certain. Living outside for years waiting is certain.
    The poorest and worse off American citizens are rich by comparison. Jaded souls show appreciation poverty and lament long of not receiving what they believe is their due.
    A large part of this country’s population is living as they are, where they are, and being seen differently because of race, nationality, education, disability, or gender to name a few. This is unjust inequality in practice. America must be better than we are at present. You, me, and our nation are hanging in the balance and found wanting.