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Colony Ridge – Worst Part of the Southern Border Crisis

Colony Ridge – Worst Part of the Southern Border Crisis

Lost kids. Sex trafficking. Drugs. Fentanyl. Forced labor. Job loss. Economic burden. Resource strain. Crowded communities. Homelessness. Crime. A flood of new voters and a collapse of national identity.

These are the effects of open border policies.

Not only in America, but all around the world. Simultaneously.

At the southside of America, a mass migration of illegal aliens has infiltrated the border in a global invasion met by the Biden administration with open arms and welcome signs for the American decline. We have lost all control and few in modern leadership seem to care.

Back in my home state of Texas, where an emergency has been declared, I discovered this week that one of the largest settlements of illegal immigrants is under construction and ever expanding in my own back yard. Just down the road from my hometown, hidden in the woods north of Houston, is a new city being built to house and facilitate immigrants into a controlled community center here in Texas.

Apparently this has been in the works for years. Even as a lifelong resident here living close by, I have never heard of any of this existing before a report came out this week from The Daily Wire about the new infrastructure called Colony Ridge.

Located in Liberty County outside a small town called Plum Grove, Colony Ridge is a community center covering 60 square miles. That’s the size of Washington DC, just popping up out of nowhere and chilling in East Texas without anybody having any idea. It is said to be able to house between 50 and 75,000 people currently, with some reports saying that it could reach upwards of 200,000 people in its full potential. The city has little to no oversight, order or law enforcement and has been consistently plagued with crime and accusations of cartel activity.

The city is being developed by William “Trey” Harris and a company called Terrenos Houston, targeting only Spanish speaking residents through WhatsApp and Instagram online advertising. One translation of an ad reads “Still renting? Own land in the United States”.

So how are illegal immigrants getting land in Texas?

Harris has said himself that he allows home purchasers who don’t have a social security number to get home loans from his business by using individual taxpayer identification numbers on applications. Reports say that a property can be purchased for a few hundred dollars down payment, as long as they build their own house and pay high interest rates.

Todd Bensman from the Center for Immigration Studies says, “With a traditional bank loan you need to be able to show that you have a credit rating and proof of income… The loan is directly from the developer, bypassing traditional mortgages… it’s a great deal for someone with no other option to buy land in the country”.

Illegal immigrants getting easy access to cheap property while American citizens face a housing crisis, a debt crisis, and an inflation crisis. It doesn’t make sense.

How many places like Colony Ridge exist within the United States?

An important side note is that Governor Greg Abbott has received 1.4 million dollars in campaign contributions from William Harris. While Abbott did declare an emergency back in November of 2022 over the border invasion, some of his actions since seem to show either a hesitation or a complete lack of capability to control the situation.

The Biden administration has been actively working to shut any efforts to stop it down and provide protections for those who come in any way possible. In my opinion, these actions continue unchecked because of the increase of cheap labor, the increase of controllable voter blocks, and the decrease of national identity that open borders provide. This is a globalist movement to destroy the independence of nations, especially America.

Just this week, the US Court of Appeals supported the right of Texas to defend its own border along the Rio Grande. The DOJ had previously sued Texas for installing a barrier along the river, but failed in that action. Instead, a video released this week showing a new wave of illegal immigrants arrived at the border, as US officials went down to the border to cut the barb wire and offer the immigrants a rope to help them climb back up out of the river and into the country. Abbott said they were “opening the floodgates” in a post on X.

This happened as thousands of new illegal immigrants arrived at the border by train and crossed through Eagle Pass in Texas. Even the Democratic mayor of the city Rolando Salinas Jr. had to sign an emergency declaration to attempt to stop the crossing and enforce law.

An estimated 9,000 people have been said to cross the border of Texas on Wednesday.

An estimated 2.2 million people crossed the border in 2022 alone.

Now the Biden administration is considering mass work permits, protection and Ice IDs to help manage and account for the increase of new population into the United States.

On Wednesday night, Alejandro Mayorkas made an announcement for the Department of Homeland Security about a new program that will allow 472,000 Venezuelan immigrants to receive work permits and protection from removal.

Mayorkas said the move was to provide “protection from removal when the conditions in their home country prevent their safe return”. A kind intention at first glance, but a move in the direction of normalization of mass immigration with another.

Tom Homan should be given Mayorkas job.

Another plan of the Biden administration, leaked by Fox News this week, is ID cards for illegal immigrants provided by ICE. Illegal immigrants are caught then released back inside the United States and given documents according to their situation. A plan is to have ICE provide identification cards to the immigrants during processing that will show a photograph with a QR code and identifying information.

President of NICE (National Immigration Center for Enforcement) RJ Hauman told Fox, “ICE is a federal law enforcement agency, not the DMV… ICE should be arresting, detaining, and removing those who come here illegally, not doling out social services”.

Stop the wall. Open the border. Flood in the people. Give them work permits, ID’s, property and bills. Then fast track citizenship and the right to vote as needed, protected by Democrats and the funding of money from globalism. Change voting across the country. Control America. Take the West. Run the world.

That’s what it seems like is happening to me.

& I still believe that plan will ultimately fail.

Build the wall. Close the border. Send the people back. Help Americans find jobs, get property and create families. Protect voter integrity. Keep the independence of nations from globalism. Make America great again.

America first is the solution.


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  1. frank stetson

    I think it’s funny to hear a Texan whine about needing Federal help…..for anything.

    But this is Texas, this is Texas law, it’s been going on for over a decade, and so far, is in full compliance with Texas law. Isn’t is Texas state law that attracts this type of behavior by developers? Now you have added really good advertising, I bet sales will rise soon and even other developers will seek it. The cartel party is actually a very scary proposition but easily recognized. It’s the shacks with satellite dishes and blink cameras everywhere :>)

    But NTW, help is on the way in that the speedy Republicans, after just a quick ten years, have a resolution: “**” Mission accomplished.

    Better hurry on that resolution, Eric Adams may be sending NYC immigrants your way to buy their piece of Texas.

    FYI: Texas also has the largest number of solar buildouts scheduled in America and is already the second largest producer of solar kw. Why? Because they believe in climate change? Global warming? Extra sun? NO — it’s because of lax zoning laws and building regulations that makes Texas home to solar and asylum seekers with enough cash to buy a postage stamp plot to put a shack up. Go figure.

    • Jeanne Ballard

      Texans know they can stop this ……What are you waiting for?

  2. Elizabeth Crouse

    We need a leader. This is unreal and we need to know who is coming in and who is going to support or help them. Biden’s numbers are so low, praying we will get a leader for President.

    • Dan tyree

      We have a leader. He’s leading America off a cliff. It’s amazing that some people are supporting the fool

  3. nic bargo


    • Dan tyree

      Yes. I believe that. Jesus is the son of God.

  4. frank stetson

    The border is indeed in crisis, again, and Biden has failed in everything from implementation to messaging. Now that Kamala has fixed the border, he made her gun czar, what can go wrong with that.

    But, back on point, the Colony Ridge issue is a Texas issue of zoning, regulation, and laws that allow this crap to happen. NJ laws for example would never allow such a ghetto to be built. We already have Newark and Camden, we learned. Matter of fact, parts of Newark are getting trendy again. Somehow, Machine Head has made Abbott’s problem into Biden’s. It’s Texas law that allows Colony Ridge to exist, not Federal law. If there weren’t immigrants, I am sure these developers could find other needy, poor, folks, looking to own a home in Texas.

    And the Machine Head has many fabrications, misstatements, and bias built into his story.

    For example, just one: He correctly states: “An estimated 2.2 million people crossed the border in 2022 alone.” Actually, I think the number is 2.76M, probably one of us has an updated number. Either way, a high mark for sure —-actually tops record by 1M – but this is the ones we caught — they crossed and then we processed them. First, due to Trump’s Title 42, people who are turned away just try again; 60% of all crossers are repeats from earlier crossings/deportations. That number is going down. Biden in May added a 5 year jail penalty for return crossers and volumes dropped by 70%. Machine Head forgets Title 42 which means a third of the 2.76M are immediately sent back. This percentage is down under Biden given the changes in T42 have added processing time, by law. About 70% are either adjudicated or released on bail awaiting court. Many asylum seekers come from the Title 8 apprehensions, so out of the 70%, maybe around 20% get asylum (rough FS estimate, hard to find numbers). About 80% of Title 8’s turn up at court; of the 20% — 2/3rds have notification issues, reapply for court and go to court.

    Note that most of these people would walk right through the front door if we could process in a timely fashion.

    So — Machine Head’s numbers are probably a little low, are for apprehensions, and a third are turned away immediately. And now, under Biden, as of May — face 5 years in jail for trying again. Of the other two thirds, a number are sent back or to jail, and the rest file for court or asylum, these are the one’s released on bail. According to law. Most return to court for final adjudication. It’s not good, the system is broken, but it’s not what Machine Head tells you. Not even close. They were apprehended as they crossed, they did not successfully cross.

    What Machine leaves out is the ones not apprehended. According to CBP: “In FY 2019, 150,090 gotaways were recorded along the Southwest border. In FY 2021, this number rose by 159 percent, to 389,155. In FY 2022, CBP recorded more than 600,000 gotaways. In one Southwest border station, 15 percent (24 of 156) of the gotaways in a 5-day period occurred because no agents were available to respond.” IMO, and others, this number could be much higher. We don’t even formally estimate this, politics I guess.

    Bottom line: Machine Head attempts to scare us about all the illegals by showing us how good we are at catching them, processing them, and sending many back IMMEDIATELY with a 5 year jail sentence in the offing if they try again. He misses all the gotaways, even the concept.

    YES — the border is a mess. A wall would not do much about that. Go around, go under, go over, walls have limited success. The problem is complex and will not be fixed, by either party unless both parties pass better immigration laws , better processing facilities so they don’t feel compelled to cross the river, and finally, like drugs, stop the demand to begin with. If we just MANDATED that e-verify be the law of the land, we can stop the hiring of illegals nationally. That would pretty much end it.

    But it seems better than we just scream at each other spinning the facts to meet our agendas. Gone on for decades now. Worse than Antifa damages in Portland what we are allowing on the border. Machine Head could do better in reporting the topic, I just highlighted one example of his spin, one of the few he even bothered reported statistics on. Most was just a rant. There are dozens of spins, misstatements, mischaracterizations, etc. in this story.

    • Jim lucas

      Going around, over or under could be stopped. And I think that you know what I mean. 3006 ammo ain’t that expensive