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20 Days of War : Another Calm Before Another Storm

20 Days of War : Another Calm Before Another Storm

It’s been 20 days since the war between Israel and Palestine began after terror attacks from Hamas destroyed peace in the middle east and ignited division lines around the world. Global tensions have skyrocketed as anger and uncertainty bleed into the hearts of every individual human on Earth. People are picking sides, choosing allies and determining foes in every household and every mind as the reality sets in that peace may just not be possible anymore.

There are many questions running through the world mind at the moment, thinking from different sides and questioning events from their perspective. With so much propaganda in this new information war from both sides, it is almost impossible to see with certain clarity the absolute truths of the matters at hand. 

Was Israel aware that the attack was coming? Did they allow it to happen? Looking at Pearl Harbor and the question if America knew it was coming and allowed that to happen as a pretext for war, does it still matter if they knew? Hamas is built on eliminating Israel and Hamas is the government of Palestine, so should Hamas and Palestine be erased? Is it genocide to eliminate a terrorist organization? Is the US willing to go to war with Iran and the middle east to protect Israel? Is the US ready to go to war with Russia and China too if we choose to go to war with Iran? Is a two state solution for Israel and Palestine possible? Do either of them actually want that? Should the US be involved in any of this at all in the first place, much like the questions between Ukraine and Russia from an American perspective? If we do go to war, can we actually afford it? What happens if there is a major economic problem on the world stage just as all this is beginning? Would economic fallout make world war 3 less or more likely? What happens next if anybody nukes anybody?

These are the questions in my mind, just as I imagine they are the questions in the minds of multitudes of individuals at this very moment. Even today, there is no way to tell exactly what will happen next.

The main focus for the moment is the pause of the ground invasion by Israel into Gaza. While the US wanted this pause to have the time to prepare its own defensive capability in the region, many around the world are calling for an immediate ceasefire. Instead, Israel has held back the ground invasion while instead choosing to obliterate Palestine with a relentless barrage of missile strikes combined with cutting off all access to resources. Those who side with Israel deem this as a necessary response to the actions of Hamas, while those who side with Palestine are calling this a genocide. Regardless of any outside perspective, it looks as if this war is just beginning. 

Rhetoric from Israel has turned from the defense of their own people against terrorism to elevating the scene to something of a new world holy war. When speaking about the coming ground invasion of Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “We are the people of light, they are the people of darkness – and light shall triumph over darkness… our war against Hamas is a test for all of humanity. It is a struggle between the axis of evil of Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas, and the axis of freedom and progress…It is now a time to come together for one purpose – to storm ahead to achieve victory with joint forces and a profound belief in justice, a profound belief in the eternity of the Jewish people. We shall realize the prophecy of Isaiah”.

At the UN this week, nations seemed divided within the assembly on what action should be taken moving forward. Some countries like China and Russia want to see a cease fire, while the US wants a pause to prepare itself. Most countries seemingly just want to be able to at least provide proper humanitarian aid into Palestine and just want the bombings to stop. All resolutions were blocked and nothing has changed. It is my thought to wonder if any voting, legislation or signed pieces of paper from the UN can actually do anything to stop what is happening in the middle east, or if the entirety of the UN has been reduced to only merely being able to talk. 

Even Ben Shapiro, this week, created an entire hour long podcast show simply titled, “F-the UN”. This is a sign for a coming massive potential policy change between the US and the UN. At this point, looking around, it almost seems as if the United States is going to be the only strong ally here in full support of Israel. 

Joe Biden said at a speech this week that, “Israel has the right, and I would add the responsibility, to respond to the slaughter of their people and we will ensure that Israel has what it needs to defend itself against terrorists – that’s a guarantee… There’s no going back to the status quo as it stood on October 6th. When this crisis is over, there has to be a vision of what happens next”.

The vision is that this crisis will never be over, has been happening for thousands of years and that action here now will lead to more war everywhere soon.

Are we ready for that?

Is this necessary? 

So far there are still American hostages taken by Hamas. 24 soldiers have reportedly been hurt. The information was being withheld by the Biden administration, probably so as to not invoke further passions in the moment for the war, after coming from the drone attacks from Yemen, Syria and Iraq. Just this morning too, the United States bombed targets in Syria that were said to be backed by the Iranian revolutionary guard. 

It should also be noted that we had recent conflict in the region there before this war broke out between Israel and Palestine. In March, the US did missile strikes in Syria after an Iran linked attack killed one US contractor and wounded 7 other Americans. 

In the past 10 days, there have been at least 12 separate attacks on US bases and personnel in Iraq alone and another four from Syria. 

This is all happening as masses of weapons and arms from around the world are gathering around the middle east in preparation for the potential of what is to come in the days ahead. As weapons pour into the west bank and China sends 6 warships to the area, the United States is preparing thousands of troops and sending two carrier strike groups along with Patriot and THAAD missile systems. These are advanced military technologies that are only necessary to fight against powers like Iran, Russia or China. Not merely Hamas. Obviously, we are in preparation for a far greater threat. 

All signs are showing that we are headed for engagement in war, the only question now is if there will be a war with direct US involvement, or if it will be another proxy war more like what we have seen in Ukraine and Russia. What will happen if Hezbollah attacks Israel? What will happen if Iran steps into the conflict? What happens if we strike Iran and take out their oil, cutting off China? Does China attack then? Or what about the issue with Taiwan? What if China decides to go to war with Taiwan just as we in the United States get involved helping Israel and Ukraine? Are we truly prepared for all of that? 

Even if we only have the intention of pushing a proxy war to protect our own troops, situations can quickly evolve in war situations such as this, and nations around the world could quickly be pulled into the war. 

The United States and Israel seem to stand together, with the UN being torn apart in the center with Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and all who support them standing in opposition to us. 

The greater problem unfolding now is seeing Palestinian support here in America met with anti American, anti capitalist, and anti semitic support here in the United States. We’ve seen massive pro Palestine protests in the streets and at our schools, with mass messaging continuing further online. I even saw a video recently of children playing a video game called Roblox, where a mass of American youth were marching around a digital city with Palestinian flags. On top of that, we have people in leadership positions here in America like Chief of Staff for the Pentagon Comptroller Yousra Fazili, who studied sharia law in Egypt and has a masters degree in Islamic studies from Harvard. Maybe not the best person to be representing the United States from the Pentagon at this moment, but I don’t know. Somebody make it make sense. Not only that, but on the other side of things you’ve got the next potential democratic president Gavin Newsom running off to China to make new deals with Xi and sell out America while all the rest of this madness is going on at the moment. Again, America, make it make sense. Our internal corruption will be the death of freedom on the world stage if we do not take the action to address that immediately, especially in the face of everything happening right now. I believe there will be a massive break in internal American policy, due to China & Palestine, disrupting globalism and forcing a return to the independence of nations and an increase of calls for America First policies here within the states. I could also see all this division causing a breaking point with the United Nations as well, but that’s all matters for another article at another time.

Israel wants to erase Palestine. Palestine wants to erase Israel. The middle east wants Israel out. The US wants Israel in. Russia and China want a two state solution, like many across the world, but if Israel and Palestine do not want that themselves, then what are the next steps to be logically taken?

So far, actions from all sides have resulted in chaos and death. 1400 Israelis slaughtered in the initial terrorist attack, leading to 20 days of bombings, destroying over 7000 targets in Palestine with 7000 casualties, 2700 of those being children with half of all housing units destroyed. 12 of 35 hospitals in the region cannot function as food supply, water and electricity have been all but cut off. A new report is saying that out of all of this, only 13 members of Hamas have actually been killed. While this is a staggeringly low number, it should also be known that these numbers themselves might also just be propaganda. If true, this brings into question the efficiency of the bombings from Israel, and further brings into question the value of bombing compared to a sole focus on a ground invasion with direct attacks on Hamas. 

Are the actions of Israel justified? I personally think so to some extent, but can also see the arguments from the other side about this being a genocide. This is war though, and no one can seem to come up with a better solution than absolute and immediate cease fire, which also sounds like a pipe dream of peace. I’m not so sure that we could ever stop this from happening, and some kind of trigger event was inevitable. 

Now we at least have a new House speaker here in the United States so we can achieve some level of order here, appointing Republican Mike Johnson to the job. As soon as he stepped in, his first move was to pass a resolution in support of Israel. 

This happens at the same time that Russia pulls out of the testing ban on nukes signed by countries around the world in 1996. With this move, they tested a 3 pronged retaliation attack in the event of a nuclear exchange. Another massive red flag for the future to come. 

We may not fully be at war just yet, but also, with an open border and masses of immigration coming in from around the world here to the United States, the potential for terrorist attacks here have sharply risen. I want to believe in the CIA and FBI, our justice, law and order systems, but looking at how their recent focus has been on American Trump supporters, I cannot help but worry that our intelligence agencies are too distracted with nonsense Trump witch hunts to focus on the most important job they have of protecting American citizens from terrorism here. 

On the subject of Trump, remember that we went from no wars, a good economy and peace in the middle east under the Trump administration to 2 wars, a failed economy and chaos in the middle east under the Biden administration. Simply put, for the love of God, we need Trump back now more than ever. He’s no savior, he’s only human, but he is actually at least a real leader. But that’s just my opinion. 

Tucker Carlson had a recent episode with retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor, where he spoke that if the US intention is to trigger a war with Iran and their allies, then the “chosen destination is indeed armageddon”.

Are we headed towards armageddon? Is this just another war? Can we win this war if war does break out? Is peace even possible? Can anyone afford any of this? Should we be involved in any of this? If so, how much? 

If I was the leader, I’d pull all of our resources and money from around the world and bring them all back home. I’d invest in America first, focus on making us the greatest nation on Earth and work on protecting our people and our borders here at home. I’d stop being the world police and try to simply lead by example on the world stage by having the best economy, the best military, the healthiest people, the strongest border, creating the best art and maintaining the freest minds, in life and online. 

I’m not the leader and am just an American nobody, writing what I see every day from the world around. I do not know what is going to happen next and I am not sure that a single soul on Earth does at all. I personally stand with the American people, the American dream and the American constitution, no matter what, through war and peace, against enemies foreign and domestic. I support Israel and I support the independence of nations. I do not want war, but if war becomes reality we should be ready. 

The people here are up against terrorism, communism and globalism. 

This feels like another calm before another storm, but for the love of the American dream and looking back at history, I believe we can walk through any weather and stand through any storm. 

No matter what. 

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    Hey Biden … We The People want ALL your ILLEGAL ALIENS DEPORTED ! .. You are a F-ing Loser GO TO HELL !

  2. Darren

    There is NO MONEYS to be made during a time of peace. Joe Biden and ALL the STATUS QUOE in washington
    know the real money to be made is only during a TIME OF WAR!
    Trump actually did the job of President, hard for some to see that as they were never whitness to that behavior from
    any president in the past 35 years. A person has to be blind and stupid to agree with any thing the Biden administration has done
    So the question is, do thoughs who back Biden have financial interest in Killing american citizens or if they are killed in war?

  3. JoeyP

    Impeach and CONVICT BIDEN . . . And may ISRAEL level HAMAS and HEZBOLLAH FLAT!

  4. Mike f

    Jacob clearly is not really a student of history or current events. “We went from No wars, a great economy and peace in the Middle East”. Hmm, my recollection is that we were fighting a war in Afghanistan (though his regime did make an I’ll-advised negotiation with the taliban to end that) and the economy was just as it was during the Obama administration-not great, just sputtering along. Yes, there were no active wars in the Middle East-other than periodic attacks by Iran on our navy and Saudi oil fields, but things were not exactly peaceful either. Under Biden the US is not directly involved in any wars-the economy is growing faster than anyone thought possible (Trump would have been deliriously happy if he had a quarter with nearly 5% increase in GDP, instead the best he ever achieved was half that) And yes, the war in the Middle East is certainly worse than it was 4 years ago, but obviously trumps actions did nothing for a lasting peace there. So do we really want to return to a failed President-one who is a crook at that? Common sense would emphatically say no, but everyone knows that common sense left the Republican Party and their minions long ago..

  5. frank stetson

    “Global tensions have skyrocketed as anger and uncertainty bleed into the hearts of every individual human on Earth.” What a picture, every human heart, all that bleeding…. Is this guy Hemingway? Wait, isn’t the human heart a blood pump to begin with?

    “People are picking sides, choosing allies and determining foes in every household and every mind as the reality sets in that peace may just not be possible anymore.” Oh the horror of it all… a dash of alliteration, as most of us stayed glued to the Robert Card story, now a poster on PBP too, as in too soon.

    “Was Israel aware that the attack was coming?” and the rest of this paragraph of questions boding the ultimate query —– why is there air?

    “This is all happening as masses of weapons and arms from around the world are gathering around the middle east in preparation for the potential of what is to come in the days ahead” as visions of sugar plums dance in our heads…..
    Nope, not Hemingway……more like AI-way….

    I just love the comedy sketches….

    • Joe lucas

      It’s a damned shame that Jewish students are being bullied and threatened here in America while the demonazi party doesn’t care. Where’s the outrage over this? It’s all smoke and mirrors and the talk about wokeness and against racism? The commiecrats have lost all credibility and showing their true colors. So don’t bitch about racism and stand by and allow it happen in our country. You lefties stink with hypocrisy

    • Joe lucas

      It’s a damned shame how the Jewish students are treated by leftists assholes on t alludes in America. And not a word about it from president retard. And the cunt squad says everything short of calling for murder. Get this. Israel was attacked. They counterattacked. Hell yes they did the right thing. And Israel is going to win. But where’s the outrage at the bigotry and racism?

      • Joe lucas

        Meant to say campuses. Need to start proofreading

  6. JPop

    Don’t rest Isreal until Hamas is smoldering ashes. Then maybe the Palestinians will know what freedom is, and not being kept around as human sheilds.