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A Thanksgiving Message from Punching Bag Post

A Thanksgiving Message from Punching Bag Post

I hope that you have a special place to be with family and good food with the anticipation of a relaxed, healthy and grateful day.

I, unfortunately, am under a self-imposed quarantine because of the flu and a bad throat, but I will still feel the warmth of my family’s embrace through meaningless and happy phone conversations that serve only to express love and appreciation.

Enjoy this time without reservation, gorge yourself with food and good tidings, watch the parades and football games with relish, and know that you live in the greatest country on Earth.

At about 5 PM this evening, after the post-lunch nap and before the big sitdown with the relatives, spend about 3 minutes contemplating the people who made this country what it is. For example:

 – Our military veterans who risked and gave their lives for America

 – Our Elected Officials who have dedicated their careers to America’s service

 – Our Teachers who are dedicated to our children and our future

 – Our police officers who risk life and limb to keep us safe, day after day

 – Every man and woman who works day after day to put food on the table and build a life in America

America is a nation of individuals, each of us makes a contribution. America is simply the sum of those contributions.

So after those initial 3 minutes, spend another 3 minutes being proud of your own contribution to America, and excited about the contributions you will make as your life plays out!

Then smile, relax and go have fun.



Joe Gilberston, Editor,  Sean Gibbons, Alice Green, Kerry Lear, Larry Horist, Marley and Karen

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