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Cruz Stirs Things Up at CPAC

Cruz Stirs Things Up at CPAC
Ted Cruz offered a rather impassioned speech at CPAC, which is exactly what his followers have come to expect from the young Texan senator. During his speech, he called for a change in DC. He wants to disrupt the political process- to make it more efficient, more accessable, different. He brought up some innovative apps that have changed the way certain business transactions are made. Uber, for example, is a quasi-taxi service, in which people use the app to create the route they want to take and a contractor will pick them up in a personal vehicle and take them there. This system is more efficient and cheaper than a traditional taxi cab service. Cruz compared this to the type of change he wants to see in Washington DC.

He also attacked the less conservative members of his own party. “Talk is cheap,” he said. “When have you been willing to stand against Republicans?” He asked the CPAC crowd, his opponents, and other Republican candidates, “When have you stood and fought?”

Cruz called for Republicans to “reassemble the Reagan coalition” and return to true conservatism. As always, Cruz was blunt when answering questions and unequivocal when stating his opinions. He ended his speech by unabashedly stating, “This country is the greatest country in the history of the world.”

Cruz may well have been setting the tone for a potential presidential run.

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