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Media covers up what Hunter Biden does not

Media covers up what Hunter Biden does not

At a time when we hear a lot about false narratives and bogus conspiracy theories, we seem to be getting a prime example from the media itself.  But before uncovering Hunter Biden, a little perspective is in order.

You will remember that media narrative that the Trump campaign had conspired with Russians in their meddling in the 2016 presidential election.  For four years, there was no objective reporting on left-leaning media.  Every report proclaimed the certainty of the accusation.  It was all prosecutorial.  

Reporters and panelists often referred to Trump as an asset or even an agent of Vladimir Putin.  With fingers crossed, California Congressman Adam Schiff stated that behind closed doors he had seen the hard evidence of Trump’s criminal conspiracy with Putin.  That turned out to be a real nose-grower when Special Counsel Robert Mueller – after a $35 million two-year investigation – declared definitively that the accusations were untrue – that no American had conspired with the Russians.  

That particular conspiracy theory turned out to be a huge whopper that was carried on the platforms of the major news media without proper investigation, foundation or balance.  It should not matter what one thinks of Trump to appreciate that this was a vicious campaign carried out by a corrupted news media.  It was – as Trump would say – fake news.    

We seem to be witnessing yet another grand false narrative.  It is based on the assertion that the riot on Capitol Hill was part of a pre-planned grand conspiracy to overthrow the American election and install Trump as an autocratic leader – and the plot continues to this day at the hands of political cultists, according to the propaganda.  

That bit of disinformation is beginning to come apart at the seams.  Almost no one has been – or are likely to be – indicted for insurrection – any more than those rioters in Portland were charged with insurrection when they attacked government buildings or the occupiers of the commons (including a police headquarters) in Seattle.  A senior New York Times reporter was caught by Project Veritas admitting — no, bragging – that much of what he and the Times reported on the Capital Hill riot was … well …  bull droppings.  As preposterous as the insurrection claims may be, many are choosing to believe them.  Like the Russian conspiracy theory, when debunked there will be no corrections, admissions of error or any apologies from those who, with malice aforethought, spread the lies.

The dust has yet to settle on that one.  So, stay tuned.  But we now have an example of how the media abuses its position as the provider of fair and balanced information to protect its partisan interests.  It is the affairs of Hunter Biden – or the “Case of the Stool Pidgeon Laptop.”  In this case, the story – the facts – were not hyped, they were buried … denied … censored … canceled and otherwise ignored.

Since the information was generally blocked from view at the media level, allow me to put some historic perspective on the issue.

Hunter Biden takes his laptop to a repair shop – and basically forgets about it.  The owner of the shop, in working on the computer, finds a lot of scandalous and very incriminating stuff.  First, Hunter made himself the leading man in a number of porn videos.  He also engages in illegal drug use on camera.  (Yes, I used the salacious image to head the commentary for obvious reasons.  Sex sells.  And after all, we have seen gazillions of photos of Hunter attired.)  Let us now move on from the salacious stuff.

Hunter Biden had a laptop.  The existence of which – and the contents – were first confirmed and reported by the  Their coverage was ignored by most of the major media outlets – justified by a bogus cover story.

Among the things of public interest on Hunter’s laptop were hundreds of communications that essentially exposed what appears to be questionable activities of a financial nature with foreign adversaries – some very politically damaging and some downright criminal.  Some emails referred to the involvement of “the big guy” (Papa Joe Biden) in the distribution of ill-gotten gains – millions of dollars of ill-gotten gains.

That bit of information put the lie to Papa Biden’s repeated claim that he knew nothing about his son’s business affairs.  Actually, the senior Biden was not only aware, but he was also deeply involved in promoting them – and apparently profiting from them.

The disclosures reported by the Daily Mail would have been enough to sink the Biden campaign, so they had to be kept from public exposure.  Rather than putting this story in the headlines or the top of the hour news reports, the major media – conspiring with Democrat leaders – buried the story.  They conspired to create a false story of Russian mischief.

The Bidens and the media alleged that the entire laptop deal was a phony.  Conversely, lack of proof did not prevent the media from carrying the phony Trump Russian conspiracy accusations.  

The media falsely reported that the entire laptop issue was a fake story trumped up by … (you’re not going to believe this one) … the Russians.  In other words, the real laptop with real information was deemed to be the work of Putin.  The phony dossier against Trump was given maximum credibility without a scintilla of evidential support — and knowing it was based on information provided by … (guess) … Russian operatives.  

The effort to bury the laptop was so extreme that it involved even the social media companies.  When the New York Post ran a front-page story on the Hunter laptop, the story was booted off by Facebook as fake news.  Imagine that.  A legitimate story published in a major reputable newspaper that runs contrary to the left-wing narratives is censored … banned … by social media – as were any other references to the story by others.  It was deemed to be a lie – even though the media mavens had every reason to know that it was true.

Weeell … the truth tends to be persistent.  In this case, confirmation of the existence and the legitimacy of the Hunter laptop ironically came from the New York Times – one of the news outlets that originally had buried the story.

When asked about the Times story, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki ducked, dodged and denied in a rather testy manner.  While she was more than happy in the past to call the Hunter laptop story fake news — and a Russian disinformation campaign — she now takes the position that she cannot comment because Hunter is a private citizen.

When the left-wing’s “newspaper of record,” as they call the Times, places its imprimatur on the story, one might expect the rest of the partisan press would jump on it.  But Nooo.  Virtually zero coverage from MSNBC and CNN.  

You can put the Hunter laptop story alongside the surging of migrants at the southern border … the epidemic of crime sweeping America … and the God awful Iranian nuclear deal into which Biden is about to enter … as topics that the left-leaning media will not report to the American public.

We can only look forward to Republican control of Congress – at least the House – to get the kind of honest and complete investigation the laptop needs.  In terms of Hunter Biden, there is a lot more to see – so to speak.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. John Hewett

    The MSM has been leading America around by the nose for the past six years and no one, except for Trump and a handful of conservative voices, have called them on it. Until the masses wake up and demand an impartial news media, it will continue and god help us all then.

    • StealthFighter


  2. Eliot

    And yet the American public still believe what the mainstream media spews !!
    You have to look at who the mainstream media is made up of.
    Answer: “open-minded” STUBBORN LIBERALS who think they know everything when in reality, THEY KNOW NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

  3. frank stetson

    Why did we end up here? And if the tables were reversed, would you think differently?

    In October 2020., three weeks before the election, copies of information allegedly from a laptop computer owned supposedly by Hunter Bidens, strangely turned up at the New York Post. It was offered from part of three computers that were water damaged and left off at a computer repair shop in Delaware. One was destroyed, one was provided a new keyboard and one was damaged enough that the data was recovered but the computer was scrapped. No one ever came back to pick them up. Three laptops stranded, from Hunter Biden, and no one claimed them and the owner, a staunch Trumpist and conspiracy devotee, did not try to return them Supposedly, the computers were dropped off by Hunter, one bore a Beau Biden Foundation sticker, however, the shop owner is legally blind and so all we know is that the person was alleged to have said he was Hunter Biden. Ultimately, somehow, the information ended up in the hands of Rudy Giuliani and then to the New York Post.

    Remember, this was in the midst of the Russians dabbling in our 2016 elections, and the resulting investigations, including Russian hacker spies stealing information and providing said information to the trump organization and to the world illegally. They all used it. So the environment is one of distrust and the media questioning their own actions in the 2016 election to run with the known stolen information. The trump organization questions nothing, but he should have known the possibility existed; you had a blind partisan authenticating the data, a copy – not the original, you had a dishonest broker Giuliani discovering and turning over the data, supposedly untouched, and you had the Russians actively dabbling in our elections mostly with disinformation combined with the trump organization accepting such tactics as legal and fair, even formally asking the Russians to interfere, illegally. I think even the most partisan of us could probably see where people might be a little sensitive to accepting data of this nature at this time, three weeks before the election, how fortuitous, if you catch my meeting, if you get my drift.

    In the month that followed the release of this information, there were at least two sources in Ukraine that were offered purchase of hunter biden’s emails. In other words, this information, or information like it, was floating out there in a number of places or from a single source being offered in a number of places. Further, one of the emails that was discovered supposedly from the suspect PC had a origin date that would have been well after the PC was dropped off at the computer store.

    Shortly thereafter, the FBI did return a copy of the hard drive although no one knows if it was the original or just a copy; Rudy Giuliani pursued his muckraking including meeting with Russian agents in order to secure information on hunter Biden. He may not have known they were Russian agents’ comma but he certainly should have considered that given the information he was asking for aunt that he was in Ukraine at the time. Meanwhile, before the computer was turned over to the New York Post, Steve Bannon said he had it, Rudy said he had it, two sources in Ukraine said they had it, and I think the Chinese billionaire, Guo, said he had it.

    Apparently lots of people had it, apparently lots of people were shopping it around, and apparently most major news organizations were suspect given the sourcing and our current history of disinformation and acceptance of stolen materials, at that time. Apparently, the New York Post did not have those issues. And so the story ran, and so the story was dismissed due to lack of sourcing and the quality of the sources that were providing it. Let’s just say that the evidentiary chain of control wasn’t exactly being dutifully followed.

    The post does not go into detail about its sourcing and the materials themselves and therefore other news outlets were a little leery about just accepting the post as a single source. Additionally, the blind computer store owner, had an interview with all sorts of conflicts as well as adherence to some pretty whack conspiracy theories. A partisan trumpist , he said he feared for his life, the life of his family, and knew that the Clintons had orchestrated a number of murders. He claimed that guliani was his protector in all this, a relationship that’s a little stronger than just a guy handing another guy information. And why Giuliani, why not the authorities? Why not the press?

    So, I think we can see that even the most zealous amongst us might approach this story with some skepticism. Especially three weeks before the election. However, there are many questions also about why the story was not immediately and thoroughly followed up, why the sources were not investigated thoroughly, and most importantly, was any of the information valid, true, and relevant. I will cover some of that in my next tone, IMO, but that’s the crux of the current discoveries; the validity of some of the information. And that’s really the point of the whole thing, while sources are important, the most important thing is to say is the information true, valid, and relevant. Second, to analyze why the process did not discover the truth earlier. This clearly was not done in this case by the New York Post or any of the other news organizations. And don’t just lay this off on the mainstream media, the conservative blogosphere could only bay at the moon, they too did not validate the source, validate the information, and prove that any of it was true, valid, or relevant. There is blame for all. It appears to be a systemic problem as to why the story was dropped instead of totally vetted.

    So that where it was. And that’s why it was. Where are we today? I will cover where I think we are in my next overly wordy submission.

    • larry Horist

      Frank Stetson. You would make a great defense attorney. You have the ability to make a one-sided argument out of interpreted facts, innuendoes and spin. You offer up an interesting narrative that has more holes than swiss cheese. It is an elaborate opinion piece with specious facts. You say, “So, I think we can see that even the most zealous amongst us might approach this story with some skepticism.” Nice try but in my judgment, it would take someone devoid of objectivity to not see that the laptop is real. We already know that the claim that it was a Russian dirty trick was a total lie. No less than the New York Times had confirmed the laptops legitimacy. I cannot wait until the GOP opens up legitimate investigations of Hunter Biden and Papa Biden.

      • Reggie

        He’s as full of shit as most attorneys

      • Frank stetson

        OK, so you are telling me that you would accept as authenticated a laptop where the person authenticating it to the owner, Hunter Biden, or in your case let’s call it Donald J Trump Junior, the person authenticating it is blind and all he says he did was hear the owners voice. There is no signature card. There is no video tape surveillance recording the event. And some time has passed supposedly since the drop off.

        Then you would accept that the evidence trail is clean even though the laptop went from the blind computer shop owner who is a Trumpist conspiracy theory nut, or in your case a follower of AOC and a conspiracy theory nut, to Rudy Giuliani, apparently Steve Bannon had a copy, and perhaps even the Russians have a copy, you have to be determined. In your case, make it Bernie Sanders, Talib, and perhaps even the Canadians have a copy.

        And you would do all this without even thinking twice three weeks before the election.

        I honestly tender doubt that.

        I have no problem faulting the process of the press in due diligence follow up to authenticate or prove it’s a fabrication. They could’ve done better than taking over a year and then hiding the headline way deep in a story about hunters taxes. And again, the fault does not lie only with the New York Times or the MSM; the right wing blogosphere seemed incompetent, incapable and inept to be able to follow up beyond venting spleen as normal . Additionally, when the New York Times story broke, even though it was about Hunter Biden’s taxes, if they couldn’t see the bombshell coming, they are crazy. There is a problem in the processor that they need to correct, the entire industry.

        Now the important part, what exactly did they find. What they found, is that the laptop “appears“ to be Biden‘s. They use the word appears, they have not 100% tracked it back to Hunter Biden. That horse has still not totally left the barn.

        Second, they authenticated certain emails based on secondary sources as in people familiar with them and people familiar with the investigation. They have not authenticated any of the files beyond that, likewise, they have not proved that any of the files were not Hunter Biden‘s. Again, a few emails were authenticated and that is all, this horse two has not left the barn. At least not totally.

        And that’s what we know. So, to leap that everything you’ve ever read has coming from that laptop is still premature at this time. And, of course, Republicans are all too willing to sift through the information found in private emails on a stolen laptop. Because that’s where their integrity and law abiding nature hits the pavement.

        At this point, we might as well now, the horse has left the barn. I just hope that the right wing blogosphere can show some professional ethics and actually authenticate more of the information. Or main stream media. Somebody should do the job right, the job they failed to do right the first time.

        But for you Larry everything you ever thought was wrong about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden must be true has not proven by the authenticated parts of this laptop and your other rocksolid information. That will not change.

        Got to wonder what Joe and Hunter will be talking about over the Easter ham this year. Love to be a fly on that table.