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Lynch: DOJ Not Required to Prosecute Clinton

Lynch: DOJ Not Required to Prosecute Clinton

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has made it clear that the Department of Justice does not have an obligation to prosecute Hillary Clinton even if the FBI does recommend charges be filed.

When asked by Senator John Cornyn whether her agency would be “required” to pursue a criminal case against Clinton, Lynch responded, “It would not be an operation of law, it would be an operation of procedures.”

Clinton is currently under investigation for her use of a private email serverduring her time as Secretary of State. It has been reported that classified government information was exchanged through this private server, making it vulnerable to both foreign and domestic hackers.

Lynch also said that the Department of Justice has not updated the White House with any news about the probe, although it is believed that agents are currently investigating how classified information ended up on Clinton’s private server. 

“It is true that neither I nor anyone in the department has briefed Mr. Earnest or anyone in the White House about this matter,” she said. “I’m simply not aware of the source of his information.

Clinton recently stated at a televised town hall meeting that she is not concerned with the ongoing investigation, saying that she is “100 percent confident” that nothing will come of the probe.

Donald Trump has said during his presidential campaign that he will pursue charges against Clinton if he becomes President.

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