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Media Bias Rampant Against Trump

Media Bias Rampant Against Trump

We have mentioned many times the liberal bias of the media and Clinton’s skill in handling it through her extensive network. Recent turns in the media have scaled this phenomenon to ridiculous proportions. Let’s take a look at the recent media issues, Trump vs. Hillary.

We see the most petty and unimportant issues playing out in the media against Trump. 

1. Donald Trump vs. Miss Universe – This is about a single offhand remark 20 years ago about Miss Universe’s weight. This is the fashion industry, folks, 5 lbs of extra weight can cause you to lose employment (UFC fighters have the same problem…). A video of an interview of them together shows Trump showing full support for Machado and talking about it in a very compassionate and enlightened way.  No story here. Yet with the story that Hillary called her Secret Service protectors “pigs,” nobody seems to care.

2. Donald Trump vs. Tax Returns – The New York Times published a story about his taxes from 1995, and wrote a fairy tale about his taxes for the next 15 years. Besides it being a made up story, it is the goal of EVERY business to pay as few taxes as possible. EVERY BUSINESS DOES THIS from the small to the giant. We hire accountants and specialists to help us with this. Any small company that refuses to do whatever it takes to pay the minimum in tax is foolish and risks their company. Any large company CEO that doesn’t minimize taxes will be (and deserves to be) fired by an outraged Board of Directors which may further fire its entire accounting staff.

The tax laws were designed to encourage certain behaviors and investments. Whether they are good or bad is not a business’s concern, they are meant to be taken advantage of.

On the other hand, Hillary was a Senator for 6 years, if she has a problem with it, WHY DIDN’T HILLARY TRY TO CHANGE THE TAX LAWS?

The moral of this story is if the media doesn’t have the facts, they make them up!

3. Trump Foundation vs. New York – The New York attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, a Democrat who has endorsed Hillary Clinton, has decided the Trump Foundation has not filed the proper paperwork to operate in New York. This has made a big splash in the media.

Really? Is the lack of paperwork suppose to be moral equivalent to the Clinton Foundation corruption?


OK, let’s look at the Hillary Clinton issues that the media seems to have forgotten.

1. Hillary’s Unsecure Email Server –  I’m a former intelligence officer, I knew and worked with the notorious spy Aldrich Ames (didn’t know it until he was arrested). His actions were a staggering betrayal, compromising (i.e. causing the death of) at least 10 highly placed agents and devastating intelligence operations in the Soviet, East European sphere.

Hillary Clinton’s actions caused even worse damage. Her actions compromised the Office of the Secretary of State for her entire four years in office. Pretty much every competent intelligence agency was reading her emails, probably in real time.

Never mind the Russians, of course they were there. How about the Chinese, the Iranians, ISIS? How about any of hundreds of indepence hackers could sell access to the highest bidder. Any confidential positions she held were compromised. And it certainly shows in the agreements she made on behalf of America, some of the worst in history. Plus her idiocy, probably cost the lives of four Americans in Libya and a high level agent in Iran.

2. The Clinton Foundation – This foundation has received millions of dollars from the most unsavory of sources, including tens of millions from the Saudis and a commitment of a billion dollars from a corrupt Nigerian official (who wangled hundreds of millions in U.S. foreign aid from the Clinton State Department).  164 appointments to State Department positions were Clinton Foundation donors.

3. Hillary the Doormat – Bill Clinton’s philandering is legendary, Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Dolly Kyle, Eileen Wellstone, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Connie Hamzy, Lencola Sullivan. And how many more since, he has left the Presidency and has been out of the media spotlight? 

From affairs to accusation of rape, Bill Clinton’s disrespect for Hillary and their marriage vows, to Hillary’s alleged mistreatment of his accusers, this topic is surprisingly absent from the election patter.

Hillary actually scrubbed the phrase “All rape victims deserve to be believed” from her website. How can she be considered a role model and supporter of women when she has such a flawed outlook?

4. Benghazi – Have we forgotten that Hillary lied about why Benghazi happened to the American people and to the parents of the heroes who died? She claimed it was a protest because of some video that was made. Her emails showed that she certainly knew the truth.

What no on seems to remember is that this all happened during an election season and was designed to protect Obama’s assertion that terrorism was on the down turn. Why did the media not label this the massive coverup that is was? This issue may have won the election for Obama in 2012.

5. DNC Bias – Have we forgotten already that the Democratic National Committee expressly supported Hillary Clinton at the expense of Bernie Sanders? This is blantant discrimination within the DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz resigned. This should have been a massive scandal, why wasn’t Hillary held to account?

6. The Clinton White House – In case you don’t remember that far back, the Clinton White House was CONTINUALLY under investigation during Bill’s Presidency for corruption of various kinds, be it Whitewater, fundraising from the White House, sketchy campaign donations, and (for Gosh Sakes!!) Bill was impeached for lying to Congress.

7. Lies and Corruption – The records are full of lies, Hillary’s denials of the her email security debacle were destroyed by FBI Director Comey’s statements. She lied about a disabled girl during the DNC convention.

She said she was “dead broke” after leaving the White House, never true. How about the “sniper fire” incident in Bosnia, where video of the event showed smiles and a sunny day while she disembarked her airplane.  Polifact has a whole list of the standard campaign lies, minor but telling. 

In this journalist’s view, Clinton’s baggage is two orders of magnitude heavier than Trump’s. Yet the media focus is on tearing down Trump with irrelevant or made up issues. This is a major factor in the election. Could this be why we keep getting the same kind of politicians. Will a capable outsider like Trump ever win an election?

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    Rampant Media Bias against President Trump is only a Problem when the Uneducated person is involved but most of the uneducated are on the Democrat side. But I can tell you that all of the Conservative Republicans do understand what the Media is doing and can see right through the Anti-Trump Bias and lies. We are not stupid.