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MSNBC's Biggest Lies from the Last Week

MSNBC's Biggest Lies from the Last Week

We all know MSNBC isn’t the most reliable news network around. But just how often do they lie? We at Punching Bag Post did some research to fact check a few things we heard on-air that sounded…questionable to us. The big fat lies are as follows: 

1. “The president and the vice president can’t be from the same state.” 

Yes they can. It might require a little more work slogging through the bureaucracy, but it’s completely allowed. 
2. “The State Department asked all Secretaries of State to send their emails over. Hillary’s the only one who’s done it.” 
Do we really even need to explain everything that’s wrong with this statement? 
3. “There have even been Republican congressmen who have said, ‘If you give us more money, we don’t know where we would even put additional Border Patrol Agents.'” 
No. Rep. John Yarmuth, a Kentucky Democrat, said that. When asked for clarification, he attributed the statement to two Republicans, Reps. Carter and Johnson. Neither of them agreed that they made that statement, and there is no record of either of them making it. 
4. “[Florida Governor] Rick Scott vetoed funding for 30 Florida rape crisis centers. Scott said the centers weren’t needed.”
There are some very important details left out here. This is what we call a (giant) lie of (multiple serious) omission(s). This statement makes it seem like Scott forced these rape crisis centers to shut down entirely by defunding them, single-handedly. What he actually did was veto a bill that would give the centers $1.5 million more in funding than they’d been successfully operating on since they were established. He also made this decision three years ago when like most states, Florida was struggling to balance its budget. 
Scott also never said that the centers weren’t needed. He only said that if the centers were working effectively on their current budget, there was no reason to spend more money the state couldn’t afford on them. The next fiscal year, when his state was in a better financial position, he recommended an increase in funding to the centers. The reason for his recommendation was not because the centers were flailing and unable to function: it was because Scott had some wiggle room in the budget and saw an opportunity to not only cut the wait lists for rape victims needing services, but to create more jobs for Floridians by allowing the rape crisis centers to hire more staff members. 
To be continued

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