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Getting it straight on Trump – Part One

Getting it straight on Trump – Part One

At this moment, we can concede that former President Trump is cast as the political black hole that influences the entire political galaxy.  He is elevated to that status by three forces of political nature – that portion of the political universe that supports him to some degree … those on the left who have a visceral and obsessive hatred for Trump … and finally Trump himself.  I will address each of these forces in a three-part series that hopefully will put Trump and his influence in a more realistic perspective than what we get from the national news media.  Part one deals with the Trump supporters.

Trump voters – from the loyalists to the pragmatists

The first force that props up Trump is obvious.  It is composed of the 74 million folks who cast their ballots for Trump in 2020 – and others who might have if they had voted.  They are not a monolithic group.  And they are not the two-dimensional monolithic cultists that the left portrays. 

A small minority of them represent a solid base for Trump.  They love the guy and will support him at every turn.  They even love his personality.  Mystifies me.  

However, that subgroup is not nearly as large as the left contends.  I put them at less than 15 percent of the Republican voters.  I am talking about those who will not vote if Trump is not on the ballot.  But there is a much larger group devoted to Republican and conservative principles.  Republican’s turnout will be massive in 2022 because most Republican voters are … REPUBLICAN voters.  They are not Trump-only voters. 

Many independents and even some Democrats will vote Republican for a lot of offices even if they are not fond of Trump.  Even if they hate Trump.  When he is not on the ballot, he is not on the ballot for most voters – no matter how hard Democrats try to make every election about Trump.  We saw how well that worked in Virginia – and to some extent in New Jersey.

The cadre of Trump super-loyalists looms larger than life because they are the most vocal and active – and that they are given unwarranted publicity because the left-leaning media wants the American public to see all Republicans in that light.  But, we also have conservatives (like me) who will support Trump when the binary option is between a Republican in the White House – mostly pursuing conservative policies – and the radical policies that the Democratic Party has come to represent.  

Millions of conservatives, like me, voted for Trump in the 2016 presidential election because that was the binary choice – Trump leading a more conservative administration or the disaster of Democrat governance – as we saw it.  Not only were those voters vindicated in the choice, but most of us made the same binary choice in 2020 – albeit with less favorable results.

Trump was not my pick on the GOP primaries.  In fact, I have often said that of the 16 Republican primary candidates, he was my 17th choice.  I never liked his pugnacious personality, and while I was happy to see many of his appointments and the administration policies, his personality was always a problem – a huge problem.

In the 2016, 2020 and 2021 elections, there was more support of Republicans and conservative policies than there was for Trump.  That is why it is likely that the Republican PARTY will do quite well no matter what Trump does or does not do – says of does not say.  His electoral fate is his own.  When voters go to the polls, they do not see Trump in every office on the ballot.  That is what happened in Virginia, New Jersey and across the nation in 2021.  That is what happened to all those down-ballot Republican candidates who did so well in 2020.

Republican voters – despite all the reservations about Trump – will not join the political lynch mob.  Some of that is the result of the dishonesty and viciousness of the Trump haters — and because the left has spread their Trump hatred across the GOP brand.  Consequently, many Republicans feel that THEY are being personally attacked in the daily newscasts.  Because they personally see and feel the dishonest of the assaults on them – as Trump voters – they are more likely to defend Trump from the assaults directed at him.

Republican voters will be supporting Republican candidates across the nation in November despite Trump – not because of him.  But they will keep Trump in the center of the political galaxy as a push back against the mendacious assaults they feel from the left.  Republican voters are not the demonized caricature that they left alleges in their constant propaganda narratives.  They are not the gullible cultists that the left wishes them to be.  They are good people trying to do good things for America. In many ways, they are the mainstream of America’s center-right nation.

In Part Two, we will deal with the second major force that keeps Trump in the political limelight – the Trump haters.

So, there ‘tis.

About The Author

Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Ben

    Y’all picked a grifter and con man for your nominee.

    Honestly, if he weren’t so incompetent his Auto Coup would have been successful.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Biden has a decent grifter resume, starting with plagiarism in college and most recently being bought off by the Chinese through his son.

      And you really should stop writing as if the rest of us are familiar with your imaginary world.

      • frank stetson

        Oh give the partisan hack jobs a rest. He admitted the plagiarism, he forgot a citation for pages copied, the professor exonerated him, he was allowed to repeat the course, so just let it go and move on.

        You can’t prove the China thing as even touching Joe, and besides —– I thought the kids were off limits? Can we put Barron on the spit now?

        Trump versus Biden on the grifting scale —- not even close.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          He admitted to the plagiarism. Yes, that makes it better. Oh yes and he lied about his standing in college, he was actually near the bottom of his class. I’m sure somebody has a list of these somewhere.

          Should I show you the proof on China, or will you ignore it again.

          Let’s see, the full mueller investigation as well as numerous other, two attempts to impeach him and somehow nothing illegal has been found. Hmmmm….

          • frank stetson

            Yes he admitted it, he had to take the class over, did you look at what the “crime” was? It was leaving off a citation… why if PBP writers faced the same criticism….(your idea, not mine…:>)

            Yes, show all of us proof of Joe Biden being bought off by the Chinese. Follow the money….And yes, if you pretend to show us the data, I will call you a liar. And remember, Hunter getting rich off the Chinese does not count unless we can play that same game with the Trump family….

            And yes, we are still waiting for your evidence on the 2020 election fraud and whatever that other, so far it’s a like thing I mentioned. Think that’s two I have politely asked for evidence, most often you just say “find it here, in this rabbit hole of lies from The Epoch Times where they don’t mention any facts about 2020 fraud that I could find, nor would you provide” or you tell me you have already done it.

            But I have not ignored it our you: I have called you a liar for saying those things, not backing them up, and continuing to say “but it’s true.”

            The Mueller Investigation did not find indictable evidence of Russian collusion. But, on a common sense level just as an ordinary citizen, how do you explain hundreds of Team Trump meeting with the Russians before the election? How can that ever smell right you you. Just because they didn’t have sex does not mean that much groping wasn’t going on. And somehow the Russians were well armed to come at our elections, might it be all that info Team Trump turned over that Mueller found? Oh well, not enough to indict but sure stinks to high heaven. Maybe use your Hunter Biden microscope and tell us what you see.

            Second, obstruction is noted throughout the document and no amount of Barr’s whitewashing can remove that station. It’s in there, plain as the nose on your face. Why no pursuit by the DOJ is bothersome since it gets more and more political in nature in 2022.

            But most readings by legal experts conclude: Russian collusion: smelly but not indictable. Obstruction: yeah, sure, plenty.

            And yes, he will be under the gun this year, it is not over. But again, who cares? Except for putting up barriers to preclude this happening again, Trump is yesterday and yesterday’s news.

            I just don’t know why you keep bringing him up :>)
            Just kidding.

        • John

          The fact is that people like you want the Biden crowd to get away with shit.

          • frank stetson

            “people like you” is always just a thought provoker….. breaking the ice is not your forte, breaking windows maybe…

            I, for one, don’t want anyone to get away with anything. Throw the book at Biden for plagiarism if you can prove it. Oh wait, that already happened, he was chastised, punished, and had to take the course over. He also apologized, on the record, for these actions which amounted to dropping a citation while keeping the cite. Oh, the horror of it all….

            I don’t know how many times I can repeat it, but I am all for law and order, for any politician.

            Now, how about you reveling in over 30,000 lies told, with party impunity, by your orange-haired God. When’s he gonna face justice, apologize, walk back, or do anything but lie some more. Remember, he is owner of The Big LIe and has yet to conceded the 2020 election which, at this point, fair or unfair, I am pretty sure he lost, is a loser, and will never be President in 2021 – 2024.

            What do you say about The Biggest Liar out there, John……

      • Ben

        Biden’s son hasn’t been forced to shut down his “ charitable foundation” nor is under criminal investigation.

        Besides, I’m not a huge fan of Biden. You attacking his son makes no difference to me. However, by any standard, Biden is a seasoned statesman. A dedicated and loyal family man that has dedicated his life to serving our Country.

        Larry hates whataboutisms. The article was focused on trump, my comment was focused on trump and his cult, and you chime in with “ what about Hunter?”

        Y’all got scammed and the entire world paid the price.

        Grifters gunna grift.

    • Ac

      Ben, true comment , but it’s off topic and a tangent. Still, Joe took the bait and got hooked, reeled in, netted. and boated.
      No catch and release this time, not a keeper size is this one but a species targeted by DNR as environmentally detrimental.
      The scales tip in the wrong direction with respect to holding off global warming.

  2. larry Horist

    Ben … work on your reading comprehension. I did not pick Trump … however you wish to describe him … as my nominee. Did you skip over the repeated times in the past that I mentioned that I did not vote for him in the primaries? Maybe you are confusing me with the Larry Horist of your mental invention. You know … the one that is old, stupid, evil, etc. I think you need a political exorcism. I have been willing to accept that you are using the hyperbole of insurrections and coups as a political gambit, but I am starting to worry that you might actually believe it. And I would not go too far into the weeds before you read Part Two and Part Three. You are critique the play in the first act.

    • Theodore Sueck

      You are correct Larry, Ben and the as of yet not heard from Frank, both live in their own strange little universes, both looking out at the world through the warped lenses of leftist group think. If they would visit the real world from time to time, they may actually learn how things really are, not their warped version of it.

      • frank stetson

        2,000 dead a day now Teddy, most unvaccinated, most Trumpers, I think we know what’s real.

        Facts are your friends, try some.

        You speak in generalities of stereotypes. Feed free to try actual facts, supported by sources, on anything you like.

        But stupidity like “strange little universes, warped lenses, leftist group think….” that is not discussion, that’s accusation of the allegedly kind without a scintilla of factual evidence provided.

        It’s easy for me to say you’re just another right-wingnut radical ready to storm the Capitol whenever Don’s conspiracy-laden tropes call upon you to further his aims to create a modern American autocratic state of White rule. Proving it is much harder, if not impossible. I suggest we all refrain from this bullshit and get down to real discussions of facts and figures trying to move the discussion forward.

        • larry Horist

          Frank … you constantly talk about allegiance tot he fact and then say stuff that is not factual. You say the 2000 dead are mostly trump folks. You do not know that. If you look at the demographics … among the highest unvaccinated are minorities and younger folks. That would SUGGEST that there are a lot of anti-Trump folks dying — especially when you consider that minorities are dying at a higher rate. I have not seen any specific study that ties deaths to voting records, but I do think you are only assuming … and not stating a fact. You will recall how in the past folks pointed to Mississippi’s low vaccination rate and attributed it to Trumpers because it is a red state — only to discover that it was the large black population that were driving that rate down. You pay lip service to facts and figures but mostly offer opinions and strawman arguments.

          • frank stetson

            That’s surprising given how often I have posted it here. I do agree, too many people of all walks of life, in all areas of the country, are dying needlessly at this point. And if I said something not factual, I will apologize. I trust you will do the same as you accuse without as much as a goggle search and have made some pretty good accusations, without facts of course, that I am pretty sure I can refute, factually below. I apologize for now including sources and links before, but, like I said, not my first rodeo with this information here.

            Well, here you go — “A partisan gap in COVID-19 deaths is widening, with just 40 percent of people in counties that had voted for Trump vaccinated compared to 53 percent of people in counties that had voted for Biden.”

            OK, before the vaccine, no difference. After the vaccine, big difference. And the difference is widening, not in a good way for the unvaccinated, mostly Trumpers. If you haven’t seen the voting/death tabulations, there are everywhere. I admit, we really don’t know what happens next — an anecdote is my relative lives in Trumpland and the vaccination levels are third world. They got hit with delta and it lasted months at the highest levels they ever saw. It never went down but merged into Omicron surge. My county is also Trumpland and we did not suffer Delta much, we got hit, hit hard, but it subsided within a month. We are ever-better vaccinated every day and are not at third-world levels, we are above. We are currently three times the case load of my relative’s county which is now the safest county in that state. Go figure except to say they must have burned out the high risk people on delta….. So, one never knows but the expectation is we are heading to hell as this thing washes across the unvacinated in Trumpland west of the Mississippi.

            death rates:

            vaccination rates:

            Now, most of this data came from a NYT study, validated by others, but I know, I know, so try the WSJ which has a comprehensive look at the whole thing, from many economic and political vantage points:

            The WSJ summary show how’s the death risk has other unintended economic consequences too. “Democratic-leaning states have gone further with social distancing, school closures, mask mandates and vaccinations than Republican-leaning states. As a result, the former had generally lower rates of infection and death than the latter—and paid for it with much weaker job growth. If the Omicron variant unleashes a new wave of the pandemic, those partisan gaps could be perpetuated.”

            Larry, anyone who is unvaccinated is at higher risk; I have no doubt that poorer folks have higher risks than richer folks. Unfortunately, while blacks have a higher percentage of that demographic in poverty than whites, there are more whites and more whites in poverty…. Race alone is a factor too with most being able to understand why black did not jump to test a new vaccine for whites…. :>( However, much progress has been made, the South where more of this exists than the North has been very aggressive:

            So, I think I have shown you mine, gave you a head start on yours, but to quote you: “You pay lip service to facts and figures but mostly offer opinions and strawman arguments” so anytime you want to match my sources with yours, have at it. We are waiting on bated breadth.

            Hope that clarifies. Bear in mind, I don’t like any of this and only post it hoping more folks will do the right thing for family, neighbors, and others who like having them around. While vaccinations may take a bit, and might be a bit late —- still worth the try. And if needing a booster, run, run like hell and get it. The good news is the booster effect happens in days, not weeks, so run, run……

        • Theodore Sueck

          You are right on one thing. You are always ready to spew BS and left-wing talking points instead of facts. Let me know if someday you learn the difference and actually talk facts. In the mean time, talk down to yourself and leave me out of it.

          • frank stetson

            Thanks for that illuminating response Teddy. We know so much less after reading your drivel. All I can add is: “Let me know if someday you learn the difference and actually talk facts. In the mean time, talk down to yourself and leave me out of it.”

  3. frank stetson

    I agree there are factions of Trump supporters just as Democrats have factions as well. However, IMO, the Republican party is the party of Trump. And the ‘hold thy noses” crowd has been shouted down by the zealots. It’s like how there were no bad Germans after WWII, hardly a Nazi to be found. But only weeks earlier, the entire population was saluting with the rest of them as they continued to enslave and murder the entire German Jewish population.

    Sorry to use a brownshirt metaphor, but that’s what I see. Even folks like Larry who say: “Trump was not my pick on the GOP primaries. In fact, I have often said that of the 16 Republican primary candidates, he was my 17th choice. I never liked his pugnacious personality, and while I was happy to see many of his appointments and the administration policies, his personality was always a problem – a huge problem.” is a feckless description of what I see as abject surrender to so many things that are just totally wrong, evil, and harmful to many Americans.

    How else can one explain the horrors of 1/6 as described by Republican leaders who, within days in some cases, retracted all and basically, like Joe, changed their minds to 1/6 never happened and the President is not responsible. How can one explain no pushback to Trump’s decision not to concede he lost the election; is that Larry’s new model of integrity? No, there’s just too much Trumpism to conclude anything but it’s the Republican party of Trump and all Republicans will follow Trump in whatever he says and does, almost without exception.

    And Larry, if you push back on Trump, it only proves your reach is shallow. Otherwise you would be talking about death threats and the like.

    In for a peck, in for a pound at this point, Larry. “Republican voters – despite all the reservations about Trump – will not join the political lynch mob.” That’s the problem, you have joined the political lynch mob through allowing Trump and Trumpism to continue to flourish in your party. Hell, if pushed I bet you would conclude, at least in secret, that Trump is not even a real Republican in thoughts and actions.

    I am abridging the next quote for focus on my next point: “In the ……2021 elections, there was more support of Republicans and conservative policies than there was for Trump……… When voters go to the polls, they do not see Trump in every office on the ballot. That is what happened in Virginia, New Jersey and across the nation in 2021.” I agree they did not see Trump. But, at least in NJ, Republicans imagined, like Larry, they saw Republican and conservative policies. But Democrats saw Trumpism. Not Trump, but worse, Trumpism. And that’s why the guy who should of won in NJ, lost. He did not evoke Trump, he spewed Trumpism. And it is spew.

    Lastly, at this point I am ready to move on. Trump is over. Sure, his legal battles will go on. He will continue to fleece the flock for fame and fortune over failed elections, people he hates, whatever he can use to grift donations from the faithful. “Good” Republicans like Joe will continue to fan the fires saying the election was rigged and he has the proof. It takes time to vanquish a forest fire especially if people like Joe continue to add fuel.

    But Trumpism is here, it was always here, but now it is more cogent, more organized, and ever better weaponized. Rigged elections, fauci’s fault, msm propaganda, medical propaganda, scientific propaganda, voting integrity aka restrictions, succession, illegal aliens stealing our jobs, all words of the day in Trumpism. Many a misleading misinformation conspiracy ruling thoughts and actions. That’s the issue I would love to discuss Larry because I agree with you —– Trump is in the past, the chance of him throwing his hat in the ring is low; the chance of winning even lower. One fact about that is IF he attempts to run, and he loses —— man, I am not sure he’s built to live with that type of defeat: two time impeached, one term President who lost twice…… that’s a tough one for most people.

    So, this one is a bore imo. I will read the next for humor, but look forward to see how Larry thinks Trumpism in the Republican party will move forward. I mean Trumpism, not Trump, is pushing Oregonians to succession. Trumpism is driving insane laws like TX bounties, 6-week limit on abortions, no water handouts in GA voting lines, permit-less open and concealed carry, two dozen laws restricting transgenders, half a dozen new anti-protesting restrictions, four states banning CRT which probably wasn’t even being taught, bans on masking, and more. I just can’t say these have been Republican issues in the past, not sure they are Republican issues now, but they are Trumpism, they are now here to stay, they are law. Personally, Trump is a bore, the issues, this is the stuff I would love to discuss with Larry and other sane Republicans, if there are any left out there…..

    • frank stetson

      ooops, larry, I forgot to add this Frum piece, albeit liberal opinion, and not exactly aligned with my definition of Trumpism as noted by the “trumpisms” I mentioned, but a good example of what I mean by Trumpism, in this case Frum focuses on 1/6 and Trump’s style of power which is much too Trump focused versus Trumpism. Like you, I say the Republican party, and within that, Trumpers are fractionalized and there are a number of planks in the Trumpism platform. At this point, I think it is fair to say that Trump does not even own the Trumpism platform, the platform owns him, and the rest of the Republican party. I also think there is a power void just waiting for the next molder of the Republican party to take the reigns; I hope it’s one of Larry’s Real Republicans and not Joe-the-Trumpism cheerleader’s pick.

      I can disagree with each plank but I can’t disagree that many Americans believe one or more planks wholeheartedly. One difference though is the violence has increased, the violent rhetoric has increased, and how often do we hear that before it’s all done, we will be picking up arms? I mean vaccines are now political, a badge of defense of our freedoms and our liberties. Used to be just life-saving medicine. That’s deep when you are willing to add risk of death to further your political aims. Democrats need to realize this shit has been there forever; it is now front and center, and it will take much more than just winning an election to change the course we seem increasingly to be set on. Could every Trump rally become a 1/6 tourist-like event?

      Real Republicans need to decide what is the Republican party for right now, it is not theirs and what do they want the party to be when it grows up this time? Reagan’s or Trump’s? Lincoln’s or Trump’s? Their platforms and planks are currently muted except when they fit Trumpism, a fluid target in itself. If they want a Real Republican party, they will have to fight for it. They will have to throw most of Trumpism out, return some integrity for it is lacking with thousands of printed lies, build some trust because erratic behaviors do not cut it, and put values back in the party of values, you used to own this. Only in these ways can Republicans do what they really need to focus on: increased inclusion to expand the ever-shrinking party and to help bring forth centrist candidates that can win.

      I am actually pulling for the party on this one. Not sure the Whitman’s, Romney’s, Cheney’s, and the rest can pull it off except as supporters. You need a new front-man.

      Here’s the story:

      • Morgan reed

        Cry all you want about trumpism but his policies were great for America. I’m just beyond happy that Hillary didn’t win.

        • frank stetson

          OK: I am so glad you are “beyond happy,” sounds delirious to me :>) But seriously, what Trump policies were great for America, and more important, factually, numerically, why? Remember, any gains you post must offset a fair share of the debt that Mr. Trump ran up like a drunken sailor on leave in a whorehouse after being at sea for 6 months.

          Mr. Trump added almost $7T to the debt from 2017-2020, adding over 33% to the national debt which, after Trump stood at almost $27T, and Trump owned almost 25% of it. He owns the largest US deficit in history at his drunken sailor spending of a $4.2T deficit in one year, 12 months, that’s over twice the old record.

          As a comparison, Mr. Obama added $8.6T to the debt, a huge addition too adding 74% to the national debt. Of course, the debt was smaller so the % increase look larger. And it is. But then again, Obama was there for two terms, eight years. and Trump almost matched him in four.

          Of course, that’s just the budget where Trump did have his mismanagement of the Federal Response to covid which costs a lot and his massively expensive warp speed for the vaccine which he delivered at almost the same speed as the UK, China, India, Russia, and others….

          And that’s not the entire economy which is seen by many as Trump’s strength. One of the best measures of an economy’s vitality is GDP growth. It’s easy, one number, and pretty much sums the whole thing up. Trump promised and committed to 4% GDP growth. That’s what he told you and many of you believe to this day. It was a lie when said, it was glaringly obvious, he was called on it, and he doubled down by saying he really thought we would do even better. Trump delivered a paltry 1%, 1.03% to be exact. Obama delivered 1.59%. Every President back to Hoover beat Trump on GDP growth, the best measure of an economy. And Bloomberg says it clear: “GDP Growth Under Trump Was the Worst Since Hoover.”

          So show us these great American policies, especially the economic ones where the results, being Frank, suck pondwater, from the muddy bottom of the pond.

  4. Tom

    Larry, Moe, and Curly, and Chemp you did it again, you knocked it out of the park. In 2016 I voted for Trump for only two reasons: 1) Destroy the Clinton Money and Influence Sales machine that was selling the USA down the river piece by piece; 2) As a middle class white male I was being labeled as the reason for everyone elses problems. I saw absolutely nothing in her platform that included me in any wholesome way. Now on to 2020 I did not vote for Trump because I was absolutely exhausted at seeing his arrogance on full display every day on every channel. I also did not like the way he handled Tariffs, and Corona Virus, but did like him being tough on China in other ways. So I voted for Sleepy Joey B. Besides, I like naps! It seemed like a good alternative and with a Senate evenly divided, there would be some checks and balances in place. Who knew Joe Manchin would step up to be the quelling voice of moderation. Thanks Joey M!!! I think Manchin would make a great POTUS! If we really want to get this country back to running well, we need more moderates from both sides of the aisle to run for office, and begin talking again..

  5. AC

    Larry, can’t wait for the next installments (not really the truth, just saying ‘cause it’s PBP and the truth don’t matter,) to catch your political drama on the theme of Trump’s isms in three acts. Your 1st was a nail bitter. Looking to see if acts 2 & 3 continue developing the play’s plot around the main characters, the man who would be Comrade #1 and the monkey on his head.
    Naturally, the play’s plot line follows the fictional Grand Old Party and its evolution into the Party as seen today. Time was Republicans talking politics in a cigar smoke filled room tall tales were told. My young self could not believe the things said could be true. My grandfather told me it was because of the elephant in the room. And he seemed dead serious about the elephant.
    Some years later and after grandpa had passed, my dad explained the elephant. Dad was not even a little sympathetic with grandfather’s politics. Dad’s comment, as I recall, had to to do the elephant’s big ears and small brain. Even so, grandfather must have believed it was real. His cigar smoke producing friends spoke in low voices and around their cigars. It was so the elephant couldn’t make out what was said and would not report a word either.
    Seemed strange and really odd to me, then. Later during the Vietnam Conflict years those memories of cigar smoke, soft taking men, the elephant, and the odd impressions made sense. It’s a Republican behavior, make believe if reality will not fit.
    Former president DJT, not always Republican, but a flipping Democrat. An opportunist, grifter, con running monster wanabe came across the aisle.
    You see, he.had help. Republicans did not notice. the common party person, their constituents were feeling ignored, left out, missing their chunk of the American Pie. Joe Republican, white and not pleased and they murmured among their own.
    Along comes the Donald with his brand polished far and wide by TV’s bright lights and fresh off a fake reality show. His handler people listened as the little people murmured. With little imagination and plenty sources for plumb of
    information (fake intelligence) his team concocted a scheme. His charisma and story of self made Billionaire’s authority and expertise closing the sale impressed the greedy and power hungry right and Rvangelically righteous. From the celebrated TV evangelist down to the low faithful followers . All came running as if Donald was the Sunday Tent Preacher.
    All the while , the Donald created and spun a stack of stories liked and adopted as real and factual. Present day term for his stories is conspiracy theory.
    Around the beginning when the possibility dawned that he could make a run for the nomination as the party’s candidate for President. Imagination juiced with adrenaline empowered the self important mentality. Nobody has more presidential qualities and deserves it more, thought he.
    POTUS looks to him like a sweet job. The perks ain’t bad, Mara Lago beats the White for Location Location, but it does come with a helicopter and private jet.
    All together, make believe stories internalized, alternate reality condition (con) bought, bullying intimidation solidified, loyal phalanx set in protection, and frequently scheduled pep rallies, what could go wrong.
    A house made of cards in the initial setup became a false reality while Trump played ring President. Unfortunately, history will count him as the real 45th in a line the country hopes will extend far beyond numbers into the future. That he was an aberration not a norm in the
    Executive Branch inAmerican Government


    Conservatism today is not my grandfather’s conservatism and that’s truth worth recognizing. The party of the right my grandfather understood he would not recognize today as the standard traditional Republican values oriented

    the Conservative play defending the no long Grand Old Party. Which has long been the pink elephant in the room.