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Getting it straight on Trump — Part Two

Getting it straight on Trump — Part Two

In part one, I dealt with the Trump supporters as one of the three forces that keep former President Trump in the center of the political galaxy – and at the top of the news virtually every day.  This leaves the role played by those on the left who have a visceral and obsessive hate for Trump … and later in Part Three, Trump himself.  In Part Two, I deal with the Trump haters and their role and reason for keeping Trump as the biggest political news story every day.

The Trump haters – Democrats, the media and Republican (conservative) apostates

No group in America has been more responsible for the power and evergreen presence of Trump at the center of all things political than those who hate him – and his policies.  They see it as self-interest.

Naturally, the Democratic Party is at the core of that opposition.  Their role is to defeat Republicans in every election.  But it is the change in the Democratic Party – from center-left to radical left – and the depth of their obsessive hatred of Trump that makes today’s politics unique in modern times.  

From the time of Trump’s upset victory in 2016, Democrat leaders have been obsessed with destroying Trump politically and personally – and in their crazed obsession, they have expanded their irrational hatred across the Republican landscape with incessant broad-brush attacks.

While the American media is generally thought of as a balancing agent – a political governor on the excesses of the political fringes – today’s media has joined in common cause with the radical progressives.  They now serve as the endorser, communicator and amplifier of the Democrats’ political obsessions – kicking to the side all devotion to journalistic ethics, standards and norms.  The media is a key element in the Trump-hating political force.

Major figures in the Fourth Estate no longer offer even a pretense of fairness and objectivity.  One major media personality after another on MSNBC and CNN calls for the end of balance and objectivity.  It is now their corrupt mission to “crush” the GOP, as the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson often states.  For them, the American public deserves only one narrow interpretation of events – their interpretation.  Other views are deemed to be dangerous and must be censored and cancelled.  In their arrogant and dangerous view, only the radical left has a right to influence public opinion.

In the Trump-hating category – and by extension Republican/conservative hating – are those who were once dedicated and principled conservative Republicans.  They say that their abandonment of their long publicly-held political and philosophic principles was due to Trump – just Trump.  But like the Democrats and the media, the Trump-hatred of the GOP apostates has spread to opposition to the generic Republican Party.

Even as they now essentially support Democrats and the hardcore left agenda across-the-board, many one-time Republicans claim to have retained their conservative Republican values.  Folks like MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough left the GOP because of Trump, but claims to still be a conservative.  Actually, he drifted far from his conservative days in Congress long before Trump.  He seems to have lost them after moving to New York and being taken to progressive obedience school by his professional and personal partner Mika Brzezinski. 

The apostasy of folks like Bill Kristol, Michael Steele, George Conway, David Jolly, Joe Walsh — and the others now making their fortunes as contributors, analysts and hosts on the most extreme left-wing platforms — was not just an anti-Trump reaction.  Through such false-flag operations as the Lincoln Project and The Bulwark media platform, this group evolved into a left-wing progressive subsidiary of the Democratic Party — working against all that is Republican and conservative.

Because the cabal of Trump-haters believe that demonizing Trump to the max – and by extension, all that is Republican – they will scare the public into their confining ideological corral.  It is a massive fearmonger strategy – and central to that strategy is to keep Trump in the news every day, 24/7.  Keep him in the news solely so they can vilify him – and the GOP by extension.  Vote Democrat, they say, or the American Republican will fall – democracy will be lost.  

Their Draconian narrative places Trump at the head of an expansive ongoing insurrection … coup … against American Democracy.  They believe they need Trump as the personification of a corrupt and evil Republican Party.  He, according to MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, is the “ringleader.”  Vote Democrat, they say, or the American Republican will fall – democracy will be lost.  It is a strategy of desperation and so far, it appears to be failing.

Having covered two of the three forces that keep Trump at the center of the political galaxy – his supporters and his haters, Part Three will turn to the third force – Trump, himself.

So, there ‘tis.

About The Author

Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry HoristLarry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. frank stetson

    Some of us, left, right, center, Democrats, Independents, and Republicans, have hated Trump well before any election….for the same reasons…

    And last I checked, “But it is the change in the Democratic Party – from center-left to radical left” that you see that I really don’t see yet. Are the progressives stronger since 2020, absolutely. Has there been a change in Democratic Party from center=-left (cute) to radical left (that’s rad man), makes one wonder why Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer are all centrists and why the Progressive agenda has yet to be achieved, except in a small part. As it should be, IMO. I would have sworn you yourself have discussed this in the past…..

    That said, I for one, seeing Trump as more Teflon than Clinton, luckier than Fran Selak, with more lives than Lazarus, have always said you need to put this guy down, and then do it again….so yeah, it looks like a powerful hatred, but in truth, it’s just a powerful evil we are facing. Think about all the things you let this guy off the hook for that you never excused anyone else for and probably never will, again. That’s just magic. And on should not take on magic lightly.

    And yes, this generalized hatred has kept Trump in the news, fires up the base as they feel personally attacked, all good for Trump the barker who knows all news is good news. Heck, the most damage down in five years is the Twitter ban. Man can’t get it up alone to form an alternative. Yes, MSNBC is a lot of opinion, feeding the frenzy, actually it’s kinda Trump boring right now until some actual news breaks. Not much difference, if not less intense, that FOX, Newsmax, and much less so that The Epoch Times and the Blogosphere. Since FOX has the yugest ratings, doesn’t the media scale tilt in your direction?

    I hate Trump. I have never hated all things Republican, unless Trumpian and have said so. I implore Real Republicans to grow a pair, take back the party, quit taking back your words of hate like Cruz, Rubio, Sessions, McConnell, and others have done with the real truth followed by the 180-degree Trump lovefest. If Trump had done to me (or you I bet) what he has done to these fine fellows, I do not think we would ever buddy up like they have.

    So, like you, I see a lot of bad in Trump. Unlike you, I don’t see much good, and the good I see usually were Real Republican ideas, not Trumps. And unlike you, when I put in on the scale it does not balance, it does not lean toward good —— it is freakin evil and detrimental to what I see as the American way of life and adherence to the vison of America as evidenced in our Declaration, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

    I just really don’t want to do 2016 or 2020 in 2024. So the hate continues because if we rest, the better chance that Lazarus will be back from the dead.

    • Mitchell

      Biden, Pelosi and Schumer centralist? You really are a fool.

      • frank stetson

        None of these three would be accepted by progressives, as true progressives. Pragmatic would be a better description. Yes, all three have been pulled to the left, especially during and after 2020. Some of that is the power of the progressives which increased demonstrably in 2020; part of it is on you who brought the progressives to power in 2020 with your tighty-whitey-righty-regressive actions.

        • larry Horist

          Frank … If a politician advances left-wing progressive policies, I would call them left-wing progressives regardless of what they might call themselves … or what they might have been in the past. You say people like me brought them to power. That is a worthy point to consider. It looks like we will be correcting that blunder — if that is what it is — in the near future.

          • frank stetson

            There is no way progressive, the term, would be used with any of these folks except by wrong-headed people. And that’s me talking. IMO. Leaning left and getting left-er I can agree with since the progressives have the power to persuade folks closer to their mandates, especially given the 2020 election. Seems similar to me calling you out as a being a radical right-winger. You may have said some radical stuff, but I wouldn’t classify you as anything but right of center at best. Myself, I am sure most here think I am the alpha-liberal, but in the party, I am leaning left on social issues, leaning right on economic issues, so —– most say leaning left but not progressive (because most democrats don’t care about finance.)

            On 2022, sure, you might be right. Sure gonna here about it, either way. Just not sure myself who will be doing the talking. The long cold winter will be followed by Spring and a rising economy will lift all boats. Just don’t know that outcome yet, although, I am picking, at minimum, it will become darker before the dawn, and to your point, not sure the dawn will be forthcoming by Nov. 2022.

    • Fritz klenner

      Your kind hates America

      • fr

        What kind is that Dan…..

        • Fritz klenner

          Sorry dude. I ain’t Dan

  2. Ac

    Larry, a more restrained comment this time.
    Your part 2 shows your pain. Many you worked with or knew seemed to have turned to left from center or even moderate. Having held your ground as you have takes a toll personally and a strain on family relations.
    Families on either side of the political divide today had no idea for decades each other’s different philosophies. Stressors intensified as people across the country felt less and less confident and secure as wrangling between the two parties and factional splits within each developed into open warfare in the media. The. President Trump on his own stirred the political stew by being himself, unabashed, raw ego, uncompromising, non repentant, Petulant, and you name it his personality matched it.
    The media upheavals alone gave emphasis every hour 24/7 and 365. The news had more drama than regular network programming. And. President Trump reveled in it, consuming more hours of TV than emotionally healthy for anyone. Someone with an addictive personality issue and has their story front and center across media all channels included, they have to know.
    The attention the Democrats focused on his failures was mostly warranted.. I know you, Larry. disagree.but “read the transcript” Trump said. I did several times over. It was not a “perfect call”.
    The January 6, 2021 fiasco Trump watched on T V real time. He allowed the rampage’s duration and eventual fatal consequences. It happened on his watch. He as is culpable no matter how much some deny it and attempt shielding him.
    As for 2024, Republicans have to “man up” and come up with an uncontroversial candidate . Trump has had his face in prime time coverage now, enough is enough. He and the Democrats should do the honorable thing and mutually agree on a covenant. He will agree to retire from politics and withdraw from the political influence side, Democrats decide they will pull out of the House investigations and ordering interviews. I understand, suggesting a deal is dead on arrival. The number of elected officials on both side have a lot of skin in the game, as it’s said.
    Your Part 2 is a heavy piece weighted in anxiety and teetering on paranoia. Give yourself some space. Graciously back away from the fray and cool down away from the red hot emotional cauldron that is today’s politics.
    How can mere mortals directly influence and set to rights the morass know American National Government politics.
    Write or contact your local US Rep. of Senator? Did that, received no communications back.
    Problem is, money money money, my discretionary capital lacks sufficient number of 0’s for some say. My Union’s lobby in Washington has not answered either.
    The one lever I do have is exercised on election days.
    Last election I voted by absentee ballot. If Michigan allows them the next’s the one chance in 150million.
    Incidentally, IMO the pandemic as exacerbated society’s grave ills and not the least is the politically charged atmosphere surrounding a usually apolitical Public Health issue.
    The situation is without reason. The conservatives, I would think, should be first in line for the. Shot. On the other hand, they are Republicans. and distrust government initiated anything. Political sensitives over-rules common sense health measures. Hospital workers replant unvaccinated individuals terminally ill with COVID admit they are proud they stood for firm personal political beliefs. That’s nuts. It is their right, possibly. In my word view willingly going unvaccinated and dying of COVID lOoks lIke suicide
    Larry, BTW those who collect a great amount of information are not colLecting intelligence. Only the CIA does that to get the other . And, civilians who maybe highly informed are not necessarily highly intelligent. The special key needed for that door is deep understanding of an issue given the right information is managed with appropriate skills. Information had and not understood nor used with skill does not tell truth. It s misinformation and ethically and morally debased.
    Therein is the sin called conspiracy.
    If some politically disinterested honest enterprise collected data for statistical analysis and studied where conspiracies and their theories originated, Democrats or Republicans, left or right.
    Which of the two would you think produces te greater among?’ Then, consider the damage intended and done. Which of the two is the true propagandist?’
    Exactly the job for unbiased statisticians. One’s perspective and selective distaste creates a barrier to objectivity and impossible.
    The essential element called for with Critical Thinking Skills is ultimate objectivity..
    As someone wrote on a PBP that there is no need for objectivity when one is riqht.
    On its face, this statement is an abject objectivity failure.
    Questions naturally abound as. scrutiny suggests otherwise..

    Listening to them over the past several years, I see they care deeply the same as you. Moving on I feel has been a soul searching ordeal professionally as well as politically in each case.
    In the main the chose sanity over heartache and life

    • larry Horist

      Doctor AC. Thank you for your diagnosis of my emotional status. Unfortunately, you are a quack. Even worse. You have no idea of my emotional status — or anything else about me. So, I shall inform you based on people who actually know me and even doctors who care for me. My wife once wrote to a friend that she never sees me down. My kids say much the same thing. I always advised my kids … never sweat the BIG stuff, the little stuff is easy. I was actually diagnosed as being “remarkably stress free.” They attributed it to coping skills. I smile a lot an laugh a lot. I enjoy life. I have a wide and diverse range of friends with whom I enjoy engaging — even debating. But that is no matter since what you say is only your wishful thinking. Your version of the Larry Horist you wish me to be. Your straw man. I see a lot of that in the comments. I assume that those who create the mythical Larry Horists do so because they think it unsettles me. It does not. Or perhaps they believe that others readers, who do not know me, may believe their ad hominin descriptions — in that case, their lies. That would make more sense — and matter to me even less. Those who like to create a fictional Larry Horist to tilt at in the windmills of their minds are basically into intellectual masterbation. That is one of the reasons I do not waste time bickering over every point and insult. I know the real Larry Horist is not the person with whom you wish to engage. So AC … thanks for your faux concern. But i would be more impressed if you opined on things you actually know something about.

      • frank stetson

        I used to think that in my youth Larry. But as I matured, I realized what I think means squat when it comes to what other people think. Fact is they read your (or in my case mine), stuff and came to the conclusion they did. You can fault our writing as well as their comprehension, but in the end, our writing trumps all.

        If it is to be, it is up to me.

        I take full blame for my miscommunications and attempt to make better whenever they occur.

        Use to feel the same about diversity, especially of ideas. “shut these dumb fucks up and we can make decisions faster.” Well, that is true, but not necessarily making better decisions. This stuff, diversity, comprehension, etc. take time and the fact is: you are the sender and the receiver did not get your message. Perhaps they are just bat shit crazy, but perhaps we can do better at explanation, discussion, and ultimate agreement of meaning. You talk about the mythical Larry all the time, might I suggest that the next time the man does not meet the myth, that you slow down, communicate, try to hash it out, before you jump-shift to the reader is bat shit crazy. Personally, I think you might enter back-up mode a little fast on some of this stuff.

        FYI — have you ever gotten threats from Trumpers???? Just wondering given a number of your anti-Trump like stances.

        • larry Horist

          Frank … your FYI caught me. Never gave it a thought … but the answer is “no.” That may be more evidence for my theory that the Trump voters are not as the left describes them — a bunch of totally loyalist … cultists … who have surrendered the Republican Party and conservatism to Trump. Their Republican neighbors and local candidates are NOT the political zombies trying to take down the Republic. I find that virtually all the Trump voters I know are more nuanced. I do not believe Trump has the GOP in his hip pocket by a longshot. That is why I believe the Democrats make a mistake in making everything about Trump — especially when he is not even on the ballot. I know some Trump loyalists who want him back in office in 2025, but they will still be voting Republican if Trump is not the nominee. I think that because most Republicans — and others who know real Republicans — do not see the folks that are demonized in the media — and that makes them distrust and resent the media propaganda. And that makes them future Republican voters. If the GOP does win the House, Senate and tons of local offices, that should prove that the public was not buying what the Democrats are selling.

          • frank stetson

            Larry, IMO it is the sender’s responsibility and not the receiver’s to be sure the message is understood as intended. There is no right and wrong in that.

            You caught me too! Yes, some receivers don’t get it even when painfully explained over and over, many different ways from Sunday, and then I agree with you. That should be rare, as I think it probably is, in your case. Joe…….well that’s another story. And most of the other pbp contributors don’t have the moxy to respond. I would say they are too busy, but then again, they have time to write bs on pbp :>)

  3. Marshall neill

    Perhaps I am a bit blind to Trumps’ critics, but all I have to say is:
    Enumerate the crimes that you so fervently tout.
    Enumerate his failures the same way.
    Enumerate his crimes.

    Most of his ‘critics’ go on and on about those items, so “Where’s the beef?”

    • larry Horist

      Marshall … so far, the crimes of Trump are merely in the court-of-public opinion in which the Democrats serve as prosecutors and the press indulges them. Just as that talk about coups and insurrections even though no one of the hundreds of indictments has found coup-plotters and insurrectionists. We can recall how Dems and the media “convicted” trump of conspiring in Russian meddling for three years only to find it was totally untre. Pelosi got his impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors — but he was acquitted by the Senate. Perhaps in all these investigations someone will find a crime and Trump will be convicted … but until then he is, under our system of justice, presumed to be innocent. Of course, that presumption does not apply to the court-of-public-opinion where there is not attempt at justice. The dubious and dishonest “indictments” in the court-of-public-opinion are not to produce justice, but just to spin for votes in November.

    • frank stetson

      Really…….I mean good question, but haven’t you been reading pbp? To quote that famous Doctor: “what a moron, Jesus Christ” now abbreviated to WaM JC. Gosh, you have to love that one…. And so well deserved, that Republican Senator was an idiot.

      senator dum dum from trumpistan: “you make the most money in government, where are your financial records?”

      fauici: “they have been publicly available for 37 years.”

      senator shit for brains: “yeah, but I can’t find them so are you going to show them publicly?”

      fauci: “again, they are publicly available, I can give them to you if you ask.”

      senator tin foil hat: “yeah, but you see things before congress so where are those financials.”

      fauci: “bwhaaaaaat?”

      moderator: “asked and answered, if you can’t find them, just ask Fauci and he will send them. asked and answered.”

      fauci on hot mic, maybe… : “what a moron, Jesus Christ.” Oh man, it does not get better than this. I mean House maybe, but Senate…. Sorry, Larry, but this is what Trumpism gets you. An incredible lowering of the Senate gene pool.


      “Enumerate the crimes that you so fervently tout.”
      Trump’s own medical advisor, the one standing next to him at the covid briefings told Congress, “”I believe if we had fully implemented the mask mandates, the reduction in indoor dining … and we had increased testing, that we probably could have decreased fatalities into the 30% less to 40% less range,” that’s hundreds of thousands of deaths. That’s Trump’s top covid advisor speaking on the record with jail-time penalties for lying. No one has questioned her that I can find. Sure sounds criminal with a complete disregard for his oath of office or any personal responsibility when other Presidents say “the buck stops here.”

      Enumerate his failures the same way.
      See my discussion of Trump’s failed economy in another pbp post where I show Trump’s highest deficits ever leading to the highest growth in US debt ever; he lost more in four years than Obama did in eight. This is buttressed by his dismal GDP growth numbers, the lowest of all Presidents since Hoover, all of them. I call that an economic failure. But wait, there’s even more in that post if you can find it.

      Enumerate his crimes.
      You repeat yourself when under stress, you repeat yourself when under stress.. :>)

      There’s much more, but since it’s all in pbp, most of it sourced and linked, lots of numbers and statistic, if you haven’t found it yet, you never will. For example, the Mueller report clearly shows Obstruction of Justice for Trump and associates. In July of 2021, “The Trump Organization, the real estate business that catapulted Donald J. Trump to tabloid fame, television riches and ultimately the White House, was charged Thursday with running a 15-year scheme to help its executives evade taxes by compensating them with fringe benefits that were hidden from the authorities.” NYT.

      Before he took office, “Trump settles fraud case against Trump University for $25M.” While not admitting guilt, $25M is as close as one can come. For a President, that’s an amazing mulligan you voters gave him before he was even elected.

      In 2019, “Donald J. Trump Pays Court-Ordered $2 Million For Illegally Using Trump Foundation Funds.” This Foundation was later shuttered by the Government.

      And for those who desire to follow what’s fattening and what’s happening next, here’s a few baker’s dozens of Trump’s current civil and criminal cases and investigations.

      Honestly, do you really think he will slip the noose on all of these? How many took place while he was President? Certainly none were after. Nope, he’s selling The Big Lie, monetarizing political donations, they pay better than Hotels, and will continue on this path until his food source disappears. How much is in your wallet Neil? And how much did you marshal up and pay?

      • larry Horist

        Frank … You seem to absorb only one side of these issues. I gather you are just parroting what you saw on MSNBC or CNN. You should get a little different perspective in a future commentary on Fauci. I actually shifted from a big fan of his to a critic based on a number of instances throughout the pandemic. He started to act and look like a typical I think he has burned out in his position. Needs to be replaced.

  4. Ac

    Larry, I just call ‘‘em as I see ‘em , all things considered.
    The conservatives trusted in my view are Cal Thomas and David Brooks. I came across you on PBP quite by accident. While not actively searching for a conservative commentator affiliated with a relatively small media presence I read your bio attached to your posted comments. In the bio text one of the references jumped off the page. Hope College, Holland ,Michigan. That at anytime had an association with Hope College. It is a small institution of higher education in the Midwest. The College was founded by Dutch immigrants in the 19th Century. It’s mother church denomination is the Reformed Church of America (RCA). The denomination is Christian, Christian, Protestant, and doctrinal in the Calvinist Reformed tradition. But, these details you must already know. Since Hope College is listed as a reference it’s a reasonable assumption.
    A couple generations of my forbearers and a nephew graduated from Hope .
    I am very aware of the college’s politically conservative history through the the period I think you were there. Only recently has the College affirmed some more moderate thinking.
    That being said and picking up on your own religious background and current beliefs, the connection truly puzzles.
    But. I digress. My original rationale for establishing a solid reference point emblematic of the Conservative’s political view unadulterated by FOXisms.
    Well, with your three part series, no doubt remains where you land within conservatism.
    The other side of the political coin you call binary is the entire non-FOX style fake news organizations and more centrist oriented commentators. Straight not politically pre-filtered reporting, just the facts please, is looked for.
    As Trump came on the scene through the TV medium reality show version at that, he began building on his “personality “ brand with more intensity. Back then, already, his interpretation of reality in truth and my own version, honestly, jangled my nerves like no other person had until then. In fact, since that time plenty of situations experienced have produced negative gut wrenching sensations A few occasions’ revolting sensations came close but not one rivals Trump’s extreme negativity. “You’re Fired” still curdles the blood in my vessels.
    I am not a skeptic by nature. Questioning truth someone claims as truth is second nature for me
    Particularly, this reflex stirs in reference to Trump talking on any topic, weather, economy, real estate investment, or politics.
    When trust is a rare commodity in society at large and our cultural environment is toxic with lies pollution, who then does one trust for objective true facts? Critical Thinking depends on finding objective truth. It alone provides the stable foundation for ethically honest theories. Lacking proof that a theory began with real truth it is a conspiracy theory and a defacto prevarication.
    Uncovering initial facts under pinning an opinion’s theory set emboldened es cutting through thick often nasty despicable outward wrappings.
    Few sources provided clean intelligence and untampered true facts. So, the search for accuracy goes on for a long as interest and curiosity invigorate study discovery. Negativity coming from today’s salacious politically over stimulated public environment is a given assumption. Every person I meet probably possesses an opinion, pick a topic, contrary to my own. How., then, do I proceed? Life is complicated by ideological landmines set by others. Mental/emotional mine detector handily locates and neutralizes in coming negativity, leaving its stink behind.
    Larry., from your reply message I gather you have a well developed compensation system to remedy any and all negativity coming your way. This is assisted by your strong self concept derived positive ego, A tough exterior thick skin acts like armor plate.
    You say we don’t know each other. Which is the truth. Oddly, knowing is not the key need
    Basic civility, respect for person’s humanity. and democratic responsible consideration are tied up in an attitude allowing for treatment of those met in the same manner expected treatment towards you. It’s a simplified version of the US Constitution, Preamble , and Bill of rights
    We. all need to know and understand its contents if we intend on talking it talk and rightfully understand its intended spirit before we can walk its walk straight and true.
    Once trough will not do. For most Americans it’s an acquired taste they can’t stomach. Instead they’d rather have it second and throw it up on you (others. whomever). No judgement on them, only experienced mistranslation holds misinformation.
    With this is farewell.

    • larry Horist

      AC … there you go again. Since I find your writing to be irrational and literally incomprehensible at times. Farewell is the appropriate closure.

      • frank stetson

        Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS): there you go again. Since I find you to be irrational and literally incomprehensible at times. “What a moron, Jesus Christ,” is the appropriate closure.

        You gotta just love that one: so appropriate given the exchange, or the lack thereof as Roger marshalled the evidence which amounted to “but we looked for your publicly available data for the past 37 years and since we couldn’t find it, why are you hiding that which Trump said but would never supply. I have never seen such stupidity and lack of any savvy in Congress. Having just stepped on his own pee-pee, Marshall opted to redouble his efforts expecting a different outcome.

        Rand Paul said: “thanks Roger, for making me look smart……”

      • AC

        Larry, there’s always Hope. Good luck with that.


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