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Sweden Sees Spike in Sexual Assault Cases Over the Last Five Years

Sweden Sees Spike in Sexual Assault Cases Over the Last Five Years

The number of sexual assaults in Sweden is at record levels, according to the Criminal statistics agency Brå.

Over six percent of women in the country have been victims of sex crimes in the past year.

This percentage has been climbing since 2013. In 2016, 4.7 percent of women said they were victims of sexual assault and then in 2017 this spiked to 6.4 percent.

“Between 2006 and 2012, the level was relatively stable, but since 2013, the proportion that claims to be exposed to sexual offenses has shown a clear increase,” according to the Brå agency.

Cases of rape specifically have increased by 10 percent this year compared to 2016 where over 7,000 cases were reported.

“The number of reported rapes and sexual offenses have increased by 10 percent and 8 percent (reaching 7,230 rape cases and 21,500 sexual offenses in 2017 respectively). Over the past decade, the number of reported sex-related attacks has increased by 34 percent. Only 11 percent of rape cases are solved, and even fewer result in criminal convictions,” writes Sputnik International. 

“It is important to keep in mind that sexual offense is a crime category that encompasses a wide range of crimes. Everything from events such as violent sexual comments, to very serious crimes, such as rape,” said Maria Söderström, an investigator at Brå.

Public broadcaster SVT said that 58 percent of men convicted of rape and attempted rape over the past year have been foreigners.

“When it came to rapes where the victim did not know their attacker, the number of foreign convicts was as high as 85 percent of all cases, with half of the migrants being in the country for less than a year before the attack,” writes Breitbart.

But according to a recent study by the Swedish thesis project at Gothenburg University, over 50 percent of Swedes surveyed blame the victims of the sexual assault.

“In the survey spanning 3,800 people, the respondents were faced with a set of fictional rape situations, including a party rape amid alcohol consumption, and a home rape after the victim invited three male colleagues to her place after a dinner out,” writes Sputnik International. 

Surprisingly, the victims were blamed more than given sympathy.

Author’s note: It’s no coincidence that these crimes have spiked following the migrant crisis. Europe’s immigration policy is destroying these small countries. The liberal media is blasting the SVT for its report about the percentage of sexual assults committed by migrants. Not to mention, instead of placing blame on the migrant criminals, the victims are being blamed.

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  1. J Edward Clark

    LOONEY LEFTIE CULT members are so bad, blaming the victims, more proof their beliefs are INSANE

    • Philip Simon

      Sweden, the ounce beautiful Country that it was, now it is runned by people and a new generation of mis-guided thoughts that have never been seen before. Foreighners and Immigrants are wrecking everything that ounce was.

  2. HDMania

    I would guess the victims didnt attend the Lorena Bobbitts school of rape prevention..Just cut their stingers clean off and shove it down their throats..

  3. jim

    The Sweden that I have known for many years was a country of respect, fair treatment, and honor! For these criminal young people to First, INVADE THE COUNTRY ILLEGALLY, START THEIR GANG ACTIVITY AND SCARE PEOPLE TO THE POINT THAT THEY ARE AFRAID TO GO OUT OF THEIR HOMES AND APARTMENTS IS NOT ONLY INEXCUSABLE, BUT CRIMINAL IN MOST CASES! I KNOW THAT THOSE THAT ARE POSITIONED TO MAKE AND ENFORCE THE LAWS ARE ALSO HAMPERED BY THE VERY LAWS THAT PROTECT THEM. UNFORTUNATELY, THOSE THAT LOVE THESE VICTIMS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DETERMINE THE PENALTY, OR THERE WOULD BE MANY FEWER VICTIMS, BECAUSE THERE WOULD BE MANY FEWER OFFENDERS AROUND. My first visit to my grandparents home country was in 1958, and the laws then were far stricter than they are now. I know that people could go out at almost any hour without fear of ANY problems. TRULY unfortunate that it cannot go back to safe days!

  4. Harold Clark

    The fact that a so called institution of higher learning, says that 50% of these assaults is the victims fault, just show one how stupid these institutions have become and have distanced themselves from reality. Or they are just trying to brain wash the public and no doubt the public!

  5. Jerry

    Okay swedes. now, you know why we refuse to allow a liberal government to disarm us If a member of my family is raped there will be a castration. With a ball peen hammer

    • Betsey@ MO.

      Hey there Jerry! That sounds like a brilliant answer. Could we do that in America….legally? IF so, then two women oughta hold down that male &
      tape his mouth w/duck tape, tie him up with a strong (rough) rope & yank his
      pants down & brand him w/a hot branding iron w/the brand of ”I’m-a-muslim
      rapist”. then after the branding is finished….cut off his tally-whacker!!



  7. Betsey Maxwell

    Jerry: Sounds like you have a great idea! But first, before using the ball peen
    hammer, let two strong gals tie the raper up, tape his mouth w/duck tape, &
    heat up a branding iron w/the brand ” rape-no moh”, and that way he’d have a
    permanent tatoo…since guys like tatoos. Something he could be proud of 4ever !

  8. Everett Dickens

    Predictable, when you allow groups that are basically lawless to enter your country your women are going to suffer! Muslims regard raping non-Muslim women a right and practice this regularly! Sad thing is the liberal leaders constantly deny the violence and lawlessness!

  9. Phillp Owens SFC Ret.

    When you accept individuals into your country that do not share the same values and customs without requiring them to accept your customs and ways you invite trouble and criminal actions.
    Most of the individuals who have entered Sweden recently come from a completely different background, Religion, and customs. Their respect for the feminine gender is different and they act accordingly.
    Therefore you get what you allow and unfortunately for the Swedish people their Government acquiesced to accept this condition and the crime rate is the direct result!
    Be careful what you accept!

  10. Mickey Oberman

    And it only took them 5 years!

    And how many rapes occurred in that time?

    How many unwanted babies?

    How many arrests and persecutions?