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China well on the way to Orwellian Economy

China well on the way to Orwellian Economy

The globalists among you will want to determine quickly if you want China and its dystopian society on your side. The fable so prophetically crafted by 1984 exhibits what might happen to an economy that is taken over by Big Brother.

The dictatorship witnessed by Orwell was influenced by Stalinism and the flowering Nazism, forms of brutal totalitarian regimes that ran violently over the lower middle class economy. Perhaps Huxley’s Brave New World is more synonymous with the Xi China of tomorrow. It became clear to Huxley in the middle of the twentieth century that science and technology, now what we call big data, would be able to do more to the populous than systematic torture.

The physical torment that is inflicted in the short term will not have nearly the deleterious results of psychological and thought control in the long term. China has always been in it for the long term.

Our friends in South Korea worry about how to maintain democracy in light of what they can see due to their proximity to China. What exactly is taking place under Xi? The world is aware of the human rights violations, albeit political or religious. These are much more difficult to hide and suppress in an internet society, unlike the more obtuse methods being employed. Big data is being used for social control.

Much more difficult to expose. Ever present surveillance cameras with facial recognition software allow monitoring of every move of the people. A ubiquitous economic scoring system that, among other things, watches to see if you pay your bills or what particular social groups you are involved with. Are you starting to get the idea?

The lemmings among you who welcome socialism must realize that this is the price you will pay for free healthcare and education, and will then turn into the ultimate economic solution, which is total control by the state. Individual freedoms will now be collective, and such over organization does not bode well for the economic welfare of the middle class, which, by the way, will eventually disappear in such a scenario.

While emanating from the East, this economic and social phenomena will spread to economies that are already being suppressed.  The litany of names to be rattled off should not surprise you. It is believed China has handed this monitoring technology to Venezuela, who will use it to monitor and control an already beaten down and fleeing population. Saudi Arabia has their hands in this as well, with big data enabling them to follow social feeds of the people, and then use Orwellian means of punishment.

The ideology behind China’s attempt at social control through big data et al. is clear. What is not so clear is how the U.S. will respond. Distraction is the likely means, in which our technological pursuits will be advanced under the radar. The American people have been effectively controlled by the media into being troubled with things that, in the big picture, do not really matter. One wonders when the “Eddies of America” went off to fight and win World War II, if they were concerned with transgender bathrooms and being labeled as xenophobes. Remember it was Strobe Talbert of the Bill Clinton era propaganda machine that exuded the ideas of globalization in exchange for sovereignty. The sheeple of the European Union have already signed over theirs and now blast the nationalism/populism that is America.

Also be reminded that it is not just the government who will play a role in the demise of your social freedoms, but also the Big Machine. Facebook et al. mandate profits before your privacy whether you get it or not. It will take longer in the West than the East, but the fables of Huxley and Orwell may become an economic reality if nothing is done. Poetically written by the German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller in World War II Germany,

First, they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

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  1. Enrique Nater

    “For the lack of knowledge, the people perish. We, the freedom loving people, have a responsibility to act like watchmen and inform our youth about what is happening to their freedoms and how history is repeating itself. Since they do not know it, they are repeating it. Their fall will be on us, because we did not inform.

    • Inkpad

      Sad part is our young voters are listening to the socialist party and can’t be told anything they are brainwashed in our schools and leftists media that suppress the truth about the corruption and leftists agenda

    • David Barron

      “For the lack of knowledge”, please let me address just that part. We have allowed our children to grown up while going to school and being pumped full of un American, racist, queer, questionable gender, non team, by teachers who have been indoctrinated into the same areas year after year. We have hand our values checked and rechecked, questioned, ridiculed, and made unacceptable to a minority society who is louder and more active because its uncomfortable to challenge their ideas and actions. Since when is our country run by the minorities in any subject. We can respect their views while they stay in the law but they keep moving the line in the sand ever time they win another round. What happened to our high schools art, music, typing, shop, automotive, machine shops, gym classes, team work? Oh they got changed to Muslim workshops, gay centers, fee good classes where people learn nothing more than nothing to hate. Our Colleges and Universities have become festering grounds for Socialists, communists, radicals, and party people who pay their ways through the doors. What good has it down for us today, not much.
      We think of our grade schools preparing our students to use the tools reading, writing, arithmetic, and obtaining the proper social skills to go forth and learn more. That has become a dead end for so many, as they are not prepared for the next levels of middle school where actual thought was developed and furthering the skills we once took for granted. The High School Graduate is about as prepared for life as a middle school graduate was only 50 years ago, a two year degree from a community college is like a HIgh School Degree, and a 4 year degree is like a 2 year community college degree. Even a Masters is only like an old 4 year degree, and a EDD is so freely given today its like a masters degree and most of them are just professional students that have no worldly experience so they base every thing off what they learned in college, the festering grounds of socialist and communistic programs. Today we have the greatest opportunity in the world and the world comes here to learn knowledge to take home, if they go home, to use against us and we wonder why they excel us or make us feel we have a lack of knowledge. It’s not the lack of knowledge, its the lack of will to continue our destiny and stay the best country in the world and not let the tail wag the dog.

      • Rivahmitch

        Summed up nicely and in a nutshell. WRT the article, however, I actually see a melding of 1984 and Brave New World. We’ve got Big Brother in the media and government spying and monitoring thoughts and the constant wars. OTOH, we’ve got the Brave New World with the government replacing family and church ties and now, we have SOMA (marijuana in our world) which causes the mellow state in which people just don’t give a shit and are easily “nudge”/ruled by a government monitoring their every thought and word.

  2. Merridee pavlenko

    China is the big white bear and its awaking , be aware China is dangerous and a threat not only to USA but the world.
    Hillary didnt’ care let then hack her email and sold our secrets to them, or allowed them to hack her private email or a price…….or secuxrity, yet she gets the bundles of cash.

  3. Rick

    The USA is a country divided within itself. A country that is divided among itself, will not prevail. Communism/Socialism is already set up to take over. Next step now is to strip Americans from their right to carry guns. Plus with all these trolls of the democrat and liberal party and their leaders (Obama, Clinton, Soros, the gay men community, the lesbian’s community, the transgenders, bisexual and transvestite communities, and their pro-abortion, non-god ruled people), and their ability to create chaotic situations to convince the uneducated person that Communism is best for all. China doesn’t come close of division among themselves. China is united by their nasty, dictatorship government. With their tactic of, spy on their brothers and sisters, and by doing so, to control what they say and do throughout their entire life. This is why the people of China accept without a fight. The USA has fought and liberated many countries that were ruled by dictators, Militarism, and Socialism nasty government, to now have our own country divided. It is like people never learn the lesson. There is absolutely nothing new under the sun. There is only one thing that seems to get worse every decade that passes us by, and that is People are getting stupider by the minute. People like to be told what to do…May God help us.

  4. Richard

    Is South Korea really a democracy?????? If is truly is a democracy it would have self destructed into a socialist state decades ago. Why are journalist incapable of writing ‘constitutional republic’? Our government controlled K-12 indoctrination centers are inculcating their young charges that we are a democracy and now almost 60% of them want to live under socialism/communism/fascism.

  5. will becker


  6. Jeff

    Cut off all trade with China, even if an American company there.

  7. Bill

    Many in younger generation seem to believe their government and their I-phone have all the answers . They might be disappointed in the future.