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Brexit Assured! Conservatives Win Majority in UK Election

Brexit Assured! Conservatives Win Majority in UK Election

The UK’s Conservative Party this week won 365 of 650 seats in Parliament, paving the way for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to get his Brexit proposal approved.

Johnson had called the election two years early in hopes of winning a majority.

“I will put an end to all that nonsense, and we will get Brexit done on time by January 31st – no ifs, no buts, no maybes,” said Johnson, who has been ruling with a minority government since July.

Support for the Conservative Party was boosted by traditionally-Labor voters who had supported the “Leave” campaign in 2016 and valued Brexit over all other issues. 

Johnson won Workington – a city whose voters have supported Labor candidates since 1918 – by more than 4,000 votes.

“In winning this election we have won votes and the trust of people who have never voted Conservative before and people have always voted for other parties,” said Johnson. “Those people want change. We cannot, must not, must not, let them down.”

To voters who wanted to remain in the bloc, the Prime Minister promised to build new relationships with EU members as “friends and sovereign equals.”

Johnson’s victory marks a stunning defeat for Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, who ostracized voters with his socialist agenda and struggled to eradicate anti-Semitism within his party.

“Obviously, it is a very disappointing night for the party,” said Corbyn, who plans to step down early next year after a period of reflection. “But I want to say this…we put forward a manifesto of hope. However, Brexit has so polarized debate it has overridden so much of normal political debate.”

President Donald Trump on Twitter congratulated Johnson on his victory and promised the win would lead to a “massive new trade deal” between the US and UK.

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