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Report: More Americans Have Died of COVID Since Biden Took Office than before

Report: More Americans Have Died of COVID Since Biden Took Office than before

Despite declining infection rates and a vaccine, more Americans have died of COVID-19 since President Joe Biden took office than during the nine months of the pandemic under President Donald Trump.

According to a report published by the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Research Center, roughly 353,000 Americans have died from COVID this year compared to the 352,000 who perished between the start of the pandemic and December 2020, when the FDA gave emergency authorization for vaccines. 

Considering the widespread availability of vaccines and President Biden’s promises to handle the pandemic better than Trump, one would expect a far greater difference between these two numbers.

“Joe Biden ran his entire 2020 campaign from his basement arguing he’d make the country safe from COVID by following the ‘science,’” tweeted Clay Travis, a conservative talk show host. “Yet more Americans have now died of COVID in 2021 under his administration than in 2020 under Trump.”

In a meeting with lawmakers last week, officials from Johns Hopkins blamed the rising death toll on vaccine hesitancy and lax testing protocols. 

“So I would say the simple strategies are, first, to listen to what the concerns are and try as best as possible to understand them,” said Dr. Bill Moss, a lead researcher at Johns Hopkins. “If it’s due to misinformation or disinformation, having the right messenger convey that information to the target audience is really critical, and that’s a person who the community or individual trusts, whether that’s a religious leader or a celebrity or sports figure.”

Not surprisingly, Sleepy Joe has been unable to convince the public that getting vaccinated is safe and necessary. He hasn’t even commented on the increase in deaths under his watch, only noting last week when the overall death toll hit 700,000 that getting vaccinated is “important.”

The liberal media have also ignored the increase in deaths.

“The COVID death meter crossed 700,000 with Biden in office,” wrote Fox News host Laura Ingraham. “Where’s the once-omnipresent CNN death graphic now?”

To date, roughly 76% of Americans ages 12 and older have received at least one COVID shot; 66% are fully vaccinated. Research strongly suggests that fully vaccinated individuals are less likely to suffer hospitalization and/or death from COVID than individuals who are not fully vaccinated. 


More Americans have died of COVID under Biden than Trump: Johns Hopkins 

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  1. frank stetson

    Alice, this spin is well below the belt. Your numbers are correct; your dates of the Presidency are correct, but IF you THINK Donald J. Trump’s covid response results stopped magically on January 1st 2021 whereupon Joe Biden’s response started, you are as stupid as a brick. This is journalistic malfeasance to the nth degree.

    Covid was “invented” on Donald J. Trump’s watch. The first covid attack on America from a foreign source was on Donald J. Trump’s watch. The 2020 response, including the second surge, started on Donald J. Trump’s watch. Somehow the second surge becomes Joe Biden’s result on 1/1/2020.

    And yet somehow you state early 2021 as Joe Biden’s responsibility. Fuhgeddaboudit.

    In the US, Covid started in WA, NY and NJ — we took the first big hit and it was a yuge one. We were totally unprepared, had to learn about it’s targeting of the elderly the hard way (and we were stupid there too) and got little to no Federal Support from Donald J. Trump until we screamed our bloody heads off. No ventilators, no PPE, we were stacking bodies in refrigerator trucks and restricting health care due to lack of resources. How dare you spin this in this way. We fought back and we, in NJ, are queen of the pigs today. In a select group of states managing Delta as best as can be done. Our numbers are great, but it’s still a pig’s breakfast, even for the queen.

    Donald J. Trump did very little for us in NJ for our first surge, we are grateful for his Operation Warp Speed results. Mike Pence ran the response team and they tried to lynch him as Trump lashed out in anger about the election. Great job Mike!!

    Any moron can look at 2020 ands 2021 case rates and see where the 2020 holiday surge begins and ends. Any idiot knows that death lags cases. The second surge starts end of November, 2020. It ends about end of May, 2021 but the yuge surge really ends February. Donald J. Trump’s second surge death surge probably goes to the end of March, 2021.

    The death toll for 2021, first two months — is about 165,000 souls, both sides of the aisle and in between. You’re pegging 350,000 souls for each President —- so add 50% to Don, take 50% off Joe and there’s a more accurate portrayal of who’s who in this zoo.

    You should be ashamed. If you freakin knew what’s important, if you cared about all Americans, or even your side of the aisle more than you hate Democrats in power, you might be noting the progress towards less hospitalization and death as Delta crosses every state in America. And maybe you would look at who’s dying because it’s the unvaccinated and they are: “As of September 13, 2021, 52.8% of people in counties that voted for Biden were fully vaccinated compared to 39.9% of Trump counties, a 12.9 percentage point difference (Figure 1). While the rate of vaccination coverage has slowed in both county groups, the gap has widened over time (Figure 2).

    That’s the information you should be getting to your readers. Tell them before anymore have to die. But hey, better to spin it to make Biden look bad and the guy who got his vaccine in secret —look better? This article should be modified or pulled down, this ain’t free speech, this is criminal spin.

  2. Dan Tyree

    I thought that retard joe was going to cure everyone

  3. Joseph S. Bruder

    Alice, first of all, your headline is a lie… The day that Biden took office, the death toll was at 430,000. It is at 750,000 today. By my count, you’re subtraction is off by about 100K deaths.

    Unfortunately, Republicans have been playing a sick game. They are encouraging their constituents to not wear masks, don’t get vaccinated, , resist vaccinating children or making schools safer by encouraging masks or social distancing, don’t let states even allow private=businesses to mandate masks or vaccinations. They have done the calculation that they’ll lose fewer people to COVID than Biden will lose by having a higher death count than Trump.

    Anyone who wanted the vaccination could have gotten one in the last 6 months and the COVID pandemic would have been ended in this country, but Republicans are selling “freedumb” instead of personal responsibility and safety. The last 200,000 deaths could have been completely prevented if Trump hadn’t poisoned the minds of his brain-dead followers into believing that masks were useless, the vaccine (which he quietly took) was dangerous, that Fauci was wrong about everything, bullshit about natural immunity, and that non-scientific “cures” were better than not getting COVID in the first place. If Trump had taken the pandemic seriously and not lied to the American public, the death toll would have been closer to 100,000 than the current 750,000. Other countries were able to keep death rates low with a reasonable response (Australia’s death toll was zero!).

    Trump blocked Biden’s authority and any and all cooperation from his administration until the day Biden was inaugruated. Trump had months to prepare, but distributed less than 10M doses in the first month and a half it was available. From a cold start, even with Trump’s attempt to slow him down, in 4 months Biden had 350M doses in arms.

    Republicans are literally killing their own people for political advantage. And YOU, Alice, are playing right into their disgusting and repugnant strategy. This is one case where I have to say, Alice, you really should be ashamed of yourself. You’ve been played, and sold out to the “conservatives” who want you to continue scaring your readers with fairy tales. Alice, it’s really time to find a new career – unemployment is low and you should be able to find a better gig. Karma can be a real bitch.

  4. Dan Tyree

    Joey boy I watched the Atlanta Braves playing at dodger field in good old California. I saw very few masks and California is definitely not Trump country. So single them out.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      71% of Californians have at least one vaccination. The rest are anti-vaxxers, and they don’t seem to care if they or their loved one die.

      • frank stetson

        Yes, Joseph, but even more telling is that map I noted. You see most of the per capita death occurring in CA Trump Country, outside of the metro’s where vaccinations are above the CA average. Same thing in my covid queen of the pig’s state, NJ. where we are doing quite nice tyvm, went through Delta swimmingly, but are being dragged down by Trump counties so our numbers are good, but way too high in my book.

        Unfortunately it’s an election year and our Governor is ignoring that message for some reason. Not like that will change any votes….

      • Dan Tyree

        In Maryland 40% of Covid deaths were vaccinated people. Fully.

        • Joseph S. Bruder

          see below for response…

  5. FrAnk stetson

    Well DannyBoy dodger stadium rules are to be masked except while eating. Can’t say the rules are followed or enforced or you caught lunch…

    Oh yeah, proof of vaccination required for entry OR recent negative test.

    Only took one click to find.

    Another couple clicks can also easily find a map showing vaccination rates against death rates by per cap against 2020 voting and you can pretty much see, color coded, that the unvaccinated are dying and they are in Trump country.

    California is democratic yes, but the rural areas are not, and that’s where most of the current COVID CA deaths are in that state too. Even my state, NJ, suffers that fate when you look at it on a county basis.

    I think perhaps only FL might be an anomaly in this and I swear DeSantis is cooking the books; their deaths are nonexistent against their case rate which is still massive.

    The facts are there, you just have to look. Trump acolytes like Tucker still screaming that vax people catch it and spread it just like the unvaxed, making their cash, telling deadly lies, while personally knuckling under to their master’s vax mandate at fox.

    Since when does freedom mean taking actions that are proven to kill your fellow citizens? It is sheer lunacy at this point.

  6. Frankstetson

    Fyi: great ending to your story Alice, except I think your vax numbers are high and I didn’t see the words “editors notes.” I applaud the effort and it goes a ways to mitigate the terrible spin you put on these deadly facts.

    It’s way past time that Republicans get some balls, stand up and tell the truth about vaccines, COVID, and death.. Be a patriot, like Larry, and tell it like it is: vaccines are safe, they work, they save your life and the lives around you. Or die, leaving your family behind, whimpering “I shoulda got the shot.”

    In the end, Biden will both succeed and fail at this, but Trump set the table at which we, including Biden, all sit. It should of never been political.

  7. Frankstetson

    Are you vaccinated Dan?

    • Dan Tyree

      No. If and when the medical professionals, not politicians, prove to me that it’s a sure prevention I probably will. The commiecrats are weaponizing the vaccine to put people under their control. I’m using other methods to keep from getting the virus and it works. I do wear my mask in public and practice good hygiene. The government is using it to stir up panic. By the way, the dodgers got their asses kicked by southern boys. Let’s go Brandon!!!!!!

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        After all, a half BILLION doses in the US and close to 4 BILLION worldwide can’t be wrong!

        I wonder how many field trials there were for your alternative therapy? How many people took part in your study? And, of course, you’re in the control group, which means that you still have a 1 out of 50 chance of dying, while the non-control group (vaccinated people) have only a 1 out of 100,000 chance of dying.

        You know how they say that anyone who represents himself in court has a fool for a client? Same holds true for practicing medicine on yourself. What’s next, giving yourself open heart surgery? I bet you could do your own lobotomy – that should work wonders with your personality.

        Good luck with that!

        • Dan Tyree

          My personality is great. But it’s comical to see the reactions when I call out stupidity among liberals. You would probably like to have me for a neighbor

          • Joseph S. Bruder

            Only if you own a tractor…

  8. Frank stetson


    Medical officials say u be 6 times more likely to test positive than the vaccinated; sort of a bogus number given how testing is sporadic. Like less tests, more positives on weekends. I think it’s way low. And you are 11 times more likely to die than the vaccinated. Hopefully, your mediation attempts will put you ahead of those curves. The risk is worse the older you are combine with a number of comorbidities.

    Good news is by waiting, the data shows moderna is statistically stronger although all three are great, safe, and one of the most widely used vaccines ever. Choose moderna.

    Your 40% is 30%. You were only off by 30%. Most of the experts indicate this does not change the statistics between vaccinated and unvaccinated. Further, it covers a six week period during the surge and mostly includes senior citizens with comorbidities. Call at the “power syndrome.” I believe one outcome of this will be that the medical community will understand that seniors should’ve gotten either a third shot or a booster ASAP instead of just going with two shots. The reason I say booster, is that the Moderna booster will be a 1/2 dose. Not sure how that relates to Putting a Moderna on top of her Johnson and Johnson or Pfizer though.m

    Meanwhile, both vaccinated in the unvaccinated need to heed CDC guidelines re-: mask, distancing, etc. Perhaps maybe even taking it a step farther than CDC if you’re older and sicker.

    Even though you are a name calling slob, I am glad you are staying safe. I truly wish that you would become safer not only for yourself but for anyone you come in contact with. Your friends and fellow citizens. I consider the vaccine a patriotic act in defense of our nation. Patriots slaved night and day to create this within a year, we should all step up too.

    In the words of the prophet, Mickey, in Rocky II, “what are we waiting for, take this.”

    So, exactly what are you waiting for?

    FYI: I will provide a source later, it just basically disappeared from my screen.

  9. Frank stetson

    Sophie Putka;, 10/19/2021 updated 10/22.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Your link turns up nothing, but it was reported in other places. What some of them will tell you, if you bother to read past the headline, is that this is a “statistical anomaly”… It turns out that about 85% of adults in Maryland are vaccinated. That means that a larger percentage of people with COVID are breakthrough cases, and even though fewer go to the hospital, some do get sick enough to die. Colin Powell was vaccinated, but suffered from blood cancer and had a suppressed immune system – maybe a COVID booster might have helped him, but it came too late. That didn’t stop right wing media from breathlessly reporting that a vaccinated Famous Person died of COVID, without mentioning that he was also a pretty sick dude.

      Less than 10 people a day are dying in Maryland. The thing about statistics, Danny Boy, is that when you get close to zero samples, it gets random instead of following the probabilities. You can flip a coin 1000 times, and will get pretty close to a 50% average (unless you’re the type that uses a crooked coin)… but at the single coin flip level, that doesn’t help you predict the next flip.You can have 10 heads in a row, and the chance of heads or tails on the next flip is still 50%.

      The same applies to your “secret” method of warding off COVID. You have a sample size of 1. Any result you get is random chance, although you’ve stacked the deck a little bit by wearing a mask in public. Even if you know a handful of other people who are using your method, it’s stil an extremely small sample size, and of course, you don’t hear about the ones who were using that same method and got COVID anyway. Either they died, or they stopped bragging about the method when it didn’t work. “I swear, Jim Bob, I turned around 3 times, touched both ears, and stuck my finger in my ass every day, just like you said, and I still got the COVID… I musta used the wrong finger”…

      Pfizer, on the other hand, started their vaccine trial with 50,000 people. They had a control group, they did blind trials, they followed all the participants, they used well known and thorougly tested scientific procedures and methodology. In the end, they did the calculations and determined that it protected over 90% and had almost no side effects. And since then, they’ve continued to collect data, and the CDC and FDA have a few billion more doses to evaluate safety and efficacy. It’s a little more effective than you and Jim Bob poking your … fingers … in each others asses, for “COVID research”.

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        Sorry, that response was aimed at Dan, not Frank…

        • Dan Tyree

          I’m not opposed to anyone getting vaccinated if they choose. And I haven’t ruled it out 100%. My brother did, his wife refused. My sister won’t, her husband did. But nobody is dying if it isn’t our time to go. The man upstairs makes that call. You guys probably look down on anyone who believes in a Supreme Being. I just don’t agree with people being threatened and bullied into compliance.

  10. Frank stetson

    Oh come on Dan, neither you nor I really know what the supreme being wants us to be vaccinated or not. That’s like saying, “if God had intended man to fly…“

    The facts are in Dan. If it weren’t for you, and your kind, the unvaccinated, we would be living a much more normal life. Check some other countries with very high vaccination rates, staunch Covid protocols, and see the results.

    The facts are in, Dan. What we have in the United States now is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. You are the cause of the pandemic. Well, actually, Covid is the root cause, but without you, the pandemic might be over for us.

    This is not meant to be personal, but then it again it is for anyone who’s unvaccinated. It is time to defend the nation once again, get the shot.I mean to paraphrase what you said, it might be God’s will and the outcome might be God’s will as well. It certainly has proven safe and effective. I just don’t know why you are so afraid.

    Since when does personal liberty and freedom give you the right to put your fellow countrymen, your family, and anyone you ever come in contact with in this kind of unnecessary risk, not to mention a burden you might place on the healthcare system for the simple reason that you didn’t get a vaccinated. At this point why are you so afraid.

  11. Frank Stetson

    Mr. Brudwe, Try searching on the name. A really cool, scientific, current assessment of vaccines. Bottom line, all good. But Moderna rules.

    Good source of medical information that’s relatively easy to understand. They also in another article covered: Powell and indicated a third vaccine may have helped, they also indicate that another way of doing the vaccine, which I can’t understand at all, might have also helped for these types of patients.

    I like the site, I registered and the updates are great.

    I think the one about the relationships between Covid and impotence might be extremely interesting and to Dan although probably not going to be his issue ;-).

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