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Biden is the dummy that spews the ventriloquist’s lies

Biden is the dummy that spews the ventriloquist’s lies

President Biden is more of a ventriloquist dummy than a President of the United States.  He appears before the camera almost daily with his lips moving – but the words are not his.  They are the product of a staff of speech writers serving as the ventriloquist – and pitched through the teleprompter.  

Biden’s doppelganger appears to be that other old curmudgeon dummy Walter (pictured above).  The only noticeable difference is that Walter is funny.

Like the show business dummy counterpart, Biden does not appear to be able to speak on his own.  Once the ventriloquist’s teleprompter words have ended, he falls mute.  He cannot go off script. He cannot answer questions.  He is returned to his box – in this case the Oval Office – never to mouth words until the next performance.

What comes out when his lips are moving is the same old act – and the same old lies.

In his latest appearance on stage, the Biden character again said that the trillion-dollar Infrastructure Bill and $2 to $3.5 trillion Reconciliation Bill were completely paid for.  Totally untrue since we do not yet know how much they are going to cost – or how the cost will be covered other than vague references to sticking it to the rich and putting most of it on businesses – big and small.

The Biden dummy said that the rich had a lower tax rate than everyone else.  That should have earned four Pinocchios from the Washington Post fact-checkers since he has told that fib on numerous occasions.   America has a progressive tax system – which means that the rich folks have a HIGHER tax rate than the rest of us.

It may be that Biden is referring to the Capital Gains Tax, which is lower than the personal tax rate.  While it is true that wealthier people have more investments to which a capital gain – or loss—may apply, Biden is misleading when he suggests that only the wealthy are impacted by the Capital Gains Tax.  It impacts on everyone who owns stock – directly or through their pension funds.  Everyone who owns a house or piece of land gets the benefit of the lower Capital Gains Tax.  Farmers especially. The lower Capital Gains Tax benefits a lot more people than the millionaires and billionaires.

Then there is the BIG LIE about corporate taxes.  Biden repeatedly argues that his spending proposals will be free to the middle and lower economic classes because he will make the business tycoons pick up the tab.  Biden must know better.

First, a tax on the business will have no negative impact on the salary and benefits of the boardroom officers.  That is an issue for another time.  What will happen is that the tax will be passed on to the consumer in the form of increases in the cost of goods and services.  It is effectively an indirect regressive tax that hits hardest on the middle and lower economic classes.  According to a number of agencies that analyze costs, the typical American will pick up an astounding 70 percent of Biden’s spending proposals.  The people Biden says are getting all these promised benefits from Uncle Sam for free are actually paying almost three-fourths of the costs.  Between that and the Biden inflation, the middle and lower economic folks will be losers in terms of their disposable income.

Some of my readers may say that I made some of these points in recent commentaries – and indeed I have.  I just feel the necessity of restating them because Biden keeps mouthing the same lies over … and over … and over.

To be honest, Biden is not the dummy in this scenario.  No.  No.  No.  He obviously considers we the people to be the dummies.  And if we fall for Biden’s act … we are.

So, there ‘tis.

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