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How can America treat our veterans so badly?

How can America treat our veterans so badly?

American is currently welcoming Afghan refugees – which we should – and allow literally millions to flow into America illegally across the southern border – which we should not.  With those realities as a subtext, there is a situation in Los Angeles that is impossible to believe and disgusting to contemplate.

We have seen the iconic homeless problem in Los Angeles on occasional news reports – but no.  This is a report on one such group of 50 people living in makeshift shelters on the street.  While a relatively small number compared to the overall homeless population in the City of Angels, they are significant because of who they and where they are. 

They are all veterans of foreign wars – many with physical or emotional disabilities.  Something not seen in other homeless communities are the number of large flags adorning the tents.  And they are camping outside the Veteran Administration facility on San Vincente Boulevard.  Some of them have died waiting to get inside the gates of a facility established to provide both medical support AND HOUSING for those who served America.

The campus of the Veterans’ facility beyond the fence is four times the size of Disneyland, with acres of open space.  The national conservative group, Judicial Watch, sued the VA and won.  There were to be buildings erected to house hundreds if not thousands of veterans.  To date, there is construction going on for a facility that would barely accommodate those lining the fence.

What is so offensive and infuriating about this situation is that it seems so simple to take care of some 50 people.  If America can find thousands of hotel rooms for Afghan refugees – and God knows how many housing accommodations for the millions of illegal immigrants – it should not be complicated to find housing and support for a group of GIs that would barely make up one platoon.

Politicians in Washington – and the bureaucrats they serve (and yes, that is how I meant it) –constantly talk about our duty to our veterans – especially those who are living with the physical and emotional scars of war.  Those men camping out in front of the VA facility in Los Angeles put the lie to all the rhetorical b.s.  

The treatment of this small group of veterans in Los Angeles is beyond contempt. If outrage and compassion were motivating forces, these men would be off the streets in 24 hours.  Unfortunately, there never seems to be sufficient outrage and compassion when it comes to our veterans.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Bruce

    Trump treated our veterans great. It’s these socialist assholes that’s in charge now that’s treating them badly. The left hates the military and it shows from some of the crap that gets posted by liberals on this site. The military protects our freedoms and the left hates that

    • frank stetson

      Do you have actual proof of this? Either the great or the badly?

      The tent city in LA started in Brentwood in the summer of 2020, or earlier, in our year of the Lord Trump…… Seems that it’s yet another thing Biden inherited after four years of Trump’s reign.

      It’s terrible to have happen, it’s great to have the visibility. And they actually created a program: “In April, amid the pandemic, the VA turned one of its parking lots into a makeshift campground with 25 tents to allow homeless veterans to shelter in place. The program, which is called the Care, Treatment and Rehabilitative Services Initiative (CTRS), is specifically for health care-eligible veterans and provides hot meals, bathrooms, security, health care and social services. The idea is to provide a low barrier place to begin exiting homelessness.”

      And under Biden’s watch: “That encampment is a government-run safe camping site on the VA’s campus, where residents are provided with cots, towels and other items that they may need until they can be moved into permanent housing.

      Nonprofit U.S. VETS reported housing 13 veterans as of Monday morning, saying some of the veterans who were previously living on Veterans Row were moved into supportive housing at its Inglewood site, while others were placed into alternative temporary housing options.”

      Well, it’s a start…….if only Larry could start to research better… there tis it; the rest of the story…..

      • Joe Gilbertson

        Instead of asking people to prove what is obvious, why don’t you prove the opposite?

        • frank stetson

          Joe, unlike you, I will stand up and prove anything I say, or walk it back while apologizing. Not a problem. But that isn’t what you want, is it?

          You want me to disprove want others say is factual. Like looking for the needle that you know is not in the haystack, but Joe says you are responsible for the other guy’s needles. Why would I ever take the time to disprove something the author can’t prove and I am pretty damned sure is unprovable, or an out and out lie. Bruce just told a lot of them and you want me to check his work? Gimme a break. Chase your own tail but don’t tell me to chase it for you.

          Joe, we are still waiting for your proof that the 2020 Presidential election had fraud at a high enough statistical level to change the outcome and retain Donald J. Trump as President of these here United States as you keep saying you have, but never show. Still waiting Joe. You told us you have the facts proving fraud and then sent us to the entire Epoch Times website to ferret out the facts for ourselves. Why? Did you lose them? You showed us the entire Falun Gong generally-regarded as misinformation website which has many a failed recount, court case, etc., lots of allegations, but no proof. I found no proof Joe. Where did it go? You showed us a 2 hour The Pillow Guy movie that has been disproven over and over again, want those links? This movie has been pulled YouTube for it’s lies. It’s been removed from Vimeo, reduced distribution on Facebook — all because of lies. You may be the only guy left who believes it. And the Italian Satellite conspiracy……maybe…….tell us it’s not so, Joe….

          Can’t find fraud in Arizona. Can’t find it in Georgia. Can’t find it in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania. All the recounts are dead, most of the court cases too.

          You just can’t back up what you say so loudly. Yesterday’s conservatives would be appalled by the gall. Tell the truth, you have no proof, it all went poof, it was just a great spoof. Put that in your pillow and Falun Gong it.

          Stand up, toe the line, and show us the money.

          • Larry kuhn

            It’s funny that you always circle back to trump. I think that you have a man crush for him. And you have referenced pussy grabbing several times. Maybe if you ever met trump he will let you sniff his hands.

      • mojo

        There doesn’t seem to be any problem for biden and his regime to find housing food, medical and financial aid for illegals. biden and his regime can find any help needed for anyone except American Taxpayers that provide taxes that the regime confiscates from hard working Americans, to give freely to illegals, foreigners, and deadbeats.
        Please Wake up America and Fight Back.

        • Ben


          How come we can’t do both ? Treat our veterans with the care they deserve AND provide for the most vulnerable among us?

          After all, we are the richest, most powerful, most generous Country in the World.

    • mojo

      biden and his regime will do anything to dehumanize our Veterans. I believe politicians are afraid retired and former American Military Personnel have the training and ability to fight back for America if a tyrannical government decides to become a dictatorship so they will do anything to neutralize them.
      I believe as the japanese general said when they bombed Pearl Harbor, the biden regime has, AWOKEN A SLEEPING GIANT, and the American people will respond as America did after the attack.

      • frank stetson

        I bet you do believe with all your heart and mind. Except there is no proof, besides the movie Tora, Tora, Tora, that the man ever said it. You are quoting an actor from a movie issuing a fictional quote. Napoleon did say: “China is a sickly, sleeping giant. But when she awakes the world will tremble.” How he knew about Covid is beyond me. So glad you are thinking about America and committing our former military to her defense, or telling us you know they will go. Where were they on 1/6/2021 when a dictator sent the mob to Congress? Taking a siesta? Not watching TV? If they were participating in order to set things right, they failed miserably.

        So, you tell us Biden’s regime has spent 11 months dehumanizing Veterans even though the example stated started on Trump’s watch as I noted above. Since the example given was on Trump’s watch, WTF are you even talking about.

        And apparently you didn’t know since you certainly don’t have a clue. Most illegals are immediately expelled upon apprehension at the boarder, so not sure you know what you are talking about re: provisioning of massive amounts of food, housing, medical —- and financial aid? Not bloody likely, or at least not much. Do you have any proof of what you are talking about. Of course not.
        The loudest ones carry the smallest sticks.

        Lastly, has the tax plan and spending changed under Biden? Taxes were Trump’s taxes so that hasn’t changed. But can you really say that Biden gave more money to deadbeats, foreigners, and illegals than Trump? I would bet he has given less and we know that most of the tax cut, the lion’s share of Trumps yugest deficit and debt in US History. Raw amount or percentage increase, don.t matter the measure, you know the man. When it comes to debt, it’s Trump, Trump, Trump to take the lead!!!!

        Bottom line: amazing how you mouth off about things while you have not a clue about how they actually work. Just repeating crap you heard without even checking.

    • Ben

      It’s been 80 years since an American Soldier has fought for an Americans freedom.

      Liberals love our veterans. So much so, that we don’t want to send them to war be be broken mentally and physically. Unlike republicans that repeatedly send our youth off to die in a foreign land for nothing more than to prop up the military Industrial complex and their stock portfolios.

      • David mccoy

        No. The fact is that liberals are pussies. You have proven that many times in your posts. The same for Frank and that Joseph what’s his face that used to post on this site. You idiots believe in standing by and letting our enemies have it all. People like you should be required to step off the sidewalks when true patriots are coming through. You and your kind are helping bring us defeat. You are not worthy of the liberties that we enjoy.

        • Ben

          David, I have served in our Country’s military , what have you done to be a Patriot?

          • David mccoy

            Stood up to Marxist assholes like you

        • frank stetson

          Damn David, what a hard on you have for liberals. Did someone steal your cheese? A liberal take your job? I think you just called me a “pussy, idiot, traitor I guess, and you think I should step off for real patriots because I am bringing you to defeat. Don’t think that will happen so what ya gonna do with that, big guy? Curb your keyboard? A little screen screaming?

          Dude, this liberal comes from a line that fought in all your wars, bled for you, died for you, dug your coal, worked your steel, your auto factories —— yeah, this liberal comes from that line. All I can say is I am as American as you. Been here since the mid 1700’s, second wave in 1860’s and third wave in 1900’s. All are No better, no worse, than you or any other American citizen. So bugger off with the name calling and the threats. They mean nothing, even less in cyberspace.

          • David mccoy

            You’re still a pussy and we will never lose to your kind

          • frank stetson

            whatever are you trying to win? the sexist pig of the year award? somehow you think an armchair keyboard warrior bad mouthing me by calling me a slang name for female genitalia is going to make me feel bad?

            Well, I am glad you think yourself a winner. Keep clicking those keys.

        • Ben

          You stood up to me? How? By typing a few sentences to a random Internet stranger?
          Yo, I’m still here! You’ve accomplished nothing. If you think you’re going to change someone’s mind on the Internet, you’re going to be in for a disappointing time.

          And not to put too fine of a point on it, but at most, I’m center left. It’s just from your radical right vantage point, I appear leftist.

  2. Ben

    Damn Larry, you were soooo close to asking the right question!!!

    Now hear me out for a second… what if we didn’t have broken veterans and Afghan refugees? What if America didn’t t wage constant war for the last 20+ years? Imagine how much money we would have for veterans then!

    I’m proud of you for recognizing that there are people in need and actually wanting to help. I’m not surprised you missed why they needed help in the first place.

  3. rat wrangler

    If you go to any insurance company’s corporate offices, and look at where the executives park, you don’t usually see Chevys in those spots. Insurance companies make profits. They can do this because their actuarial experts are pretty good at predicting how much they may have to pay out in claims. I’ve written to my elected representatives asking that they use these experts to determine how many military personnel will need medical care, including long-term, and how much that will cost. Once those numbers are known, then we need to demand that Congress sets aside the money needed to cover those potential costs every time they decide to send troops into dangerous areas. Congress did force the Postal Service to set aside retirement funding for postal workers not planning to retire for decades, so why not do something similar for our armed forces?

    • frank stetson

      eh, the ole car thingee probably not your best analog. Insurance companies make varying profit margins, depending on the insurance, but they are closer to grocery store low % margins than the manna from heaven that software developers take home. Better volumes in insurance though. Make no doubt, they are comfortable. But it’s more like Giant Foods comfortable than Fidelity Financial comfortable.

      Rest of your point is well taken EXCEPT remember on ObamaCare that the insurance companies made the estimate on how sick, how many, and set their price. A year later and voilà, they needed to raise prices ASAP, they were going under. Turned out people were really sick and the insurance companies screwed the estimate pooch, left Obama holding the bag for a failed healthcare program, and everyone stated pointing fingers. A couple years later and it all leveled out as things transitioned to normal. They have been known to blow it.

      I think this is a good idea and should be done at the beginning on any conflict where our kids are put into harms way. And then a yearly modification for Afghanistan years 2-20……

      But heck, it’s not a matter of money, there is always money for Medicare for example even though they miss the estimate almost every year as of late. It’s a matter of choice, of pride, and we continually make the wrong choice because we seem to have lost our integrity to do the right thing.

    • Willa Thiery

      My husband‘s been 20 years in the NavyAnd I think the veterans deserve something nice to live on I hate to read and say that veterans are homeless they fought for our country they deserve something good they need a house I think this is all horseshit

    • Ben

      Rat, you actually make a very good case for socialized medicine! Thank you!

  4. Joe

    f stetson get your head out of your behind, Trump did everything he could for veterans, and everyone still worked against him for it. U voted for this clown in the wt house that can’t even finish a sentence, was installed by the deep state, and is an illigitimate,phony,pathetic,disgraceful,embarrassment , like u, to our country and allies. When u don’t know what your talking about shut up.moron. As a veteran, and out 50 yrs , I’ve seen the pathetic, disgraceful, treatment ,our veterans face all the time, I don’t use the Va very often, unless it’s a emergency, then your lucky if u don’t die.Our veterans deserve much better, and this embarrassment in the wt house is the enemy of the american people, and loves his illegals and hates America.

    • frank stetson

      bazzzzooooogggga: I think he’s trying to communicate. Yes, it’s always a pleasure to dialogue with a guy who starts by tellimg me to get my head out of my behind. I guess the use of behind makes it OK. Especially if he then calls me a moron. I realize you don’t use the VA much but you’ve seen the terrible treatment…..

      Look, Dickface, you’re not the only one who served, or had family that served. Myself, no, I protested. A lot. But one close relative, for example, got out of High School, joined up, got married, went to war, got hit one month in overseas. His wife, with child, died the week he got hit. When he got home, he denied his disability payments saying “the other boys need it more.” My family has served in every war, started with the Revolution. But a large portion immigrated around 1910. Of those, over 75% of the boys in my family went to WWII; can’t track Vietnam since haven’t tracked the family forward. We never used the VA; the other boys needed it more.

      So just shove it with the name calling crap. And learn to read. I agreed with the author and said: “I think this is a good idea and should be done at the beginning on any conflict where our kids are put into harms way. And then a yearly modification for Afghanistan years 2-20……” You just can’t even seem past your hate-colored glasses and always need a boogeyman to blame.

      • Miles collins

        You protested? That makes you a coward. And enough fake news about an imaginary friend. Quit trying to play on people’s emotions just to promote unamerican philosophy. Dickhead.

        • frank stetson

          Hmmm….Miles feels protestors are cowards. what does that make the founding fathers? What does that make a armchair keyboard name-calling warrior taunting so-called “cowards” anonymously from his fortress of solitude? that may be your definition of american philosophy, but it sure ain’t mine.

          The “imaginary” friend you are so obsessed with is a close relative. If it makes you feel better, he survived, thrived, but the war destroyed his soul. He always felt his survival against all that served with him dying was a curse, a curse that took his wife and unborn child. Like I said, we gave at the office and my family has fought in almost every war the US has had. We signed up in number on 12/7, one was in for repairs and his ship sailed out of San Diego steaming to Pearl on 12.7. Another went down in his sub, another lasted only two weeks before falling in Italy, another flew relief into Berlin, another worked reconstruction in Japan. We have ribbons, stars, many a military headstone, all the trappings of hero’s. We never used the VA, we take care of our own and “the other boys need it more.” The women served at home in your factories and laboratories making the weapons of war. One helped develop some of our most advanced radar systems getting her Engineering Degree at night with help from the other male engineers at the company, one of the first women through college in our family, all due to War. Most that I knew from this large family supported my decision; the war was lost; it had been decades of police action, there was no domino’s in the domino theory, Ho Chi Ming started his revolution with OUR Declaration of Independence as his model, Nixon had announced his intention to end the War but then invaded Cambodia, I was not going to be drafted, nope —- no coward, I think I just chose the winning team and I would rather risk jail and a beating than see one more kid go off to Vietnam after 1972: enough. After your so-called “cowards” were massacred at Kent State, the question is: how could you not protest these police actions against private citizens protesting?

        • Ben

          Miles, what could be more patriotic than protesting your governments unnecessary use of their war powers against brown people living in huts?

          • David mccoy

            What does brown people have to do with it? You and Frank wrap yourselves in flags and still want to hand America over to socialism and lawless mobs. And yes, I agree that Vietnam was a cluster fuck and the Kent state shooters should have been hanged in public. But president Johnson was trying to make a name for himself. And I’m not hiding. I can be found in chapmanville wv

          • frank stetson

            David, we have had socialist programs in the US since Ben Franklin’s first library, you benefit from numerous socialist programs — been to the beach — socialist. park — socialism. Sure, you harp on Social Security and Medicare but you won’t turn either down, socialist. Minimum wage, how about child work laws —- wouldn’t have those in a pure capitalistic model. Ben Franklin’s library, socialism. Public schools– socialist. The list is endless.

            Face it, we have a mixed economy and no way are we “hand America over to socialism and lawless mobs.” Not even sure how you link those since one of the most lawless crowds of late were totally Trumpers; not many “brown people” there I bet, but there were socialists —- because it’s a mixed economy and we all have a bit of the socialist in us.

            So sure, I will take “wrap yourselves in flags” all day. Have no problem with a proper amount of socialism too. And since you use so much socialism, I think at minimum you are very conflicted on the subject.

            I do agree Johnson wanted to be elected outright and that had a lot to do with our initial involvement around the Gulf of Tonkin. But beyond that, I am not sure what socialism, the lawless mob, or even Ben have in common with me. I am not a socialist, I am not even a progressive, heck I am an all American businessman in a traded company, a fortune 100, which is about at capitalist as you can get. My education — full capitalist studies. The lawless mob —- a number of times I have said: violence is wrong, throw the book at them.

            Having spent some time living near Harper’s Ferry, spent my wedding night on the bluff above, after no room at the Inn at Shepherdstown (Antietam), I will refrain from WV jokes…and I am sure Chapmanville is lovely, glad you’ve come out of hiding, but without a street address, hard to find you. I am more familiar with the area’s North along the Potomac all the way to the source so, without a street address, I don’t think I will take you up on your kind offer to be found.

            Frankly, it would be more fun to talk issues, facts, etc. This dancing around throwing stupid wisecracks gets old fast. Guys really need to begin to dialog or at least get some creativity in your insults. Stupid “here’s where I live, come and fine me” stuff is childish. At least the Vietnam stuff had some punch.

          • Arron morgab

            Brown people suck

        • Ben

          What do brown people have to do with it? Who have we unnecessarily bombed over the last 80 years?

          I’m glad you agree that our military intervention in Vietnam was a cluster. Add to it Korea, South America. Iraq, Afghanistan , Iraq again.

          There hasn’t been a good reason for military force since WW2. And no, supporting the military industrial complex and helping your stock portfolio is not a good reason.

          Why the hell would I care where you live? Except that it explains a lot with WV being ranked 47th in education.

          • David mccoy

            Chapmanville is in Logan county near the Kentucky border

      • larry Horist

        Frank…. It is just not credible to keep complaining about the name calling and then do you share of … name-calling. Your family served, but you protested. When? 1960s? Were you one of those on a Canadian vacation? Or did you come later? Were you one of those America-is-wrong-at-every-turn … the perma-pissed you made protest an extracurricular activity. So, you just invested in the military for profit … along with Ben. Wall Street radicals? LOL

        • Ben

          Are you upset with Frank for not dying in an unjust war? For rightfully protesting against our government when they were clearly wrong? That can’t be the case. PBP caters to the pissed off populace of the radical right. Complaining about everything, addressing grievances ( real or perceived) of our government, and you want to call out Frank?

          As for my investments, I simply put a sum every paycheck into a “lifestyle fund” that looks to achieve the financial outcome that I believe I will need to live the life I desire if and when I’m finally able to retire. Now, I know I won’t be able to live in the ivory tower, or hob nob with the global elites like you, but I should be able to live comfortably without being a financial burden to my children. I really have no idea what my money is invested in. Being the financial genius you are, maybe you could give me some pointers?

          And for heavens sake, will you please have your great grandson kids proof read your rants before you post. They are getting more and more difficult to decipher.

        • frank stetson

          Pretty funny to see a homophobe lives in “Chap-man-ville” Would those be ass-less chaps, Man? Of course, they’re all assless in the ville! :>)

          Like I said, I am sure it’s a lovely place that I drove by once on my way to Aunt Minnie’s farm in Stumptown for that fateful 1973 Bluegrass festival where Jerry Garcia most certainly did not show up.

        • frank stetson

          Yes, Larry, I have recently been a hypocrite that has dropped a few names, a very small handful. To folks who outdo me ten-to-one making me “……mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” I do apologize to all for falling but, frankly, I lost the war, have few allies on this quest, and after a name calling barrage or two, let a few choice, select, absolutely wrong ad hominem names slip in. I am glad that you follow my posts, it’s very heartening, but sad that this seems to be the only time you stand up to name calling. Seems the only time is when it allows you to get at me, the person, not the discussion. And I’m the person who said: “feel free to call me on it,” and so you have. Not exactly an overabundance of spine, my friend.

          I will attempt to refrain from calling Joe a Dickhead going forward, even though he clearly is one, a big one, a big flaccid one. At least that’s what everyone says. Will you join me in the fight? Be my ally here or will you continue to just let it all wash by until you can catch a guy fighting it here slipping up again?

          I have been pretty clear I was a extracurricular protestor who was looking for girls as much as interested in the issues. Can’t understand how you could read that whole tome and miss the salient facts and dates. Or were you just trying for some drama again? It was the 70’s and, at a point, where the future was pretty well written except for the timing. No, as I said, I was not to be drafted, way too far down in my first lotteries, the last ones to be given, there was not much risk or need to even think Canada.

          Yes, I have invested in the industrial-military complex, and invest there today too. Think I am up 14% on this round and it’s one of the few I have held in my EOY purge. Like I had said in that piece I think you reference, I have invested in lots of things, legal, that perhaps a “woke” investor would not invest in, but have never mixed social desires with business desires until this summer when I “woke” and started doing better. But I will never be perfect, woke, in this regard. Never said I would. And even though I primarily heat using a renewable fuel source, I still burn oil too. And though I drive a hybrid, I also have a V-8 400hp truck at 12mpg too. It’s an ever-changing world with many conflicts existing on the same plain.

          Remember 1.6.2020; the attack on the Capitol was not a capital idea. Throw the book at all of them, including those who architected the tragedy. Prayer vigil at 5:30PM ET.

        • Ben


          You blog is very insightful.

          Arron morgab on January 6, 2022 at 1:50 pm:
          Brown people suck