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Four Reasons Why Obamacare Continues to Demonstrate to be Ineffective

Four Reasons Why Obamacare Continues to Demonstrate to be Ineffective

With today being the deadline to enroll on, it seems fitting to take a closer look at the progress of The Affordable Care Act.

So, here are some of the many reasons why it isn’t working.

1.    Enrolling is time-consuming.

Even though has been live for three years, users are still complaining about site glitches. Once the user finally gets passed some of the site malfunctions, the process to enroll is a tedious one. Due to the inconsistency of the site and the long questionnaires, users are dreading enrolling each year. That’s why there is always a big rush before the deadline, which then causes more delays in the system.

2.    The insured rate hasn’t improved.

The major goal of the program was to get uninsured Americans insured with a healthcare plan. However, since the launch of the program three years ago, the uninsured rate has stayed the same. Meaning that Obamacare has had no success in improving the number of the uninsured across the country.

3.    Enrollment numbers have been the same for the last three years.

A successful program should experience yearly growth in enrollment numbers. However, this has not been the case of Obamacare. The sign-up numbers through have stayed stagnant. This is attributed to the fact that the average monthly premium is over $400, making the Affordable Care Act not so affordable.

4.    It’s expensive for all.

The initial budget was just over $90 million, but the site cost roughly $500 million to launch. Since then, the rhetorical debate about healthcare reform has continued. Not only was it an expensive endeavor funded by tax payer’s dollars, but again many of which can’t afford the monthly premiums. Furthermore, there is also the high cost of the health insurers to participate.

So all in all, was this just an extremely expensive and long test to see if health insurance exchanges were effective? If so, the program has failed. Faith in the system, even from liberals is at an all-time low. With the impact of the The Affordable Healthcare being so insignificant, isn’t it time to look for a better solution?

To Hell with Obamacare!

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