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Ohio Senator Pushes for Drug Addiction Reform

Ohio Senator Rob Portman has called for support for the bipartisan legislation, The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act that aims to “help more Americans put their lives back together and help individuals achieve their God-given potential”.

Portman emphasizes the need for this bill by citing statistics showing that drug overdoses have now passed car accidents as the number one cause of injury-related deaths in the country, saying “on average…129 Americans die every single day as a result of an overdose.”

Many Americans fall into drug addiction after being prescribed a prescription medication. After the addiction is developed, they begin turning to heroin which costs less and is easier to find in many cities across the country.

CARA, as the legislation is often referred to, aims to prevent abuse before it begins by dedicating $80 million to spreading educational resources and giving aid to treatment and recovery programs. It would also increase the number of prescription drug take-back programs and expand monitoring of patients on these drugs.

The Senator believes it is important to note that drug addiction is prevalent in all types of families, neighborhoods, races and cities across America, saying “this epidemic does not discriminate.”

Portman hopes CARA serves as a reminder to those who are struggling with addiction that they are not alone, and help is on the way.

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