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Laura Loomer: Explosive New Evidence on Role of Feds with Nazis in Florida

Laura Loomer: Explosive New Evidence on Role of Feds with Nazis in Florida

The news of a Nazis rally in various parts of Central Florida over the Labor Day weekend prompted conflicting narratives from leftist and conservative voices in news and on social media. Additionally, a new video shared by conservative investigative journalist Laura Loomer offered a deeper and far-reaching connection involving the Nazis, federal law enforcement and intelligence, and the war in Ukraine.

Immediately after reports of the rally in Altamonte Springs (north of Orlando) on Saturday (September 2), left-aligned media claimed it as a rally of far-right white supremacists. The conservatives countered this narrative with a clip from the video showing Christopher Pohlhaus, one of the leading members of the group, express his support for Joe Biden as well as hailing Ukraine’s Azov battalion – a well-known group of Nazi fighters.

Newsweek took a somewhat balanced approach to reporting on the incident as they included the rally leader’s expression of support for Biden and retracting support for DeSantis:

Neo-Nazis and other white supremacist groups have a history of trolling and paradoxically endorsing causes they do not agree with, including politics. Many neo-Nazis and white supremacists reject both the Democrats and Republicans over their support for Israel. 

Many conservatives immediately expressed the suspicion that at least some members of the rally were feds – operatives working for federal agencies, particularly for the FBI. Comments on Twitter/X calling for seeing the unmasked faces of the rally members poured in on the videos of the event that used Nazi flags with Swastikas and chanted Nazi slogans. Prominent among them is Laura Loomer who had recorded part of the rally on the ground and was chased by the Nazis to her car as they harassed her.

Loomer immediately got to researching another unmasked rally participant seen in the video and shared a summary of his criminal record. She posted about him on Twitter/X on Sunday (September 3) to identify him as Kent R. “Boneface” McLellan of Deltona, who was arrested on May 23 this year for burglary with assault or battery but was released without any bail. Loomer also shared that McLellan was arrested by the FBI for domestic terrorism as far back as 2012 and questioned why he isn’t behind bars. She posted a screenshot of McLellan’s criminal record and wrote:

“The CIA and FBI are endangering people’s lives by working with this man as a confidential informant. He is a violent Nazi and shouldn’t be allowed out in the public.”


Loomer followed upon it with another tweet linkingan other Ukrainian Nazi operative, as Sergai Dybynyn, known to the FBI. Dybynyn was reportedly pictured on January 6 among the crowd that marched on the federal capitol in D.C. on January 6, 2021. She questioned why Dybynyn was never arrested by the FBI or investigated by the January 6 Committee.


On September 4, Loomer posted an ‘exclusively obtained” video of an Escambia County police officer in Florida questioning Kent “BoneFace” McLellan during a police stop. When the officer saw McLellan’s ID he was heard saying, “It says to contact the FBI. I’ve never seen this before…. They have Border Patrol’s number on this.”

The police officer, who reportedly found “armed, dangerous, violent tendencies” on McLellan’s criminal record, asked McLellan whether he was Ukrainian. McLellan replied that he had just returned from Ukraine.

Loomer added:

“This is proof the CIA/FBI and Florida law enforcement are protecting NAZIS and Ukrainian war criminals, given the fact that McLellan was also recently given a Ukrainian passport.”

Following these revelations, Laura Loomer went on Steve Bannon’s show on Tuesday (September 5) and described the whole story from the Nazi rally to the details of links between FBI/CIA and McLellan.

Laura Loomer’s tweets have gathered millions of views and thousands of comments on each tweet in her series of investigation into the Nazi presence in Florida.

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  1. frank stetson

    Why are PMP journalists afraid to show bio’s? Based on this story, it may be competence and experience.

    There is no verifiable news in this story. As a news story, it violates the basic rules of journalism to, at minimum, to double source all relevant facts.

    In general, social media is not a source. A person on twitter, maybe, but Brad Pitt does not count. Nor is the number of hits some video might garner. My cat video gets 100K hits but that don’t make him a political expert. People on social media may be news, but not just social media.

    Dempsey’s point is “Immediately after reports of the rally in Altamonte Springs (north of Orlando) on Saturday (September 2), left-aligned media claimed it as a rally of far-right white supremacists.” In reality, as Dempsey knows, it was a march by the ‘Blood Trib’ and ‘Goyim Defense League. They marched with swastika flags chanting hate speak along the way. Is the Dumpster this stupid to not research who these folks are before he takes a fake swipe at MSM? Why does Dempsey give them a mulligan while hate-speaking anyone on the left who reports against white supremacism as white supremacism that Dempsey downplays for some strange reason. Why does Dempsey seem to support white supremacy? Freakin Dempsey is probably not even white, perhaps Mongoloid? I heard that on X I think and it had 12 million views. After castigating the left in Dempsey’s defense of neo-Nazi’s, he states: “The conservatives countered this narrative with a clip” which seems to say conservatives counter folks who condemn neo-Nazi’s. Let me guess —- hate speak is really free speech?

    Then he voices that many conservatives claim that the FBI was there as neo-Nazis. Of course, no sources, no pinpointing of any agents or agent actions, he’s got no actual hard evidence whatsoever. And I’m sorry, is infiltrating neo-Nazi’s now a no-no in Dempsey land? Khaaaaaan.

    The other day I went to the huge supermall and I swear there were FBI, police, and even NSA in there. Out of the thousand or more people, someone had to be in some police force, somewhere. I know it, I posted it on x.

    Then he goes to his source, looney Loomer, a well-known, nobody, who fakes everything, lies everywhere, all extreme right, for the meat of the rest of his story. No second sources. She’s a jack-off of all trades, endorsed by Trump, blown away by Democrats, tries again and is primaried by the GOP, but claims it was close (until she goes outside the GOP in a real election and loses her shorts), internet troll featured as a talking head on conservative clap trap news, a nothing.

    How does Dempsey conclude, without secondary sources as required by journalism 101 rules? He says: “Laura Loomer’s tweets have gathered millions of views and thousands of comments on each tweet in her series of investigation into the Nazi presence in Florida.” Millions and millions have viewed it, so it must be true. One, bullshit on the millions, and two: so what, my cat video got more views :>) Don’t make pussy our President…..

    It may be true. It may not be. Dempsey has no firm evidence, a fuck of a lot of bias, and no journalistic integrity whatsoever. Send Dempsey to the dumpster where this story belongs and clean up your act PBP — this one is below the bar.

  2. NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    As I’ve said in the past, especially during the Obama reign of terror, that more and more people are going to join radical and fringe groups, like the neo-Nazis, KKK, etc. And, they are not going to be your rednecks or ignorant people. You have doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians, wealthy business people, people in managerial positions, etc. that are going to join, if they haven’t joined already, opposing radical black organizations, Jews, and the corporate federal government which is not the real government (Rudy Giuliani recently said in an interview that Washington, D.C. is NOT part of the United States).

    Real Americans are fed up with the DEI, CRT and LGBTQ crowd, along with the feds and blue states trying to force these indoctrination programs on everyone, and are looking for alternative opposition. More professional and wealthy people will be gravitating toward more and more radical groups as the government continues to devolve. And, they will become more and more involved and will become more and more savvy in dealing with government types highly successfully instead of being in their face or becoming aggressive and/or violent. That’s how Hitler originally started it in the early 1930s Germany, then it become aggressive and more violent. That is what’s happening here in the United States. And, the Corporate Federal Government is outnumbered and outgunned by these groups.

    • Frank stetson

      Mr marxist: Except you have no proof.

      You can fill a page but can’t find a fact of evidence.