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Exclusive – Putin’s Ugly Strategy in the Ukraine – George McMillan Felix Rex

Exclusive – Putin’s Ugly Strategy in the Ukraine – George McMillan Felix Rex

This is a video of a Felix Rex podcast with PBP contributor George McMillan as a special guest. It is a continuation of coverage on the war, analyzing the strategic moves and psychology of the situation. The other guest, Michael Michael De La Broc is located in Kyiv and was providing ground truth.

You will not get these insights from the mainstream media.

Here are some of the key points.


All of the commentators are surprised that Putin is NOT destroying critical infrastructure. Water, electricity, communications are all still on. Civilians are not being muscled around, they are just told to carry on their work.

A “gentle invasion.”

That means he is building for negotiations, a settlement, not trying to conquer immediately. But if it lasts too long, then Putin takes more heat and it devolves into a guerilla war.

No offensive on Kyiv yet, diplomatic negotiations.

Putin is executing a strategy that takes out military but not attacking civilians.

Russians have wiped out most of the Ukrainian Air Force and Navy. Not doing shock and awe, only military targets.

Chechen diaspora hate the Russians and are volunteering to come back and fight the Russians for Ukraine. This would be VERY Brutal. This might be the future of the region if this goes on for a long time.

The most brutal fight at this point is in Kharkiv which is closer to the eastern border, 300-400 miles from Kyiv, Russian troops have broken through into the center of the city, Ukrainian troops are withdrawing.

Ukrainian Army in Donbas (the region containing Donetks) is disintegrating.

Russians running amok in southeastern Ukraine, going wherever they want.

The West is implementing SWIFT sanctions cutting off Russian banks from the Western finance system. This means that business transactions will stop and Russians will not be able to use their ATM cards. However, Russia and China have been expecting this for years. We don’t know their solution, we just know they have one.

Putin wants to control gas and oil prices for most of the world. Putin made a killing on oil, prices moving from $62 to over $100, just by moving troops around. No doubt that they shorted the stock markets. The facade of Ukrainian government abuse of any kind is pure BS.

Watch this video when you have time. The perspectives are crisp and clear.

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      Sorry man, I play for the home team and apparently you play for the other team. Looks like you’re a catcher too. Figures. But, spot on critique of Joe’s piece. Very fitting that’s your giant takeaway from Joe, I’m sure Joe appreciates the deep insights you concluded from his post. He’s so good at inspiring such brilliant commentary.

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    Does that mean Trump support of Putin is a personality flaw and not a policy flaw? Sure seems like policy to me. And apparently according to C-PAC, he still believe it. Fucking genius.