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Who Funds Letitia James – the Anti-Trump AG of New York

Who Funds Letitia James – the Anti-Trump AG of New York

Letitia James has won a big battle against President Trump in a highly prejudiced and politically motivated court in the deep blue New York. Who funds this mission of hers to damage Trump? A recent look at her financials has revealed some suspicious details.  

When she ran for the Attorney General (AG) of New York in 2018, Democrat lawyer and politician Letitia James promised she would go after Trump, whom she called “illegitimate president” and even invited other AGs to join her in removing Trump from the White House. Now she has got Trump fined for what experts call a victim-less offense by collaborating with an anti-Trump judge in a trial that conservatives widely rejected as political theatre. So whose money has been fueling this woman’s political mission of attacking Trump?

On February 27, a conservative woman who goes by Mel on social media posted on Twitter and then on Thread Reader that she looked into the campaign finances as well as expenditures of Letitia James and found something unexpected – a lifestyle out of the dreams of middle America. Mel mentioned some of the outstanding expenditures of James as AG of New York, like $84,000 on airfare to travel all over the country, which includes private jet rentals.

Other notable expenditures of James detailed in Mel’s post include over $28,500 on hotels, including stays at luxury hotels in Puerto Rico, in 2023 alone. She added:

Then there’s thousands spent on Ubers and Lyfts. Tens of thousands spent on “office” at everywhere from Target to BJ’s wholesale. Over $7,000 dropped at a nightclub in NYC and billed as “office.”

Mel then asked why James would spend over $300,000 in a single year on “campaign consultants” when she had just won re-election in November of the previous year. While saying she is not accusing James of breaking the law with these expenses, Mel wrote:

But considering the high bar she set for Trump in his civil fraud case, I find it more than a little galling that she plays so fast and loose w what she deems to be “legitimate campaign expenses.”

Shifting from James’s expenditures to her campaign’s funding, Mel posted a history of the AG’s donations and points out the big number of “ghost donors” behind them.

Mel wrote:

“It turns out ghost donors are just as big of a problem at the state level as they are at the federal.”

Whether the questionable donations and use of campaign funds by James as dug up by Mel see the light of any serious investigation, the AG has made many frown by her conduct. On Sunday (March 3), Allysia Finley in The Wall Street Journal questioned James “dubious civil fraud suit” that has no victims and wrote:

“Whatever Donald Trump’s financial transgressions, they pale in comparison with Attorney General Letitia James’s desecration of the law in service of destroying a political opponent.”

Finley went on to say that what James is doing is “the stuff of banana republics.”

Last October, the online version of the conservative news publication The Boston Broadside posted comments from Donald J. Trump Campaign showing a $20,000 donation from George Soros, the leftist Hungarian-American billionaire whom conservatives see as a main financer of radical leftist agenda around the world.

In November 2023, published an op-ed by Jordan Andrews who pointed that not only has Letitia James received significant support from megadonors like Soros but Judge Arthur Engoron, in whose court James tried Trump for alleged civil fraud, has been a donor to Democrats and is known for controversial views on juries.

President Trump has appealed the ruling of Engoron that ordered him to pay nearly half a billion dollars in fines.

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  1. frank stetson

    Let’s be clear.

    Trump was found liable of inflating, and perhaps deflating, property values by the Judge. Trump requested the bench trial. He is guilty because of the evidence. He is guilty because of his testimony.

    He will appeal the money, but he probably will not attempt to appeal the FACTS of the case. He cheated, he got caught, and he must pay. As must Eric and Don Jr.

    Does it matter that James is a Democrat? Gets political contributions to run for office? Spends money? Just because Dempsey reports that “Mel” says there’s funny money going on does not change the fact that Trump is guilty, guilty, guilty.

    So, investIgate away, indict, convict, who cares. It’s just a diversion from the fact that Trump is guility, guility, guilty, and that will most likely never change. Like going to taffic court, he may pay less for the fine, but he is guilty and he will be fined.

    And ask yourself: if you are concerned about campaign contributions and funny money —— how much of your Trump donatataions to his campaign are being used to pay lawyers in Georgia, Florida, DC and New York? He takes your donor dollars to buy TrumpCo services, at a massive profit, to cover his campaign lifestyle at Trumpian levels. Not only does Trump spend more campaign money than James, he spends it on his own companies and charges himself above cost. Way above cost.

    Give it a break Dumpster and tell the whole story, not just some post from some unknown called “MEL.”

    • Jim wampler

      Let’s be clear. Trump was railroaded by commies in the ny justice Department. But he will win and be your president. Maybe he will find you worthy to kiss his ass

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        If you think you’re worthy enough, go ahead and kiss Trump’s ass. You make it sound like it’s a good thing, so be my guest. Apparently every Republican in Congress is already worthy.

        Dempsey’s modus operandi is to reprint an article, with minimal editing (likely just enough to avoid copyright violations), and let his uninformed MAGA readers think it’s true. He has undoubtedly NOT checked the original source to see if it’s even a real person (more likely a Russian bot), nor has he checked any of the claims and numbers to see if they’re accurate or even from a real source or just made up from whole cloth. A real journalist would check the facts of the story before putting his name on it.

        A honest journalist with integrity, before printing crap like this, would go through the allegations and evidence against Trump, and report the findings, instead of following the Trump cult and dismissing the charges as “highly prejudiced and politically motivated”. But that’s what this website’s owner demands, and Dempsey has proven himself to be a company man. The problem with that is that once established as a liar, it will stick to him throughout his career.

        • Jim wampler

          You can eat his dingleberries

        • Suzy-Q

          Joseph is another nut bag!!

    • Andrew

      It’s sad that your hatred for one person is this strong when he’s done nothing to hurt but only help you. You say he’s guilty. There was no victim. Biden is a Millionaire from what business? There IS NOT ONE business transaction for Biden and family to make that revenue. And you say Trump is guilty for the Value his name puts on a property. Plus, his accountants and legal Team puts that together for the bankers. Democrats are so afraid of Trump and us thst they fabricate and use devious means with the Media to Damage him. But you won’t. I guess the only way to fix this is a Civil War to stop it. We can’t allow our Country to go down a Socialist path. So let’s get on with it.

    • NavVet

      Frank can you give facts to support your democrat lies? If so post them. Every thing brought against Trump has been by democrats who don’t like him and will do what ever they can to remove him from running in 24. Nothing has bee proven it is all speculation and false. Guess you like the thought of living under a dictator. I don’t. I prefer freedom with out illegal restraint. I served my country in uniform and am a disabled veteran. Tell me did you wear the uniform of anything other than traitor? Did not think so.

      • Charles Covington

        Frank is demo shill, has no facts just a lot of blow hard rhetoric, i have seen this clown time and time agian , every time he hits the send button , he shows up as a clown with 0 facts, he is paid are just a buffoon.

        • frank stetson

          Charles, is your brother Rafe?

          If you have any specific sources you are looking for, just ask. If you think any facts are wrong, show us.

      • frank stetson

        NavVet: you just google the court transcripts for the two cases thus far. You can google the case, the jury statements, whatever.

        As to other factoids, would be glad to provide if you could provide specifics rather than just a generalized inquiry.

    • Brenda

      ! President Trump is not guilty! Evidently you did not listen very well to the trial but bought into the lying propaganda. There was no fraud on Trumps part. Even the Banks testified for Trump. All debt and interest was repayed. The evil Judge and his evil counterpart Letitia James corrupptedly deflated the true value of Trumps property. His properties is worth billions instead of the unappointed property assessors ergon and James assessed President Trumps property at only $18 million. Any fool who ever visited any of Trumps properties would know and understand that assessment was WAY undervalued. Then the enormous outrageous fine for no victim trying to bankrupt President Trump so the evil greedy bastards of New York could get their hands on that money to spend however they wanted. New York is going bankrupt!! President Trump DID NOT receive a Constitutionally fair trial. His RIGHTS were so badly violated and taken from him by the evil Ergon. He should be removed and disbarred for what he allowed and did in that courtroom. And so should James. The true criminals were those two and the donors sponsoring them to do it..

    • Suzy-Q

      Dude, you are a nut job & us sane people can see it very clearly!

      • Suzy-Q

        Just to be clear, Frank Stetson is the nut bag!!

        • frank stetson

          Suzy-Q, wow, now I know I am right.


          You got nothing bitch. Circle round when you really learn how to throw some good ole trash talk,

    • jboo7

      Qualified witnesses in the “trial” (it was more a ‘charade’) testified that inflating, and perhaps deflating, property values is COMMON PRACTICE in the business of loans and credits – AND THE MONEY GIVER CHECK THE FIGURES FOR THEMSELVES – AND OBVIOUSLY FOUND THEM RIGHT!
      So, what “expert” in money deals is Judge Engoron to know the bank practices better than the Deutsche Bank and others?

  2. Ron B

    The leftest Dumocratic party
    will do or say anything to discredit
    President Donald John Trump.
    They know they can’t buy or control
    his decisions to secure
    our border and make America Great
    Again for the middle class and our
    Military strong. We as loyal citizens
    that love our nation and freedoms
    better step back and take a real look
    at the direction the Dumocratics are
    leading to destroying Americans
    Financial system and freedoms of
    personal choices. Be sure when you
    Vote next in November 2024 that you
    show them your disgust in their
    disastrous policies that’s against all
    common sense for our country. Vote
    for the next President Donald John
    Trump and the Republicans who will
    put the Country First for security and
    prosperity !!!!

  3. American

    Don’t the banks or companies providing large loans send somebody out to assess the property value?

    • frank stetson

      American, I think that’s addressed in the court transcripts but it appears that Duesche Bank was just stupid on many levels: personal, organizational, and even legal.

      I had long thought the DB connection to the vast Russian moeny laundering scheme adjuticated in Germany for one of the largest corruption fines ever was behind it. Mueller created a world class financial forensics legal team, but for some reason, they seemed to just stop. I blamed Mueller, still not sure, but he and Russia could be off the hook. DB might just be stupid and greedy all by itself.

      “We just looked the other way” said DB senior management.

      Great question, read this to see how it may have happened: **

      Good question, IMO.

      Read this to see how it happened: *

  4. Darren

    If Trump under valued his properties the IRS would be after him.
    How many people in this country Overvalue their properties, but wait, the IRS only helps the Biden family.
    Trump is guilty of doing successful business and making money.
    Carrol only won her law suite because she went to court.
    The woman Joe Biden sexually Rapped had to move out of the
    Country so she does not get Clintonized.
    The Judge in the Letitia James Trial should be held on charges of Bias.
    When a Circus lets the Clown be Judge, the out come is not worth Peanuts.

    I would like to thank the likes of Frank, and Joseph, CNN & NSMBC because with out your rhetoric
    and complete Bull Shit it would have been much harder to unite the Republican party.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. frank stetson

    Some folks still believe in Trump’s innocence even though juries, judges, have found him guilty multiple times in multiple cases over multiple years in multiple venues and States. One common factor is that Trump cheats to get ahead. He cheats to make money. He cheats to gain and retain power. Your claims, based on your posts, are based on your “facts” that:
    – Trump is just a successful businessman, everyone overvalues their properties, especially in the real estate business
    – The judge is biased, jury is corrupt, democrats demonize Trump, James did the math wrong and is paid by Democrats
    – The companies should have sent someone out to check on Trump’s numbers
    – The judge underrated Mar A Lago
    – NY is corrupt and wants Trump’s money
    – Donors sponsored Erogan to do their bidding
    – There are no victims, it’s a victimless crime
    – Biden raped someone too
    – Biden is a millionaire and no way could he make that money

    First, Biden is a red herring as to Trump’s cases, but — ask yourself — if Tara Reid could prove she was raped by Biden, why can’t she find the scratch to hire a lawyer to take Biden to court? Why doesn’t Trump reach out to protect, fund, and go to court. He’s got plenty of space and the Secret Service at Mar A Loser? What, he does not relish a Biden rape conviction? Does not pass the sniff test. And Biden is not rich as compared to folks in his position.

    Second, Trump lost. He could have defended better, could have picked a better jury, could have opted for jury trial instead of bench trial where he knew the judge before. Trump can appeal, which he is. But he will not overturn the facts proving his guilt. He only hires the best, he did not prove his case, he lost, he is liable as adjudicated in a court of law. He had the best legal team and he lost anyways. He didn’t even have the balls to take the stand in his own defense. Wimp. And it’s not his first time. He will lose on the facts of this appeal but might lower the fine.

    And for EJ, it’s pretty clear that, according to court records, he got her alone, slammed her up against the wall, reached up under her skirt, pulled down her tights, reached under her panties and shoved his fingers into her vagina penetrating her digitally. And later he told the world: “they let me grab em by the pussy.” Other witnesses in that trial testified, under oath and perjury, that he did similar to them. Trump did not countersue them for defamation, just Carroll., and not only did he lose that appeal, but the judge said: only in NY where a penis penetration is required for rape could you get away with a sexual abuse charge when any citizen recognizes digital penetration as rape thus putting the digital rapist description of Trump into the record.

    If the facts are lies, Trump never proved it. If the judge and jury were corrupt and biased, Trump never proved it. And he never will because he can’t.

    It’s not his first time that Trump has been found guilty or liable for cheating, defrauding, and lying:
    – Trump paid out for defrauding his students in Trump University for the tune of $25M.
    – In 2019, Trump admitted guilt and paid $2M in restitution to his charity foundation that he had been ripping off for years.
    – Trump’s business was found guilty on 17 criminal counts in 2022. He’s been cheating awhile.
    – Trump has more court cases than his next five top competitors in the real estate business. Combined.

    I guess you can say the evidence is tainted, the juries are corrupt, the judge is corrupt, blah de blah, but in the end —- the man had the best legal talent money can buy, no limit on his investigative capabilities, and he lost. He is a loser. If you feel that all of these facts are lies, that the judicial system is totally corrupt, that judges, lawyers and juries are all paid for, hey, nothing I say will matter to you. At that point, truth does not matter, only what you believe in your reality.

    But victimless? Everyone does it? Well, no competitor of Trump gets sued like Trump. And every time he cheats to get a loan, in a world of finite resources, someone else who was deserving did not get a loan. The company that gave the loans got paid, made money, but lost millions of additional profits they could have made IF Trump had not cheated. There are victims. And yes, everyone estimates to their favor, most within reasonable financial rules. I’ve done it, but I did not cheat, that’s the difference. But Trump egregiously overestimated to get ahead, changed estimates at his whimsy, and showed zero remorse when caught. He did it often, he did it for decades. He taught his sons and they did it too. His business was got nailed for 17 criminal counts of cheating, his CFO is in jail, his top lawyer went to jail and tells all how Trump also cheats, his kids are cheaters now too, so sure, maybe Don is innocent and got railroaded, but it’s one hell of a long train he’s pulling.

    And now he robs you. He takes your donor dollars to defend Don’s dalliances in court. Next you will pay to cover his hush money to a porn star so her tale of Trump sexual encounters wouldn’t ruin his election chances which allowed him to cheat his way into the 2016 election win. What would have happened if Trump’s dalliance with Stormy while Melania gave birth hit in October of 2016 on top of “grab em by the pussy?” And then the same story from Karen MacDougal, Playmate model, hit the press not to mention the doorman’s story of an illegitimate kid (probably false on that one). Much of this will be rehashed starting the end of this month. I just hope the sex stuff hits the airwaves, always good to have a sex scandal in an erection year.

    Since Cohen already was found guilty and went to jail on this, it does not look good for Cohen’s unindicted co-conspirator number one, the Don. And then you can add one more guilty as part of a corrupt system making Don the weak little victim that he is.

    No folks, the guilty’s and liable’s are mounting up and perhaps you should review the facts to see if you mind is changed given these four or five cases.
    – Trump University
    – Trump Foundation
    – EJ Carrol
    – Trump’s fake valuation scheme
    – Trump’s hush money payoff (starts end of March)

    And bye the bye, Trump’s lawyers have pleaded guilty in the Georgia 2020 election fraud case, it won’t happen before the election, but does not look good as the lawyers are flipping on Trump and were “in the room.”