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Liberal Media Ignores Durham’s Report Of Hillary’s Spying

Liberal Media Ignores Durham’s Report Of Hillary’s Spying

Liberal media outlets that downplayed former President Donald Trump’s claims of being spied on by the Hillary Clinton campaign have fallen eerily silent as news breaks that his claims were validated. 

As outlined in a court filing submitted this month by Special Counsel John Durham, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign paid a tech company to hack servers at Trump Tower, the White House, Trump’s personal residences, and even one of his healthcare providers. Clinton is also believed to have paid lawyer Michael Sussmann to fabricate a connection between Trump and a Russian Bank.

Durham’s filing accuses Sussmann of lying to the FBI when he said he wasn’t working for a client when he offered the agency certain documents linking Trump to Alfa Bank. Sussmann has pleaded not guilty.

“Yep, there was spying going on, and it was worse than we thought because they were spying on the sitting president of the United States,” says Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH). “And it goes right to the Clinton campaign. So God bless John Durham.

Click here to read my previous article on Durham’s filing.

“I mean, this is a threat to our democracy itself,” adds Rep. Michael Turner (R-OH). “It doesn’t matter really which political campaign this is or which political party this is. This is so wrong and allegations of such a level of illegal activity that goes directly to our faith in our own government that the truth must be found.”

As Trump himself noted, “In a stronger period of time…this crime would have been punishable by death.”

Not surprisingly, mainstream news sources like CNN, the Washington Post, and The New York Times have failed to report on a story that has been described as ‘worse than Watergate.’ A few years ago, these same outlets dismissed claims that Trump was being spied on by the Clinton campaign as a bid to distract the public from the Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

“We’ve never seen anything like this in history,” continues Jordan. “This is truly unprecedented, truly something that has never happened in the history of our great country.” 

Special Counsel John Durham was tapped in 2019 to lead an investigation into the origins of the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation produced no evidence to support claims that Trump had enlisted Russia’s help to win the 2016 presidential election. I wouldn’t be surprised if Durham’s investigation goes on to implicate Clinton allies James Comey (the FBI director fired by Trump in 2017), John Brennan (former CIA director and adviser to President Barack Obama), and James Clapper (former DNI who was accused of perjury after Edward Snowden revealed the extent of the NSA’s spying on American citizens).


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  1. Frank stetson

    Hmmm, there’s coverage in.every MSM out there. Did Trump issue a death threat on her? Didn’t he fucking win the election? Oh no, he just said, in the good old days. Not a real threat or call to action. Wink wink nudge nudge. That kinda talk brought us Jan 6th too. Gonna be wild! Guess we know what to look for in Trump’s next term: revenge. Lots and lots of revenge. Excellent. Wonder who’s on the list. But Larry loves his policies….

    • Perry

      You’re pissed off because your queen cunt got caught

      • Frank stetson

        Well, I’m not a fan of her personality, but her policies are better than your Trump. Do you use that language around your insignificant other? What a peach. Alice appreciates your color commentary and Joe respects it. Worth a few bucks from entertainment.

        • Chad

          Her policies caused Americans to die in Benghazi

        • Luther

          Her policies got Americans killed in Benghazi

          • Ben

            Her policies got people killed in Benghazi. Trump only killed 1 million in America with his policies. So, you’re ineptitude trumps Hillary’s.

            Gee, I did not know she was president then. And after umpteen Senate investigations, apparently the entire congress decided that you’re full of shit. Case closed. You’re a loser. Maybe you should try the Vince Foster angle.

        • Perry

          Sorry Alice. I got fired up and didn’t consider my post

          • Frank stetson

            Good for you Perry although I did reread my passage and don’t know what I said That would’ve fired you up. Unless it was just the word Hillary which I can understand, she is a lightning rod. Why, I don’t really know but she is. Probably less than Trump but not by much. However, unlike Trump, I am pretty sure beyond a couple of speaking engagements, she is out of the game. So we all should probably just let sleeping dogs lie. Durhamboner will never touch her, his filing was yesterday‘s news, and even if they do prove this to be true , it will never reach Hillary. It’s a nothing burger for her. But, I commend you for stepping up given that post was over the top.

            If you ever wanna talk issues, I am your huckleberry, and I do appreciate your being a manly-man and apologizing. Very rare on this form.

        • bob

          The inbred liberal puppet says , Hillarys’ policies are better than Trumps !! You have to be an overgrown liberal degenerate to praise ANYTHING about whining , nagging , hemorrhoid ridden slut Hillary . Alkl the puppets and sheep are brainwashed by the View .

          • Frank stetson

            Wow, just nailed me with the facts in that argument. Changed my mind completely. Not. When you put on your big boy pants and decide you wanna have a real discussion, give me a yell. I’ll be your huckleberry.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      No frank, there is not.

      • frank stetson

        Yes there is.

        Although, what are we talking about?

    • Theodore Sueck

      Nothing quite like playing drama queen when YOUR side gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar.Lets see your expansive waste of space and words explain this one away.

      • Frank stetson

        Yeah, I will spend away a lot of time explaining away a nothing burger. Even if you had something, your side very rarely can cross the finish line.

        You, for example, are the perfect example of a wet dream attempting to be sex. It’s all in your head.

        • Theodore Sueck

          Only you and maybe Ben could come up with something as retarded as that statement. You may be jonesing for sex, but leave me out of your perverted pipe dreams. And as far as my head goes, at least I have functioning grey matter up there, unlike many of you so-called people.

          • Tony

            Two queers in a barrel

          • Frank dtetson

            Yep, like I said, you don’t have a clue. Just a bunch of feckless names I can get in any school yard.

        • bob

          Liberal degenerate puppets like you that continue to praise slut Hillary gives alot of people a good chuckle and can understand where the term LIBTARDS came from . Now , since your willing to allow Hillary to sit on your chin ,,,, go have a t-shirt made up that says ” I will vote for Hillary ” and see what response you get , libtard !!!

          • Frank stetson

            Where did I praise her? You are completely diluded, Like a junkyard dog goes all rabbit every time I say Hillary.

            Hilary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary,

  2. Miles collins

    Show respect for your betters when you speak of trump.

    • Ben

      Shouldn’t you have capitalized his name?

      I’m just performing my civic duty allowing assholes to fart in the wind.

      Aren’t you entertained?

      • Joe lucas

        Tulsi gabbard would be a great choice for president if we are to have another democrat president next time She has more common sense that most of her party. And I’m a dedicated Republican

        • Frank stetson

          I like Tulsi a lot. Need some seasoning though before going for the presidency again. Pretty much blown out of the water last time, she has a history of a lot of backtracking on major issues, and probably would be a much better candidate as senator or governor before trying for the presidency again. She has most of the checkboxes though and certainly an independent mind. I really like Katie Porter, senator from Southern California, although not for president. But anywhere in Congress. While fairly unassuming looking, the woman is a financial firebrand and quite the interrogator in any senate investigation. Love her style. And I think she was born seasoned, seems very experienced or a first timer.

          • Frank stetson

            Sorry, I should’ve double checked, Katie Porter is in the house, not to senate. But from Orange County which is always incredible for a Democrat. So, I would love to see Katie as a senator

          • Mack ewing

            She would need to be schooled on the 2nd amendment. She’s better than some but the gun gun control issue isn’t as popular as before. Even blue states are locking and loading. She’s not a gun grabber but wants to ban certain guns. And we aren’t going to comply

      • Hayden

        Just don’t burn it. Frank might be injured

        • Ben

          Just don’t burn it, Hayden will get high.

          Burn what? Injured how? Frank who?

          I like my franks a little singed because BFM. Let’s go Hillary! Let’s go Big Bird. Let’s go Republicans, that’s where the Supremacists go. They may not be racists but most racists are there. Catch Hillary if you can. You got a filing, where’s that indictment? Durham ho. Barr says Trump crazy. Say 1/6 a bridge too far. Got new book, gonna hear more as Barr attempts to redeem himself. Trump to chicken to testify. Got no testicles either. Melonoma out raiseing money now. Got yuge loans coming up. Trying to sell lease on DC hotel. Russian money won’t be available. Douche Bank, Pooter bucks and Trump cpa all gone. Cpa says Trump financials not true for decades. Hillary’s fault for spying.

  3. Ben

    Let’s go Hillary!

    • Harold blankenship

      Does it take much effort to be stupid?

      • BeN

        Let me think.

        Nope, I think it come naturally for you.