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The Secret Reasons Behind Russias Attack on Ukraine

The Secret Reasons Behind Russias Attack on Ukraine

This is a Felix Rex Video, featuring Punching Bag Post contributor George McMillan.

The attack on Ukraine was not a spur of the moment action. Putin has as a goal to create is own sphere of influence much the old Soviet Union. This is a well planned, deeply nuanced series of events where Putin is moving chess pieces with confidence and power.

This is a long video, but the commentators will provide in-depth detail on the secondary effects and the underlying purposes. As well as speculations at a much deeper level than you can find in other sources.

Some key points:

– Azerbaijan has just entered the Russian sphere of influence, even after the Russians supported Armenia in a recent skirmish between the two. It is geographically vital, and a major source of gas and oil for Europe, not under Putin’s control.

– Gas and oil are at the center of all of this, Putin intends to maintain control over pipelines, shipping routes and more. Since Saudi Arabia has refused to increase exports to keep oil prices under control, oil prices will skyrocket.

– Support from China effectively circumvents a great deal of Biden’s and NATO’s sanctions.

– The goal may be an economic zone with Russia, China and many satellite countries, with minimal connection to the West.

– Putin must move quickly, he has limited cash reserves, and while his military is formidable, it will be costly if Ukrainian forces at 100,000 strong are able to regroup, hold territory and harass Russian positions.

This is worth listening to, get a cup of coffee and watch this instead of Fox or CNN this evening. More to come.

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  1. Perry

    The democrats colluded with Russia to rig the election so that they could have an idiot in the White House

    • Ben

      And beat you.

      • Nick

        Go beat Biden’s meat

        • Guilo

          Biden is a near cadaver. The high TREASON we have seen since his apparatus stole the election COULD mean the DEATH of our country… and the END of our western world! I’m 74, a combat vet, and I wish I had not lived this LONG!.

        • Nick

          That’s just whack, man.

          • Kitty

            I am 80, lived under Russian occupation for 10 years, and wish I did not have to live through this coming mess again, it is horrible to see America fall into the abyss like this.

  2. timothy price

    The largest contributions to the fraudulent Clinton Foundation was Ukraine.
    Pelosi, Kerry, Romney, & Biden had kids being paid millions from Ukraine. These are the same people who impeached Trump and failed.
    Ukraine is the money laundering center for the cabal.
    Soros operate out of there.
    Putin hates Soros.
    Putin is draining the swamp.
    The world will be a better place as a result.

  3. B4CE

    The Russian ban from SWIFT is a huge blow for Republican fundraising.

    • Ben

      When Putin takes Ukraine, that will end the Democratic slush fund which allowed Hillary Clinton to kill Americans in Benghazi, lose the election, and then Joe Biden to cheat and rigged the election so he could win with Hunter making billions without lifting a finger. Then we all know that the vaccine is dangerous and that the Covid pandemic it’s just a flu with artificially high death numbers created by Democrats trying to scare people into voting for them the next time. After Trump wins the next election, he can pardon all the 1/6 Patriots so they can join the space force and better protect America. We will move the presidential library to Mara Lago where room upon room of ripped up documents will be available for Americans to try to glue back together. Captain Bonespur, the grim ripper, Mr. grab em by the pussy himself, will then wreak revenge on the evil communist Democrats perhaps sending them all to Mexico where they belong.

      • Theodore Sueck

        You really do sound like you are on drugs. Dude, chill out and at least try to make a little sense.

  4. Ben

    Hey, the Democrats colluded with the Russians so they could rig the election and put a brain dead communist in office while they partnered with big Pharma to pretend this flu is actually killing people and that the vaccine actually does something. The flu was created by Putin and the Chinese while being funded by Fauci. Everyone knows that. I read it here, it must be true. Putin and can end all that if he takes Ukraine and then the slush fund money to Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Romney, Cheney, and the rest. I know that’s true, I read it I’m punching bag post. Then when Trump takes back the presidency, he can release all the January 6 patriots and send the rest of the Democrats to Mexico to be able to make Fords for Americans. That’s why Trump loves Putin, because he really loves the Ford mustang. He can carry more boxes of classified documents than almost any other sports car.

    Free speech is grand, aren’t you entertained?

    • Theodore Sueck

      Put down the crack pipe man, you are babbling so bad that you are starting to sound like Biden.

      • Ben

        When jfk jr comes back and runs with Turnip, then we’ll see who’s on crack. Then we’ll get those pedo communist blm antifa lovin police defunding dumb lock em up gun control nra hating sleepy russian lovin tax and spend tree hugging coal hating racist race baiting looter loving Democrats.

        Are you entertained?

        • Clifford mckinney

          We will get them first. We’ve had enough of you assholes

          • Ben

            Really? You’ve had enough? You gonna get them? Why wait chickenshit? Man up and come out from the closet. Tell us what ya gonna do pussy.

  5. AC

    Ben, your remarks nailed it, as near as you could given what was presented lacked rationality or substance. A summary restating of incoherent babble gave honor where none really was do.
    However instructional your reiteration was meant to be, there was no up take.
    PBP never disappoints for entertainment’s sake , not unlike a circus performance.
    Two people seeing the same event as it happens report two very different stories of what happened. Objectively, the two reports should be the same. That facts become twisted is the result of subjectivity’s spin applied.
    Actually, one story could be a true report, objective and true. Subjectivity did not handicap the person so completely that truth was absent.
    Unfortunately, one’s perspective to often makes objectivity unseeable and truth unknowable.
    If opinions grounded in subjective consideration only, it will not yield to objective truth. No amount of evidence proven objective and true fact will convince otherwise.
    A fool is twice convinced of their correctness. Once, the belief that they are in all opinions the last word. Second, every shared comment is in fact correct and true.
    Common wisdom bears out that uncompromising self convinced individuals are fools and not worthy of trust.

    Is it any mystery why the Reply section devolves into mindless bickering off point and, using a favorite Larry word. Mendacious. And, used here it is applicable.

    • Frank stetson

      If the comment section was meant for honest discussion, and Joe would moderate it to force honest discussion. He does not. He moderates it to make money. And we all know that honest discussion is not a moneymaker. Facts are not Joe’s friends. Frenzy is. Joe does not quest for the truth, schoolyard banter is more profitable.

  6. Tony Bell

    Simply put, Putin does not want US dept. of Defense bio labs on his door step, particularly after the covid episode. Consider this:
    “It is known that the 1972 Geneva Convention prohibits the production of bacteriological weapons, and for this reason the US military does not produce them in the United States. Why, because there are so many excellent test sites in the world as Ukraine or Georgia, where any deadly viruses can be produced and tested on the local population? It is enough only to create a military laboratory, give it a harmless name, such as ‘Sanitary Epidemiological Station’, and assign a supervisor to it… “ wrote Renat Kuzmin on Facebook in 2018. In an appeal with reference to Serbian and Bulgarian media, it is reported that the US has more than 400 bacteriological laboratories around the world, including at least 15 in Ukraine. There are exclusively American ones, and they are financed at the expense of the US Department of Defense.

  7. AC

    Joe G.,
    It does not take a rocket scientist’s insight to figure out what Putin’s ambitions are and which lands he his heart set on.
    Re-forming modern Russia into the same or larger number of republics than the old USSR controlled.
    He will keep picking away at the small defenseless ones wrecking havoc with massive and millions of people killed, injured, or displaced and homeless. Privation, hunger, and starvation will follow in his wake.
    His time table maybe long. He expects he to be President for life.
    The Ukrainians surprised him with the level of resistance they are giving. He believed they were against the current government and would welcome his coming. He has not one feeling how strong people will defend personal freedoms provided by democracy.
    China is more restrained and circumspect than Putin would like. It has not thrown it full support behind Putin and his ambitions
    . China has its own designs in mind to build power and control. Its plans are greater and more wide reaching than near geographic lan grabs. It aims to topple the US from its top spot in the economic food chain. Aiding Putin would be a distraction, but China bears watching on several fronts.
    Information particular to Putin is available for readers who want to be more informed on the Russian-Ukrainian debacle. As well as what Putin as in store for future conquests.
    Your space on the internet inhabited by PBP seems to attract it share of replies attacking each other while disregarding purposeful debate on the subject topic. Fox Entertainment does the attacks. PBP less of it is good.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      You are right, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist. But my sources believe that the intermediate goal is to control oil and gas distribution in the region, which gives him power over the EU. The Biden admin, doesn’t understand, so they can’t get ahead of him.

      If you believe the Ukrainians are effectively resisting, then you need to question your sources. My sources on the ground indicate that the Russians are basically doing whatever they want and the Ukrainian military has little impact. Remember they have already destroyed Ukraine’s air force and navy. They are not being more destructive because they actually want Ukraine intact as much as possible. That includes the civilians infrastructure and as much of the Ukrainian army as possible.

      Yes, I agree, China is the larger threat to the world. They are building a military that will rival ours soon, and their government has no semblance of freedom or individual rights.

      PBP does allow a certain amount of BS in its comments, but thoughtful comments like this one will get thoughtful responses when possible.

  8. AC

    Joe G,
    Control over petroleum for Putin is an understood motivator behind his maneuvering. He holds the trump card over Europe and can play havoc in the world petroleum markets. In addition, Ukraine’s ag resources provide a huge bonus. Its exports of grains and sunflower oils supply a majority of requirements world wide and particularly for Russia.
    Putin’s manufactured war on the European Continent is send more than a ripple affect around the world. It is impacting and will soon impact most of us.
    For those unaware that the US is not self sufficient for maintaining our life style at an affordable cost. Putin has made it very evident. Those with eyes to see reality as a citizen of the World, let them see now America is not an island apart, free from external pressure limiting access to the best products wanted.
    Some appropriate humility is warranted at this time. Yet not for Putin’s but our Allie’s’ sake.