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Biden Admin Flips on Climate Change Promise – Allows New Oil And Gas Leases

Biden Admin Flips on Climate Change Promise – Allows New Oil And Gas Leases

The Biden Administration last Friday decided to resume leasing sales for oil and gas drilling on federal lands to mitigate rising fuel costs. The decision marks a sharp reversal from Biden’s campaign promise to end new leasing in order to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The announcement, which comes as Biden’s approval rating hits an all-time low and the average fuel price remains above $4 per gallon, included an 80% reduction in acreage available for lease (this decision was allegedly the result of a “robust environmental review”) and increased royalties for fuel that is produced. The royalty increase – the first of its kind – bumps the percentage producers must pay to the federal government from 12.5% to 18.75%.

“For too long, the federal oil and gas leasing programs have prioritized the wants of extractive industries above local communities, the natural environment, the impact on our air and water, the needs of Tribal Nations, and, moreover, other uses of our shared public lands,” tweeted Interior Department Secretary Deb Haaland. “Today, we begin to reset how and what we consider to be the highest and best use of Americans’ resources for the benefit of all current and future generations.” 

The American Exploration and Production Council (AXPC), a trade association representing independent oil and natural gas companies, lauded the announcement but urged the Biden Administration to go further: “To really unleash American energy, the Biden Administration should continue to hold ongoing lease sales pursuant to the Mineral Leasing Act, issue permits more expeditiously, and provide consistent regulatory certainty.”

Friday’s announcement was met with extreme backlash from environmentalist groups shocked by Biden’s willingness to violate a major campaign promise.

The renewal of new oil and gas leases on federal lands is “pure climate denial,” tweeted the New Mexico-based environmentalist group WildEarth Guardians. “While the Biden Administration talks a good talk on #climateaction, the reality is they are in bed with the oil and gas industry. Rest assured, with the #climatecrisis raging, we can and will fight back. We can’t afford not to.” 

“The Biden Administration’s claim that it must hold these lease sales is pure fiction and a reckless failure of climate leadership,” argues Randi Spivak of the Center for Biological Diversity. “These so-called reforms are 20 years too late and will only continue to fuel the climate emergency. These lease sales should be shelved and the climate-destroying federal fossil fuel programs brought to an end.” 

As Spivak went on to note, the “communities most at risk from new fossil fuel extraction” are the “same communities that turned out in record numbers to get Bien elected in 2020.”

“We have heard a lot of rhetoric from President Biden and his administration about the need to take action on climate,” adds Kyle Tisdel from the Western Environmental Law Center. “But not only is the Administration not doing everything it could – it is not really doing anything. Climate action was a pillar of President Biden’s campaign, and his promises on this existential issue were a major reason the public elected him. Achieving results on climate is not a matter of domestic politics. It’s life and death.”

Author’s Note: Biden’s decision to resume new oil and gas leases on federal lands threatens to cost him his climate change fans right before the midterm elections. As noted in a previous article (click here to read), Biden seems already to have lost Gen Z voters who want to see action.


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  1. Miles collins

    If the fool would have kept the Trump policies on fuel and energy we would still be energy independent and enjoying lower fuel costs. But the mission of his behind the scenes handlers is to weaken and destroy America. All of this while some idiots come on this site and cheerlead for him

  2. The Redhawk

    But what kind of as shole based restrictions will dimwit BiDum impose on oil companies besides higher taxes to discourage them from investing on new explorations for oil independence for the zUDA. ??

  3. keren

    Do you really believe that shifting to electrical energy is about CO2 and climate change???? It’s about shifting the power of energy from OPEC and the middle east to CHINA who is the owner of the largest lithium and cobalt mines in Africa and now this!!! China could care less about going GREEN, they want the power and Biden has been giving it to them. Now Canada is complicit!!! Look what China is up to…….Chinese Firm to Acquire 13 Percent of Canadian Lithium Company for $5 Million. A Chinese firm that specializes in industrial explosives is planning to acquire a more than 10 percent stake in a Canadian lithium company for $5 million.
    China bought the lithium and cobalt mines in Africa, a deal brokered by Hunter Bidens company. They produce the electric cars, solar panels and windmills, all of which are a nightmare for powering huge cities and even WORSE when it comes to landfills and destruction of the environment from the mines themselves. Biden is not the problem, THE DEMOCRATS ARE!! Biden is senile. Just because you drill NOW for oil, doesn’t mean it will be there, nor are there pipelines to carry the oil. And what about the companies that invest in drilling, what if the Democrats shift in 2 yrs and change their minds and shut down oil production in America???? Then these companies are screwed. BIDEN CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!

    • Redrag

      Plus Lithium is increasing within the ground water here in the US. Unlike oil that is already by the water since that is how nature has stored both water and oil within the earth itself and they keep separate of each other. So the more lithium being mined then the more poison within all of the water



  5. frank stetson

    Election years make strange policy bedfellows.

    The keystone of a truly bad decision is when both sides don’t like it. This is one of those decisions.

    The left won’t like it because it was a pledge and no way will this ever effect the current price problem which is partially based in lower production of fields that CAN produce more already,. The right won’t like it because there’s extra cost, regulations, and it only opens 20% of the previous administration’s wide-open policies.

    There’s a lot of election-year choices being made recently…..Kind of makes one miss the days when election jitters just made you have a rally and storm the Capitol :>)

    • Douglas

      The election was stolen. Don’t try it again.

      • Ben

        Still can’t prove it in court, just in your dreams.

        • Nathan

          In your wet dreams about little boys

  6. Ben

    I don’t give a rat’s ass about climate change. It’s nature. Get over it.

  7. Stephen durham

    Latest news. President dementia is lower in the poles than any president before him. And his token isn’t doing any better. But my point is don’t get complacent. Sometimes people turn stupid at election time and couple that with voter fraud, things can go south. We are going to have a great chance to put a stop to the leftist bull shit in the midterms. Don’t tell me, show me. But there’s going to be a lot of studying the obituaries for voters. And to the republicans who are supposed to be observing vote counting. Don’t let them keep you out even if you have to kick some ass. It’s time to take the country back.

    • ben

      Yeah Stephen, scrub those obits since that’s where most Trumpublicans cheated in the 2020. Matter of fact, most convictions for 2020 fraud are Trumpublicans. As are the 1/6/2021 Capitol insurrectionists, many of whom are just now turning on Trump and his sycophants in front of Congress, and soon, the world. They are naming names of who they contacted BEFORE the riot for planning purposes, better known as “conspiracy.”

      And, by all means, observe the vote counting, kick some ass, take the country back for Trumpublicans. That’s Democracy speaking. You gotta kick some ass if you want a fair vote. You gotta kick some ass if you want to end liberal bullshit. If you don’t stop this leftist bull shit, who will? You feckless fraud freaks couldn’t kick some ass in 2020 election, you screwed the coup pooch on 1/6 even after you kicked a lot of ass, the Russian’s didn’t kick some ass for you like in 2016 when you stole the election using Russian-stolen emails from Hillary’s campaign, and most important, Don needs your donations, so kick some ass and send money today. Buy a Trump 2024 flag or Trump 2024 coffee cup for $150. I know he’s not running, but send it any way. Melania needs new shoes.

      • Jerry

        Sorry Ben. The Russia collusion thing has been debunked. By the way, you can stop being afraid of Trump. He’s probably not running again. But he is a lot better than the old fool that we have now. And going forward, we will honor any election that doesn’t seem to be fraud. I know that democrats sometimes win on the level. That’s proof that nobody can fix stupid

        • Ben

          Sure, I’ll go one more round of clarification

          Did I say collusion? Of course not. That’s been debunked. Did the Russians steal Hillary email ? Did the Trump campaign not use said known stolen information in their campaigning efforts? Of course. Is that collusion? Technically, no. Of course not. That’s been debunked.

          Did the Russians not kick ass for Trump in the 2016 election? Heck, Putin even endorse the guy. Was there a collusion? Of course not, that’s been debunked.

          And I am sorry, but help me figure this out. You are saying the Democrats sometimes win using voter fraud. You say you will honor any election that does not have voter fraud. You say that Biden won using voter fraud. So, do you have no honor?

          Thank goodness for your honor that you have no proof that would hold up in court.

          So, where is the stupid that needs to be fixed? You know it’s there. You can’t prove it. You can’t catch us. And many of you still donate your hard earned cash to this lost, fraudulent cause. I think I know who looks stupid.

          • David cole

            And the allegations against Trump hasn’t been proven. It was all a witch hunt. And no, I’m not giving money to trump. I’ve made modest donations to the Republican National committee. And about Hillary, just the destruction of the emails that were under subpoena was enough to prosecute her. Obstructing justice to be exact. But for some reason they decided to not do anything with her. Yes, I know that they investigated the hell out of her. But I admit that the case was pretty bad without the emails. I would have been prosecuted just for that. Her piece of shit rapist husband committed felonies by perjuring himself under oath and stays in office and free. So that being said, I don’t believe in the justice system that’s been abused and tainted by crooked politicians. Both parties. I believe that there’s good people on both sides, but more corrupt on the democrats side. And the laws are stacked against the average person.

  8. Ben

    Yeah, pollute at will. Fuck God’s planet. It’s our toilet. Feel free to shit where you eat. There was no dust bowl, it’s nature.

    Ben hath spoken.

    • Nathan

      Go hide in your mama’s basement if you’re afraid That’s probably where you post from

      • Ben

        My mother is dead but would’ve eaten a tighty whitey righty Trumpublican like your sorry ass for lunch and crapped you out by dinner.

        Your hateful words are a weak tea. Can’t you do better than “your mamma” taunts.? Fot anything with teeth in it.

        You people can’t speak on the issues well at all. You just suck Don’s lie and avoid any hard truths right in front of your face.

        But keep polluting. God is responding as to your stewardship of his creation. You ain’t destroying God’s creation, it will be fine. You are destroying us.

        • Greg

          So be sure that you’re right with God. Something is going to take us out of here. And I don’t mean good works or protecting the environment. I mean believe on Jesus Christ

  9. frank stetson

    Belief in Jesus ain’t gonna change the fact that man is destroying himself by making God’s Earth his toilet bowl.

    How polluting less can ever be wrong is beyond me. Are people really that greedy, self-absorbed that polluting more is better than shelling out a few extra dollars to pollute less? And to stand up and shout: “it’s just nature being natural,” is sort of like saying all this bad weather is God’s plan all along. So much for self determination…… From the “personal responsibility” crowd no less.

    But who cares. Continue to shit where you eat. I got mine. It’s our kids problem, so who cares. Fuck em, and we already have.

    Larry’s story was about Joe’s flip which I say neither the right or left will like so it’s a really bad decision made under the pressure of an election year. There’s a lot of that going on recently and it’s a very bad look for Joe in a very tough mid-term that looks tougher every day.

    The only good news for Democrats is that Trumpublicans are so very bad at operationalizing their actions that there’s a good chance they will still come a cropper before votes are cast. Desantis on Disney, Abbot at the boarder, Theis on Mallory, Marjorie Taylor Fenner Pierce and Greene’s everything but, most important, the 1.6.2021 stuff will be heating up this Spring as in, this, from The Week: “Two people giving evidence to the congressional investigation reportedly told the magazine that “they interacted with members of Trump’s team, including former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who they described as having had an opportunity to prevent the violence”.
    The two sources, “both of whom have been granted anonymity due to the ongoing investigation”, described being involved in “dozens” of planning meetings. One claimed to recall meeting with Republican lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene “specifically”. “I remember talking to probably close to a dozen other members at one point or another or their staffs,” they added. The unnamed organisers also said Republican lawmakers Paul Gosar, Lauren Boebert, Mo Brooks, Madison Cawthorn, Andy Biggs and Louie Gohmert either “participated in these conversations or had top staffers join in”.”

    Just more news that you will conveniently need to fake-news-accuse and ignore. Your own rats turning on you as the ship slowly sinks into the swamps of the Potomac.

    • Beleiver

      It’s true that the weather is God’s plan. And people should try for a clean environment. As for faith in Jesus, it’s about the salvation of man’s souls, not salvation of the earth. And it has nothing to do with political issues or beliefs. It’s about the fact that all of the human race are sinners and we are going to stand before God’s judgement someday. The Bible says that only faith in the death and resurrection of Christ will erase our sins. It’s because of sin that the terrible things that are reported daily in the news are happening. Read 2nd chronicles 7:14 Turning back to the faith in Jesus Christ is our only hope. And confess our sin and ask Jesus to save us and become the Lord of our lives. I’m ready to be mocked for my faith on this site, but my Lord endured death on the cross. No, the world won’t get much better, but it’s great knowing for sure that I have a future home in heaven that will never be taken away. Whatever happens to our human bodies is nothing compared with the next life. God allowed His only Son to be put to death on the cross to pay the penalty for man’s sins. But He was resurrected by the Father and is in the saving business. And people of all races, blood and kindred are welcome to accept Christ and receive eternal life. Those who don’t will spend eternity in hell, as per my King James Bible. And I believe that the Bible is the word of God.

      • Stewart vint

        Good comment. The gospel of Christ is a powerful message.

      • frank stetson

        I was right with you until the “eternity in hell” part :>) Seems a bit harsh, I like the forgiving God better…. Also, to say Jesus is not political does not sound right. While I really believe in your words, Jesus was all about politics as well, the politics of Rome.

        I also thing God has blessed us with numerous examples of Jesus’ teachings brought to life over history. Gandhi, Lincoln, King, and others which to me, represent men who sacrificed all for the good of man above all Earthly possessions. A stretch one might say:

        And just for entertainment: I mean Mark Wahlberg? That’s just great, life is a funny duck for sure.

        Not polluting God’s paradise, weather might just be his message, and becoming more Christlike could save our world.

        Great post, Believer. Hope you enjoy the CS Lewis. You can enjoy Christ and SciFi from the same guy proving, indeed, Christ can still be seen all around us. You just have to believe.

        • Stan peters

          No, Jesus made it clear that His kingdom wasn’t of this world. And yes Frank, hell is for real for those who reject Christ. Jesus spoke more about hell than He did about Heaven. If there’s no penalty of eternal damnnation why did He send his apostles to preach the gospel to the whole world? He made it clear in the Bible that we must believe ( depend) on Him There’s a difference between believing in and believing on Jesus. Our first step is to realize that we all are sinners. He didn’t come to schmooze with the Romans. He’s God who came to earth in a human body to save souls. He will someday rule from the throne in Jerusalem.