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The Anti-Greta – Introducing Naomi Seibt on Climate Change

Last week at CPAC, I attended a Heartland Institute session entitled “Energy, Costs and Defeating the Climate Delusion Featuring European ‘Anti-Greta’ Naomi Seibt.”

German-born Naomi has become known for her climate change skepticism and has taken the video world by storm. Thanks to the sponsorship of the Heartland Institute, she has made the rounds of conservative media in America, including interviews on Fox News and other major media outlets. Her youtube channel (still mostly in German) has over 60,000 followers. Her fanbase in America is on the rise, with many of her recent English language videos getting over 100 thousand views.

Still a teenager at 19, speaking a precise English with both German and British accents, Naomi appears tiny and shy when you first meet her. However, once she starts talking, she has a thoughtful and focused manner, with the air of an intelligent old soul. She is not the disdainful, arrogant personality of her nemesis Greta Thunberg (whom she does not know, but wishes well). But Naomi is just as compelling in her manner and in her message.

She, in fact, has come to the conclusion that while the climate is always changing, man’s impact on the climate with CO2 emissions is not killing the planet.

But while Ms. Seibt has studied the climate change data diligently, she is the first to admit she is not a scientist and should not be believed.

And that is the point. Don’t be afraid, don’t be emotional, pay attention to the data.

Her theme is “I don’t want you to panic, I want you to THINK!” Are you listening to objective points of view from knowledgeable scientists? Or are you listening to activists, politicians or other non-experts who have other agendas? She pointed out that the climate change agenda was not necessarily about climate change, it was often about political power, redistribution of wealth, or some other dishonest agenda.

Naomi spoke about her upbringing in Germany, where climate change “alarmism” is taught from elementary school through high school. According to Naomi, this is never questioned, “climate realism” was never an option.

It was discussed in the session that it is nearly impossible to break with the climate alarmist point of view in German schools and that ostracism from one’s social circle is almost certain. To be called a “climate denier” is meant to remind people of the term “Holocaust denier.”

Author’s additional comment: Naomi’s experience in German elementary schools with climate change, is paralleled in the U.S. in a majority of the schools, and in a majority of the developed world. The climate change alarmists are winning the propaganda battle. They own the grade schools, the high schools, the universities and the next generation of teachers.  Except for the few brave souls like Naomi who choose to think and research, the next generation will have no choice but to become climate change believers. And anytime you have to use the word “believe” when referring to science, it betrays the religious nature of the whole climate change alarmist movement.

And while Jim Lasee, Heartland’s president advocated for young people to be bold like Naomi and stand against their peer groups, this is not bloody likely. This is just not psychologically possible when the entire focus of young people growing up is fitting in, becoming part of a social group, and being desperately afraid of not having any friends.

Without a major disruption of some kind, the propaganda battles are already lost.

Unfortunately, the cost of losing this battle is $93 Trillion dollars, payable as soon as the next Democrat wins the White House.

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  1. Harvey Schneider

    Gardenias to this delightful, still a teen, lady! There is no comment about her father scripting her down to earth statements.

    She apparently DOES NOT have mental problems, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, and autism as Miss Greta appears to have as her mother wrote about their family in her book,

  2. Edward Herbst

    It has been proven by many scientists that the climate is always changing due to the natural order of the Universe. It also has been proven that man has had little or no affect on climate and can not influence it. It has also been proven that volcanic eruptions put out more co2 and noxious gasses in one eruption than we can in a whole year. Also, the average temp. over many years has increased and decreased by fractions of a degree. These alarmists need to due a lot more research and look for the truth. To think that man can drastically change the climate is being ridiculous and vain. It can’t be done.

    • Romney Dickinson

      Problem is the left infiltrated ALL institutions long ago. Many of them have lasting and continuing effects. WE; conservatives, patriots, Christians, Constitutionalists, lovers of freedom have come far too late to the game and are NOT prepared at all. There is no determination, dedication, zeal, grit, sacrifice. We just bitch and complain and comment. Folks, comments will NOT stop our enemies who want to remove us and any sign of us from the planet. They have ONE GOAL and will DO ANYTHING to reach it; including murder, war, pestilence, suffering. OUR ENEMIES COME TOGETHER FOR A COMMON VICTORY. We are not united, don’t communicate, don’t have a spirit like our founders. Many are luke warn about the very priciples they claim. Our enemies are totally dedicated, follow no rules and have become a part of government, charities, faith centers, businesses. To win this war will take a God miracle; God will have to change minds and hearts and become our ally. You who dwell in comfort, denial, and laziness will regret the cavalier mind set you have. When the battles and war is over you won’t be anything more than SOILENT GREEN. Look it up. Mothers, fathers, children, wives, husbands will be abused or dead. Time to fight back; WE are at war with the “world” and the worst enemy is our own government… every level. If you think tolerance and acceptance is due to islam you are beyond help and deserve what you get. How can anyone think this way? It is known, seen and experienced across the world. And our government enables this at every level. So, go vote em out. Raise hell. Calls, letters,
      etc. Do NOT accept the leftist mandates! Just organize, communicate, unite, and prepare. We can count on God, but the majority of churches, leaders are not reliable. Too many preach a “feel good” message and many are our for profit or into full PC.

      • A/A (Actually Aware)

        Hi Romney, You are mistaken. There are a lot of people out there who actually know what is going on. Call us by many names like Republicans, conservatives, Christians (mostly) but we are the silent majority that underlies the still-solid base that we rely on. I am from a Christian upbringing with black and white principals and I use them to unmask the lies that others are passing around. There is a great conspiracy – I agree with you on that. The institutions are brainwashing our youth; the gender dysphoric are muddying up our basic realities; the left wing politicians are clearly out for themselves and lying straight to our faces. We are still here, building businesses, leading by example and believing in something greater than ourselves. We are the ones who saw through it all and voted for Trump. Take comfort. You are not alone.

    • Rick

      It is sad that you believe your own lies

  3. Mike

    The BB point all of you idiots are missing (including young Naomi) is that the climate is warming, polar ice caps are melting, and storms are getting worse. Scientists (meaning people who have actually studied the situation and are not just pontificating like young Naomi) have concluded this is due to increasing CO2, and that mans actions are the primary cause. Yes, volcanic eruptions do add to the CO2 in the atmosphere, but it is man’s additional actions that is problematic. Wake up, we have a serious problem that the idiot in the WH is totally ignoring….

    • Laura Wagner

      What you have apparently missed is that most of climate change is driven by that bright round object in the middle of our solar system. Most of us call it the sun. You have also missed the fact that Mars is also experiencing an equal change in temperate to our planet with a .005 degree of variance. Climate change is NOT man-made! As such, until we can control the amount of sun light reaching our planet, we can NOT substantially effect any alteration on climate change.

      • Joe Gilbertson

        Actually there is also a massive ball of fusion about 2000 miles below our feet that is not part of any of the climate models. It constantly moving and shifting and in fact, the magnetic north pole has moved 600 miles since 1970.

        There is a group of climate scientists (very serious and intelligent, the ones I have met), who see a sunspot pattern that caused a cold climate in the middle ages and is likely cause a mini-ice age in our near future. Sunspots are also not part of any climate change model.

        Just a couple of examples to demonstrate the complexity of the problem.

      • Claude Armstrong

        Mike and David should have yiur common sense, Laura.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Any claims that “storms are getting worse” because of climate change are complete crap. We have no models that are complete enough to predict this, and no studies that correlate storm frequency with any climate data. You can “wake up” if you like, but this line of propaganda is complete BS.

    • Claude Armstrong

      Mike, how can anyone be so brain dead as whst you write here tells us about your brain?

      Simply, in the vegetable producing greenhouse business, CO2 is added beause earth’s atmosphere is deficient in CO2.

      But what the heck, the hate mongering communists liars you pander after are your slave owners, and you their stoopid slave mouthpiece.

      Real eath climate is the direct and ever changing results of stellar events man has zero control over.

      Go find SuspiciousObserver on YouTube to see daily real science tracking real stellar-caused earth weather no man caused change can alter to add or subtract effects from to alter weather.

      Instead of blindly repeating liars, get the real science.

  4. R. Howard Trembly

    It’s all about money. Most of these scientists that are promoting the so called Climate Change, are working off of grants provided by the organizations that are making millions using the climate change hoax to draw in donations. They always make dire predictions with a deadline that never happens. Past VP Al Gore, has literally made billions by promoting this lie, allowing him to fleece the American public of more money that he could not have acquired any other way. And he is just one of the hundred of thousands with the same agenda! All making money through the spreading of this false propaganda.

    • David Hazen

      You’re really comparing the scientist grants to the billions in the oil and gas industry? Wow!

      • moosegringo

        Until these “climate scientists” allow peer review from scientists with other viewpoints – I won’t believe a thing they write.

  5. David Christian Newton

    In the late 1960s, “intellectuals” (a Latin phrase for Imbecile) began the drumbeat about Global Warming. In 2001 ALGore moved his new main squeeze into a “deluxe seaside cottage” (Al’s words, not mine). One problem was that AlGore declared in the early 1990s that, because of Global Cooling / Warming / Climate Changing Psychiatric Bliapphlatdoksplat, the sea level, according to his own calculations would have inundated AlGore’s love-nest with the roof being 8 feet and 5 inches under mean tide.
    The Whoopty-Dooniversity in England that declared everyone in England was already dead…no need to make a will…because the carbon dioxide shortage was going to cause syphillis and since everyone will be killed several times. The worst impact, as usual will be against homosexuals, minorities, the poor, the hungry, people with learning disabilities, and cats and dogs that have not be vaccinated. All living things will be killed over and over again, until they do it again. AND RONALD REAGAN AND GEORGE BUSH AND TRUMP JUST KEEP ON PLAYING THEIR FIDDLES WHILE BANGOR AND HAVANA BURNS!!!!! Whew!!!

  6. David Hazen

    I have a friend that is a scientist who actually studies the ice cores in Arctic regions, Greenland and Antarctica. The cores clearly reveal that the climate change going on is much more accelerated than past changes. A consensus of scientists have reached that conclusion long ago. I always say, “follow the money”. There are billions and even trillions at stake for multinational oil and gas companies versus a pitifully small amount of money in salaries for scientists. I retired as a school administrator in 2009. The science department at the school put on a climate summit, which one member of the board of directors wanted to have the conservative viewpoint from scientists. When I Googled the scientist he wanted represented, the guy had also given expert testimony for the tobacco industry. That told me everything I needed to know. Do your own research. Don’t follow these right wing propaganda sites.

    • Claude Armstrong

      Was your “scientists” friend on the trip to the North pole that was closed due to massive ice buildup?