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Support for Biden Among Young Voters Hits Record Low 

Support for Biden Among Young Voters Hits Record Low 

Republicans may have an unlikely ally as we move towards the midterm elections: Gen Z voters who feel left behind by the Biden Administration. 

“It’s been over a year of a Democratic trifecta and young people are really disappointed because not much has been accomplished around student debt or on ambitious climate goals,” laments Ellen Sciales, a climate activist who assisted Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) during her 2020 presidential campaign. “People are losing hope.” 

As reported this week by Politico, Biden’s approval rating among voters ages 18-30 plunged to the mid-to-low 30’s earlier this year. Keep in mind these same voters backed Biden by a 25-point margin in the 2020 election (though opposition to Donald Trump may have played a key role). 

According to a CNN poll, voters younger than age 45 represent 60% of a group that voted for Biden but no longer support the work he is doing.

“The current iteration of the Democratic Party has rarely, if ever, been on such shaky ground with young people,” warns Politico contributor Elena Schneider. To compare, approval for former President Barack Obama within this demographic never dipped below 42%.

“Young Americans are being left behind in Biden’s America – we’re facing skyrocketing prices, Biden’s gas hike, and we’ve lost precious time in the classroom that we can’t get back,” argues RNC Deputy Press Secretary Will O’Grady. “Meanwhile, states with Republican leadership have led the way in economic recovery and getting students back in school and young Americans back to work…The RNC has been on the ground since last cycle, engaging and recruiting our next generation of conservative voters who value freedom, opportunity, and love for our country.” 

Among this group of voters is Karly Matthews, a 24-year-old climate activist who identifies as Republican. “Caring about climate change and being conservative and believing in small government are compatible,” she told reporters. 

Karly and other young voters are growing up in a difficult era defined by catastrophes like 9/11, the financial collapse of 2008, the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, FL, the coronavirus pandemic, and climate change. And while youth activism is generally associated with liberal views, there are plenty of young voters out there who support limited government and fiscal conservatism.

The College Republicans organization, one of the largest groups of young Republicans, hopes to rally Trump voters and non-Trump voters on hot topics like grocery prices and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“On the right, we’re really motivated right now becuase we’re fed up and want change,” says Courtney Britt, a 25-year-old who leads the organization. “The youth vote in the middle is leaning our way right now because they see the things Democrats promised them are not coming to fruition. Maybe it’s time to give Republican policies a try.” 

Pollster Della Volpe, an expert on young voters who leads Harvard University’s Institute of Politics Youth Poll, has made similar comments regarding the midterm elections.

“There are more younger people in play than there were in the last two cycles,” says Volpe, who was directly involved in President Biden’s 2020 campaign. “Democrats need to persuade them and mobilize them. That is the new reality.”

Research suggests at least one third of eligible Gen Z voters plan to participate in the 2022 midterms – but this could change if politicians ignore their demographic. Gen Z voters want to see action on the problems they face, whether it be mental health support, student debt, climate legislation, or rent prices.

“We’re just really hungry for leadership,” adds Matthews. “I think Republicans should be looking at 2022 as a huge opportunity to really appeal to the young, disillusioned voter.” 


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  1. Ben

    The young voters see the old fool for what he is

  2. Ben

    Yup, it’s impossible for the Republicans to lose.

    The fat lady has sung.

    Thanks, alice.

    • Mike

      Leave your mama out of it

      • Ben

        I think I see sn allowed third party attack?

        Must be Trumpublican on liberal again.

  3. Micala

    Generation Z is learning quickly that democrats — no matter where they try to lead— are HORRENDOUS LEADERS BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT INTELLIGENT NOR ARE THEY VISIONARIES! If you ever wonder about this, just ask a democrat to define “visionary”! They have no idea what that is!

    Not only does the current ILLEGAL ADMINISTRATION NOT CARE ABOUT OUR YOUNG ADULTS SURVIVAL ON ALL FRONTS, but the biddyboy Biden’s can’t even keep their dog in check and it has been biteing and ripping Secret Agents expensive wool coats and rain jackets — AND RIPPING THEIR FLESH AS WELL!! All the White House staff does about these mega numbers of dog attacks is tell the agents to not go into detail about the dog attacks on their reports! What the???! Are both Jill and biddyboy Biden so retarded to think they can cover up the destruction “THEY HAVE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN NUMEROUS TIMES BY THEIR DOG AND NOT SUFFER CONSEQUENCES??? Unfortunately for Americans and Generation Z, AMERICA HAS THE WORST, MOST INCOMPETENT FEEBLE MINDED LEADER/WIFE IN OUR WHITE HOUSE EVER IN OUR ENTIRE HISTORY!

    Generation Z: No democrat cares about you because they are incapable of thinking about others!! They have always only thought about “THEMSELVES”! This will never change, so YOU MUST BE THE CHANGE AND VOTE IN CONSERVATIVES WHO WANT A BETTER LIFE FOR YOU AND OUR NATION!

    VOTING FOR A DEMOCRAT IS LIKE SPITTING INTO THE WIND! It all gets blown back in your face!! Be SMARTER because the slug in the White House certainly is not!!

    • ben

      Wow, you guys are so persuasive in convincing so many Democrats to join your ranks. After calling us commie assholes who could care less about Generation Z, Black folk, old folk, middle class folk, working folk, investing folk, heck —— everyone except Hillary, Nancy, Chuck and Adam, I am sure we will all up and vote your way. Dale Carnegie gots nuttin on you.

      I prefer Orangepublicans who call Putin a genius for being so smart to capitalize on the moment to get some great lands after spending years separating kids from momma’s just cuz they tried to come to his Amerika for a better life.

      By November, if you don’t see the crimes of 1/6 as a Constitutional travesty, may God have mercy on your patriotic souls.

      • John

        They could always be buried beside their mamas

  4. Micals


    REPUBLICANS = Love Their Country/People!

    GEN Z: Who would you want leading/running your Country/Life?

    YES!! It is really that simple to decide which group of people will really listen and make the changes necessary to help you and our Nation be successful!! President Trump made promises to our people and made sure he kept those promises!
    Joe biddyboy Biden LIED TO YOUR FACE TO GET YOUR VOTE!! That is how Dems work: lies after lies after lies to achieve a goal that only benefits them!

    Why do you think biddyboy wants our southern borders open to anyone who wants to invade our nation? Because the deluded DUMBER THAN DIRT Dems think that ALL those illegals will vote to keep the Dems in D.C. because buddy let them all in. DUH! Remember when I said to ask a dem to define “Visionary” above? None of those retards realize that not only are desperate people crossing, BUT SO ARE DRUG GANGS, HUMAN TRAFFICKERS, TERRORISTS, AND TONS OF FENTANYL the most dangerous drug on earth!!! AND now Biden has flown many of those people throughout our Country to hide the enormous amount of illegals NOW INSIDE OUR NATION!!

    Dems make horrible life changing actions and then they try to HIDE their huge mistakes! Just like the present dog attacks on the men who protect Biden/wife! Biddyboy nor Jill give a damn about who gets bit! But they want to cover up what their UNTRAINED SUPER AGGRESSIVE DOG IS DOING!!

    TRUTH DOES NOT EXIST IN THE BIDEN WORLD! Hunter is no better than his feeble minded dad, except Hunter has another deficit: SEXUAL PERVERSION!


    • Ben

      Make America white again

  5. Ben

    Racists like Micala. Wonder why?

    • Perry

      I read macalas post. I didn’t see any racism. So that makes Ben a damned liar

  6. ben

    Have you read all of her posts?

    That makes you damned stupid.

    • Perry

      You’re a lying commie faggot. I’ve read her posts You’re just another race baiting asshole

  7. ben

    Actually I did go back, read her posts, and I am wrong. Pretty hard to find racism without pulling to the left.

    As to the rest of your crap: You’re a lying fascist faggot hater. You’re just another fake race-baiting asshole dickhead, pygmy prick fuck-a-duck Trumpublicunt.

    Sorry, thought it better to speak in your language: foul and foul indeed.

    ““Fair is foul and fouls is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air.”

    So fair and foul a post I have not seen. The post is fair because Perry wins the war, and foul due to the total loss of mature decorum amongst his stormy rants of his filthy airs.

    • Perry

      I proudly own my opinions. No, I don’t hate fags. I realize that they are either mentally ill or possessed by demons. Short for democrats. So stfu you whining dickhead. Go practice your queerness somewhere else

      • Ben

        Hey, that’s what I get for admitting I was wrong.

        It was sarcasm apparently lost on a guy who writes off one outta three Americans as demonic as he sees gays as mentally ill or possessed. I thought the Macbeth would give him a clue. Guess not.