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Russians Form a Third New Country – The Kherson People’s Republic

Russians Form a Third New Country – The Kherson People’s Republic

Russia has announced a referendum in the Kherson region on the creation of a third new independent territory, The Kherson People’s Republic, similar to the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).

Let’s see… How do Russian elections usually turn out?  Since all of the Catholic Ukrainian speakers have been shipped out, and mostly Russian speakers remain, even an un-rigged election would likely support independence. But in usual Putin fashion, I’m guessing that 95% will be in favor.

The area in question is the region just to the north of Crimea, and to the west of the other newly independent territories. Its independence will ensure a land bridge to Crimea, something that Putin needs to ensure that oil pipelines and logistical routes to Crimea will not be under threat of NATO intervention. Russia’s best navy base is in Sevastopol, which is at the southern end of Crimea.

We predicted earlier that Putin would not quit until he had this land bridge completed. I had earlier thought that he would negotiate a treaty with Ukraine to ensure this access and the ability of Russia to place soldiers there to guarantee access. But at that point, we had already seen Zelenskyy tacitly surrender and thought that negotiations would take over.

We do not know what has gone on behind the scenes, but one way or another, Putin was never going to stop until the land bridge to Crimea was complete. Russia already controls this territory militarily, an d you can bet that his propaganda has been influencing the region since well before the war started.

Recall that at one point, Ukraine cut off water flowing to Crimea from the Dnieper River. The threat to the navy base Sevastopol was real. The new Kherson territory will likely encompass all of the area between the DPR and the Dnieper river. All logistical supply lines will be securable with this move, a substantial weak point removed.

The Russian media is already referring to this area as independent, although mainstream media in the U.S. has ignored this development.

Also note that all three newly independent territories have voted in favor of independence. We remarked earlier on the strangely gentle approach to the invasion, the electricity, water, phones and internet were all still working, and civilians were being treated with kid gloves (relatively speaking, this is still a war zone). And with the heavy propaganda campaigns, the people in the area have reason to believe that the Russians may be the good guys, and that Ukrainians are all Nazi’s.

Personally, I would not want to be under the thumb of a tyrant like Putin.

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  1. Janice West

    You really should do a little more research into the history is this reason before passing judgement. Russian speaking Ukrainians have been terrorized by the the ethnic half of the country since at least 1999, and since 2014, 14,000 – that is 2,000 per year, have Been killed by the Azov battalion, a nazi unit of the Ukrainian nationalist forces.

    Would you like to live like that?
    They have Been!

    • Joe Gilbertson

      This is not a 20 year old fight, this is a 300 year old fight.

      Listen to George McMillan in the second half of this, he provides a pretty decent historical perspective.

  2. Bos'n

    Personally I wouldn’t want to live under the dictates of an unelected bunch of asshats in Brussels . The Donbas people have been bombed, shelled,shot,raped and pillaged since the Nuland coup in 2014 . Check out the Odessa Union Hall fire for a new perspective , open your mental aperture for a wider view into what is going on in Ukraine , you’ll have to do some digging , the U.S. media won’t tell you the truth .

    • Joe Gilbertson

      I think you will find we have covered better than most of MSM. And we are not fans of Nuland.

    • Cody

      We are living under the dictates of an unelected fraud here in America