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Unity and Bipartisanship Are Not in the Democrat Game Book

Unity and Bipartisanship Are Not in the Democrat Game Book

President Biden constantly talks about his desire to bring unity to the nation and bipartisanship to the Congress.  He promised to do it during the campaign.  He said he would do it during the transition.  And he says he is ready to do it as President.

There is one problem.  He does not mean it.  And even if he did, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the radical left members of Congress and the elitist east coast media will not allow it to happen.

What we have, however, is the age-old issue of what they SAY as opposed what they DO.  And what they DO is always the reality.  So, what are they doing?

Control of the Senate

The Democrats idea of unity and bipartisanship is unconditional surrender to the left-wing power-grabbing agenda of the Progressives who now control the Democratic Party – and the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Instead of listening to Biden’s empty campaign promises, one would be better informed by listening to folks like Schumer and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  During the campaign, Schumer said that if Democrats were to win control of the Senate, they would change the country.   And we know that “change” means more central government socialism – authoritarianism.

In the run-up to the Georgia special Senate election, Ocasio-Cortez said that Democrats needed to win the Senate so that they would NOT have to negotiate.  Obviously, if there is no negotiating there can be no unity or bipartisanship.

Even though Schumer has a very slim control of the Senate by virtue of having Vice President Kamala Harris as a tiebreaker, the New York Post has indicated his intention to move forward aggressively on the hardline left-wing Democrat agenda.   There will be no compromise.

Often – when the Senate is tied 50/50, the two-party leaders work out a power-sharing arrangement.  They may alternate as Senate leaders and make committee membership a 50/50 deal instead of a majority of the party controlling the Senate.  That is how Democrat Senator Tom Daschle and Republican Senator Trent Lott worked it out when the Senate was tied in 2001.  Not this time.  Schumer has made it clear that he and the Democrats will make all the rules – and rule the roost.

Covid-19 Legislation

The first major legislative test of unity and bipartisanship is unfolding with Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus, relief, city bailout, pork-barrel, deficit-spending legislation.  So far there is no indication of any willingness to negotiate by Biden, Schumer and Pelosi.

Biden did meet with 10 GOP senators who are pushing a $618 billion alternative.  According to the Biden team, it was not a negotiation. It was merely a “conversation.”  The meeting was just more meaningless Washington political window dressing.

If Biden’s hallmark legislation follows normal procedures, it will require a vote of two-thirds of the Senators to pass it. That means 17 Republicans.  Of course, that would require negotiations and compromise – something Democrats are loath to do.

There is an alternative procedure.  It is called “reconciliation.”  By that method, the legislation would require a simple majority.  If no Republicans break ranks, a tie vote would be cast by Vice President Harris.  Since Republicans do not march in lockstep as do Democrats, it is possible  — even likely – that a few Republicans will vote with the Democrats – giving Biden’s legislation a modicum of bipartisanship.

The problem with “reconciliation” is that it requires a cut in other spending equal to the $1.9 trillions the Democrats want to spend.  Democrats argue that the $1.9 trillion  is “temporary spending” so the requirement to cut other areas does not apply.  That is so typical of Democrats – ignoring both the rules they helped establish and any concept of fiscal responsibility.

Executive Orders

Another indication of the Biden administration’s disregard for unity and bipartisanship is the flurry of Executive Orders he has been issuing at an unprecedented rate.  He is doing a lot more than merely nullifying President Trump’s Executive Orders.

An executive order is an edict by the President – and therefore is an authoritarian governing device.  It addresses issues that Congress should handle.  Also, Executive Orders are frail.  A succeeding President can undo them. Whereas congressional legislation tends to have a much greater degree of permanence.


One of the successes of the American Republic is that we are a nation of “majority rule AND MINORITY PROTECTION.”  That does not just mean minorities as folks of varied ethnicities – all that too.  I mean “the loyal opposition.”

One of the most important protections a political party out of power has in the Congress is the Senate’s rules that allow for a filibuster and the rule that requires a super majority vote – two-thirds – to pass significant legislation.  Do away with those and we will face not majority rule, but – in Democrats hands – the tyranny of the majority.

Demonization of Republicans

Another reason that there can be no unity or bipartisanship is because the left – Democrat leaders and the dangerously biased news media – is engaged in an all-out political war on Republican leaders and voters.  The so called “political establishment” is treating Republicans – as a class of people – much like Democrats treated Blacks in the days of southern segregation and Hitler dealt with Jews (and Blacks, Arabs and Asians).  It is that old “basket of deplorables” on steroids.  Democrats are characterizing Republicans as a danger to the Republic. That is the very language that folks like Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Kim Jung-un use against their opposition.

It is all about the 2022 midterm election.  Democrats and their media allies are hellbent on not merely defeating Republican candidates.  They are seeking to destroy all opposition in order to advance their desire for one-party rule.


If the American Republic is to survive as the world’s greatest democratic republic, we need to return to the conservative values of limited government, low taxes and a restoration of constitutional rights – ESPECIALLY free speech.  Democrat concepts of cancel culture, identity politics and political correctness are the three horses of the political apocalypse.

So, there ‘tis.

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