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The Media Lies in ‘Half-Truths’

The Media Lies in ‘Half-Truths’

In a recent “Morning Joe” show, host Joe Scarborough referenced a Yiddish proverb when he said that a half-truth is a full lie.  In this case, he was referring to Senator Rand Paul’s comparison of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s rhetorical threat against the conservatives on the Supreme court and Trump language at the time of the Capitol Hill riot.

If you do not recall Schumer’s language – largely because the biased news media does not repeat it ad nauseum – Schumer stood before the crowd in front of the Supreme Court and said, “we are coming to get you.”

While Scarborough used the old proverb accusatorially against the Republican senator, he failed to appreciate the irony. The “half-lie” has been the mainstay of the corrupt and compromised left-wing media and its lies.

Even in making that charge against Paul, Scarborough engaged yet again in on of the left’s major lies-by-half-truth.  Later in the show, Scarborough verbalized his bill-of-particulars against President Trump. 

One, a reference to “what Trump said at Charlottesville.” 

He was referring to the left’s claim that Trump did not criticize the neo-Nazi faction. Rather, Trump said that “there are good people on both sides.”

What the media shamelessly omits is that Trump DID specifically condemn violence AND specifically the neo-Nazi type. The “good people on both sides” was a later reference to the people who believe we should remove Confederate statues and those who believe they should remain.

The media lies against Trump have continued despite many efforts to correct the record. 

For the dishonest left, the lie-by-half-truth is part of the permanent record.

But the problem is not just this one egregious example.  No. The lie-by-half-truth has been the key strategy in the left-wing media’s attack on Trump, the Republican Party and conservatives.

It is noteworthy that in this month of Black history, the lie-by-half-truth has been the foundation of the Democratic Party’s and the left’s false narrative about racism in America.  When referencing the civil rights acts of the mid-Twentieth Century, they avoid all references to the Republican Party’s enormous contribution to the sponsoring and passage of the 1957, 1960, 1964 and 1965 civil rights acts – against the opposition of — and filibuster by — congressional Democrats. 

In fact, the 1957 and 1960 civil rights acts passed by the Republican administration of President Eisenhower are completely omitted in the contemporary dialogue on race.  The whole truth is that none of the civil rights legislations of the past would have been enacted without the overwhelming support of the GOP.

The granddaddy of all half-truth propaganda was the four-year claim by Democrat leaders and their media cronies that Trump and his campaign conspired with Russian meddling in the 2016 election.  They bolstered their bogus bullsh*t by never reporting the facts that questioned the validity of the false narrative. They were facts that ultimately lead to Trump’s total exoneration by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  But that was only after Democrats and the media inflicted enormous political damage on Trump and others.

The left is also going after Trump’s historic legacy. 

Both CNN and MSNBC – supported by their paid parroting panelists from the New York Times, Washington Post and other regulars for the east coast media cabal – are stating with certainty that the riot on Capitol Hill – and their description of it as an insurrection or coup – will forever define the Trump presidency.  They are looking for a self-proving prophecy.

They may express their jaded opinion as factual, but it is just their opinion – and one I think is wrong.  In their half-truth mode, they believe – or want us to believe – that history will not do what it always does.  It takes a broader and cooler look at presidencies.  The other half of the story will be told.  And that is of Trump’s many accomplishments.  In fact, the riot on Capitol Hill may be of less significance through the lens of time.

We need to recall that much of the public maligned President Lincoln

History has been much kinder than the politicians and the press of his time – at least until the assassination.  Historians rate President Nixon as one of the more effective presidents in foreign policy. He is credited for the tearing down of the Chinese “Bamboo Curtain” –and the affirmative action civil rights laws.  The left maligned President Reagan as a candidate and during his terms in office.  History rates him in the top tier of great presidents. Most notably, he ended run-away inflation and won the Cold War.

Arguably the greatest threat to the Republic today is the loss of a fair and objective news profession.  With malice aforethought, they have pervasively presented – as news – a barrage of media lies based on half-truths.

When referencing the old proverb that half-truth is a lie, Scarborough could have added that the half-truth is also a form of cancel-culture censorship and the foundation of propaganda.

So, there ‘tis.

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