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The Ukrainian Army is in the Meat Grinder – Being Encircled

The Ukrainian Army is in the Meat Grinder – Being Encircled

We predicted a few weeks ago that Zelenskyy would need to rid himself of the Ukrainian elements that would oppose a surrender (call it what you will) to Putin, or a truce that surrenders of territory.  We, in fact, suggested that Zelenskyy would be sending his army into the meat grinder of Russian forces to rid himself of certain factions. (Was Zelenskyy Just Paid to Surrender?)

As the mainstream media pundits began to project that we were correct and that Ukrainian forces were moving toward such a situation we noted that they were walking into a trap. (Ukrainian Military Forces Walking into a Trap)

We now have indications that reinforced Russian elements will begin to encircle Ukrainian forces on the front lines of the Donbas region.

Source: “Preparations are underway to encircle Ukrainian troops positioned along a 200 km line of demarcation, from Donetsk- Slovyansk into central Ukraine. They number at 90,000 to 100,000 men. “These are the most combat-ready units that are currently in Ukraine …if they do not surrender, Ukraine will lose its entire army and the issue of demilitarization, one can say, would be resolved by 90%” – Basurin.”

We predicted and now know:

– The 40 mile convoy is indeed circling around to join the fight.

– The Russian forces vastly outnumber the Ukrainian forces in the primary battle field.

– The Russian reinforcements are the top of the line troops, with top of the line weapons.

– The note above indicates that Russian troops will move in behind the Ukrainian troops, cut off their logistics routes and surround them, as predicted. The Ukraine Army will quickly run out of ammunition and food.

– The Azov battalion has been surrounded in Mariupol with no escape routes and will soon have to surrender or be killed.  A note (we cannot determine the veracity) on a combatant’s Facebook page,  “In a macabre, farewell tone, the Ukraine’s 36th OBRMP Separate Marine Brigade named after Rear Admiral Mykhailo Bilynsky said on its Facebook page that Russian Enemies had pulled and surrounded their Forces to the Azovstal Industrial Complex, announcing that the Brigade is preparing for a Last Stand”… “No one wants to communicate with us anymore because we are forsaken, We are slowly ending.”

We have noted before that the Russians do not really want to wipe out the entire Ukrainian Army. The want its surrender, they want it to tap out.  (Putin’s Military Strategy in Ukraine? Judo Rules)

The mainstream media in the U.S. continues to push the hope that Ukraine will ultimately be the victor in this war, with the support of the good guys, the U.S. and NATO. The truth is that Ukraine has been outmanned, outgunned and outmaneuvered at every turn. And the Biden Administration’s incompetence has led to this war and to massive human tragedy.

Post Script: Russia is reporting that 1000 Ukrainian soldiers have surrendered en masse.

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  1. GAry warden

    The Ukraine is in danger because of our voter fraud. Ukraine would be living in peace if trump was still in office. You lying crooked democrats got what you wanted with a big red bow on it

    • Brenda

      Amen, brother. Trump presidency would have saved us all. Only dumbasses think otherwise.

      • Frank sTetson

        Trump Presidency was putting us in poor house with lower gdp growth, lower tax receipts, combined with higher deficits znd debt than bush, obama, or biden. A fucking financial house of cards just like his twice bankrupted business and current failing one e up by junk lians and donor dollars.

        The Big Lie is just the tip of the ice berg that gonna melt by mid terms. Trumpublicans talk trash, can’t get ip up wham facts onbthe table.

        Twice impeached, blame politics. Largest deficit, unemployment, debt, ever, blame pandemic. Ruined health care, blame obama. 30,000 lies, blame fake news. No infrastructure, blame Democrats. Yeah, let’s bring the asshole back. Third impeachment’s a charm.

        • harm

          Hey Frank peddle your Commie Propaganda elsewhere along with your party of TRAITORS!

          • Frank stetson

            It ain’t my party with over 800 indicted and over 250 guilty pleas for being actual traitors. One guy with over fives years for seditious conspiracy….

            But vent away, call me names, my anonymous self is really hurt… No really, my fictional character has a giant tear welling up in the corner of one eye… I might fake cry at any moment.

            I mean I might be a 16-year-old kid sitting in my mom’s basement typing this crap that you are thinking about and actually responding to…on a personal basis, as if I exist. And getting all worked up about. All all you gots is commie???

            Maybe it is better to discuss ideas. Like why is it a given that Donald J. Trump would stop all wars; he didn’t stop any on his watch. Or bring prosperity when he just piled on the debt to prosper. Or bring us health when all that happened under him was sickness and massive deaths. Why would expect something different or, more important, why do you still believe his lies? And the lies of his sycophants? Starting with The Big Lie where your funding just fuels his lifestyle? Golf, jets, mara loser. At least Joe rides the train….

            Oh yeah, and the J is for jerkoff because that’s all he did in office or before. Rich little spoiled brat would’ve probably made more putting his Dad’s money in CD!s after he ripped off the family inheritance.

  2. RJ O'Guillory

    …good…I hope Russia grinds them up….

    • Perry

      It might be Americans next.

    • madmemere

      RJ-Why are you against Ukraine? Did they do something TO you, or did “vlad the mad” and Russia do some great thing FOR you?? If you know ANY of the history of Putin, OR Russia then you would know this invasion is a criminal act on their part.

    • Micala

      May every deluded and retarded democrat suffer a physical pain so deep and throbbing inside their Soul that their Soul deflates and dies when each Ukrainian perishes on the field or hiding for their lives!! Oh my bad. Demonrats have NO Souls, my mistake!


      Because there is a silent agreement between Putin and Trump that would have stopped Putin in his tracks from ever invading the Ukraine!!!! But with an old worthless fart in our White House, Putin is LAUGHING ALL THE WAY WHILE DESTROYING THE UKRAINE AND ITS PEOPLE!!

      Hey Biden and every last Demonrat in our country: ALL THOSE UKRAINIAN DEATHS FALL DIRECTLY ON EACH OF YOUR SHOULDERS!! Do you feel that weight? Because soon, you won’t be able to get out of bed nor get dressed but just lie in a pool of your own despair — THAT IS YOUR “K A R M A”! Enjoy!!!

      • frank stetson

        And Happy Easter to you Micala from the Democrats you demonize somehow blaming them for Don’s best bud, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. By that token, you Trumpublicans must be responsible for the deaths of the Afgans, the Iraquis, the Syrians, the Kurds, the Yemenis, Somalians, and Niger, all conflicts on Don’s watch, some he participated in, some he ducked completely letting the people die, die, die, as sure as Biden is responsible for Ukraine. There are many more for Don.

        Or maybe Micala just gets upset with white Caucasian Europeans die in war. Asians, Europeans, Africans — eh, those war time deaths don’t bother the bitch that much at all.

        Micala and others feel Don would have stopped Putin. Don didn’t get Vlad to leave Crimea. Didn’t stop Puter in Syria during Trump. Didn’t stop him in the Caucasus during Trump. Didn’t stop him in multiple countries in Africa during Trump. Putin probably didn’t go farther with Don because Don was more help than hinderance to Vlad. Fucked with NATA, Putin like that. Screwed with tariffs, Putin smiled. Pissed on Paris Accord, Putin laughed. Crapped on Iran Arms Deal and Putin creamed in his jeans. Why would Vlad fuck with the guy doing his work destabilizing alliances that Putin wants to destroy.

        Micala pulls her tin foil hat down tight and says: “Because there is a silent agreement between Putin and Trump that would have stopped Putin in his tracks from ever invading the Ukraine!!!!” Yes, Virginia, Micala gets late night calls from Don-in-the-john telling her about the silent agreements. Her and Hannity….. Yeah, sure. Fact is no one knows how this would have unfolded under Don. No one. We can guess, and I go with a lot of yelling, profanities, threats, and the same actions that Biden pulled, albeit operationalized poorly and much money siphoned away to Don’s friends.

        Micala, I agree when you say: “The Ukraine and her people are held in our prayers to fight and win this unnecessary invasion of their lives and lands!” It’s just that you totally fuck the rest of it. Dear —- 30% of our world is Republican, 30% is Democrat, and 30% is Independent, more leaning left than right. You ain’t goin away and neither are we. We all have been her since 1776, similar issues are raged since the beginning, only some technology has changed things. You want to send us to hell. Fact is we are all going to hell, paving the way for our kids, if we don’t start figuring out how to listen to each other, work with each other, and just quite pissing on each other. Especially in the stupid manner that you do.

        It’s just too bad that a brave man won’t stand up and stop the egregious end of this abortion of free speech. End speech abortion now. Happy Easter to all and I hope we can discuss stuff without the hoopla for the rest of time. If Joe could just establish some rules of decorum. If only he could stand up and be that brave.

        • Harm

          Damn you have a lot of hot air to get off!

  3. Joe

    Spineless,puppet,hidenbiden is to blame for all of this by sleeping on the job. He doomed ukraine from the beginning for not giving them what they needed to defend their country. HE IS AN EMBARRASSMENT to America and the world, this would of nether happened under Trump.

  4. frank stetson

    Beside ReJerk, who apparently hates Ukraine, loves Russia, don’t any of you look at what your read? Can you be this stupid? This trusting?

    Joe, you seem to base the major premise of your story on: “Preparations are underway to encircle Ukrainian troops positioned along a 200 km line of demarcation, from Donetsk- Slovyansk into central Ukraine. They number at 90,000 to 100,000 men. “These are the most combat-ready units that are currently in Ukraine …if they do not surrender, Ukraine will lose its entire army and the issue of demilitarization, one can say, would be resolved by 90%” – Basurin.”

    I can not find this quote, but are you 100% on board with Eduard Aleksandrovich Basurin, former Russian Deputy of Defense that I think your article seems to be leaning on? Now he is employed as an official for the Russia-allied separatists.

    Joe probably would have surrendered the Pacific after listening to Tokyo Rose or Berlin to Axis Sally announced the allies pending demise :>)

    Yeah, no need for a footnote on that one. MSM has a job for Joe :>)

    And Joe —- Yes, Ukraine should lose. But they haven’t yet. And it’s not like they can’t see what the Russians are doing, or that they haven’t pounded Putin’s ass before. Or that more weapons haven’t found their way into Ukrainian’s hands. They should lose, but they have not yet.

    Except in your stories, it’s been over for some time, Zelenskyy has sold out, he’s sending the troops to their deaths, and now the Russian’s laid out their plan for Joe to embrace and believe.

    But true.

  5. frank stetson

    uh oh, Joe —- Ukraine just hit the Russian guided-missile flagship and badly damaged her, she is being towed back to the Black Sea. That’s gotta hurt.

    Saw one General note: “the first day cadets get to Annapolis, they are told: “no matter what, don’t let them sink your flagship…….” This is the second huge ship taken out of service, probably a good investment on our missile causing the Russians to invest millions to fix.

    So far, Ukrainians have scored on two large ships, a troop transport and their guided-missile flagship. Also, allegedly, seven Russian Generals have been offed, mostly by Ukrainian snipers. Between 500-800 tanks are gone, estimated were 2,700 battle ready at start of war.
    They also have about 10,000 in mothballs, I am sure they will run just fine. Over 2,000 armored vehicles have also gone bye-bye, but they have over 13,000, so a drop in the bucket except for the logistics and manpower. Probably have another 8,500 in storage.

    Meat grinder indeed.

  6. Ben

    The guys in the meat grinder just sunk the largest ship since WWIi.

    I just hate it when the ground meat fights back.

  7. jboo7

    Turning the Kiev wing hack towards Eastern Ukraine – after the Southern coast is secured for the Krym – is indeed a strategic move .
    As for your assumption that Russian leadership “does not want to kill the Ukrainian Army” – I would agree, but exempt the “Asov” butchers.

  8. dd

    I am 77 this year, veteran of Vietnam, and still in excellent health and condition. What BETTER way to leave this earth is to FIGHT for FREEDOM, even if its not on American soil. IF I could find a way to leave my wife and home to go, WHAT better way to meet my MAKER!

  9. Micala

    The Ukraine and her people are held in our prayers to fight and win this unnecessary invasion of their lives and lands! May PUTIN STUMBLE AND FALL FAST ONTO JOE BIDEN AS THEY BOTH FALL INTO THE PITS OF HADES!! THEY HAVE A RESERVATION THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN FILL!!