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Was Zelenskyy Just Paid to Surrender?

Was Zelenskyy Just Paid to Surrender?

This may be difficult to hear. But sitting with other PBP contributors, the more we talked, the more sure we became.

We have already shown that Zelenskyy has already capitulated to Putin.  He publicly offered everything Putin wanted, as stated by the Russian government press releases at the beginning of the war.  Putin’s demand and Zelenskyy’s offer match, there is no other way to look at this.

Our conclusion is simple and to the point.

Zelenskyy has been bought off.

We believe he has just been personally bought off, likely paid over $1 Billion (directly or perhaps personally offered a “partnership” in the “new trading regime”) to end the war and provide Putin a smooth route to his desired outcome.

This week he is showing a brave face, challenging Putin, trying to dictate terms.

We believe Zelenskyy the actor is acting.

Here is our reasoning:

— Zelenskyy has realized that NATO is not coming to his defense.

— This is a “plata o plomo” situation. Zelenskyy has a good possibility of being killed along with all of this family and his country destroyed. Ooooooor, take the money, save lives and be rich.

— Russia has the wherewithal to finish the war, but it is less expensive to buy off Zelenskyy and his group than to continue using military force to smash a country that it really wants to remain intact.

— All intelligence agencies, the CIA, KGB (now FSB), the GRU, the French Surete, the Mossad and the rest are in the business of persuading people to bend to their will. Paying people off (silver or “plata”) is ALWAYS first on the agenda.  And this has been on (ex-KGB) Putin’s tactical map from the beginning. The “plomo” (lead, as in bullet) threat is always less desirable.

— Ukraine has continually ranked among the most corrupt countries in the world.

— Rumor has it that Zelenskyy has already received millions of dollars from western companies and U.S. diplomats. Some estimates of his net worth exceed $600 million. This is not substantiated (and can’t be, as long as he is careful), but would be a data point in this direction, if true.

— Oliver Stone’s movie “Ukraine Under Fire” describes the history of a Ukraine continually under pressure from both east and west, having a rich tradition of switching allegiances in the middle of a battle.

— Zelenskyy will save Ukrainian lives by surrendering early. (It will also cost lives, see below.)

— Per our previous article, Zelenskyy has publicly offered Putin everything he wanted.

This is not entirely corrupt and disgusting on Zelenskyy’s part. It will actually be the best option for Ukraine since the alternative is continued pounding and destruction of his beautiful country. For those of us who bother to track events (we are talking to people on the ground in Ukraine), a Russian military victory was never really in doubt.


Nothing is simple here. Zelenskyy has a problem.

For public consumption, Zelenskyy must maintain his resistance and pride while he negotiates vast parts of his country away. If this ends too soon, people will smell a rat.

Some of the Ukrainian nationalist forces will never surrender to Russia and will indeed try to kill Zelenskyy if they catch wind of the deal.

The cynical analyst in me says that the fighting must continue for a while, until Zelenskyy can send these potential enemies into the meat grinder where either they will be surrounded and captured by the Russians or killed outright.  The cynical analyst says that the Russians likely know where the ammunition stores are kept so that they can (or have been) destroyed and the end will be less bloody.

This is borne out by current military movements. The “40 mile convoy” is leaving the Kyiv area. CNN believes Russia is withdrawing. Nope. Watch as Ukrainian forces in the east are drawn into a vacuum and then watch the 40 mile forces swoop in from the north to flank them.

So the war will continue for a couple of weeks while Zelenskyy consolidates his power, displays his sorrowful soul to the Ukrainian people and prepares for transition to the Russian regime.

In the end, Zelenskyy will still ask for Western aid to help rebuild his country. He will get it. And Zelenskyy and Russia will face the world hand in hand and make it impossible for the world to continue sanctions on Russia.

Sorry folks, CNN’s declaration of victory for Ukraine is utter BS. The Biden Administration has been played.

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  1. Tom

    Too much fluff, and no support for the supposed facts given in this article.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Which conclusions do you doubt?

  2. Ben

    Let me better position my tinfoil chapeau. OK, you got something you admit you can’t prove, but I can’t disprove it, so it must be true. Tell me, do you know what airport JFK Jr. will be landing at upon his return?

    OK, you support it with “you believe because a good possibility, the lesser expenditure, in a corrupt Ukraine, based on a rumor they already gave him the cash…….” Sure gotcha.

    Let me add: the Ukrainian War is Donald J. Trump’s revenge for Zelensky not responding to the Don’s “I want you to do me a favor and dig up some dirt on Biden,” and paying his respect to the Don with a favor requested. Plus, he gets to look like the hero in providing Ukrainian weapons even though, rumor has it after talking to Vlad, he skips the offensive weapon deployment. He is known for stealing top secret documents and giving voter information to Putin, so Vlad probably has the Ukrainian weapons info too. Then the plan cleverly is implemented on Biden’s watch so Trump can fucking tweak the guy to hell and back by calling Putin a genius, asking Putin to get him some dirt on Biden, all just before mid-terms. Amazingly, about this time, the Don has begun paying off all his loans, rumor has it.

    • Larry kuhn

      And the Hillary campaign is paying for the lies told during her failure campaign. What a dumb bitch!!!!!! And so are you.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      What color is the sky in the world you live in?

      In all seriousness, you are not someone who has the requisite background to understand this article. You have the attention span of a 2 year old and the conceptual view of 90 year old alzheimers patient.

      If you want to read CNN, WaPo and Fox and get the rah rah stuff, then you shouldn’t be here. They are wrong. Obviously, painfully, obliviously so.

      • Ben

        It makes as much sense as the crap you spewed.

        There’s just as much reality in my story as there is in yours. But, if it upsets you so much that you break down and start calling me dunny names like a nine-year-old, just don’t read it. You seem so emotionally distraught over it, I actually thought you might be crying.. So many names, so little time. You must’ve really been upset. Did someone call your little Donnie a bad name?

        You think Trump the grifter is a hero.

        You think that Zelensky the patriot is a thief.

        And I’m the one with the funky reality…

        And, you’re a stupid fucking name calling piece of shit. That’s the best defense you seem to have for your argument. Because you sure as hell don’t seem to have any facts except that it’s your belief and you know better because at one point you were in the CIA. Is that just because you didn’t have the chops to make the NSA? To be honest, the CIA doesn’t have a long-standing record of brilliant minds… I’ve been to just as many countries… They just wouldn’t let me stay. ;-).

        Grow up, grow a pair, it was a joke to show you how stupid you are by example. Are you not entertained.

        For a stupid dickhead who thinks he’s the funniest thing on the planet, you sure can’t take a joke.

  3. ben

    And WTF does that have with Ukraine, the future, or anything else except your unrequited love to the nth degree.

    And so are you,

    And you,

    You, you, you.

    Are we entertained?

  4. Keren

    The opinion stated on this feed are just that, just opinions! In my opinion this war has become a shell to deflect the Bidens corruption and the United States corruption that went all the way back to 2014. As the truth comes forward about the Biden corruption in the Ukraine, this war will have lost its potency.
    It is very sad that the country was sacrificed in an actor was put in place, The truth is Ukraine has their demons and well no one would dare to condone what Putin has done, you cannot look away from the corruption and actions of western Ukraine and what they have done to eastern Ukraine.
    My family was from Kyiv and I often wondered why they didn’t speak Russian or no Russian when they came to the United States in 1922.
    In the early 1900s Russia ruled. Truth is ukranians even back then disallowed Russians in the Ukraine to speak Russia, just as they do to the people in eastern Ukraine now.
    Imagine if you were tortured and punished for speaking Spanish in America? That was exactly the situation in the Ukraine for the Russians who were indigenous and born there but not allowed to speak their native tongue.
    This is so much more complicated and there are so many tentacles entangled in the corruption.

  5. Frank stetson

    Yes, Keren, having an actor in politics is always a bad choice. Wouldn’t want some guy had a small bad westerns for some hackneyed reality show huckster. Both be very bad for politics.

    Ukraine does have a dark history, Zelensky may be different and may be stepping away from history. He seems to be an honest broker, a patriot and a firm believer in democracy. Every country has a shaded past, ourselves included from the first time we signed the constitution. The question is, what have you done for me lately? And Zelensky appears to be the real thing, so far, even if history says we should be skeptical of actors. For example, here in the US we were skeptical of both and one turned out to be the hero of the republican party, the other a grifter..

  6. jboo7

    Sorry, Folks – it’s a bit more serious:
    A number of people were killed. No doubt.
    But by whom? – How? – When? – And why? – We need evidence – not just Government mouthpieces disguised as “journalists”.

    There was a whole Russian column wiped out by, as we hear, a Ukrainian “drone” – one of those “Kamikaze” ones, I suppose.
    The road and the village look like it – there must have been a carnage – not only of soldiers: WAR KILLS.
    And there was a “mass grave”. But 57 dead bodies – among them COVID victims and soldiers – do not constitute a mass grave (in war).
    But, as we are talking of mass graves, let us recall who loved that kind of things most:
    There are not many alive now who would know of that Stepan Bandera who is the “Ukrainian National Hero” now, even venerated in the Laws of the Post-Maidan Ukraine:
    Hitler’s Chief Collaborator, SS Founder, and Holocaust Criminal! The “Asov” militants and the Maidan shooters love him, and some in the ‘Rada’, too.
    I just heard, in the BBC program “Global Questions”, a young Ukrainian panel member praise “Ukraine’s VALUES”, and she claimed that these were the same ones all around in Europe – and the others in the panel agreed in full. But,

    His followers murdered Jews and Poles in and around Lvov, and, as after Maidan, Jews and Russians in Eastern Ukraine – and these late followers, including the Maidan shooters – have they shown themselves any better?

    When mass graves are found anywhere, forensic specialist should check how long these were dead, because such graves were a specialty of “Bandera’s bandits” – as much as their racist hate against others – and we have seen photos now of “Roma” (Gypsy) people stripped half-naked, tied to trees or lampposts.

    That makes this war look like a Sequel to that big evil of Hitler (and Stepan Bandera, his worst collaborator) – one which we thought to have long been over.
    But we were wrong – but in what way?.
    When a war breaks out, we tend to ask: WHO FIRED THE FIRST SHOT?

    And their shooting led to a “Regime Change”. That would sound American – but they weren’t there! ONLY, HOLD IT:



    And right from after the Maidan Massacre, US military advisors were training Ukrainian Forces, and British special forces, since 2015,assisted in setting up the military positions of the front to Donetsk: THAT MUST MEAN THAT:


    That war had, after all, not begun on 24 February 2022, but with the US guided start, like in Libya and Syria, An


    And the Putsch in Kiev was followed with an


    – and these minorities were not so small: The Russian-stock and language people are near 40% of the total, and, like in the 3 Baltic States, where the Native Russian people of about 1/3 were long not allowed to vote, Russian speaking areas were mistreated – even several people shot dead, just because they spoke Russian!

    It’s these things which led to the secession of the Eastern provinces: Terror and pogroms of “Asov” SS-troops and, after they were thrown out, the attack of the entire Ukrainian Army – which an unorganized “Dad’s Army” held back.

    We are told now to admire the Ukrainians for their courage to resist – but

    WHICH UKRAINIANS do they mean? – The ones with a full Army, Air Force and Navy, equipped with the latest from the West, trained by their specialists?

    Or the ones that stood up for their rights and homes with reservists’ guns and one tank from a museum? Yes, they got more real weaponry from their Russian relatives -but that took time- and they still hold out.

    Is it the “MORAL CRASH THAT POWER BRINGS”? that “Leaders” form alliances WITH ANYONE!
    With Khmer Rouge in Vietnam – and out came Pol Pot!
    With Talban in 1980 – and we’ve just seen the latest!
    With Saddam Hussein against Iran!
    With Jihadists in Libya!
    With Al Quaeda in Yemen!
    And to his last three atrocities ONE “NOBEL-PRIZE-WINNER” added MAIDAN as his summit! There can be no doubt, there was a plan! But what exactly was that plan:
    Just a “Regime Change” or ‘THREATENING RUSSIA INTO WAR’?

    We have to ask him.
    And Mr. Biden – who was in Ukraine – and profiteered,
    And Ms. Nuland on her “OUR YATS”!
    If he was “OUR YATS”, then it was also ‘OUR MAIDAN’ – and our ‘ODESSA- and our KORSUN MASSACRE’.

    And to OUR YATSeniuk add OUR SAKashvili! For he did something similar 6years earlier in Georgia – in the first year of Obama as President of the USA:

    Artillery bombardment against a minority who didn’t want to join NATO – – Russian-stock and language, too.
    And like in Eastern Ukraine, they wanted to speak their own language and live in their own culture – And most of all:

    That’s why they seceded:
    Georgia lost South Osseria and Avkhazia – Ukraine Donetsk, Luhansk and Krym.
    Good for US wars; Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq… And now in Europe!
    Oh, I forgot Yugoslavia .. Ukraine is not the first war about NATO in Europe.

    Whoever will talk to me about “OUR VALUES”
    – I’ll have to hold myself back not to vomit.