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Is China Secretly Bribing the Biden Administration? 

Is China Secretly Bribing the Biden Administration? 

The University of Pennsylvania received more than $54 million in anonymous donations from China between 2014 and 2019, reports Fox News, with most of the donations arriving after the university announced the creation of an academic center named after President Joe Biden. 

The creation of the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement was announced in 2017, shortly after Biden’s term as vice president ended. The center, located in Washington, DC, opened roughly one year later with Secretary of State Antony Blinken serving as managing director. 

The school received $15.8 million from China in 2018 alone, including a single donation totaling $14.5 million, though officials claim no money from China ever went to the Penn Biden Center. In 2020, the university invited Huang Ping, Consul-General of the Peoples Republic of China in New York, to speak at an annual research symposium.

Last week, a Virginia-based ethics watchdog organization asked US Attorney for the District of Delaware David C. Weiss to investigate the Chinese donations to Pennsylvania University as part of his federal tax probe of Hunter Biden (Joe Biden’s son); specifically, to determine whether the Penn Biden Center engaged in political activities on behalf of certain Ukrainian and Chinese companies in which Hunter held stake. 

“We’ve asked…Weiss to pursue the larger network of individuals and institutions who benefited from millions doled out by foreign interests connected to Hunter Biden’s work in China and Ukraine,” said Tom Anderson, an executive with the National Legal and Policy Center.

In its 12-page complaint, the NLPC cited a text message* suggesting CEFC (a state-run Chinese energy company) sought to lobby American politicians without registering under the Foreign Agent Registration Act.

“All gifts over $250,000 must disclose foreign ownership,” explains Fox News contributor Alexandria Hoff, “and if it was earmarked to promote Chinese interests then the donations would trigger registration as a foreign agent. The NLPC wants to see these transactions included in the federal tax probe of Hunter Biden.” 

Additional documentation provided by Senators Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) confirmed CEFC paid $100,000 to Wells Fargo Clearing Services with “further credit” going towards Hunter Biden’s firm Owasco. 

“CEFC operated under the guise of a private company but was for all intents and purposes an arm of the Chinese government,” argues Grassley. “Hunter Biden…served as the perfect vehicle by which the communist Chinese government could gain inroads here in the United States through CEFC and its affiliates.” 

*The text message referenced above was found on a laptop Hunter left behind at a repair shop in Delaware in April 2019. Information found on the laptop shed light on several of Hunter’s questionably legal business dealings. News stories regarding the laptop and its contents were censored by several major media outlets in an attempt to preserve then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s reputation. Some politicians were even locked out of their Twitter accounts for sharing the information.

Last month, The Washington Post and The New York Times confirmed that the laptop was real and that Hunter and James Biden (Joe Biden’s brother) did indeed profit from their interactions with a Chinese energy conglomerate.

“I think the reason [media outlets are finally talking about this] is that there is a real chance that the President’s son could be indicted in Delaware and that possibility has really forced the hand of the mainstream media,” says Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley. “They have been burying this story for almost two years.”

Prosecutors are actively seeking grand jury testimony and President Biden could soon find himself involved in the investigation.


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  1. Mark

    Let’s start an investigation for collusion. And see how that works out

    • frank stetson

      Good luck. I love the Hunter angle…..

      How does Biden profit from this scandal? Where’s the beef?

      They claim: “the Penn Biden Center engaged in political activities on behalf of certain Ukrainian and Chinese companies in which Hunter held stake.” Well, that should frost Joe’s cake?

      Fact is “smart” foreign country’s have been giving to higher education since the 70’s. Why? For access to information from our youngest, best, and brightest. It’s that simple. We just hope to steal more from them (money to finance our best and brightest), than they from us (student’s brilliant term paper ideas…..) We should have closed that loophole decades ago.

      Facts is China donated over $70M to UofP since 2017; Trump’s watch and certainly before they needed to “bribe” Biden via his son?

      The $54M Alice describes is from 2014 to 2019 — Trump’s watch. Saying it mostly happened post announcement of the Biden Center seems to a a disingenuous attempt to excuse Trump, one of the first times he actually didn’t take credit for getting the college the money….right after he fixed Nato……and saved the world while making Amerika great again.

      Good luck.

      Just seems that if it’s China, it’s Hunter, and therefore Joe has been bribed is a bit of a bridge too far. So far, Alice has yet to prove any of these things as actually being true.

      • Kenneth birchfield

        The Biden boys are involved with collusion with China. Treason? Probably. But the democrats doesn’t care as long as they have their village idiot in the White House

      • Joe Gilbertson

        You are cherry picking again. And ignoring the emails that say “the big guy” gets his cut.

        • frank stetson

          Could you link those emails that Joe Biden gets a cut of UoP donations? Because there is only a thin attachment to the Hunter Biden laptop in this except…… I am betting you are conflating things together that you should not.

          “In its 12-page complaint, the NLPC cited a text message* suggesting CEFC (a state-run Chinese energy company) sought to lobby American politicians without registering under the Foreign Agent Registration Act.”

          OK, the NLPC is a right wing think tank attacking the left but mostly doing good. IOW — they usually got the stuff to back it up, quite often. But this is Hunter, not Joe, and in 81 years, only about a dozen cases ever tried, and most Americans get a slap on the wrist.

          HOWEVER, we do have a laptop from a Trump sycophant, turned over to Bannon, Giuliano, and maybe even the Russians (if it didn’t start there or was corrupted from there), and this is a text message, an SMS, not even an email. Once again, a stolen laptop, handled by many, with documents, most of which are not authenticated at this time. All I can say is the other day I got a LifeLock email that was perfect, included an address, and was totally fake. I am good, but it was perfect.

          I have to ask you: if Bernie Sanders received Don Jr’s laptop from Nancy Pelosi’s computer shop and a few emails were authenticated, would you go with: “looks Kosher to me?”

          We are pretty sure it’s Hunter’s laptop, we know a few of the emails regarding his tax investigation have been second-sourced and look valid, but the rest is unclear, including any potential after-the-fact modifications by all the Trumpians handling it. News at 11 still on much of this.

          We all know Hunter makes money based on his father just like the entire Trump family. Hell, Melania, who was raised as a communist, who’s father is still a party member, held $50,000 VIP and $3,000 “normie fee” a plate “high teas” in Feb. I guess you have to be high to pay $50,000 for tea UNLESS you expect a return “gift.” The Christmas party was $10,000 a plate, ho, ho, ho. — yeah, she’s a ho alright. However a family of four paid only $30,000 and you get a picture. The fact is this shit is legal and we should stop it, stop the dark money, reverse the SCOTUS Citizens United, and clean up this mess once and for all times.

          But what Hunter does sucks and no way someone buying his “paint by numbers” is not looking for a payback.

          That does not implicate Joe except in your dreams. You gonna need a bigger boat.

          So, for now, I stand with what I said, time will tell, but connecting Hunter to Joe has not proved successful so far. And yo have the best-of-your-best hammering away at it. Alice not in that group though.

      • Don juan

        Wow…. so much support for the someone that replaced Jimmy Carter as the worst president of US. What kind of good diplomacy policies will the center teach looking at the legacy? 😀 Or are you another 50 cents earners?