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Ukrainian Military Forces Walking into a Trap

Ukrainian Military Forces Walking into a Trap

Two days ago, we told you that Zelenskyy was likely bought. That he has been paid off by the Russians to surrender and ensure that Russian demands are met. 

We stand by that.  Analysis from the mainstream media is limited to “rah rah, Ukraine” and “baaaad Russia.” We are talking to world class analysts and people on the ground in Ukraine.

We speculated on April 1 that Zelenskyy would need to neutralize any part of his military that would refuse to submit to the Russians and who might be in a position to oppose (i.e. assassinate) Zelenskyy.  We predicted that Zelenskyy would send them into the “meatgrinder” of Russian forces, to be surrounded, subdued, and, if necessary, killed.

With this perspective, the report from Colonel Daniel Davis on Fox this morning was chilling.

Please watch for yourself, but you can see from the map he is drawing (Russia is red, Ukraine is blue), that he anticipates that the Russian forces withdrawn from Kyiv will return through Belarus to the east, to join the other attacking forces.

Colonel Daniels notes that the 40-mile convoy has left Kyiv and marched back to Belarus, and he anticipates that Ukraine will send its newly freed-up forces currently defending Kyiv into the east to engage Russian forces.  He also anticipates that the Russian forces will travel inside Belarus through Russia and join the Russian forces in the east.

Colonel Daniels sees the track of Ukraine forces headed right into the middle of the area, where they will be surrounded on three sides.

This will be a gruesome defeat for Ukraine.

Why, you ask, do the plucky Ukrainian forces not have a chance against the Russian forces?

1. Russia outnumbers them and it always has.

2. The forces from the 40-mile convoy will be rested. Over the next couple of days, they will be in friendly territory, sleeping in comfortable beds, eating good food, without the stress of a battle. Their equipment will be repaired and in good shape, their ammunition will be restocked and ready.

3.  The Russians still have reserve forces that have yet to be committed. And these forces have MORE MODERN EQUIPMENT than the forces currently in use. This is standard doctrine, use your crappy equipment first, save your elites for later. The Ukrainians will be facing Russia’s best troops and the best weapons. They have not done this before.

4. The Russians have been in place for a several weeks now, they will be dug in. No more home territory advantage, and many of the positions they will be attacking will be well fortified.

5.  The Russians still have complete and utter control of the air. Once the Ukrainian military engages with Russian forces, the Russian Air Force can close off any logistics and resupply lines. That means they will quickly run out of food, ammunition, spare parts or any possibility of reinforcements. The will be surround on four sides.

The reason the Russian Army left Kyiv, was not to “regroup” or “retreat” or any of the reasons that mainstream media has told you. It was not a Russian failure. It was a planned maneuver designed to give Zelenskyy cover to move his military into the “meatgrinder.”

Following our logic that Zelenskyy has sold out, the only purpose of this is to ensure that the Ukrainian military is disarmed and harmless to facilitate a complete surrender.  We can imagine that Ukrainian food supplies and ammunition dumps in the area will be compromised to the Russians and destroyed so that the battles are over sooner.  Any anti-tank or anti-aircraft missiles will conveniently disappear.

This is an ambush pure and simple. I get the feeling that many of the Ukrainian commanders will realize this, if they do not already.  But it is tough to refuse an order to defend your nation.

This will play out for the world over the next couple of weeks, but the end is already determined.

Zelenskyy may win an Oscar for his performance.

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  1. Ben

    And the US satellites will see the troop movements and tell the Ukrainians.

    And the Russians will leave and with no Russians left, drop the big one.

    And then they will open a new theme park;,Chernobyl land. Rides to include…

    Where will Zelenskyy live to spend all his money? Afghanistan?..

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Switch to coffee…

      • BEn

        Quit playing with yourself.

        Stop 🛑 smoking 🚬 that stuff.

        And don’t track mud across my clean kitchen floor.

        • Greg

          Eat shit and bark at the moon

          • Ben

            After you my sear alphonse.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          Well put down a damned mat, for Christs sake!

    • Micala

      WAR S U C K S especially when money is involved and you have a POWER PLAYER LIKE PUKETIN WHO DOESN’T CARE ABOUT PEOPLE JUST ABOUT “CONTROL”! Zelensky is bought off by Puketin??? What a friggin wonderful world!

      So is Zelensky just going to disappear from sight as his troops forfeit their lives in a trap?? This makes me want to puke all over Puketin AND Zelensky for being the #1 POSs IN THE WORLD!!

      CAN ANYONE GET WORD INTO THOSE UKRAINIAN TROOPS TO “NOT” follow Zelensky’s orders and gather in a safer area?? Where are the HEROS in our World? Someone must inform the Ukrainian military so they can protect themselves!!

  2. Daniel

    What will happen now that the two sides know everything about the other? Will the Ukrainian generals obey Zelensky knowing they are going to die ?

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Zelenskyy has just fired two of his top generals (the intel guys) calling them traitors. I’m willing to bet there will be more of this. But the fired generals will have no voice, they will be cut off from the media. Control of communications will be key, and the forces will move.

      • Frank stetson

        Yeah, one general lead in the southeast where he gave up to the Russians immediately. Bad timing. The second flood the nation just before the war started, yeah he’s going to tell a lot of secrets…

        Y’all look things up before you let your knee jerk.

        Pretty weak tea Joe.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          The Ukrainians have no secrets. The Russians already had the country wired with humint and electronic surveillance, and they have had 10 years of planning to target everything they need. Weapons coming into the country get blown up very quickly, because the Russians know where they are as soon as the Ukrainians do.

          Its the public response they are worried about now.

  3. Bryan

    “The forces from the 40-mile convoy will be rested.” They’ve been on the frontlines for over a month with heavy casualties. They aren’t going to regroup, refit, and resupply in a matter of days in Belarus. Weeks maybe.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      They will get 3-4 days rest. That is pretty damned good, and they will have their pick up new equipment and ammo as is available. Remember this war has been in the works for 10 years. This stop is planned, there is equipment waiting.

  4. JBOO7

    I. THEY ARE WELL DUG IN, TOO (but not in western direction)