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Resignation Will Not Spell the End of Trouble for Beleaguered Andrew Cuomo

Resignation Will Not Spell the End of Trouble for Beleaguered Andrew Cuomo

The bombastic political career of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo may have come to a bitter end, but that may not spell the end of trouble for him from the accusations of sexual harassment brought against the now ex-Governor.

Cuomo’s shocking resignation finally put an end to the demands that he leave office in disgrace — but he still faces multiple criminal investigations and a potential impeachment that could bar him from running for office again.

Cuomo is also planning to move out of Albany’s Executive Mansion without a home of his own and a ruined reputation that could sink an attempt to buy a place that requires the approval of any would-be neighbors.

Cuomo likely has no idea where he’ll go. One longtime pal speaking anonymously told The NY Post that he would likely  “take a long vacation” before he starts thinking about trying to rebuild his shattered life.

But any planning could prove premature, with at least five district attorneys — in Manhattan and Albany as well as Nassau, Westchester, and Oswego counties — investigating allegations contained in the sexual harassment report issued Aug. 3 by state Attorney General Letitia James that led Cuomo to throw in the towel.

One of the 11 women whom James said Cuomo, 63, harassed — executive assistant Brittany Commisso, 32, filed a complaint last week against him with the Albany County Sheriff’s Office.

That led Sheriff Craig Apple to say Cuomo could face “a couple” of misdemeanor charges over allegations; he groped her breast and grabbed her butt on separate occasions.

James has also said her office is still conducting a criminal probe into whether Cuomo misused government resources by having state employees help produce and promote his memoir, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic,” which he sold to the Crown Publishing Group for $5.1 million.

And on top of all that, the FBI and Brooklyn US Attorney’s Office are investigating Cuomo and his administration over their handling of nursing homes during the coronavirus crisis.

Cuomo’s resignation, which he said takes effect in two weeks, came one day after Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie (D-Bronx) said an impeachment probe launched in March would be wrapped up “with all due haste.”

Assembly Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Lavine (D-Nassau) also vowed that any articles of impeachment drawn up against Cuomo “will be airtight.”

It is still unclear as to how Cuomo’s resignation would affect that process, which could lead to a sentence barring him from seeking office again were he to be convicted after a trial in the state Senate.

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  1. Joe

    It’s time for this pervert,bully, to be arrested and held accountable, for his crimes against Americans.

  2. sharon

    I’m so very sorry this happened. It seems unbelievable to me that a father of daughters would do this! I’m sure some of it may have been innocent, but certainly he knew putting his hand on a woman’s breast was WRONG! We all do wrong things, and my prayer is that he will learn from this. Also, God does forgive, may we share in being Godlike!

    • Dan Tyree

      Sharon the commiecrats have already forgiven him. Just like they forgave their darling klansman Robert Byrd Also bill Clinton when they tried to get killery elected knowing that she enabled and covered for him.