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Biden Says He Will Use Blackmail by Withholding Funds to Force Vaccines!

Biden Says He Will  Use Blackmail by Withholding Funds to Force Vaccines!

President Joe Biden says that he is considering holding back federal funding in order to force certain institutions to require COVID vaccines.

The White House has not denied reports that the Biden administration is considering leveraging federal financial muscle to push institutions to require Americans to get vaccinated.

“As we always are, the administration is discussing a host of different measures we can continue to boost vaccinations across the country,” said a White House official. “Any reported ideas under consideration are in early conversations and pre-decisional. There are no imminent policy decisions as to preview at this time.”

The statement comes after the Washington Post reported recently that the administration is considering withholding federal funds and using federal regulatory powers in a bid to push Americans to get vaccinated. 

The plan could target institutions such as long-term-care facilities, cruise ships, and universities, hoping to reach many of the 90 million Americans who are eligible for the vaccine but have not yet received it.

One area the plan could focus on is restricting access to federal funds such as Medicare in a bid to persuade nursing homes and long-term care facilities to require that their employees get vaccinated, the Post reported. While no decisions have been finalized on the plan, at least one outside lawyer in contact with the Biden administration has urged restraint in using federal powers.

The move could trigger a backlash among some Americans, including in GOP strongholds that have high rates of vaccine hesitancy. 

The plan is being weighed amid a spike in COVID-19 cases largely driven by the delta variant, which experts have warned is more easily transmittable than the original strain. The rolling seven-day average of new infections has risen to 95,000 as of Aug. 5, causing some experts to call on the federal government to use more of its powers.

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  1. steve

    FUCK that old PRICK, someone should withhold the air he breaths

  2. frank stetson

    “President Joe Biden says that he is considering holding back federal funding in order to force certain institutions to require COVID vaccines.
    The White House has not denied reports that the Biden administration is considering leveraging federal financial muscle to push institutions to require Americans to get vaccinated.”

    Boy, you can just smell someone getting ahead of their headlights; like Biden or anyone in his administration used the word “blackmail….”

    And you just had to leave out: following Ron Desantis’ blackmail of school officials by withholding both pay and school funding over a mask. His mouthpiece said: “he State Board of Education could move to withhold the salary of the district superintendent or school board members.”

    In both Biden’s and Desantis’ use of funding to get certain actions done, Biden is attempting to force CDC Guidelines to vaccinate as many citizens as possible to reach herd immunity and end the current surge. Desantis’ actions are in rejection of CDC guidelines protecting the health of children, teachers, and parents. He appears to be attempting to increase the current surge which is worse in Desantis’ Florida than almost anywhere else in the nation. They set State records every day now. He already has a higher risk of death in the long-term-care facilities than either New York or New Jersey or both combined. Now he’s going after the children.

    Blackmail you say?

    • HoPiter

      There’s small difference between Biden and DeSantis here. Florida law in effect now is NO MASKING OF SCHOOL CHILDREN AS A MANDATE, only parental choice. This is widely supported by all publish mask data as well as Covid data. The School board has flaunted the law here by making a mandate that “all kids will wear masks in school”. This pulling funding or salary to those who for no scientific reason defy the law in Florida does not p fit BLACKMAIL but is a way to get compliance with the law. There is a whole network of Socialists who DO NOT FOLLOW LAWS PERIOD. How else do you get democrat/Socialists to stop with his type behavior?

      BIDEN even by red pen has not made a mask law, which is not in his preview anyway. His taking funds away when those funds are part of budgetary law is the perfect definition of BLACKMAIL , SHAKEDOWN what ever you want to call it. If the science supported masks as stopping a virus there would be no pushback to the crazy power play of mandating masking and shaming anyone who does not wear one. Masks the type worn by most in community do nothing but catch droplets containing the virus which you can then inhale. You get enough viral load and viola……you have a chance of Covid symptoms.

      Do better research, delta is not worse in Florida that’s a lie. Death rate continues to fall over all just like in the EU and England. More infectious does not translate into more deaths. As far as increased positive Covid to date, the same inaccurate PCR TESTS are used, most positives are mildly symptomatic as documented in several peer reviewed papers. Don’t forget there is @30-40%false positives and negatives and the newer tests are no better.

      This new vaccine does not stop possible infection or is a cure. It only helps decrease the severity of symptoms. Those with multiple comorbidities are still at risk. To date there have been NO documented cases of reinfection of any Covid variant in those who have NATURAL IMMUNITY.

    • Florida Phil

      I believe you to be seriously confused and mistaken. Whereas “Joe the Weak One” muses a Quid Pro Quo (Joe) demanding people take action which may or may not ultimately cause them harm, while DeSantis is saying “Your body, your choice”. How is it that the saying is applicable only to abortion – which prematurely ends a life – but not to vaccines? We have freedom of choice or we don’t. Which is it to you Progressive oppressors? You simply cannot have it both ways.

    • Dolores

      Fascism,communisms marxism, genocide.. they didn’t kill enough with the red Chinese communist Wuhan corona virus

      • Joe S Bruder

        Dolores, you forgot to write down this part:


  3. Ben

    Governor Deathsantis is threatening to withhold funds from school districts that enforce universal mask mandates.
    This is a common practice with the government. They can’t force you to do anything, but they can make it very uncomfortable if you don’t. I seem to recall raising the speed limit to 70 mph. The States didn’t have to, but the Government threatened to withhold transportation funds if you didn’t.
    Just some value added info for your readership.

    On a side note. I find it interesting that you say ,” The move could trigger a backlash among some Americans, including in GOP strongholds that have high rates of vaccine hesitancy.”

    Larry cited the State of Mississippi as an example of there not being an overwhelming issue of Republicans hesitant to get the vaccine. However you say there is a Republican hesitancy to not get the vaccine.

    I am also curious, what does a Republican strong hold have as backlash? It’s not Biden will be losing any votes from them

    • Dan Tyree

      Ben if retard joe asked you to take a shower with him and drop the soap you would strip before the water started running As for getting vaccinated, I will reference the song by the old country singer bill Anderson. It’s my life. I’ll throw it away if I want to.

    • Karen S. King

      I refuse to get the vaccine. My body, my choice. I AM NOT IN COMPLIANCE; I AM IN DEFIANCE!!

      • Ben

        Karen, I’m glad to hear you speak up for a woman’s right to choose. This is exactly what the pro choice movement has been saying for years. It’s a very progressive stance of you! Welcome to the dark side

        • Nitpicker

          False equivalence Ben. Choosing to protect one’s own life is a far cry from terminating one’s child.

  4. Gary

    This will guarantee a GOP win at midterms. Survival rate for the unvaxxed is 98.7%
    I see no urge to get an experimental shot. Rumor has it that it makes you sterile.
    That could be the main reason they’re pushing it so hard.

    • Ben


      Rumor has it that the vaccines aren’t really for this round of Covid 19, but it was a convenient cover story by the liberal elite to convince most people to get the shot. In mid 2022 they will unleash a truly horrifying virus that will have a 99% death rate for those that did not get the vaccine.

      This is the long game played by the Murdoch’s, Fox News and the Koch Brothers. They spent 20 years convincing white America that their news was the only one you could trust. Now they are enacting their plan to kill off conservatives and the white race. They have been masquerading as conservatives to gain your trust all along. That’s why Fox News is changed so dramatically lately , certain talking heads know of this plan and are getting cold feet, that why some of the Fox personalities are pushing for the vaccination. This is why OAN was put on air, because Fox News celebrities weren’t adhering to the plan. They needed true believers to push the narrative so that can have a liberal, progressive nation devoid of religion and conservative ideology.
      Where we go one, we go all ( is obviously a socialist mantra ) means that all the true believers will be going to the grave. I mean this whole thing is so obvious.

      Trust the plan.

      • Dan Tyree

        Ben if you really believe that shit you are hopeless. 99.9% of predictions by you Marxist assholes are nothing but propaganda smeared with bullshit. Are you sure you didn’t fall on your head while you were out pretending to be a firefighter?

      • Nitpicker

        ” In mid 2022 they will unleash a truly horrifying virus that will have a 99% death rate for those that did not get the vaccine.”

        If you can fantasize Ben, then so can I. I’d be more willing to bet the your “horrifying virus” will kill those who HAVE been vaccinated not those who haven’t. They’d be getting rid of more opposition that way.

  5. Barbara A Leschinskey

    This is so sick. Our rights have been taken away from us. This must stop.

    • Ben

      What right have you lost? I am truly concerned if you have indeed lost some of your rights. Please share !

  6. Joe S Bruder

    Seems like a pretty big stretch from “has not denied… considering all options” to “WILL use blackmail by withholding funds”…

    On the other hand, Governor DeSantis of Florida threatened to withhold funding from schoolboards just for putting mask mandates in place (i.e. protecting their students).

    Gov. Abbott of Texas, not to be outdone, has threatened to withold paychecks from Democrats in the Legislature over their refusal to vote on his gerrymandering anti-voting bill, cut funding to counties that refuse to toe his line on his personal immigration policy, cut funding to cities who don’t fund police the way he wants them to, and of course threatened fines against local officials and even businesses who try to mandate anything regarding COVID. His latest order states that government entities will be fined up to $1,000 for requiring masks, while government agencies, public entities and private entities that receive public funding will be forbidden from demanding proof of vaccination to provide services. “The new Executive Order emphasizes that the path forward relies on personal responsibility rather than government mandates”… [It’s really kind of rich that he issues a state government mandate to prevent local government (and private) mandates, and preaches about personal responsibility to people who are trying to protect the public from those who are ignoring personal responsibility.]

    The whole article is nothing but sensationalist journalism.Just who is it you’re trying to scare? You’ve already got your Trump-supporting Q-anon readers convinced that Joe Biden will march into their houses with guns and needles blazing. We’re in the middle of the worst pandemic in over 100 years, and you’re trying to polarize even more people against wearing masks or getting vaccinated. You should be ashamed to write this kind of article. Newsmax made their fortune by terrorizing elderly people with scary headlines, and then offering solutions in the form of “special reports” that would “save” them (and cost them 50 bucks or more to read). Is that where PBP is headed?

    Even at the end of your article, you downplay the severity of the pandemic: “The rolling seven-day average of new infections has risen to 95,000 as of Aug. 5″… Since you published this on August 11th, you could have used current numbers, which are considerably higher – today’s number of cases was 144,635. The rolling 7-day average also obscures the fact that the number of cases are rising exponentially, doubling about every week to 10 days, and deaths are starting to rise exponentially as well (up to 700 per day, from about 250 per day a month ago.

    Trump downplayed the virus (and virtually ignored it for the last 6 months of his term), resulting in over 500,000 deaths during his term of office. Now there’s a vaccine, and the virus has turned into a disease of the unvaccinated (i.e. stupid). If Biden has to call out the National Guard to go house to house injecting the holdouts, my opinion would be that he should do it. You can scream about free speech and personal responsibility all you want, but the stupid, gullible Trumpists who are not getting vaccinated or wearing masks are only prolonging the economic crisis that “conservatives” have been calling for an end to, blaming Biden for not doing enough while celebrating the criminal state Governors that have turned their own states into COVID crisis hotspots.

    • Dan Tyree

      Just like retard joe down plays the border crisis and other problems. The old fool doesn’t remember if he wiped his ass

  7. frank stetson

    Doesn’t this website have some level of moderation for fabrications and lies? Case in point:

    Hopiter says published mask data widely supports no masking of school children. Of course, Hopiter has no source. I guess the CDC, WHO, Robert-Koch-Institut, and the American Academy of Pediatrics are wrong to say mask up in school. I can find no professional institution that agrees with Hopiter’s unsupported statement. Unless Hannity is a medical institution.

    Hopiter says masks most used do nothing but catch virus droplets which you can then inhale. I can’t find any reputable medical professional agreeing to this. Asian countries crushed this thing, made us look like stupido’s, with masks, hands washing, distancing and contract tracing. But we had freedom. And over 600,000 who are no longer free to roam this Earth.

    Hopiter says delta is not worse in Florida. Death rate is falling. Yes, Hopiter, death rate is less. Death rate is less everywhere. And yet, it’s still death and given the vaccine’s success, totally unnecessary. Yet, if death rate is lower everywhere and Florida has more cases than other places, it stands to reason that death from Delta will be worse in Florida. And it is. Florida has been logging over 20,000 cases a day for over two weeks, they have been racking up about 60 deaths a day for that same period. NY has 4,000 cases or less per day in the same time period, deaths less than 20 a day, often under 10. That makes Florida worse. And yet Hopiter can’t see that. Desantis has failed on almost any metric except personal responsibility. He even did worse for long term care facilities than New York or New Jersey oh hell, New York and New Jersey COMBINED; that’s a tough one to pull off. Overall, since the pandemic’s beginning, Florida is number 3 in cases, we in NJ thank you for bumping us. Florida is number 4 in death. Obviously Florida is worse than a lot of places. Florida has cracked up 30% of the Nation’s cases and death making them the worst state in the nation for this Delta surge. But yes, everyone’s death rate is less, rejoice in that as you suck pond water in Florida, suck it from the muddy bottom of the pond.

    Hoptier says more infection does not translate into more deaths. Of course it does. That’s just a lie.

    Hopiter says that to date there have been NO documented cases of reinfection of any Covid variant in those who have NATURAL IMMUNITY. This is another lie. According to the CDC: “Cases of reinfection with COVID-19 have been reported, but remain rare.” Cases began being documented in April of 2020 and best estimates is that “natural” immunity is short-lived and potentially useless against a variant. IOW, if you think you are immune cuz you got covid, call your Doctor and they will tell you when you need to line up to get the vaccine. Probably about 5 months out.

    Gary says that survival rate for the unvaxed is 98.7%. He is right. Matter of fact, given all the undocumented cases, he’s probably being conservative. But that little ole 1.3% gets applied against the contagion level that has produced over 37,000,000 cases and you get over 630,000 dead, now that’s a hum dinger of a yuge number. Only heart disease rates higher, do you skip your heart medicine? Pretty close to cancer, skip the chemo? We only lost over 400,000 in WWII, so it’s higher risk of death than that. 40,000 per year in auto fatalities, who needs the seatbelt? Matter of fact, our life expectancy has lowered because of covid. The good news is that the vaccine is about 99.5% effective against death and therefore, the 600 or so that die each day now, every day now, with the most deaths coming from 50% vaccinated Florida, are the unvaccinated folks who for whatever reason they derive not to get the shot. Well, nature will take it’s course, stay the course, your death rates are low, getting better, either get the shot or roll the dice.

    I am amazed that the moderators don’t cut the misinformation that is so easy to spot.

    • Joe S Bruder

      Just the fact that Dan Tyree continues to spout his usual racist homophobic foul-mouthed language on a regular basis proves that there are no moderators. It’s “free speech” to insult anyone you want or lie about anything to “prove” a point. Then there’s Dolores, I think her head exploded before she finished her last post… And HoPiter who incoherently just makes up stuff as he goes along.

      Old Joe Gilbertson doesn’t pay for editors, moderators, or fact checking…

      • Dan Tyree

        That’s Mr. Tyree to you asshole

        • Joe S Bruder

          Like I’ve said elsewhere, you seem to really really like to talk about “dropping the soap” (I think that’s probably the name of your favorite game), gay sex, asses, and assholes… What are you trying to tell us Mr. Dan Tyree?

          • Dan Tyree

            Simply answer. I’m not queer if that’s what you’re implying. I don’t travel the chocolate high way

      • Ben

        It wildly entertaining , isn’t it?
        I think a reality show with the commenters here at the PBP would be a huge hit!

        We could call it,”Radical Right Rants”.

        Just put them up in a house, have Faux News and OAN on the tv. Film them yelling at Faux, and their computer screens as they slowly type out their responses here on PBP. The right would watch to cheer them on, the left will tune in for a good laugh.
        No doubt it would be ratings good!

        • Mac Ewing

          Put you two in a room and film queer porn

          • Joe S Bruder

            Wait, are you and Dan Tyree “friends”? As in “drop-the-soap game” friends?

  8. frank stetson

    Mr. Bruder. Let’s not go there. It doesn’t really matter what kind of friends that are. We should just be glad they have friendship. It’s not good enough to say “not that there’s anything wrong with that,” we should never say it in the first place. What Mac and Dan do together is their concern, not ours. And we already know what kind of movies Mac is bringing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that :>)