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SCOTUS to Reverse More 9th Circuit Rulings

SCOTUS to Reverse More 9th Circuit Rulings

The Supreme Court is gearing up to release its final ruling on 29 cases. 

Many of these cases came from the ultra-liberal 9th Circuit Court, which has an abysmal losing percentage of 78%.

“The Supreme Court generally takes cases to reverse, and so you’ll notice that every circuit, by and large, has a reversal rate and some of the reversal rates are very high,” explains law professor David Vladeck.

This is true, but what makes the 9th Circuit stand out is its massive size and caseload. The 9th Circuit covers California, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii, Arizona, and a handful of island territories – in other words, 20% of the US population. 

The “Nutty Ninth” has 29 judges, 16 of which were appointed by Democratic presidents, and 7 vacancies. Fifteen spots are reserved specifically for California – which accounts for about 60% of the 9th Circuit’s jurisdiction. 

Cases to be announced this month include:

  • President Trump’s controversial travel ban
  • The case of a Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple (just resolved in the favor of the baker!)
  • A California law requiring pro-life pregnancy centers to post information about abortions
  • A situation in which an underage illegal immigrant was allowed to obtain an abortion while in federal custody 

The Supreme Court’s rulings on abortion rule will come as the Trump Administration considers restoring a Reagan-era gag rule that would block clinics like Planned Parenthood from receiving federal funds if they mention abortion or are physically connected to an abortion provider. 

Editor’s note: Many scholars have suggested that Trump’s court appointment could be the largest part of his legacy. These rulings could easily change American culture.


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