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Why Open Carry is Great for Women

Why Open Carry is Great for Women
Liberals are always preaching about how sexism is “inherently part of our legal system.” Then, they oppose open carry. This is truly ironic, because women would benefit the most from allowing open carry. For starters, can you imagine someone trying to attack a woman who is blatantly carrying a gun? It’s hard to imagine someone picking a girl with a gun on her waistband out as a good target. It’s a deterrent.

Aside from that, let’s look at the practicality of concealed carry for women. It’s difficult. Many men are able to simply stick a small handgun in their pants pocket and that’s that. Have you ever seen the pockets on women’s jeans? I can’t even fit my cell phone or wallet in there. Unless a woman wants to wear cargo pants everywhere, pocket-carry isn’t an option.

There’s a reason women carry their things in a purse instead of in their pockets. A purse, however, is a bad place to carry a concealed weapon. Women will understand why immediately- things shift around in purses. If a purse is big enough to carry a gun and everything else that woman needs, it’s big enough for the gun to get buried in. Generally, if you need a gun to defend your life, you need that gun NOW- not thirty seconds later when you dig it out of the bottom of a handbag. If a potential attacker is following you down the street, you might have time to rummage for a second and be poised to draw. But if a rapist jumps out at you from behind a corner, you can’t afford the distraction nor the time.

That leaves holsters. Smaller women might have a hard time finding one that fits well in the first place, and once again, standard women’s clothing makes it rather difficult to conceal a weapon. Mens jeans are generally loose fitting and leave room for a gun to be holstered inside the waistband. If a woman, wearing women’s pants, tried that, you’d see a gun-shaped bulge sticking out of her butt and we can hardly call that gun “concealed.”

Some women have better success concealing on the lower back or around the waist under a loose-fitting blouse, but that doesn’t always work. Unless the shirt is several sizes too big, you’ll most likely still be able to see a bulge. For a woman trying to maintain a professional appearance, walking around in a shirt that’s far too big on her isn’t an option, and it also severely limits the types of clothing she can wear at all. As a smaller woman, it hardly matters whether I’m wearing loose or tight-fitted shirts. A typical 9mm covers half my lower back and it’s going to stick out no matter what. The one way I’ve had success concealing a gun is by holstering it to my leg under a loose A-line skirt, but I can’t wear a skirt or dress every day.

The obvious solution is to permit people to openly carry their weapons in states that still require carried handguns to be hidden from view. In fact, you’d think liberals who are terrified of guns would want to know who has a gun so they could steer clear. It would also keep gun owners, and anyone in their vicinity, safer- no one’s going to want to try anything when they can see that the good guys have guns. And few people would try to attack a visibly armed woman.

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