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Why Trump MUST Dismantle the Clinton Machine

Why Trump MUST Dismantle the Clinton Machine

The election is over, but perhaps there is an important battle still to be won. The Clinton Foundation with its pay-for-play promise of influence must be dismantled.

You may believe this is a petty goal, that Trump should be gracious in victory and leave this be, but the danger to our democracy is very real. The specter of foreign influence on American politicians can not be allowed to continue, and the attempts must be punished not rewarded. 

As we mentioned before, the Clinton Foundation is an investment, not a charity. The Clintons now owe a lot of people substantial access and favors.

They expect to be paid back.

While Hillary is no longer in a position to execute on behalf of those investors, she is in a position to support a new candidate for President in 2020 and to support candidates for Congress who might provide that access.

The FBI investigations into the Clinton Foundation will continue until someone stops them. President Obama is expected to grant a pardon to Hillary Clinton in his final days should the investigation become a problem. Others speculate that Obama will not do this, since it may become the most well known part of his legacy, given that Obamacare will likely be repealed soon.

Trump will likely have leverage for a short time to have the Clinton Foundation dismantled or neutered, in exchange for keeping Hillary Clinton and certain of her aides out of jail. He should press this even further, and prohibit Hillary from speaking of politics or otherwise supporting any candidate for office, or of having any contact with government officials personally or through intermediaries. I believe our system of democracy will be safe only when there is no possibility of Clinton or her surrogates acting on behalf of any donor to the Clinton Foundation.

Other organizations and movements seem dangerous to me, BLM, Bernie Sanders and socialism, Michael Moore, and anything supported by George Soros. But these represent free speech and honest engagement on issues, whether pleasant to me or not. They are part of any robust democracy.  

The systematic influence peddling within the Clinton Foundation is criminal corruption, and treason. And this corruption will remain until the Clinton Foundation is out of business and Hillary is not in a position to influence politics.

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