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Which is More Radical? Black Lives Matter vs. Wahhabism

Which is More Radical? Black Lives Matter vs. Wahhabism

When you think about radical organizations , you will most often think of whichever organization has been in the news lately. But the media will scream as loudly for a dead gorilla as they would the deaths of many American. How can you tell which radical organization is worse? Between Black Lives Matter and Wahhabism, which is worse?


Wahhabists are a sect of Islam that constitute 0.5% of the total Muslim Population. The Saudi Royal family are Wahhabist. Total population about 4.5 million. Figure 10% are absolute radicals, so lets count 450,000.

Black Lives Matter has only been around a couple of years and is a chapter based organization. There are likely hundreds of organizers, thousands of active members and potential protestors, and hundreds of thousands of sympathizers, advocates and supporters. So let’s make a wild guess of a core group of 20,000 and radical support of 100,000.


Since Wahhabism is the religion of the Saudi leadership, they easily have access to hundreds of millions of dollars. Osama Bin Laden was a Wahhabist, son of a billionaire.

Black Lives Matter has just received pledges of $100 million from liberal organizations. The will be more powerful over the coming years, but those funds could dry up quickly if they were tied to violence, or linked to intolerable rhetoric.

Access to America

Black Lives Matter is a native radical organization in America. They have frequent rallies, which have had a great deal of influence on the American election process. However most are not violent.

Wahhabism is centered in Saudi Arabia but they have shown they can reach America. Osama Bin Laden orchestrated 9/11. They have likely infiltrated most of the Islamic centers in America and have probably recruited a great many for future attacks.


BLM is a dangerous organization in that they are essentially anarchists, with no clear path to winning. Even the massive spending plans of Hillary Clinton would not appease them. While I suspect a great amount of the violence that has happened around them was instigated by them.  While over 125,000 have petitioned to have them identified as a terrrorist organization, their activities have been more in the protest mode than terrorist mode.

The more I think about it, the fact that liberal organizations are funding them is not just a power factor but also a control factor. If those funds are threatened by unacceptable behavior by radicals, perhaps the more moderate BLM leaders will push them out.

However Wahhabists, like other radical Islamic groups believe in strict interpretation of the Quran. I.e. no mercy, no exceptions. A commentator from Al Jazeera said “Go to Damascus and the areas which support Bashar al-Assad, and curse his father … and [exterminate] those areas” … those were the words of one television presenter this September.  While their access is not quite as easy as BLM’s their intent is without question the complete destruction and enslavement of any non-Muslim.


I’ll give the edge to the radical Islamic Wahhabists as the more dangerous group to America.

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