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Video of Ukrainian Hostages! Human Shield for Azov or Russian Provocation?

Video of Ukrainian Hostages! Human Shield for Azov or Russian Provocation?

The video in the link below is being circulated in the Telegram groups. It clearly shows soldiers with Azov patches, and then hostages lying on the floor.

As you may recall, Azov is a branch of the Ukrainian military, infamous and ever-present in the disputed regions of Ukraine. They have been accused of being neo-Nazis, but best I can tell that is more propaganda than reality.

The video (and the pictures below) clearly shows Azov soldiers keeping hostages, the accusation is that Azov is keeping these people as human shields against the Russian attacks. Ukraine says that these soldiers are a Russian terrorist cell.

Now we have to decide what is real and what is not.

I’m going with Russian terrorist cell on this one for the following reasons.

1. It would be very easy and practical for the Russians to get Azov patches and pretend to be Azov.

2. A human shield doesn’t make sense for Azov since the Russians don’t care much about civilians. And for it to be useful, they would have to let the Russians know where they are and what they have. Not too practical. More practical to lose the hostages and be more mobile.

3. This video seems to be pretty well staged, a dramatic performance, a bit too evil, too callous. Panning from the simple innocent piano playing, past the Azov patch and then to the hostages? And it just happens to show the perfect view of an Azov patch? Seems too much like stage work, just too “on the nose” for me. Almost … corny?

And this is the difficulty of getting information out of a war zone. The Russians know the value of propaganda in presenting their case for war to the rest of the world. And remember they have had 10 years to set this up. They have ample means for releasing staged information into the social media streams. And hungry media outlets (like us) are scouring them for interesting stuff.

Are the Azov soldiers the good guys? I don’t know. I doubt they are ALL good guys. But I do know that when you search for evidence of Neo-Nazi-ism, it quickly devolves into shouting, crying and gratuitous statements.

But I’m calling this one out as B.S.

P.S. You may also hear that Azov had a headquarters in the theater that was bombed (no doubt it was bombed), while civilians were sheltered above. But given that so little information has come out of that situation in the time since, I’m smelling essence of rat there as well. We may never know the truth.

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  1. Frank stetson

    This is sort of yesterday‘s news; it was it was debunked by web sluice within minutes after being posted. I think the bigger story is that there may be fake news coming from both sides of the aisle here. After all, it is war. I commend Zelenski though for having Natalie the better story, but also a better delivery mechanism. But, I have no doubt that even the US administration is dabbling with some fake news. It is war, the fog of war generally includes up.

    Sort of yesterday’s news though…

    • Percy

      Quit lying You’re not good at it Frank. You come across as a New Jersey yankee prick

    • Joe Gilbertson

      And you believe “web sluice”? I’ve never heard of them, do they have people on the ground in Ukraine? The fake news coming from both side is exactly the story, you should try reading it.

      • Frank stetson

        My point was your story was yesterdays news. Already done. Had it’s 15 minutes.

        And Percy, yes, sure.

  2. Micala

    Don’t you think it is time for someone with COURAGE (which seems to be lacking in NATO, the U.N. And ESPECIALLY THE U.S.) and intelligence to step in and force Putin’s hand?? Every intelligent American knows that biddyboy Biden is the weakest link in forcing a country to behave and retreat! Someone needs to kick that worthless POS out of our White House and get DJT back where he belongs! If that happens, Putin is guaranteed to withdraw from the Ukraine — DJT makes Putin show caution because he knows President Trump will stomp the crap out of Russia and him!

    As for those pictures — Fake News maybe. Still, they had to come up with lots of willing subjects to pretend they are Hostages! Do you see there aren’t very many females? Hmmmm? Maybe because women do not like to lay on their faces! Uncomfortable for them, more in the front to deal with? Something doesn’t gel here!

    Question: Was Covid the precursor to weaken the world so Putin/China could invade Countries? Was this the plan all along? Do you think this Russian invasion was the goal all along with China wanting to invade Taiwan? The Coronavirus did emerge from the Virology lab in Wuhan. How convenient is that? Bet the World countries didn’t know that mega numbers of native Chinese died of that virus before it spread to the rest of the world! Xi had his villagers dig deep huge holes to bury/burn the dead infected Chinese and cover them up before any other country found out. NO ONE SHOULD EVER TRUST THE SNEAKY CHINESE AND APPARENTLY NO ONE SHOULD TRUST PUTIN EITHER!

    America needs DJT back in the White House to fix this pathetic mess NOW!! Thanks to the corrupt and undeniably stupid democrats who “INSTALLED” feeble minded and incompetent biddyboy, our World could come tumbling down on all our heads! Stupid is as stupid does! Democrats are the STUPIDEST group of Americans to ever exist!

    • Mike

      You say a lot of things without saying anything worthwhile at all. I’d say it is too much programing for you.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Unfortunately, the time to move on Putin has past, the Biden Administration failed. Now it has to play out.

      The hostages could be real or not, my assertion is that it is a false flag op by the Russians.

      I don’t think Putin planned on Covid. Too much of a wild card. But I do think this invasion or something like it was in the works for ten years or more.