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Propaganda Wars in Ukraine – The Obvious Bull

Propaganda Wars in Ukraine – The Obvious Bull

We have posted several articles on false information from both Russia and Ukraine, most of it is clear and obvious if you spend a couple of hours a day sorting through social media accounts like we do, that include people on the ground in Ukraine.

But if you are the average person who has only a few minutes to read the news in the morning, you may not know the necessary detail to recognize propaganda when you see it. I hope you will heed this and be skeptical about the accounts you see in the mainstream media.

Here are some examples:

1. Starting with our own material, most of the neo-Nazi conversation is propaganda. The Russians yell it far and wide, BBC, Time and some of the major networks have done documentaries on these evil Nazis (I’ve watched more than ten now). And yet the claims of Nazi-ism in these works are gratuitous. No evidence is evident. Yes, I know that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, but I’ve ask the people on the chat boards who are screaming about Nazi’s to show me proof. They did their best. Nothing.

Neo-Nazis in Ukraine? Or Putin Propaganda BS

2. Along those same lines, I came across this video which seems to show Azov soldiers holding civilians as human shields. The Ukrainian government says these are actually Russian terrorists.

At first, this was convincing, but something bothered me about the video. It was a bit too clean, a bit too revealing.

Then It hit me. It fit the Hollywood formula – innocent good guy revealed as monster. This is the formula for every slasher-movie trailer I’ve ever seen! This does not happen accidentally. Now I see it as clearly and obviously the work of Russians.

Video of Ukrainian Hostages! Human Shield for Azov or Russian Provocation?

3. Now from the other side. In case you are under the impression that the Ukrainians are winning, no they are not. If you think that the Russian military is crumbling and they will stop in their tracks soon, no they will not.

Whether or not the Russian equipment is well maintained is irrelevant, Putin still has sufficient fire power to achieve his objectives.

A New, Cruel Phase of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Begins – My Predictions

Our predictions and analysis of the situation have borne out. There are deadlines for Putin, and serious consequences if he fails. But at this point, as best we can tell, Putin is on schedule and his attack is going more or less as planned.

The Ugly Truth about the Situation in Ukraine – Sorting Through the Propaganda

No Options: Literally Life or Death for Putin

4. If you have time, have a look at this video, it will teach you a lot about how propaganda is done. This is a common technique even in mainstream media in America, take a video write your own narrative for it. And their commentary HAS NO RELATIONSHIP TO THE TRUTH!

Videos are rampant on social media now, no one has the resources to check or verify them, and it is very easy to copy a video or picture, change the titles and commentary, and repost it.

The disturbing part is that journalists are doing this one purpose, callously disregarding everything except promoting their own brand. You should be angry.

A final note:

May be an image of text that says '"The capacity of the human mind for swallowing nonsense and spewing it forth in violent and repressive action has never yet been plumbed." Robert A. Heinlein Revolt in 2100, ' Postscript (1953)'

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  1. Phil

    We really don’t know what’s going on over there. But there’s still fight left in Ukraine

    • Eric

      People in America wanting to do away with the 2nd amendment had better stand down

  2. John Hewett

    I have totally abandoned trusting the media and I used to be a journalist and was proud of that fact. Not now. Not only do we have FAKE NEWS, but we have FAKE JOURNALISTS who pretend to report the news when all they’re doing is promoting a political agenda. Now that’s propaganda.