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Two More Judges Rule Against Trump's Travel Ban

Two More Judges Rule Against Trump's Travel Ban

Federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland have put President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban on hold, just hours before it was supposed to go into effect.

Hawaii’s federal judge, Derrick Watson made the ruling following arguments that the executive order discriminates based on nationality. 

Trump called the judge’s move an “unprecedented judicial overreach” that “makes us look weak” and made it clear he won’t be backing down.

“We are going to fight this terrible ruling,” said Trump Wednesday night at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tenn. “We are going to take our case as far as it needs to go, including all the way up to the Supreme Court. We are going to win. We are going to keep our citizens safe — and, regardless, we are going to keep our citizens safe.” 

Trump’s new travel ban issued on March 6, which added Iraq as one of the countries, has been challenged by six states.

Hawaii has argued that the order prevents residents from receiving visitors, many of which have relatives from six countries included in the travel ban. The state also said the travel ban is detrimental to its tourism industry and won’t be able to recruit students and workers.

Then early Thursday, Maryland’s U.S. District Judge Theodore Chuang blocked the ban.  

“The history of public statements continues to provide a convincing case that the purpose of the Second Executive Order remains the realization of the long-envisioned Muslim ban,” wrote Chunag.  

However, the Trump administration argues that the ban is needed to protect the nation.  

“The President’s Executive Order falls squarely within his lawful authority in seeking to protect our Nation’s security, and the Department will continue to defend this Executive Order in the courts,” said Sarah Isgur Flores, the Department of Justice spokeswomen.

Trump expressed similar sentiments.

“This goes beyond me because there will be other presidents and we need this. We need this very badly for security, the security of our country. We are talking about the safety of our nation, the safety and security of our people,” said Trump. 

“The danger is clear,” President Trump said. “The law is clear. The need for my executive order is clear. I was elected to change our broken and dangerous system and thinking and government that has weakened and endangered our country and left our people defenseless. I will not stop fighting for the safety of you and your families. Not today, not ever.

Author’s note: These liberal judges, like Hawaii’s judge, who was appointed by former President Obama, and are finding any excuse to combat the new administration. Trump is trying to protect the country and this is one of the necessary precautions.


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