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Digs, Insults and Debate Points for the Trump-Biden Debates

Digs, Insults and Debate Points for the Trump-Biden Debates

With the first 2020 Presidential debates coming up, we thought we might point out the obvious zingers that Trump can use against Biden. We invite our audience to comment below or on the Facebook page. We will add the best ones and publish them in a new page, with credit to whoever submits them.

The point is that Joe Biden has so many weaknesses that he is an easy target. We want the most clever collection of attacks possible. These do not have to necessarily be directed at Biden, they could be just part of Trump’s narrative, a meme, or a debate point.  And yes, the Trump Team will almost certainly see it.

Here are mine so far:

Trump addressing minority Americans: “You’ve been brought up hearing that the Republicans are the bad guys and the cause of all your problems. But who is really in charge of this crap? But when they looked around to see who was actually in charge of all the “shit,” they were all Democrats – powerful Democrats.”

“You think you need help from Congress to change your lives?? The other side of your city didn’t need Congress’s help.  You want to cast aside your bonds? Cast aside your democrat leaders!”

Trump addressing minority Americans:  “I’m not talking to the rioters, I’m not talking to the pandering politicians who seek personal fame. I’m not talking to the thugs, or even to the parents of those thugs who want anarchic streets because they can use sadism and intimidation to make life a living hell in their neighborhoods.”

“I’m talking to the majority of blacks, who have jobs, who have families or eventually want families. Some of you go to church, others of you don’t but have high moral standards. You don’t want riots, do you?  You WANT police to protect your homes and your family in your neighborhood, right?”

Trump to Biden: “Joe, you keep apologizing! Joe, why don’t you just stop screwing up? I can see you as President say “Gosh folks, I’m sorry about starting that nuclear war and the millions of people killed. I’ll try to do better.”

“Leadership isn’t about apologizing when you screw up. It’s about being prepared and competent and NOT screwing up.”

“Apologizing is NOT taking responsbility. Apologies mean nothing if you are going to keep screwing up.”

Trump to Biden: “Joe you seem to want to apologize for everything, why don’t you apologize to ME for calling me a racist when I shut down traffic from China to protect the American people.”

Trump at the beginning of the debate as part of his opening comments: “I was told by police chief — that there are 487 police officers in and around this building, protecting us at peril to themselves, can we get a round of applause for them?”

Trump to the American people: “Remember that Joe Biden has NEVER been in a position of leadership. He has always been a number two or one of the crowd. For him to talk about leadership, is the proverbial blind man trying to describe color.”

Trump quoting the Seattle Press:  “Simply put, the legislation gives officers NO ability to safely intercede to preserve property in the midst of a large, violent crowd.”

Trump to Biden: “Joe, you were bought by the Chinese and you don’t even seem to know it! You took your son on Air Force 2, he negotiated a billion dollar deal. Are you actually saying you didn’t know this?”

Anything from this:  8 Big Whoppers.

Trump to Biden:  ” So you say you have 4 degrees from a university and were the number one and valedictorian of your law class?”  (yes, let’s argue about that, what did you really say there? Make him say it…)

Trump to Biden: “Are you for fracking or are you against fracking? Have you spoken with your VP candidate, she has already said no fracking. The people of Pennsylvania want to know since their jobs depend on it!”

Trump to Biden:  “You know you can’t run America from your basement right?”

Trump in Narrative:  “Biden has always been wishy washy, has changed his views more than his underwear. But now he appears to be a socialist. He has adopted the views and policies of Bernie Sanders and AOC, and constantly talks about the socialist ideas he wants to implement.  How can he say that he is not now a socialist?”

Trump in Narrative: “Its very simple. The Democrats have been throwing tantrums for the last four years, the Russia investigation, the fake impeachment and now the Democrat mayors are allowing riots to destroy their own cities.  What happens if a child throws a tantrum and gets what he wants?  You’re damned right, you get more tantrums.  If you elect Joe Biden, you will prove that tantrums work. You will get riots EVERY TIME the Democrats don’t get their way. Our country will sink into chaos, because despite who it hurts, chaos works for the Democrats.”

Trump in Narrative: “In everything they do, the Democrat have a ‘Blame, Punish, Sacrifice’ attitude.  Unfortunately, they always blame the American people, punish the American people and then they ask the American people to sacrifice to support their mostly unfounded claims.  Climate Change is a good example of that. “White Privilege” is another example.  But these are really power plays, not genuine concerns.”

Trump to Biden: “While you are apologizing, why don’t you apologize for spying on my campaign.”

Trump to Biden:  “While you are apologizing,  why don’t you apologize to me and the American people for the whole Russia investigation that lasted three years and turn out to be a fabricated story paid for by the Clinton campaign.”

Trump to Biden: “While you are apologizing, why don’t you apologize to the family of the Border Patrol guard who was killed by weapons in your administration’s operation Fast And Furious?”

Trump to Biden: “While you are apologizing, why don’t you apologize to the non-profits who were denied status by the IRS on your watch just because they are conservative?”

Trump to Biden: “While you are apologizing…” (should be used about 10 times during the debate.)

Trump to Biden: “Joe, you and Hunter went on a trip to China together on Air Force 2. Hunter came back with a billion dollar deal, you came back with nothing. NOTHING. You were bought and you don’t even realize it.”

Note: If you are really from the Trump campaign, you have permission to use anything here without attribution. We just want you to kick ass!






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  1. Sylvan Fleming

    Trump is a corrupt individual from the start. You see someone has already tried to poison him. Biden has empathy and compassion. What does That damn Stunk Trump have? He can’t take responsibility for any negatively he does. Trump is the ass, so get it straight, Dump Trump he stinks very badly.

  2. Bobbie J Peters

    Hope has proven to use plagiarism. My point is how can anyone really believe any of his thoughts and stands are his own. Both Joe and Kamala have referred on air to the “Harris/ Biden administration” So who exactly is running for President? Joe made clear early on that whoever he chose as his running mate would become President. So his choice had to be someone easily manipulated for the title and not their own convictions.

  3. Bobbie J Peters

    The first word of my post should have been Joe. Don’t know why my phone changed it to hope!

  4. Carolyn Haas

    Trump says Democrats are planning to giving SS to Illegal Immigrants.
    What he ISN’T telling any of you is he is going to Defund Social Security/Medicare, and Medicaid by making the (FICA Tax) Payroll Tax Cut permanent. The taxes you pay to FICA and the dollars your Employer matches is the Only way Social Security/Medicare are Funded!
    Once again Trump is Only Helping the Companies and Corporations, not the working men and women or those who have retired who paid their FICA Taxes every paycheck into the SS Fund and for many is the Only Income they have!
    The Only Individuals Trump cares about are the Mega Wealthy and Everything he Does is to Benefit Himself and the Mega Wealthy!

  5. Kid Kovid

    “Gee Joe, I’d really like to help wipe the drool off your chin, but all I’ve got is this MAGA 2020 handkerchief. Oh, I see Chris Wallace is rushing on stage to wipe your chin with his Kamala and Joe handkerchief.

  6. Paul Brochu

    Mr Trump, why don’t you just stop all your nonsense and try answering the question we have just been asked?

  7. John Sarmanian Jr

    Joe, while you are apologizing can you explain how even the fake news believes you have been on the wrong side of Every major Issue and vote your whole political career? C’mon Joe

    Joe, while you are apologizing for your past mistakes why not apologize to the voters that You’ve insulted for supportIng me, the constitution and law and order! C’mon Joe

    Joe, while you are apologizing for your past missteps how about apologizing to the citizens of blue states that have seen the riots destroy Historic statues, property, businesses, livelihoods and the reputation of good honest police officers! C’mon Joe!

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Love it!

  8. Joe Gilbertson

    Trump to Joe: “Yes, Joe, they LIED to us about the virus. Do you think that China would have told you the truth? You were bought and paid for, they wouldn’t have told you anything except to follow your freaking orders!”

  9. Joe Gilbertson

    Trump to Joe: “Joe, you know you don’t have your own policies. You’ve plagiarized most of your policies for most of your career, and the biggest problem is that now you are plagiarizing the damned socialists!”

  10. Joseph Kinge

    Trump should just use big words. Common ones, but big.
    “Do you think owning guns is opprobrious?” “You make a specious point.” “Is that conjecture on your part or an exhortation?” “Is that your own elegy or a planned dictate?”