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Trump: I will declare a National Emergency to build the wall

Trump: I will declare a National Emergency to build the wall

In a speech this morning, President Trump said he would declare a national emergency in order to program approximately $8 Billion to build a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico.

He lamented that it would likely get challenged in the 9th Circuit, and that the ruling would likely go against him, and then it would end up in the Supreme Court, and then he would likely win.

He signed the bill that would fund the government for the remainder of the year, which provided about $1.4 Billion for the wall. Another amount can be routinely transferred from other parts of the government to contribute. The remainder will be transferred on an emergency basis, although which funds will be affected has not yet been determined.

When asked whether this would impact Defense spending, Trump noted that Defense spending had already risen substantially since he took office and that overall budgets would be improving.

The President also noted that the new trade deal with Mexico would provide more than enough in increased revenues to cover wall construction.

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  1. Joseph Morgan Sr

    It is time to “shit” or get off the pot! This country is in grave danger and solid actions MUST be taken.
    The hell with the demo-RATS pocketbooks making money, the people (CITIZENS) of this country are
    the IMPORTANT factor and must be protected. “BUILD THE DAM WALL” protect ourselves, if those people want freedom so much WHY DID THEY NOT DEMAND AND FIGHT FOR IT IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES? Instead of crying and running away and demanding it in our country.

  2. Joe Graceffo

    Oh yes, tariffs, they will pay for the wall. And who pays the increase on the product that the tariff impacts! Oh, the American consumer! Wow, let’s make America smart again.

  3. Duanw

    That’s how Mexico is paying for the wall as the President said before! Brilliant! Demi’s are so easily outwitted.

  4. Diane Hillyard

    I truly believe that President Trump is for the American people. He has bought more jobs back than any President has. He has gotten people off food stamps. He gave the Military new equipment, which badly needed. I am so sick of the Media and the crap they say about our President. The only news show I watch is Fox, I love Hannity, and he tells it like it is. I will be voting for President Trump in 2020, and I know a lot of my friends are. Now if he could only find a way to give us people on Social Security a decent raise, that would do it for me. But he has my vote and I am glad he is going to have an Emergency Shut Down to build our wall, it is a proven fact that we need this wall. And the Democrats will not work with our President at all. They are too old to be in any position in the house or senate. I think they should have a term that they can serve so many years. We will never get anywhere if the damn Democrats, keep shutting our President out. They need to agree with our President or get the hell out of the Whitehouse.

  5. Colin Tran

    President Trump is serving for the People and the Country!
    The Demo-Rats are serving for their own and their party ONLY. They are fighting back to the Americans Benefit. I will vote for President Trump again on 2020!
    Congresswomen AOC and Almar should resigne right now!

  6. Sara Koons

    Thank you President Trump for all you have done for all in the USA. Thank you, your daughter and son in law for not taking an income check for the very difficult job ya’ll are doing. Keep Fighting for us, and the unborn. We love you and pray for you, your family and
    your Administration.
    God bless you and USA

  7. Betsey

    Pray!!!!! That’s what counts!!! GOD is still in control, Prayer changes THINGS!
    Prayer does not change GOD! If everybody would spend @ least 30 minutes
    a day on their knees & pray, Things would turn around for the Conservatives!

  8. Betsey

    Diane Hillyard:
    Hmm, that name sounds so familar to me! When I was in high school I dated
    a young man w/that name. First name was Larry! I’ve always wondered what ever happened to him! Wherever he’s at, I wish him well!

  9. MJB

    What the tariffs don’t cover El Chapo will.
    Patriots much Winning!
    Socialists too much whining.

  10. Patricia Czoberek

    I live in California, I am an American Hispanic and I’m tired of seeing illegals in my state. I resent that they receive free benefits while every taxpayer pays for their benefits. Additionally, they don’t speak our language. I voted for Trump and will vote for him in 2020. He represents everything a great President should be by listening to his supporters and reinserting his promises. Our President is really trying to tackle the immigration problem by building a wall!